Top Professional Sports Teams In Social Media


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Top Professional Sports Teams In Social Media

  1. 1. Top Ten Teams Using Social Media Right! By: Michael Harper
  2. 2. #1 Los Angeles Lakers Facebook: 16,400,445 likes Twitter: 3,169,966 followers Instagram: 742,883 followers
  3. 3. Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers are the biggest team right now in social media. They have used almost all of the different social media tools that are out there and they use them really well. The results can be seen by seeing how many people they have following them on each one of their accounts. They regularly post and keep their fans up to date on the team and events that are going to be taken place. Their accounts really bring the fans into the team’s life and lets them see some things that they would not see without social media.
  4. 4. #2 San Francisco Giants Facebook: 1,697,472 likes Twitter: 436,891 followers Instagram: 261,904 followers Social Media Cafe
  5. 5. San Francisco Giants The Giants had a very big impact in last years MLB playoffs with their social media accounts. They really took in to account the way that fans watch games and want to interact with the team through the internet and social media. This season they were the first professional sports team to open what they call a “social media cafe” at their ballpark for the fans. The Giants as a organization have really began to understand the way that the sport is going and the way to get new fans in the future. That is why they are number two on the list.
  6. 6. #3 Los Angeles Kings Facebook: 361,790 likes Twitter: 242,836 followers Instagram: 78,752 followers
  7. 7. Los Angeles Kings The Kings are a team playing a unlikely sport in Los Angeles. Team’s in warmer climates like Florida and L.A. have a hard time getting people to their games because hockey is a winter sport. The kings have taken it upon themselves to use tools such as Twitter and Facebook to bring more fans in and get their team’s brand out there. They realized that they are competing with other huge team in their market like the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers so they need to use these free tools efficiently. During last years playoff run they were one of the best team’s with their social media accounts. They used it very well and even poked fun at some other teams and celebrities. That is why they are number three on the list.
  8. 8. #4 Manchester City Football Club Facebook: 5,611,627 likes Twitter: 952,830 followers Instagram: 63,789 followers
  9. 9. Manchester City Football Club In Europe soccer is a huge sport and a very big market to get into. Manchester City brings their fans inside their world through social media. They have a very large fan following and it shows on their accounts. They keep on top of the changing social media tools and regularly communicate with their fans all over the world. They use the free sites to communicate with fans in different countries and update them on the games and the team. That is why they are number four on the list.
  10. 10. #5 Boston Celtics Facebook: 6,933,228 likes Twitter: 1,135,719 followers Instagram: 443,037 followers
  11. 11. Boston Celtics The Boston Celtics are known for their social media accounts. They use them all really well but the best one is their Instagram account. They were one of the first team’s to get an Instagram account and are one of the best professional team’s using it today. They use it to bring their fans into their players lives and the pre and post game activities that go on. During the season they are using it the most of any team and they connect it between their other accounts as well. For a team that does not have world wide status like the Lakers they have a lot of followers on their accounts. This is why they are number five on the list.
  12. 12. #6 Miami Heat Facebook: 8,401,855 likes Twitter: 1,542,469 followers Instagram:728,889 followers
  13. 13. Miami Heat The Heat have grown in popularity in the last couple years and it has to do with their social media. They have used their social media accounts very well and stayed on top of many trends that are happening. They connect all of their big star players to the team’s account and their fan base just keeps getting bigger. They hold a lot of different contests on their Twitter pages for their fans and really stay on top of them. When the trend of “The Harlem Shake” came out the Heat decided to make their own video and used their social media accounts to promote it. That is why they are number six on the list.
  14. 14. #7 St. Louis Cardinals Facebook: 1,404,364 likes Twitter: 303,453 followers Instagram: 38,663 followers
  15. 15. St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball teams already have big fan base because it is Americans past time. The St. Louis Cardinals take it to another level with how they show their appreciation to their fans. They use their social media tools to get many different messages to their fans. They have a great following on all of their sites with over one million followers on Facebook. They have some interesting events that they put out through Twitter and Facebook like their social media night. The Cardinals use Twitter a lot to get their information out to the fans and they also connect their accounts together really well. This is why they are number seven on the list.
  16. 16. #8 New York Giants Facebook: 2,671,657 likes Twitter: 461,602 followers Instagram: 24,544 followers
  17. 17. NewYork Giants The New York sports market is really competitive with having two MLB team’s, two NBA team’s, three NHL team’s, and two NFL team’s all in the area. The New York Giants do a really great job using their resources like their social media accounts to bring more attention to their team. They have many followers on every site and stay up to date with their fans by providing them with regular information. They tweet many times during the day and even in the off season with not many team’s do. They are number eight on the list of team’s.
  18. 18. #9 New Jersey Devils Facebook: 334,970 likes Twitter: 142,145 followers Instagram:17,016 followers
  19. 19. New Jersey Devils The Devils were one of the first teams in professional sports to open a digital command centre at their rink. They also won two awards for the use of their social media in 2011 from Bulldog Awards. The Devils being a team that sometimes struggles to bring fans to the games had to find a different way to get their messages to their fans. They use their social media very well and their followers are beginning to grow over time. That is why they are number nine on the list.
  20. 20. #10 Toronto Blue Jays Facebook: 525,788 likes Twitter: 289,851 followers Instagram: 35,264 followers #LoveThisTeam
  21. 21. Toronto Blue Jays The Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s only professional baseball ball team in the MLB. This means that they have a huge market that they can take advantage of. This past season I have really noticed the organization focusing more on their social media and connecting with their fans. They have started a new hashtag #LoveThisTeam that has taken off. They have used it in all of the right ways and gained many more followers because of it. They use their accounts very well by updating their fans on the team and give real time stats on their Twitter account. They will have great success from their social media and that is why they are number ten on the list.
  22. 22. The Worst Teams 1. Phoenix Coyotes (NHL) - They do not use their free social media tools that well. - They have a hard market in Arizona and do not use all of their tools to help them. 2. Toronto Argonauts (CFL) - They are in a huge market in Toronto and do not take advantage of their social media tools. - Do not learn from other Toronto teams like the Blue Jays with how to use their different accounts.
  23. 23. 3. St. Louis Rams (NFL) - lowest followers in the National Football League. - They do not do a very good job at connecting their fans to their team. - Also do not have a lot of extra content that their fans want to follow them to see. 4. New York Knicks (NBA) - They do not connect their players to their accounts. - Do not have a lot of followers for the huge market that they are in.
  24. 24. Most Popular Used After reviewing many teams different social media tools I have come to see that the most used tool is Twitter. Almost every professional team has a Twitter account that they use a lot to get their messages to their fans. In my opinion Twitter is the best way that teams can connect their players and events with the public because you can do a lot with Twitter. You are able to post real time statuses, pictures, and links to other pages they might have.
  25. 25. Improvements To Be MadeHere is a list of some improvements that I believe every team can use to improve their social media usage: 1. Use all of the social media tools you have equally. 2. Connect all of your tools together. i.e. post links on your Twitter to your Instagram accounts. 3. Connect your players with your social media accounts to allow fans to follow their players. 4. Use your Instagram and Facebook accounts to allow fans to see behind the scenes footage to get more buzz on their accounts. 5. Use your accounts to run different contests to get more followers.
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