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Ha long bay


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Ha long bay

  1. 1. Author: Nguyen Duc Binh Class :AS2-K53
  2. 2.  Location ◦ Myths ◦ Geographical situation ◦ Geological facts Why Ha Long? ◦ Landscape ◦ Climate ◦ Statistics ◦ Awards ◦ Visitor’s review Facilities available in Ha Long ◦ Accommodations ◦ Entertainment ◦ Transportation
  3. 3. Myths:•Ha Long means “DescendingDragon”•Dragons was sent to helpVietnamese against invaders.•They raised islands and isletsfrom under water to stopenemy’s boats.•After winning the war, theydecided to live in the bay=>”Ha Long Bay” was formed.
  4. 4. Geographical situation:-Quang Ninh Province, Ha LongCity-120km North-east from Hanoi-30km North of Cat Ba island
  5. 5. Geological facts:•The whole bay: •120km long coastline •1,553 km² area •2,000 islets•The core( which was designatedby UNESCO as the World NaturalHeritage Site) •434 km² •775 islets
  6. 6. Landscape:-Grotto-Fishing village-Islets-Islands and sandybeaches
  7. 7.  Reviews after a tour in Ha Long ◦ “Pleasant and charming!” ◦ “Excursion of a Lifetime” ◦ “Just perfect!!!” ◦ “Heaven of natural beauty on earth” (
  8. 8.  Lists of awards and designations ◦ 1962, “Renowned National Landscape Monument” from Vietnamese government. ◦ 1994, “UNESCO World Heritage Site” ◦ 2000, reclaimed “UNESCO World Heritage Site” ◦ Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World. ◦ 11/2011, recognized as New Seven Wonders of the World after a 3-year-global poll .
  9. 9. Accommodation:•Thousands of hotels and motelsranked from 3-5 star•Villas with sea-view
  10. 10. Entertainment:•Bars and restaurants•Tuan Chau Aquarium•Ha Long Carnival festival
  11. 11. Transportation:-Harbors for cruisers/liners-Go on discovery with kayak-Sightseeing on sampan
  12. 12.  Myths, tradition ,culture.. altogether make a unique Ha Long Bay Completed facilities provide tourists with pleasure condition. WELCOME TO HA LONG