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Mens style book


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Mens style book

  1. 1. buckle upit’s time to pull up your pants
  2. 2. basic style rulesSmooth is king. Look everyone in the Fit every piece of clothing. There iseye. Make a statement but don’t yell. nothing stylish about sloppiness. All style ca- tastrophes start here. So fix it!Own two fantastic suits. Surprise!Suits are not only for weddings and funer-als. In fact there is no more versatile piece Don’t fuss. Some things are going toin a man’s wardrobe. Buy two today. Both look good on you and others won’t. Trustgray and two button. You’ll see why soon... yourself to know. Everyone has an opinion.Take care of your clothes. Launder, Smell great. Nothing else will impressiron, hang, fold and wash are all dirty words women more. Guys maybe not. But whoto most men. But take care of your clothes are you trying to impress anyway?and they will take care of you.Let YOUR handsome work. Some No hair or lots of hair. Choose one.guys look better in jeans than a suit. Don’t If you’re hairy embrace it and if your notfight it! Use what god gave you! keep it neat and clean.
  3. 3. suitsyour long lost friend
  4. 4. su eSlim fit jackets (aka blazers) are the onlyones that should even be considered. If ja it tyou prefer a relaxed fit you’d be better toskip it altogether. s ckColor looks great on your shirts and ac-cessories and is complemented best by agray jacket. Dark or light blazers will clash.Single breasted jackets have one columnof buttons. Double have two. Grampswas double breasted.Buttons are fun for women. Men shouldstick with two. Enough said.Vents. The slit(s) at the rear of the jacket! Single vents are for slim men.! Double vents are for solidly built men.Sleeves should leave room for at least ahalf inch of cuff to show. Your shirt is color-ful so let it show!
  5. 5. su ntYour waist is just below your belly button. paFit should be snug without being too tight. it s sPleats are little folds in the fabric immedi-ately underneath the waist. They hold theextra fabric fat men need to get in theirpants. They are not the creases that runthe length of the pant leg.The hem refers to the bottom pant edge.Cuffs make tall men look shorter and therest of us look ugly. Enough said! The break is where your pants touch your shoes. The classic style is the medium break which is classic for a reason. Style! Short - Medium - Full -
  6. 6. su ir it shCollars come in as many styles as there sare faces. The best choice is the spread col-lar as it works in both casual and formalsituations and with all tie types. tPatterned color is what a great shirtsis all about so go wild! Quality fabric willfeel smooth and light so trust your touchand forget the label.Buttons are the easiest way to deter-mine the quality of a shirt. A strong buttonis made of three thick layers instead of oneflimsy one.French cuffs are fastened with cufflinkswhile plain cuffs use buttons. The onlydifference between them is preference.
  7. 7. su es it ti sTies make your suits come to life. They add color and personality to your ward-robe. Pair with a pocket square or socks for extra fun. Don’t stress here - have fun! The only knot you need to know is the Double Windsor.
  8. 8. clothes wearable fun
  9. 9. sh ir ts Crew neckRound neckline. Pairwith a blazer, coat or sweater for style. Collars V neck Go crazy with these time-V shaped neck looks less classics. Enjoy theirgreat over top of any- colors, patterns and fun! thing.
  10. 10. sh oeAthletic footwear slooks best in black as it hides the fact you’rewearing it at work. Youleave your stick on the ice so why bring your skates to work? Sandals Dress shoes let your feet breathe in are awesome! Most men the summer. Choose are surprised to learn ofleather for durability and the fun that they have comfort. Just promise been missing out on with never to wear socks in them. Have fun and let them! loose!
  11. 11. pa ntDo they fit?. Measure your waist size s(just under your belly button) and inseam(crotch to ankle bone). A 32 30 pant has awaist size of 32 and an inseam of 30.Do they look good? Trust yourself.How many pants of this style do Ialready own? If the answer is two, putthem back and keep looking. Try a differentcolor of denim or experiment with the dis-tressed look. Perhaps go for somethingother than jeans!
  12. 12. ex tr asScarves. Choose a thin scarf with somecolor that matches your coat. Rememberit’s cold outside, your scarf should look hot!Belts not only hold your pants up butalso add style. Trade the rodeo buckle infor something simple and elegant. Your beltshould match your shoe color.
  13. 13. laundrytaking care of your clothes
  14. 14. Wash in cold water. Do not wash.Dry at medium heat. Do not dry.Iron at medium heat. Do not iron.Dry clean only. Do not bleach.
  15. 15. where to find it finding the goods
  16. 16. where to find itZappos is the king of shoes. Their return policy is fantastic us websiteand selection unparalleled so try to finish your look here.J. Crew sells beautiful suits, shirts and everything else a welldressed man need to look fantastic! They ship all over the us websiteworld and offer the best value around.Dr. K has the most effective diet and training program onthe Internet. His site is a little sketchy but don’t let that put international websiteyou off. If you need to get in shape quick, he’s the man.