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Proposal FMLY


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Proposal FMLY

  1. 1. 1FMLY 501(c)3Cameron Rath CEO
  2. 2. FMLY is an internationally recognized do-it-yourself (DIY) 501(c)3 organization Community Resource Center Today, major US cities are faced with some of the most chal- leging issues of the 21st century. These include air/water pollution, obesity, decreased access to important social and city services, and unemployment just to name a few. Under- served communities in these major cities are further challenged by greater urban pollution, and lack of access to healthy/nutri- tious foods resulting in poor health and high stress. Partnering2 with Antioch University Los Angeles, FMLY has developed a project focusing on urban sustainability, the arts and establish- ing a live/work community resource center in an under-served community. The center will reside in Inglewood, California, and provide space and opportunity for community growth and sus- tainability education through practical and creative sustainable means. FMLY is centered around a popular blog and a monthly mass bike ride and concert series. For the last three years, FMLY’s primary focus has been creating safe, fun environ- ments for people of all demographics to safely interact witth each other and decrease the use of cars in urban communities. FMLY’s primary locations are in Los Angeles and New York, with affiliates in 24 other cities in the US and other countries. Since its inception, FMLY has organized over 30 mass bike rides at different sites around the world. The annual DIY arts and music festival FMLY FEST, now in its third year, has attract- ed thousands of people from across the country. Last summer FMLY booked, produced, and promoted a ten-week concert series sponsored by the city of West Los Angeles in an open public bandshell. FMLY has also facilitated four community- based arts and music venues across the Los Angeles area. These events have been a driving force for inspiring a new mu- sic and arts movement that focuses on critical thinking through collaboration, the use of public space, and the basic needs for human survival and intellectual and creative growth.
  3. 3. This year, in partnership with Antioch University,FMLY is opening it’s first resource centerWe are proposing a project in Inglewood, CA because it repre-sents a microcosm of the problems faced by low-income urbanareas around the country. 3Proposed Goals bike co-ops participatory music opportunities sustainability education support urban gardening Antioch University Los Angeles is a fully accredited,501(c)3 national university that has a long history of workingwith under served communities. With a graduate program inUrban Sustainability and an undergraduate major in Urban,Community, and Environment, it can provide not only institu-tional and faculty support for the project, but also a cadre of do-it-yourself (DIY) 501(c)3 organiztiongraduate and undergraduate student interns who will fulfill theirinternship requirements by working with this project.
  4. 4. FMLY Mansion is the first permanent manifestation of the FMLY community. Its mission will be realized through three programs: Urban Growth, Alternative Transportation, and Music. Each program will be facilitated by its own local program board.4 In Inglewood, CA, the Mansion will serve as an events space and town square, and will be managed by both FMLY members and its residents and volunteers from the community, with consulta- tion from AULA faculty.
  5. 5. There are now seven bike co-ops in the Los Angeles area that teachpeople bike safety and how to work on their own bikes, yet Inglewooddoesn’t have reasonable access to them.At the start of 2011, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Los Angeles cut 300,000hours of transit service. 5Blacks have a 51% higher prevalence, and Latinos have a 21% higher prevalence of obesity incomparison to whites (2011 CDC report).Public school students, particularly in low income areas, are facing larger class sizes and thereduction or elimination of art, music, career technical education programs, and transportation.K-12 schools and higher education have already taken more than $20 billion in cuts over the lastthree years. Inglewood was hit even harder than most Los Angeles County districtsA Columbia University study revealed that students in the arts are found to be more cooperativewith teachers and peers, more self-confident and better able to express their ideas.Students who participate in school band or orchestra have lower levels of current and lifelonguse of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs among any group in our society.Students of lower socioeconomic status who took music lessons in grades 8–12 increased theirmath scores significantly as compared to non-music students. Just as important, reading, his-tory, geography, and even social skills, soared by 40%. Statistical data
  6. 6. Urban Growth Program The Urban Growth Program will emphasize practical education of sustainable urban agriculture as well as provide creative services to South Los Angeles and the Inglewood community. By providing a hands-on experience training in an urban6 setting, the Urban Growth Program will provide the platform for partners to gain necessary knowledge through literature, as well as the experience-based learning needed to pursue a craft. By providing frequent workshops based on community recommendations, as well as visiting lectures from neighbor- hood professionals, the Urban Growth Program wishes to not only meet the areas needs, but also better focus and define community desires. The Urban Growth Program will be managed out of the FMLY Mansion Workshop (Wrk//Shp), a fully functional fabrication shop and education center. All tools, resources, educational aids, and gardening supplies will be provided and managed from the Wrk//Shp by FMLY members who use and operate the facilities daily. This space will be open for public use dur- ing scheduled workshops taught by FMLY members and local artists, instructors and experts. Members donate their time on the same time/resource based exchange method that is imple- mented throughout the FMLY Mansion.
  7. 7. Urban Growth Program7 Welding
  8. 8. Music Program The Music Program will serve as a lesson space, re- hearsal space, and live venue In this program FMLY Mansion employees, volunteers and par- ticipating local musicians will be employed to teach students how to create, record and perform their own music. Weekly8 jam sessions with the students and teachers will help foster a young, budding music community. Classes and workshops will focus on making music with what equipment students can feasibly acquire and will be accessible to students of any age or economic status, further solidifying a healthy local music community. The live concert venue will serve as a concert space for lo- cal artists involved with the program as well as touring FMLY bands from our long spanning affiliate communities. Shows and concerts will be booked by FMLY Mansion employees and volunteers in conjunction with the artists using the space. In addition, practice rooms will be rented out to local bands at hourly rates creating the revenue to upkeep the space allotted to this program.
  9. 9. Music Program9
  10. 10. The Alternative Transportation Program The Alternative Transportation Program will serve as a center for free workshops Provides a hands-on experience repairing and maintaining10 bicycles and skateboards. Considering South Los Angeles is one of the few places in the city without a bicycle co-op, the presence of the Mansion/program in this area will provide an open space for people to empower themselves and each other through learning and teaching bike maintenance by providing work space, tools, project bikes and instruction. Giving access to alternative transportation resources has been shown to increase ridership and promotes community cultiva- tion.
  11. 11. 11Alternative Transportation Program