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Horizon InFocus Marketing Brochure

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HIF Brochure

  1. 1. How to get the right people in the right room. Put your research goals InFocus
  2. 2. Louisville is the city. Horizon InFocus is the place. It all comes down to the right people in the right room. The size and features of a qualitative research facility must, of course, meet your requirements. However, the heart and soul of effective qualitative research are the people - both inside the room and out. Horizon InFocus is that unique facility whose staff truly grasps the scope of your project and puts the right respondents in the room to complete it successfully. From your first contact on, our experienced, proactive professionals will put you immediately at ease. Whatever your research needs, we’ll locate even the hardest-to-find respondents on time and on budget. You want quality respondents who will provide real insight into your product. You want a staff that "gets it" and makes your job easier. You want a facility that’s convenient and flexible. You want Horizon InFocus. • Doing business since 1989 • In-house, experienced recruitment staff • Daily recruitment updates - rest assured your project is moving forward • Fast, reliable turnaround • Internet and phone database for speed/balance • State-of-the-art technology • Strict adherence to your specifications and budget
  3. 3. So many consumer opinions. So many ways to hear them. Our Research Services Because different products and services lend themselves to different types of research techniques, Horizon InFocus provides a variety of qualitative research methodologies. Whichever method you choose, give us a week and we’ll get you the goods on your product or service. • Focus groups • One-on-one indepth interviews • Home usage tests with follow-up interviews • Theatre-style "quali-quant" studies • Taste tests • Central Location Tests (CLT) • Mock juries • Ethnographic recruits • Website evaluation (usability hardware lab) • Off-site testing (rural and remote location recruitment)
  4. 4. Extravagance - Out. Excellence - In. Our Facilities Designed by nationally experienced moderators, Horizon InFocus is a flexible, comfortable, state-of-the-art qualitative research facility. Choose the traditional configuration of our Classic Suite, or take advantage of our new Chameleon Suite. You describe the need, and we’ll create the environment that will opti- mize the respondent moderator experience. • Large discussion rooms designed for flexibility and optimal observation • Tiered viewing rooms with comfortable seating for up to 15 people • High-speed wireless internet access • Complete concierge services for your travel, hotel and entertainment needs • Car service from Louisville International Airport • Private client offices adjacent to viewing rooms • Remote monitoring capabilities and videotaping services available • Fully-equipped kitchen adjacent to the focus group room for test product preparation • Full-service catering for any type of meal service for respondents and clients • Free, well-lit parking and handicapped access in a suburban, upscale office building
  5. 5. Success bears repeating. Success, success, success. Our Clients We know our clients are happy because they keep giving us their business. Moderators, agencies and companies of all sizes and industries have trusted Horizon InFocus as the place to glean quality consumer insight that grows their brands. We have served hundreds of national, regional and local clients across a wide range of industries, including: • Advertising/Public Relations • Civic Development • Construction/Manufacturing • Consumer Goods • Education • Entertainment • Health Care • Financial • Fine Arts • Food/Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Technology For a virtual tour of our facilities, visit www.horizoninfocus.com.
  6. 6. The right technology, behind the mirror and beyond. Our High-Tech Capabilities Horizon InFocus goes to great lengths to keep you connected to your project 24/7. We leverage the most advanced technology available to ensure we not only meet the needs of the project, but also provide our clients with a truly interactive experience. • Two 42-inch plasma screens for video presentation or monitoring of hard-to-see visuals • Usability testing equipment • Wireless internet access throughout the facility • Video streaming (Active Group) • DVD recording • Interactive client website • Audio monitoring of real-time focus room discussions from anywhere in the world
  7. 7. The home of the Kentucky Derby is a sure bet for your project. Louisville is that rare city that truly offers the best of both worlds - big-city resources with small-town values. Our central location makes it nearly impossible to tuck us into a convenient geographic category. That makes for an ideal research climate. Are we Midwestern? Yes. Southern? Sure. Southeastern? You bet. Long story short, your demo is here. • 16th-largest city in the country • Strong market for alcoholic beverages, gaming and entertainment • Sophisticated healthcare, insurance and financial service consumers • Convenient access by car or plane • Lower incentives and lower recruitment costs than surrounding cities
  8. 8. Put your research goals InFocus Next time you have an important research project, choose the team that will put the right people in the right room. Choose the team of experienced, proactive problem solvers who put you at ease right from the start. Choose Horizon InFocus. Lakeview, Suite 200 100 Mallard Creek Road Louisville, Kentucky 40207 Phone: (502) 454-0771 1-800-711-8087 Fax: (502) 458-5773 www.horizoninfocus.com