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Taking the plunge


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Ronny Piñero. Sample. Learning Technologies for the Classroom Course. Third Cohort. October- December. 2011

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Taking the plunge

  1. 1. Ronny Pi ñ ero British Council Learning Technologies for the classroom - Course December 2011.
  2. 2. Welcoming to the classroom, the most wanted disturbing device and its associates… Until yesterday. What is it, that call my attention?
  3. 3. Discovery Let’s take the plunge into real English speaking world together. Getting confidence in the understanding and use of the language. It is a chance to say something short, important. That is why it applies to our educational and social context. Perspective Guidance Result in
  4. 4. Level and group the activity is aimed at : Intermediate English students and above – Teenagers. The Objective and skills worked: Participate in authentic dialogues in the micro blogging world. Introduction to communicative skills on the Web 2.0. Reading and writing skills
  5. 5. Previous class : Introduction to micro blogging networks. The teacher raffles tickets. Topics: Sport – Science – Technology – Show business. Teacher suggest sites and persons related to each topic. Students will look for posts on the topic of their tickets. The day of the Lesson : Teacher divide the class in group of three by in the computer room topic. Students discuss and pick one post per group. They will look for an article related to the post, on web pages suggested by the teacher. Teacher prompt some general questions for them to get the gist of the article. Students make an opinion and write an informed answer to the post. The group presents to the class the original post, main ideas from the article they read and their response. The rest of the class check the message on grammar. Teacher helps. The group post their reply.
  6. 6. After the lesson: Students and teacher will check for replies. The activity could lead to a classroom twitter account. Suggestions