The god's join the battle


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The god's join the battle

  1. 1. The God’s Join The Battle Altamirano Dy Hwang Lee
  2. 2. Summary While the Greeks line up for battle, Zeus tells Them is to line up the gods. Only the Ocean who holds the earth in place is excluded. Zeus says he will stay on Olympus, but the other gods are to go down to hel p the Greeks or Trojans. The Trojans need help bec ause otherwise Achilles will contravene fate by de stroying the walls of Troy.
  3. 3. Greek side Hera Athena Poseido n Hermes Hephaestus
  4. 4. Trojan side Aphrodit e Leto Artemi s Apoll o Ares
  5. 5. Achilles wants to fight Hector, but Apollo tries t o make Aeneas go against Achilles. Achilles says i t's foolish to go against him, since he is always accompanied by a god. Apollo tells Aeneas to s ummon his own deity -- Aphrodite, who, Lycaon- A pollo says, is stronger than Achilles' personal maternal deity, Thetis. Hera sees Aeneas advancing and calls to Poseidon and Athena, telling them to turn him back or stan d by Achilles to provide assistance. Poseidon says they should leave the war to the mortals.
  6. 6. Poseidon summons the gods. Aeneas has always hon ored he gods, so Poseidon wants to save him and sa ys he is needed to carry on the race of Dardanus. A thena and Hera won't help, so Poseidon pours mist over Achilles' eyes and tosses Aeneas out of the wa y. He tells Aeneas he is playing the madman and tha t he should wait until Achilles is dead before he fi ghts again. Poseidon then lifts the mist over Achill es' eyes. Achilles sees that a miracle has been perf ormed. His spear is there, but Aeneas has vanished.
  7. 7. Achilles starts killing Trojans. When Hector sees Achilles kill his brother Polydorus, he throws his spear at Achilles, but Athena deflects it. Achilles c harges at Hector, but Apollo whisks Hector away in a mist -- three times. Achilles taunts that next tim e they fight, he will kill Hector. Then Achilles resu mes his killing spree.
  8. 8. Unscramble Time!
  9. 9. UEZS – The last god born form Chronus CHLLEISA – the son of Thetis, and his bo dy is immortal except from his heel. RHEA – the queen goddess, the wife of Ze us NETAAH – the goddess of wisdom SDNPOEIO – the god of the ocean, water, e arthquake MRHEES – the messenger god PHHSSTEAEU – ugly limp, god of fire
  10. 10. RASE – god of war OOPLLA – god of sun, and music TESARMI – sister of Apollo, goddess of wild, and hunt TOEL – mother of Apollo and Artemis TASXUN – god of river, who was against H ephaestus THOREC – the elder brother of Paris EATROPHDI – goddess of beauty, and the mother of Aeneas, who build Rome
  11. 11. Question & Answer
  12. 12. Who went to the Greek side? List 4. - Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes & Hepahestus Who went to the Trojans side? List 6. - Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Leto, Xanthus & Aphrodit e Why did Zeus call all the gods of Olympus? - Because he was worried about the Trojans and Greeks, who are about to fight again.