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How to make extra money on fiverr


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Little blueprint on how to make money online using fiverr

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How to make extra money on fiverr

  1. 1. Let me tell you a little trick/method for you to make the most outof your time on Fiverr.If you do not know about Fiverr, it is a place where people selltheir service for $5.Here is what to do:First you want to open separate Fiverr accounts for differentcategories and niches, but you want to stay targeted ininformational markets.You want your sale process to be right to the point, this Fiverrfunnel must be easy to understand.So, you got to create “gigs” and content related to the niche youare targeting by using Private Label Rights products (PLR areproducts that are available for you to use and sell as your own) informs of pdfs, mp3s, videos, etc.You can find these PLR products in various places such as thewarrior forum (just search “plr”),, thePLRstore, do a searchon TradeBit, and finally you can use eBay to get some content foryour gigg.You then choose a way to deliver it: download/squeeze page orjust attach the file to the response you will send to the buyer.You also want to include a message in the content such as:“Hello, thank you for your purchase of my [product name].You can access your download/report here: [your url]
  2. 2. If you enjoy this report, you will love [other product of yours],here’s the link: [other url]”Now, there is a special way to list your Fiverr gigg and here iswhat must be done:You should first name the gigg (be as short and as descriptive aspossible) something like “I will show you how to become […] for$5″.Choose a category for your gigg and describe it.The description of your gigg is kinda like your sales letter, and it isbest to have an averse of 450 characters. Your description has tobe compelling, attractive and must stand out from others:“Would you like to discover the secret to […] It’s all possible with[product name]. Let me show you how with […]”You also want to give instructions of the buyers to elicit aresponse from them to get paid:“Hello and thanks for your purchase. Please reply in the boxbelow so I can upload all of the […] training and send it off to you(can’t attach it to this message due to Fiverr policy)Also feel free to leave me some feedback if you like this giggThanks very much[Your name]”Then you et to add tags to your gigg, just target the words,
  3. 3. phrases and keywords that people would most likely type to getwhat you have to sell.Give them a maximum days to completion of one day (with“express” tag).Add an image related to the gigg. You can find a good picture atstock.xchng where you can sign up and find a quality image <760pixel wide.You can cross sell and upwell buy proposing a gigg related tomine.The next step is to upload a video for more conversions, add avideo link to the gigg to a video lasting 30 seconds and in whichyou will mention the gigg being only available on Fiverr.Whenever clients reply, you being a seller must click on the greentab “deliver…”:“Thanks [buyers name], here is your report (attach it to themessage)Best”Attach the report with the message and send.Thank you for reading
  4. 4. I hope this helpTo your success