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  1. 1. LISTEN. PLAY. DISCOVER. Rolling.FM allows people to share and experience music with friends. 3Confidential Sara can do this on Rolling.FM
  2. 2. A New Way to Experience Music. Socially  curated  *Join/create  rooms  based  on  music  genre  *  Play/Choose  music  from   library  *  Upload  MP3s  *  View  DJ  list  and  user  playlists  *  Rate  songs  in  real  Bme     Confidential Room List Customize/B Outfit 12 ng Music Library with Drop Upload Option randed s
  3. 3. A Social Music Platform. •  Tight integation with Facebook – ability to automatically sign-up, add and invite friends to rooms. • activity published on the Facebook OpenGaph. •  Enhanced communications within the network with suppot for text and video chat. 6Confidential Enhanced Profile Browser User Profile Get acquainted with new and current friends. Buy them a drink or add songs from their playlists Social Discovery via FB picture browsing, “Virtual Drinks” and Playlist view More than just music to discuss. Simp Twilight fills room with Twilight fans to movie trivia Branded Integration id Partnership with the #1 DJ in the W
  4. 4. Gamification Within HOT! NOT! Collect credits and rewards for playing music people like AVATARS Choose outfits, bling and buy drinks for friends BADGES Unlock achievements and milestones 12onfidential Customize/Branded Outfits
  5. 5. Revenue Model •  Subscription-based? –  Free in exchange for ads and limited playing/ listening time –  $x/month for unlimited listening, no ads and future use on a mobile device •  OR Freemium? –  Monetize content through in-app purchases and vitual goods •  Analytics and listening data for record labels. •  In-App Advetising, Custom Rooms/Items and Promotions for bands.
  6. 6. Opportunities •  First mover advantage in the Southeast Asia Market. •  Distribution stategy for patner bands and atists –  Private/sponsored rooms •  Online/vitual concets and launches –  ‘ticket fee’ to be split with atist/club/promoter –  Battle of the DJs event •  Inteactive shopping cat for actual music events •  Music Download Sales. •  Merchandise Sales. •  Affiliate fees from group buying sites –  Create and offer deals to buy tacks or full albums at a discount for a minimum # of buyers •  Future licensing and development fees
  7. 7. 2012 Product Pipeline •  Mobile application – with suppot for iOS and Android Platforms. •  Buy music via iTunes or Amazon. •  Vitual Concet Halls.