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MIKARE CSI is one of the best e-mail marketing softwares out there. Being one of the leaders in the industry it helps to make the most out of e-mail marketing!

MIKARE CSI is an essential tool for a clever marketer that easily helps to boost your business.

See 1) Why is e-mail marketing effective? 2) Why choose MIKARE CSI and 2) How does it work

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MIKARE CSI: E-mail marketing software

  1. 1. E-mail Marketing Software MIKARE CSI ______________________ If you have anything to say
  2. 2. How you can help yourself increase your business? It's all about – WHO is your client – WHAT they really want to buy & – HOW you can reach them Luckily it's not rocket-science or nuclear-physics –this problem can be taken under control.
  3. 3. E-mail marketing: Most popular e-marketing methods involve search engine marketing, keywords marketing, online banners and e-mail marketing. Why is e-mail marketing a w ise choice? The benefits of e-mail marketing: It saves up to 100x of your salespeoples’ time E-mail has a wide reach E-mail is inexpensive E-mail creates quick response cycles E-mail is easily personalizable  Campaign results are measurable through statistics E-mail drives up website traffic E-mail builds brand awareness and customer relations
  4. 4. With MIKARE CSI you can send out: • Newsletters - reputation makers, some general issues: how your business sector and how you are doing. • Teasers - snapshots of upcoming events, magazine, product, discounts, etc. • Sales offers / campaigns - to increase sales in order to get easy money or get rid of stock. • Internal communication - building community, motivation, improving social life, etc.
  5. 5. Who can benefit from MIKARE CSI? • Private sector - big, to mid-size, SMEs, small distributors, retailers, services, unions, clubs, associations, fan club groups, etc. • Public sector - governmental institutions, governmental services, NHS hospitals, schools, interest groups, etc. • Stock brokers – ensuring that their customers will be well informed and more relaxed with regular information. • Ad Agencies, where commercials are made and organized. • Travel agencies when selling last minute trips. • Nightclubs, restaurants, theatres, movie theatres, concert organizers, etc. • Sales agencies, sales reps, marketing agencies, whose job is to grow their customer's sales, regularly. • Trainers, announcing about new training courses and finding out the degree of interest in individual courses. • Big companies personnel departments – regular announcements to selected personnel.
  6. 6. MIKARE CSI’s purpose is to help companies grow their business! • MIKARE CSI is a ‘must-have marketing tool’ to let YOU make the most out of e-mail marketing! • MIKARE CSI works as a regular communication tool with customers delivering useful information for the client and working as a constant reminder of your company and your services/products. • You can contact all your clients at once!
  7. 7. The best e-mail marketing tool! • The control panel on the left hand side enables quick and easy access to every object. • MIKARE CSI gives multi-language support: English, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, (Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, French; will all soon be available) • MIKARE CSI is incredibly easy to use & saves your time!
  8. 8. Measurable results • OUR statistics makes YOUR campaigns easily measurable. mers in formation about your custo MIKARE CSI gives priceless s. eness of each of your campaign behaviour and the effectiv • You can see who has viewed and who clicked the links in your newsletter and so bring out hot lists of your potential clients.
  9. 9. Statistics MIKARE CSI statistics shows: • Sent e-mails • Views – who viewed your email • Clicks – who clicked on which links • Popular links – which links were most popular
  10. 10. 3 simple steps to create your message with MIKARE CSI: ADD CONTACTS • Import contacts from .CSV file • Import from Outlook 2007 • Subscriptions from your own web • Or add them individually, one by one 
  11. 11. 3 simple steps to create your message with MIKARE CSI: PREPARE THE MESSAGE 1) Name the campaign to distinguish it from others later PREPARE THE MESSAGE 3) Select the language of your message 5) Set the time of dispatch for each message 7) Assign a message sender and a subject 9) Select recipients, precisely, accurately
  12. 12. 3 simple steps to create your message with MIKARE CSI: TEST & DISPATCH 1) Check how the message looks in both HTML and text views and make corrections if necessary 2) Test your message with different mail reading softwares and make corrections if necessary 3) Test whether all SMTP servers are working properly, de-activate the ones that don't 4) When you are 100% sure that your message is completely ready, run a live test with small group of co-workers, you can still make further corrections if necessary 5) Schedule your campaign or dispatch it immediately
  13. 13. Research studies show that: • 57% of consumers feel they have a more positive impression of companies when they receive email from them; • 40% said that simply receiving email has a positive impact on their likelihood to make a future purchase from a company; • 71% remember email communications when making purchases from the sending company’s web site; • 50% said they’re more likely to buy products from companies who send them email, whether their purchases are online or at a place of business; • 1/3 said they usually visit sites directly instead of clicking on an email link. Source: www.epsilon.com “Epsilon Survey Shows the Benefits of Permission-based Email Marketing Transcend the E-Commerce World”
  14. 14. Features of MIKARE CSI that bring you benefits Mail-merge Personalization Message Scheduling Easy to Use WYSIWYG Email Editor Archive Campaigns, Resend to Different Target Groups Inclusion + Exclusion in preparing Sending Lists Click through Tracking ates Advanced Clicks Analytics IKARE CSI upd es Re gular M ctive at all tim Advanced Hot meter Analytics u effe keep yo Subscription Management Contact's Grouping and Tagging - Segmentation  Contacts filtering via various parameters Industry Leading Deliverability History of Subscriber Actions History of Users Actions Opt-in and Opt-out, contact management features Meets all ECEuropean law requirements about mass mailing
  15. 15. What are you waiting for? Start growing your business today! resources! r minimum time, effort & ximum results fo MIKA RE CSI gives ma MIKARE CSI – An Essential tool for marketeers who have something to say! csi.mikare.net