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Sensotrend Slide Deck for Investors


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We prepared a slide set for sit-down meetings with investors at Slush 2013.

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Sensotrend Slide Deck for Investors

  1. 1. Automated diabetes diary For Gorilla Ventures @ Slush13
  2. 2. Diabetes is a growing epidemic Global market: 370 M diabetics, increasing $ 471 Bn expenditure - half a trillion! 11 % of healthcare total cost for adults Treatment: Goal to get blood glucose levels under control. Both medication and lifestyle changes required. Highly individual. Needs tracking and learning!
  3. 3. Competition / Existing tools Current logbooks Require manual entry of data and the reports are incomplete • How blood glucose, carbohydrate intake, activity and exercise, medication, stress affect each other? • What are the short and long term trends? • What can diabetics with poor control learn from the ones that do well? Data too difficult to enter, results hard to interpret Incomplete data Manual entry Medtronic, Accu-Chek, DiaSend, Glooko, Mendor, SiDiary, iBGStar X MySugr,, onTrack X
  4. 4. Our approach: Collaboration 1. Let diabetics use the best tracker apps and gadgets available to collect the data 2. Integrate data from various sources to emerging Patient-Centric Health Information Exchanges (HIE) like Taltioni, Microsoft HealthVault, ... 3. Visualize the information to diabetics, their healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations Already in cooperation with MealTracker, Mendor, Moves, Taltioni, Wellmo, ...
  5. 5. Business model Diabetics pay a recurring license fee – Yearly fee easier to accept than a monthly one Healthcare organizations pay a monthly fee per registered user – Effective individualized care – Rationalized test strip provision – Legislation
  6. 6. Team Mikael Rinnetmäki Type 1 diabetic for 14 years Software professional for 15 years Experience in startup environment Timo Koukkari Type 1 diabetic for 4 years Software professional for 15 years Military software, visualisation Assi Rinnetmäki Healthcare PR and marketing for 6 years In Protomo startup coaching
  7. 7. Advisors Pirjo Ilanne-Parikka, MD, Finnish Diabetes Association Jorma Lahtela, MD, University of Tampere / University of Kuopio / TAYS Päivi Hannula, MD, PSHP Antti Virkamäki, MD, CMO, Mendor Atte Vadén, MD, Koskiklinikka / Mediverkko Jyrki Lähde, MD, Terveystalo Reijo Syrjäläinen, Gorilla Ventures Kimmo Rouhiainen, Protomo Startup Incubator
  8. 8. H2/13 H1/14 H2/14 H1/15 H2/15 H1/16 H2/16 H1/17 H2/17 H1/18 H2/18 H1/19 Personnel 3 5 8 15 45 60 65 70 80 90 110 130 Users 2 15 100 500 1500 3000 5000 8000 12K 20K 40K 60K Organizations 0 0 2 5 8 25 30 35 40 80 150 250 Revenue (u) 0 0 .6k 8k 60k 120k 200k 320k 480k 800k 1.6M 2.4M Revenue (o) 0 0 12k 20k 25k 250k 900k 9M 12M 24M 48M 72M Revenue 0 12.6k 113k 1.4M 21M 124M Business Plan
  9. 9. Investment Opportunity Looking for 250 k€, for a 9 % share, to – finalize product, start user trials – integrate more glucose meters, insulin pumps – make the first organization deals in Finland – prepare for next round in Q1 2015, for medical device certification and international growth Also for advice, connections, and experience Startups in medtech, financial expertise
  10. 10. …making sense of diabetes trends
  11. 11. Go-to-market • Taltioni in Finland • Microsoft HealthVault in Sweden – Want to be a diabetes solution in their portfolio • Next generation EHR systems support patient- centric approaches (CGI HealthBox) – Want to be the diabetes solution in their catalogs • Platforms are booming among the Quantified Self movement – Monitor these, see if they gain traction • Diabetes organizations help somewhat in spreading the word, reaching consumers will still be tough
  12. 12. Motivation vs. Facilitation Ability High Low Hard to do Easy to do Rock Health Startup Elements BJ Fogg: Habit Design
  13. 13. Costs of Diabetes in Finland CHC, in-patient 23% CHC, out-patient 10% Special care, in- patient 23% Special care, out-patient 10% Medication 29% Supplies 5% Diabetesbarometri: