Fitness Money Podcast Episode 23Putting on WorkshopsGet this podcast on iTunes at:
Tyler: You know it’s funny, we’re going to get focused on the topic here in just a second but I like thatyou led in with t...
So first of all, if you guys are anywhere near San Diego, you might want to write down on your calendarright now: June 23r...
really not going to get a ton of people out to that workshop paying you know,$ 197 or $297 or $497 orwhatever. There’s pro...
training like the kettlebell community, some of the more high level bodyweight communities, thing likethat.You’re not goin...
We’re going to share with you what we predict will work well but sometimes with this stuff, you’ve justgot to put your bal...
soy during our talk. I was trying to be as cool as possible but she was arguing that soy was beneficial andI was arguing t...
ten people and their balls go into their throat and they can’t say a word. Right? I mean we’ve all had thatexperience befo...
Tyler: Can I interrupt you here real quick though? One thing that I did do though is after havingsuccessfully presented th...
That’s how this whole thing started. That’s when we started recording this. We’re just talking aboutfitness and this has b...
week and made sure everyone that had signed up good make it. But you want to look at the calendarand see if there’s going ...
I’m really excited. I think this is going to be super fun. We’re going to have three awesome guys sharingus some really aw...
TYLER: Hit us up on Facebook. Private message us and look out fo...
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Putting on Workshop - Fitness Money Podcast


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Discover how to start and run your first Workshop, why are workshops the best thing for product creation, ways to get tons of leads for your local gym or bootcamp through workshops, which methods are proven to help fill seats, how to stop being afraid of public speaking, different models of workshops and much more.

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Putting on Workshop - Fitness Money Podcast

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 23Putting on WorkshopsGet this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money podcast, brought to you by In this podcast LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step-by-step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on over to this episode of the Fitness Money podcast.Tyler: Hey guys! This is Tyler and Logan here and this is the Fitness Money Podcast, How’s it going today, Logan?Logan: It’s going good, just working on a book right now. You know it’s kind of funny the other day whenmy girlfriend’s friends came over and just said, “What are you up to?” “I’m writing a book” She laughedas if that’s something unusual, that not everyone can write a book.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Tyler: You know it’s funny, we’re going to get focused on the topic here in just a second but I like thatyou led in with that because it’s just so freaking crazy. Everybody who is listening to this has somethingto offer the world. Everybody that that person knows probably has something they could offer the worldbut nobody has the balls to just take what they have to offer, put it into an easy way to learn it, and justput it out there. That’s really the foundational step, just having something worth sharing and sharing it.People are too afraid to do that. Why are they afraid, Logan?Logan: Because fear is the biggest thing holding people back.Tyler: Bingo!Logan: The fear of failure, fear of success, fear of losing their friends because they become successful,all kinds of different things. The funny thing is that it’s just so easy these days to become an author. Self-publishing a book is like brain dead simple. It literally takes about two steps to have a physical book inyour hands but it’s not like it once was where you had to get with a company and be published and allthat where it’s so much harder to do with the internet. You don’t have physical products yourself butthe ebooks and digital programs are so easy to do.Tyler: Yeah. So you people have got no excuses. If you guys aren’t putting stuff online, you either don’tcare about making money online, which is fine or—Logan: It’s not for everyone.Tyler: —or you’ve got some mental blocks in there. That’s our job, to tell you to stop being a pussy andget some shit done and make it happen.Logan: There’s a good episode for the future: mental blocks and how to deal with them since that is abig thing I’ve been focusing on learning.Tyler: I don’t want to talk about that. Okay, let’s get serious. We had picked a topic beforehand but I’vealready forgotten. Again, Tyler Bramlett sleep deprived from many baby whines. So what were we goingtalk about, Logan?Logan: Workshops.Tyler: Workshops. All right, there we go. Okay. So Logan and I were talking the other day and we’retalking about workshops, how to put on effective workshops. I have not done any workshops in thetraditional sense that Logan is doing. I’ll kind of share my experience of doing workshops and seminarson a local level to generate traffic to your fitness business here in a little while but we started talkingabout putting together a workshop and how we’re going to put this workshop together so we cangenerate a) a good profit; and b) a great product on the backend that we can then sell to our customerswho weren’t able to come to the workshop.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. So first of all, if you guys are anywhere near San Diego, you might want to write down on your calendarright now: June 23rd. Sunday, June 23rd, we’re holding a workshop with me, Logan, and our good friend,Travis Stoetzel. It’s going to be all about awesome bodyweight, kettlebell, badass everything, and if youguys come there and meet us, you can ask us any questions you want about your business, or anythingelse as well. We’d be glad to answer them for you.So Logan, you are the expert at posting just basic workshops. Right? At least the expert between the twoof us, right?Logan: I do have more experience.Tyler: You’ve gotten people to fly from all around to come to your workshops so why don’t you share—Logan: Other countries.Tyler: Yeah, from other countries so why don’t you share with us some general tips if somebody wantsto put on a workshop with their expertise, how they can get started doing that.Logan: Before we get into the sort of logistical details and everything, a couple more big ideas. It’s thesame, like we started off this call talking about doing a book or any sort of product. If you havesomething worth teaching, doing it in some sort of workshop, some sort of live format. That’s one of thebest ways for people to learn. It also happens to be one that you can tend to charge a good amount ofmoney for and there are some really cool added benefits of doing workshops, which we’ll talk about aswell.One of the things you want to look at before you even begin with the workshop is what is your purposeof doing it? If you want to spread your message out there, that’s kind of different. That’s not somethingI’m completely focused on, just to fill up a big room, have a lot of people, make a lot of money in thatone instance. That can be something to set up a workshop so you’re going to sell more of your ownproducts afterwards.The model that I follow that works really well for me is to put a workshop together and to use it as aproduct creation method. You have the cameras running. You have someone competent filming themduring the workshop and whatever you’re presenting on, you can then take that, transform it into video,and you have one or more products all available after that.So the workshop is good and you can make some money by filling the seats but the model I have alwaysbeen following is to create products from that workshop which are high quality, it’s great information,and you have other people so there’s that social proof element in there. Then turn around and sellthose. That’s the model that I personally follow and I can talk about it in more detail but you really dohave to become clear on what you’re trying to do with your workshops.Tyler: Absolutely. One of the cool things about that model, Logan, is when you’re first getting startedand say you have a small community of people and you put on a workshop, I mean, chances are you’reCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. really not going to get a ton of people out to that workshop paying you know,$ 197 or $297 or $497 orwhatever. There’s probably not a lot of people unless you have a really, really die hard community. So inorder for you to make a profit off that workshop, just by filming the workshop itself, editing it down¬¬¬into some videos, and doing a low—what’s the word I’m looking for?Logan: A low end offer?Tyler: No, not a low end offer, a low quantity offer like I’ve only got 20 copies available of thisworkshop, you can make a huge profit on a workshop even if you don’t make any money on the front.You might even spend some money on the front-end getting it done and then you make all of your extramoney on the backend. Plus, what Logan didn’t touch on is the credibility of doing a live workshop ishuge. Once you start doing these live workshops and people start coming to them, they are learningfrom you, and they’re getting results from the information they’re learning, not only do you have ravingfans, people who are willing to spend $500 to come hang out with you for a weekend in addition to theplane tickets, the hotel rooms and everything, those are raving fans that you can gather great socialproof and testimonials from that are going to help boost your business even further.So doing workshops is absolutely fantastic, regardless of whether you’re the local fat loss expert oryou’re trying to become a global expert in functional strength and conditioning or whatever yourparticular niche is.Logan: Yeah. Let’s talk about a different model because there is one drawback to the model I’ve justoutlined. In order to do and continue to create new products, what you have to do is always have newinformation, which is good because that’s also, as we’ve talked about in previous episodes, sort of ourbusiness model of continually coming out with new stuff, having new offers and everything.A different model that works really well for workshops is to teach the same information over and overagain, in which case you get much better at that information and maybe slight changes and everything,but then you seek to do this workshop in a whole bunch of different places. So you work to set up atdifferent facilities, to travel around, and do this because you’re going to have to do it in multipledifferent places in order to get people coming by. You just continue to build it that way.One good example that comes in my mind is Mike Mahler. He still regularly does a whole bunch ofkettlebell workshops where he teaches kettlebells, basic and advanced stuff, and hormone optimizationand he just continues to do that. Every once in a while, he does or has in the past years, done a biggerworkshop, multiple days bringing in other guest experts and turned that into a product. So he used alittle bit of both different models. You really do have to find what’s going to work for you.Tyler: In particular, that type of model for a workshop is something that you’re going to want to have apretty unique concept or idea. It doesn’t have to be brand new to the scene or anything like that, butthe people I see who have had success in the past and are currently having success doing the same kindof workshop over and over again are the people really kind of pushing the bar or branding a new style ofCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. training like the kettlebell community, some of the more high level bodyweight communities, thing likethat.You’re not going to get people to come after your seminar over and over again if you have just somegeneric, old, boring information. You’re going to want to have a bitching seminar and just like Logansaid, like everything in business, you’re going to want to use that seminar each and every time you teachit to learn how to make it better. So you’re slowly, over time, making it better and converting morepeople into customers afterwards, or into email list opt-ins, and make them become raving fans so theyspread the message.Because if you want to teach seminars in a bunch of different cities around the nation or around theworld, you need people who want to come see you. You have to start thinking more like a rock bandthan you do a personal trainer. You’ve got to get people who are raving about your concepts and ideas.So that’s really an approach you could be taking if you have a unique concept or idea or a philosophythat you use with your clients that gets awesome results every single time and you can share that withother people who want to learn that same philosophy for themselves or to apply if for their clients aswell.Logan: Something else you want to look at is how big of an event do you want. We’ve been using theterm workshop for the most part but it can be a seminar. A conference typically is much longer. You alsohave this all these different certification programs. If you’re listening to this in the fitness world, you’velikely been to some of these. They tend to be a little larger and they really do fall on that model. They’reteaching the same thing over and over again. But if you are actually certifying someone in something,the truth is in a lot of fields including fitness and exercise, anybody can actually certify someone else.There’s no licensing in that like there is for psychologists or doctors so that is a way you can end upcharging more money because you become this certifying body, which really all you have to do is reallydecide that and have people understand that you have expertise in that. So that can be something.But look at the size you want to do. If you want to do big things, that’s kind of different. I haven’t reallyworked on going that route. I tend to keep the seminar small because it’s really a more intimate setting.People tend to have more fun with that. You’re able to interact with the people that come to yourevents and one, it’s actually a lot easier to just fill 10 to 20 spots rather than filling 500. You kind of haveto take different routes to go that way.Tyler: Absolutely. You know what we’ll do is Ill get one of our friends on the call. We’ve got a couple offriends in the fitness industries or related industries that have put on multi hundred person-events andsold them out even their first time doing this. So I’m sure they have some valuable tips and tricks if youguys really want to get ahead of the game and jump into it.One of my good friends and mentor, when he first started the Fitness Business Summit, he was like, “Idon’t know how I’m going to fill this room”, and he just did it. He just marketed it. He put his balls onthe line and now it’s probably the biggest fitness money-making seminar on the planet, and he’s goingto continue to make it bigger because people keep hearing about it more and more each year.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. We’re going to share with you what we predict will work well but sometimes with this stuff, you’ve justgot to put your balls in the line. Like a good friend of mine, Lori Kennedy—Logan knows Lori as well—shereally has a popular weight loss brand up in Canada and she decided that she wanted to do a liveseminar. She wanted to sell it out and get sponsors and everything. Within a handful of months, she hadthis whole thing already done, filled, set up, press, media. You know what it took? It just took someelbow grease, some hard work, and some dumb luck at the same time. Maybe we’ll get her on the calland have her talk all about that. That’d be a great experience for everybody to listen to.Logan: Yeah, I would be interested in learning from her.Tyler: Me, too. We could take some notes from that one.Logan: Let’s talk about some small events. One of the easiest ways to do it, like you were saying, ifyou’re not well known, if you don’t have a big list, it can be hard to fill especially if you have some sort oflist but it’s not local people, something I did a while back, which was I think one of the first workshopsever did, I taught a local event where I was actually teaching this online business thing. The idea wasfrom that, because I ended up inviting people for free and like charging $20 so I could pay for the spacethat I rented out for it. I believe you made to that. That was a few years back, Tyler.Tyler: I wasn’t listening though.Logan: What I did with that, the whole idea was really, once again it wasn’t to make money right therebut it was just to teach everything about my online business. I filmed the whole thing and that becamepart of a product that I then put out. Now it’s just something that I release for people that join mycoaching for the online business thing. Tons of great information, I just filmed it. Once again, thatpurpose was just to get enough people on that room so I had someone that teach to, that I hadsomeone that would ask questions that I might gloss over myself just because I’ve been doing this for awhile. It gave me a much better way to do all that information, to put it all out there in one setting,which I could then turn into a product.Tyler: Yeah, that’s cool. Let me break it down for a second just in case you guys are on the call, you’relistening, and you’re hearing all these internet stuff we’ve been talking about lately because we’re bothvery passionate about internet business, but you’re a person of training and you’re still trying to makemore money, too. You’re trying to make that extra thousand dollars this month. So how can you useworkshops or one-day seminars in order to boost your business?We’ve touched on this a little bit in the past but maybe I’ll touch on it a little bit more right now becauseI’ve had some good success doing small workshop, and teaching people the basics of how to get goodresults, and then signing them up for a challenge or a low end offer from such an event. Here’s what Ihave done to achieve pretty good success with this in the past.First of all, you’re going to want to pick a topic that you a) know very well, because I had one experiencewhere I had a naturopathic doctor in one of my nutrition talks and we had a little bit of debate aboutCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. soy during our talk. I was trying to be as cool as possible but she was arguing that soy was beneficial andI was arguing that that’s probably not true in most cases. Now I get that there are some things that thenaturopaths do but I can go off but that’s for another day. The important thing is you need to know yoursubject well because you don’t want to go up there and present and have somebody else counteractyou and you not be able to respond to that. So know your subject well.Then pick something that people like. So just a few things that comes to mind, really simple, everybodywants to lose fat so you could do a fat loss seminar. One of my titles is the Fast Track to Fat Loss. I’veprobably done that seminar like 15 or 20 times now and each time I do it, I get new people asking tobecome my clients. Last time I did it, I did it as a favor for somebody else’s facility to get their programgoing and I still got people asking, “Do you take on clients?” and I was like “No, you could talk to them upthere. They take clients. I don’t like to do that right now,” If you build a winning seminar, you’re going toget people asking about your programs, your services, your group classes, or everything else in between.So Fast Track to Fat Loss, that was a good seminar I did.You can do a six-pack seminar. This is a really good one to do. One of the coolest thing you can do with asix-pack seminar is not just focus on ab stuff but you might do something like a quick workout on yourabs, then a quick high intensity interval workout, and then you sit everybody down while their heartrates are recovering and you talk about the fundamentals of nutrition for fat loss. You could talk aboutwhy certain types of cardio are better than others, why certain types of food are better than others, andhow to track this and how to put it all together.Once you get that all together, you have this attentive audience of people who have endorphins andserotonin flying because they just got a good workout and then right afterwards, you say “Hey guys, Ijust wanted to let you know thank you so much for coming to my seminar. And if you’re interested intrying out some of my systems that highlight all the information that I just talked about with you in adone-for-you format so you don’t have to do anything other than just show up, then I’m offering a three-week trial for $47” or “a free personal training session” or “three personal training session for $97,” anyof those low end offers we’ve talked about in the past.So any of those types of things can do and they’re really easy to become successful on a local level. Evenif you have small amounts of clients, you can try to get each clients to invite two or three people to theseminar and that’s regardless of whether you have a boot camp or not. If you want to make it evenmore attractive, you can give away stuff for them to show up. “Hey, guess what? The first five peoplethat shows up get a free personal training session” or “I’m going to take everybody’s name at thebeginning and put them in a hat, and I’m going to draw out of the hat one person who’s going to get 90days of free personal training.” That way you attract people because people don’t want to just show upon a Saturday afternoon for nothing.So regardless of whether you have your own facility or you’re working in another gym, doing these typesof local level seminars can be an awesome way for you to a) add credibility, because I guarantee there’snot a lot of other trainers at your gym doing these types of seminars because people stand up in front ofCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. ten people and their balls go into their throat and they can’t say a word. Right? I mean we’ve all had thatexperience before. Anybody who ‘s done public speaking knows that you get a little bit scared at first,except for my buddy, Bryan Kalakay. He is the only person I’ve ever talked to who says, “I never getscared before public speaking. It’s just who I am.” So if you’re lucky like him then I applaud you.For the most people, you’re going to get scared your first time but go out there, practice your seminar,have some slides. My first seminar was on quarter-inch corkboard and I bought some pens and drew allthe slides. Then I had it professionally made so I could do that anywhere and then I put it into aPowerPoint program. All right, I lied. I didn’t put it into a PowerPoint program. I paid somebody else todo that because I don’t know how to do that.So anyway, my point is you just want to present a good seminar, you want to be the authority, be theexpert on whatever it is you’re talking about, and then you want to just use that authority to offersomebody something low end and bare minimum. Just get their contact information, their name, email,phone number, mailing address then you can bombard them with information afterwards if they choosenot to sign up. Just say, “Hey, how come you didn’t sign up for this awesome offer? That’s okay. I’mgoing to give it to you for half price,” because it’s all about getting people in the door.So doing workshops, doing small seminars, is a really great way to build credibility locally and to addmore and more people to your boot camps, to your personal trainers stuff. If you’re not doing it,practice it, learn some good resources on how to speak in front of people, and then just offer that lowend offer, and you guys are going to build a faster business instantly. Like literally one of these seminarscan make you that extra thousand bucks you’re looking for this month.Logan: Well, you talked about a whole bunch of things I want to touch on. One thing I recommend forpeople if they don’t feel comfortable getting up in front of people in order to do that, you can joinToastmasters. It’s a huge organization that has chapters everywhere. It’s something I did in the past. Iwas scared shitless when I first started speaking but getting that ability right there, that practice, nowit’s not a big thing. It’s really exciting to go out there. I still get a little anxious before doing some bigevent at the start of it but once I’m into it then it’s no problem at all.Tyler: You should see his face. I’ve noticed that face that you make. Everybody I know who does thismake those faces where they look like a ghost right before they’re about to go present or they look allnervous. I do the same thing. It’s okay if you guys are nervous. You’re supposed to be nervous.Logan: It’s excitement for what you are doing. It’s really a similar feeling. So anyway, you mentioned forlocal people, likely you’re going to have a gym but actually the first workshop I ever did was just at alocal park. You can use that like just a boot camp program. You just make sure people get there on timeand do the marketing. You don’t need a facility for it but of course having a facility is the best thing.Once again look at the purpose of what Tyler was just talking about. There the idea isn’t to create aproduct off of it but to get people in the door so then you can get them into some sort of front endoffer. That’s great. That works really well. I know the guy –Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Tyler: Can I interrupt you here real quick though? One thing that I did do though is after havingsuccessfully presented the Fast Track to Fat Loss seminar, I did create a video out of it and that videobecame the marketing message for a lot of my email opt ins. So if people came to the website and theychose not to take the website offer, it’ll send them to a squeeze page that says, “Hey wait, let me sendyou to the free Fast Track to Fat Loss seminar” so they have the same experience as the other peoplehave. Then out of those people, I try to get them to sign up through a 10-day autoresponder sequence.It works really well. So you can actually use your seminar once it’s well-rehearsed as free content forpeople who are coming into your boot camp personal training program and so on and so forth.Logan: Yeah, I was going to mention that that’s a great way to do it. You could also just it chop up, takelittle bits and pieces from it, and use it as YouTube content, content for your sites, as well as methods tothen get free traffic coming back if you do the right keyword targeting, some stuff we talked about inthe previous episode.Basically this is one thing I heard from a mentor of mine that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth recording. Soif you have good quality information—I mean I see this all the time—if you’re a personal trainer, you’reteaching nutrition, you’re teaching clients how to exercise, the average person does not know theseinformation. If what you knew was just packaged up in some sort of way and given to these people thenthat’s something they could use. You have expertise that other people need to know.It’s the same thing with the workshop. If you can teach it here then it is worth recording and using it insome way. It can be paid products, it can be free lead generation-type stuff, but doing all of that is goingto be able to help you to grow what you are trying to accomplish.Tyler: You’re not going to take that call, Logan?Logan: No, I’m not.Tyler: Go ahead. We can wait. I completely agree with you, man. If it’s worth doing, it’s worthrecording. If you’re listening right now, that’s why this is happening because Logan and I, we love talkingabout business and psychology and numbers.Logan: We do that. That’s what we talk about.Tyler: Thats what we talk about. Yeah!Logan: It’s less of physical training these days. It used to be all that. Now it’s more business.Tyler: Well, because at some point you grow out of the concept and you realize that sure, you can growfitness but ultimately we’ve learned so much about that that it’s really kind of a simple topic now. Butnow there’s onto better things because both Logan and I, we’re more concerned with just total self-improvement. We want to be rich, hot, ripped, and happy and have a great family and friends. That’swhat most people want and so that’s what we work on. It’s just keeping forward.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. That’s how this whole thing started. That’s when we started recording this. We’re just talking aboutfitness and this has become a podcast. Now it’s going to go out with a bunch of people, people who aregoing to learn more from it. Eventually, we’re going to create products associated with it and we’regoing to build a huge community of people associated with it.Logan: You can bet in the future we’re going to have a Fitness Money workshop to which you’ll beinvited. I already have a vision. It’ll probably be a small event in the beginning but it’s really going to be aworkshop, a hands on-type thing where we’re going to have you bring your laptop. We’re going to setup sales funnels, create products on the fly right then and there, do it all with you right there. Because ifyou can do that, really see the value in that where you can really take someone through the experienceright there, that’s what can allow them to get over those mental blocks to actually see the little stepsbecause it’s so often that it’s those little steps that hang people up when it comes to something likebusiness.That’ll be something we’ll have in the future. If you’d be really interested in that, let us know thenmaybe we will figure out when and where it can happen and speed up the process, but that issomething that will certainly come in the future because once again, workshop is a great thing and we’llfilm it and create a product out of it. It’s probably the favorite part of the models of what I do. For somany of my products these days, it’s filmed that workshop, chop it up, put it into a product, put it outthere.Tyler: Well, you don’t know how easy it is for somebody like me and Logan who had been in the gamefor, not for a ton of time but for a little while, and I would say that both of us have achieved quite a bitof success in the internet marketing and even in the personal training or boot camp game. So it’s reallyeasy for us to look into somebody who’s making $1,000 or $2,000 a month or $3,000 or $4,000 ormaybe even $5,000 and be like, “Dude, here’s the hole in your game. Let’s plug that hole today.” Thenit’s going to make you a couple of thousand extra bucks each month. I mean it’s not as hard as you thinkto do that and like you said, I think that’ll be a really fun workshop to do, Logan. Let’s just get a group oflike five or ten people and just plug everybody’s holes in their game, make them move forward and justsay, “Hey, you know what? You’re going to make a thousand dollars by the end of the month with thisinformation. Otherwise we’re going to give you all your money back.” That’s our guarantee.Logan: Yeah. Maybe we should get started on planning this one out. But let’s actually talk about ourupcoming workshop and really what’s going behind the details. So one thing you’re going to have tohave for a workshop is a date and a location. We’re going to do it in San Diego because Tyler’s brotherhas a gym right there. Basically, it started out he just called me up and said, “Hey, you want to comedown and do a workshop?” Then it sort of worked out that Tyler would be there and we invited Travisalong. So it all came together for that.One thing I will let you know, because this was one of my mistakes, is do not schedule workshops onmajor holidays. The first Superhuman Workshop I put together, I didn’t realize it, I put it on Easterweekend. So we ended up, even though some people had already signed up, we ended up shifting it aCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. week and made sure everyone that had signed up good make it. But you want to look at the calendarand see if there’s going to be any sort of conflicts along with what you are doing.In additional to holidays, you might also want to look at if there are other people in sort of your space.Like the personal training, if there are some other huge workshops going on or certification programs, Imight change up the date a little bit. Find out what works for you. If you get the location, you get thatdate, those are kind of the necessary things for you to really start moving forward with filling theworkshop. You can’t sign people up if you don’t have a date or a location really.Tyler: Then from there, use all tactics we’ve already talked about. If you have an email list, great. If youdon’t, get on Facebook. Do a local search, get in connection with people who are fit, they’re active, theyhave outdoor groups, they have things, and just invite them to the seminar for a very low fee. If you’rejust looking to make a product than fill the room, you can invite them for a really low fee, like $47 bucksor something like that. That’s your goal.But don’t be afraid to reach out to other local gyms in the area and say, “Hey, I’m putting on a seminarabout this. I think it’s going to be really beneficial. It’s only $97. If you promote it to your list, anyonewho signs up, I’ll give you $97 back.” You could say something as bold as that. They get 100%commission on anybody that signs up. That way you get a new customer, they get a little bit of money,and then you get more credibility for your workshop as well.You can use any of the tactics we’ve talked about at any of the past episodes just to generate moretraffic, coming to your seminars. It can be Facebook ads or YouTube locally-targeted videos or reachingout to other gyms and trainers and having them promote your seminar. The bottom line is you don’twant your room to be empty.Logan: Press can be a good thing, too, if you’re doing some sort of free event, especially for the localthing. If you’re doing that, get some press out for the event. It’s not that hard to do. I mentioned beforewhen I had a gym, doing my grand opening, I got press out for that. When we did a Superhumanworkshop in Tallahassee, Florida, the first time. The first evening, instead of really teaching, we just sortof did a strongman show and invited the press out for that. We got in the front page of a differentsection, not the front section but a different section of the newspaper so that was able to generatesome buzz. I don’t think we got any people signing up specifically for the workshop from that but it washelpful for the gym. Instead they’re letting us do it out in the gym for free. It was all a lot of good fun aswell for the people and that went into a product and stuff that we were able to use.Tyler: Absolutely. So the bottom line is workshops can be beneficial on a local level, on a national level,on a global level. You have to pick the topics you want to cover, the types of workshops you want tocreate and then you’ve got to just plan out a model for how you’re going to do it. But the traffic gettingstrategies, the conversion strategies that we’ve talked about in the past are all applicable to thisworkshop.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. I’m really excited. I think this is going to be super fun. We’re going to have three awesome guys sharingus some really awesome content. Then of course, we’re going to flip it around and turn it into a product.We’re going to talk about some of the dark secrets of strength and conditioning that most peoplehaven’t heard about. It’s going to be really cool. I think it’s going to be a fun experience.Logan: Since we understand this from the beginning, that the purpose is one, to have a good time,make a little money on the workshop at the front-end but we’re going to turn it into a product soactually in laying out what we’re teaching and figuring it all out, we’re specifically looking at what wecan teach that will best put it all together in order to do this. That’s just really thinking ahead. If we weregoing into this with just the workshop on the specific thing to help local people, it’d be more basicinformation, stuff we’ve already taught before, not some of the new and advanced stuff that’s reallygoing to help to sell it as a product.Tyler: Yeah, absolutely. It’s going to be cool because like Logan said, we’re trying to think of everythingahead and then we’ll flip it around and we’ll make it into a big product. We’ll see if we can get someother heads onboard who are interested in our information to throw some emails behind it and makesome affiliate sales. Everybody is going to be happy. It’s going to be a great product and hopefully you’llpick up a copy or come meet us on the 23rd of June down at San Diego and check it out.So, what are we talking about next time, Logan?Logan: Well before that, I want to say this. It is a lot of work, putting on a workshop. You’ve got tofigure out all these logistical details. Often times, travel is involved. You’re coordinating with otherpeople. It can be a lot of work. You’re also preparing the content for it. To get everything ready, it’s awhole lot of work but it is also worth it. I probably have the most fun teaching at workshops, more thananything else in the business because I get to interact with great people. For most of the workshops I’veput together, we have a lot of the attendees coming back again and again so they’re really becoming likefriends because we get to work with them, get to just spend time with people, and it’s so much fun thatit is really worth doing despite all the effort that goes into it.So I highly encourage you to go that route. Like I said, it’s a huge thing. It should be one piece of yourwhole business model. It works really well for product creation, for building up that authority. It can beused, great, for lead generation. There are all sorts of different ways you can use this. Just be sure thatyou’re actually using it.Tyler: Absolutely. I’m excited. We’re going to get this workshop. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to meetat least one of you out there who’s going to come out and check it out. Thanks so much for listening youguys. Make sure you send us your questions. What was the email? Support@FitnessMoney orsomething like that?Logan: © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. TYLER: Hit us up on Facebook. Private message us and look out for some exciting things we will be having in thefuture. Thanks so much for listening, guys.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to or go toFacebook.Com/FitnessMoneyPodcast. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved