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Atlas corporate profile

  1. 1. A T L A STraining Consulting & Services CORPORATE PROFILE
  2. 2. A T L A STraining Cosulting & Services vision Statement Perseverance, a passion for excellence and afirm commitment towards all Clients and the community at large, has made us a responsible corporate body. M ission Statement ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES is one of the fastest growing organization, with its presence in the field of Soft skills Training and its implementation. It has been providing the employees enhancement services and its unique implementation methodologies for its clients since its establishment.
  3. 3. A T L A STraining Consulting & Services Establishment • Founded in 2006 as Opal Red Enterprise with its nobel objective to train Bumiputera in entrepreneurial development as platform however in early 2013 the owner decided to explore and extend the services into Soft Skills and Management Trainings. • Growing steadily by increasing services into various platforms. • Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries from the beginning. • A dedicated team of experienced trainers. •ATLAS CONSULTING is committed to customer success and believes in building longterm relationships and guarantees a successful delivery on projects.
  4. 4. A T L A STraining Consulting & Services ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES is an MOF registered training provider designed to be innovative, supportive, educational, and committed to individual empowerment.
  5. 5. A T L A STraining Consulting & Services ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES remains the more popular choice in management and leadership development because our focus is 100% outcomes based. Our training material and assessment design is aimed at maximizing learning development and subsequent workplace application. Formerly known as Opal Red Enterprise which its genuine objective is to provide entrepreneurial awareness to new bumiputera businessmen however the team have decided to change its name to ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES and explore the wider perspective of training in the field of Leadership Management and Soft Skills. ATLAS CONSULTING is managed by a team of experienced Consultants whom have had excellence reputation in training industry and have created their brandnames amongst other training providers.
  6. 6. A T L A STraining Cosulting & Services ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES offers a truly unique and tailor-made learning model to adult education.
  7. 7. A T L A STraining Consulting & ServicesWe offer personalized and customized coaching as the platform for individualempowerment and development as opposed to merely facilitating coursecontents.That said, our packages are flexible to our clients’ unique requirements. Anexample of that is the offering of group training, or individual and personalizedcoaching, or alternatively a variety of distance learning (e-learning)methodologies.In addition to the above customization ATLAS CONSULTING offers workshops andseminars either at our clients’ premises at highly competitive packages, or atprestigious public venues accredited for their hospitality and convenience.
  8. 8. A T L A STraining Consulting & ServicesThe advantages of in-house training are: It strongly promotes teamwork and communication between participants, especially when a number of different ‘ranks’ within your business are trained together. It creates a ‘critical mass’ of people who share the same vision much faster than sending people in small numbers to public training, i.e. You get much faster organizational change with in-house training. It can be easily customized specifically for your business, using examples and images from your own environment. It is cheaper (per person) than public training. This is because we do not have to pass on the cost of marketing or venue hire.
  9. 9. A T L A STraining Cosulting & Services Having looked at the advantages of in-house training we also need to convey the disadvantages of in-house training, individual coaching and/or group training sessions:  It can be very difficult to get all your team together at the same time, without having to suspend your normal business activities.  Participants are far more likely to be interrupted during the training session, to deal with ‘crisis’s’ that arise.
  10. 10. A T L A STraining Cosulting & Services Company Structure ATLAS CONSULTING & SERVICES is a firm located at the most developed and modern look city and distributed within the most rapid economic activitiesin Malaysia. Its actual office located at : No.31, Jalan Balakongjaya 23B Bayu Parkville, Taman Balakongjaya 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor Darul Ehsan Feel free to contact us at : Tel : +603 8957 2694 Fax: +603 8957 2694 H/P: +6014 647 1247
  11. 11. A T L A STraining Cosulting & Services Mohd Isa Abd Kadir Organization Chart Co-Founder Noor Faraziah Hamzah Co-Founder Abu Naim Munir Dr. Raken Master Trainer Principal Trainer
  12. 12. A T L A STraining Cosulting & ServicesSERVICES AND PRODUCTSLIST OF TRAINING1. The 5 S Training (Industrial Housekeeping) 21. Employee Engagement Training2. Advanced Skills for Executives Assistants 22. Employee Motivation Training Training 23. Employee Onboard Training3. Anger Management Training 24. Facilitation Skills Training4. Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training 25. FISH Organizational Culture Training5. Body Language Training 26. HACCPIQ Training / Food Safety6. Bookkeeping Fundamentals Training 27. Management Internal Audit Training7. Budgeting and Financial Reports Training 28. Handling Difficult People Training8. Business Etiquette Professional Conduct Training 29. HR Officer Training9. Business Succession Planning Training 30. Implementing a Successful Mentoring Program Training10. Business Writing Skills Training 31. Leadership Development Training11. Call Centre Training 32. Lean Six Sigma Training12. Change Management Training 33. Leveraging Generation Gaps Training13. Coaching and Mentoring Training 34. Making the Most of being Mentored Training14. Conflict Resolution Skills Training 35. Highly Effective Management Training15. Creative Problem Solving Training 36. Managing Workplace Diversity Training16. Customer Service Training 37. Measuring ROI from Training17. Effective Communication Skills Training 38. Meeting Management Training18. Effective Presentation Skills Training 39. WIN – WIN Negotiation Training19. Email Etiquette Training 40. Overcoming Sales Objection Training20. Emotional Intelligence Training 41. Performance Management and Appraisals Training