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Fit final proj!

  1. 1. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  2. 2.  This app is a game that allows people to download music for a low cost in which all proceeds go to a charity/non-profit organization of their choice. Area of Focus are charities such as: › The Aids Foundation of Chicago › The American Cancer Foundation › National Coalition Against Domestic Violence › The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism The purpose of letting individuals chose the specific charity that they would like to donate to is so that we can help a variety of issues throughout society. All of these charities/non-profits, if helped, can better many peoples lives and can connect emotionally to different people in different ways. Ultimate Goal: To create a fun, easy- to- use game where consumers have the ability to download cheap music while helping a variety of different charities and non-profit organizations. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  3. 3.  This app will incorporate the game of Ms. Pacman, and iTunes ,in order to reach its overall goals. Once playing the game, every time that a player reaches a new level they can download a song off of iTunes for 50 cents. All proceeds of this will go to a charity/non-profit that they will chose after downloading a song. Players can download this app right off of the iTunes app store. It will cost no money to download. We will be in conjunction with the owners of Ms. Pacman and the game will be set up just like that game is. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  4. 4.  The game itself is the same as Ms. Pacman. Our technology team will insert three extra menu pages right after a player completes each level. › The first menu page will say “ Congrats you have made it through the first level and now you can download your first song! “ The player will then hit next. › The second menu page will display a smaller version of the iTunes store in which a player will download their song and then hit next. › The third menu will say “Thank you for playing the first level, which charity/non- profit would you like your money to be donated to? Then they can chose from the 4 different options. Since we will be working with iTunes, the money will be charged from the players apple account, and iTunes/Apple will be in charge of making sure the money gets to the correct charity/non-profit. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  5. 5.  Overall Goals: › Help out a variety of different issues throughout the United States › Give consumers a cheaper/ entertaining way to download music › Give publicity to the Ms. Pacman game › Promote a more popular way to legally download music Tasks › Propose Idea to iTunes and owner of Ms. Pacman › Get in contact with each charity/non-profit and make sure that they want to be a part of this project as well as make sure that they have a way to receive the proceeds. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  6. 6.  Target Market: Teenagers from middle school-aged to college-aged. ^Most people this age still find time to play games on their phone/iPod and most people this age are looking for a cheaper way to download music. This app would apply to the United States only. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  7. 7.  An app like this, which is completely brand new to consumers, can take a while to launch and really become successful. Problems may arise with iTunes and Ms. Pac-man, causing the app to be altered. Every new app will face technology glitches but we will do our best to keep them at an absolute minimum. This app is temporarily limited to Apple products. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  8. 8.  This app allows for much further growth; if different games would like to create a version of this, for example › : words with friends, temple run, etc, that is a possibility. Also, if different organizations and charities would like to become involved, they can be added to the choice list for players. This app and its predecessors can really encourage people to download music legally-helping eliminate all the issues with programs such as frostwire & limewire. This app is convenient for consumers due to the price cut for music and the syncing of the iTunes account. With further work done, this app can try and be brought up through other systems; Droid & Samsung. Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12
  9. 9.  a=N&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=640&tbm=isch&tbnid=9rlj0aZld7FFvM :&imgrefurl= Man&docid=eKcbNwY3UD80mM&imgurl=http://upload.wikimed Mspacman.png&w=220&h=283&ei=q8WRUN3QC8y60QGHqICYB w&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=2&vpy=173&dur=4000&hovh=226&ho vw=176&tx=82&ty=134&sig=117538235917211320856&page=1&tb nh=145&tbnw=113&start=0&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,i:140 Flanagan, Ms. Jam-man, 11/5/12