What is Your IK/CK Skill Level?


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The five Dreyfus Levels of Skill Acquisition are a useful scale for judging where a Learner is on their Kata practice journey. This description of the Dreyfus Levels by Pete Goodliffe is a good start.

This SlideShare is an excerpt from a larger presentation by Pete (www.goodliffe.net), which you can find at http://www.slideshare.net/petegoodliffe/stood-at-the-bottom-of-a-mountain-looking-up

Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition, by Pete Goodliffe

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What is Your IK/CK Skill Level?

  1. 1. stood at the bottom of a mountain looking up pete goodliffe Pete Goodliffe A programmer, a columnist, an author, a teacher. Someone who cares about code. www.goodliffe.net goodliffe.blogspot.com @petegoodliffe
  2. 2. ! apprentice ! journeyman ! master !! shu ! ha ! ri !
  3. 3. dreyfus model expert proficient competentadvanced beginner novice
  4. 4. novicehave no knowledge (yet) want results (fast)have no experience need rules can’t judge rules
  5. 5. advanced beginner some experience some learning explicit knowledgecan break free from rules a littlewill get quickly stuck know where to get answers cant focus out irrelevant details
  6. 6. competent mental model made associations formed understand relative importance of aspectscan approach unknown problems thi go s isplans methodical routes od pla a to into problems be ce
  7. 7. proficient beyond competency understand big picture frustrated by novice simplificationscan correct previous errors & reflect on experiences maximsfocus on important issues tacit knowledge
  8. 8. expert the pinnaclethere are very few have authority interlink skillscan teach others have intuition naturally see an answer
  9. 9. where are you? how far up the mountain?
  10. 10. how high do you want to go?
  11. 11. The? Ultimate Learning Machine
  12. 12. practicepractice is not a noun deliberate practice katas dojo
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  14. 14. stood at the bottom of a mountain looking up pete goodliffe Pete Goodliffe pete@goodliffe.net