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Find out what is the single thing you MUST do in order to be successful in the online world, what type of website you need, learn more about Blog & Email model for making money online, how to get started for less than $20 and much more. Start your online business today!

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Getting Your Ideas Online - Fitness Money Podcast

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 19 Getting Your Ideas Online Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money podcast, brought to you by FitnessMoney.Com. In this podcast LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step-by-step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on over to this episode of the Fitness Money podcast.Tyler: Hey, guys! Tyler and Logan here and this is the Fitness Money Podcast from, How’s it going, Logan?Logan: It’s going good. Let’s get started with this.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Tyler: We were just chatting about when I answered the Skype call with Logan, he’s sitting there in hisbathrobe and I’m over here in my tread disc.Logan: Living the internet lifestyle.Tyler: Living the internet dream. Well, so anyway that sparked our conversation today. We wanted totalk to you guys today about why you should take ideas online, why you should systematize yourbusiness or take your concepts from your boot camp or your personal training, put them online, andhow it’s so advantageous and how you guys can really start moving your way towards the internetdream lifestyle. So we’re going to dig in on those topics today and I think probably for the next fewweeks we’ll be going over this stuff because there’s a good chance I might be missing a call here becauseI’ve got a baby on the way that’s coming any second. Any second so it’s on the way for sure.Logan, you’re like the internet guy. You’re like a grandfather on the internet, right? So when did you getstarted online, Logan?Logan: Say 2007 or something, give or take a year. I think 2007 was when I got started. In internetyears, that’s like 70 years.Tyler: Yeah, absolutely. I’ve only been in the game and really making some money online for less than ayear. I’ve been wanting to get on for more than eight years so I want to make sure that you guys todaynot to make the mistake that I made, which was paralysis analysis and what Frank Kern actually calls“being a pussy.”Logan: The thing is until you do it, what it looks like, generating income online seems like this mysticalthing but once you actually do it, you realize, “Oh, that’s all it takes. Wow, this is actually quite easy.Why don’t more people do this?”Theres just this idea that business online is the same thing offline but doing your own thing is going tobe a lot harder than it actually is and yes, it is hard. There’s a learning curve. There’s a lot that goes intoit but it’s really not that magical. Literally, I could show you a way that you could make your first dollaronline with doing a minimal amount of work. I can show you how to do that in half an hour.Tyler: Yeah. It’s pretty powerful. Just because I’m so much newer to the internet game, I’ll kind of playthat card throughout this podcast just so you guys kind of know there are some trials to it. If you askedme in the beginning how much time it would take me to build an internet business, I would’ve guessed Icould get it done in like two hours a day, three or four days a week, but it’s a business. You have torealize that this is a business and just like your personal training or your boot camp business. It’s noteasy to start. It’s easy once the ball gets rolling.So to me, the hardest part of this thing was probably that first four or five months. I did a lot of mistakesthere so you guys can take that thing and shrink it down to 30 to 60 days. That first four or five monthsCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. was really that trial period where I was like, “How the fuck is this going to work?” Then finally, I got it toroll and the ball’s just been rolling and rolling. It gets bigger like a snowball rolling down the hill and it’snot going to stop. It’s going to keep going.You guys understand that it does take some work. It does take some time but that being said, I’ve gotfriends that have started their online business working from 8 PM to midnight four days a week. That’swhat they do. They said, “It’s my internet business time. I’m going to focus for 16 hours a week” andeven one of these guys is making over a million dollars a year now because he’s got a good niche, he’sgot a good product, and he just kicked butt online.Logan: Most people won’t have the luxury of being unemployed or not having some other way thatthey’re generating income so it does need to start out as a side business. It was for me. You talk aboutthe mistakes that you made. I didn’t have someone that had already paved the path that was a goodfriend of mine. I didn’t get any coaching in the beginning, which I think was a huge mistake. I just sort ofstumbled along but the important thing was that I got started and I moved along.You really don’t learn anything by studying courses. It’s not until you actually put something into actionthat you really learn. Once you see what it takes to get results, that’s the better education than getting a$5,000 course or signing up for the best coaching. You get your education by taking action and you willmistakes. Everyone does. Thats your learning experience. That’s how you grow. The important thing isyou keep going and that’s what is going to get you results in the long run. I made so many mistakes. It’sjust funny just looking back where is started but I did make the crucial decision to get started and so I’vebeen successful since then.Tyler: Yeah, so if you guys are listening to this call, like what Logan said, if you guys are convinced thatonline is going to be a place that you want to have some or all of your business, then that’s the first stepyou need to take. Just decide that that is where you will end up no matter what. We’ve talked about thisbefore. You have to decide what it is that you want out of life and you have to go for it with everythingyou’ve got.Then the next step that I really like to take, here’s where I would take people nowadays is my coaching.This is partly because of the influence of Craig Ballantyne, a friend and mentor of mine. He always talksabout this in addition to some other really, really huge hitters online. He talks about the big idea. Itdoesn’t have to be a gigantic idea. Sure, the bigger the idea the better. Guys like Joel Marion made$700,000 his first year online because he had a big, big idea.So don’t just jump in and start blowing away content. Take a moment just to think about where you fitin to the online fitness world. The reason for this is because we see people all the time and they justhave the same program: 30-day fat loss, 30-day fat loss again, 30-day fat loss 2.0. It’s just like the samething over and over again so start to think about what where you can create a niche of your own, acommunity of your own, and start building that community based on that concept, that big idea.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. The hardest thing—and I see this all the time. Maybe you do, too, Logan—is they say, “What is your ideafor? What is your fat loss program for?” What do they say, Logan? Who is it for?Logan: Everyone.Tyler: “Everyone! Everyone should buy this. Everybody should by this.” Although that may be true, it’sreally hard to crack the mainstream by thinking everyone. I created a huge kettlebell program with mybrother as a partner. We were like, “Oh, we’re going to fucking crush P90X. We’re going to this andthat.” To be honest, the whole thing has not sold that well. We haven’t even recouped the money wespent on it because we didn’t have a) an audience or b) a big idea. Now we’re having to think abouthaving to revamp that. Probably in the next year or so we’re going to repackage it and launch it adifferent way. Then we’ll probably actually make our money back but that’s really more due to socialconnections than it is the actual big idea of the product. We had to learn the hard way that that was nota big idea. Follow-along kettlebell videos was not a huge idea.Logan: Yeah, it’s an important thing to really spend some time with your ideas. Just because everyone’sdoing fat loss, it’s because fat loss works. You just need to have your own unique spin on it that thenpositions it differently than everything else that is out there. Another mistake, sort of the opposite endof the spectrum, is to go way too niche. If you go way too niche, you can make some money online. Forinstance, the handstand stuff, I do pretty well with that and I have a bunch of different products on thetopic but it’s not a huge niche. I wouldn’t be able to grow that into a million-dollar business by itself.The sort of model I follow is yes, I go into these niches because I have a lot of fun. It is really sort ofmicro niche, like mental training. Very few people are interested in that but I personally am so even ifonly a few people really buy, I have fun creating those courses and it’s for a large part for myself and forother people, but by spreading myself wide, I’m able to capture these different people. But any onething alone that I’ve done would not be sufficient to really grow a huge thing. So I do have to do a wholelot and cast my net wide over a bunch of different places. But if you go along the lines of fat loss, youcan have a single product if it’s a really good product and has the right big idea behind it. That wholething right there, you can go very, very far with it.Tyler: Absolutely. So like Logan’s saying, he’s talking about how to do a handstand. That is pretty dangniched. So if you guys are having success with your boot camps and you’re doing fat loss or you’re doingmuscle building—it doesn’t really matter what it is that you’re doing—come up with a spin, a hook onthat, a reason why your system is different. New always sells better than old, no matter what. Try to findsome science to justify it. Learn the research behind why your system works better than other systems.Get social proof.These are all things we’ve already talked about in the personal training and boot camp business sowe’ve really prepared you guys that you should take your ideas from offline and be able to easily putthem online. You should actually have probably more than the average person moving online if you’reCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. running a personal training or boot camp business because you have access to people, you can testthings out, you can get social proof, you can get video testimonials, you can do things that most peoplecan do, which is super duper powerful.So it’s absolutely crucial, guys. Get your big idea. Think about it. Make sure you have something solid.Don’t create 28-day fat loss for the 40,000th time. Even if it is a 28-day program, that’s fine but justchange the name, spin it. Even if it’s similar to other people’ programs, if it’s a paleo diet, if it’s a slowcarb diet, if it’s whatever, change it, spin it a little bit. Make it your own and then repackage it for whatyou’re doing.So have that big idea and then, Logan, what’s the next step for selling stuff online? If somebody just hasa big idea, what should they do next?Logan: Well, one thing before we get into that, I want to mention this. If, for instance, you are selling toyour local clients and crowd, you can have something that is completely generic, the 28-day fat loss thatworks because they’re coming to you as an expert. They’re getting to know, like, and trust you. Reallyonce people are there, then you can sell them pretty much anything. It doesn’t need a big idea there butonline, there has to be something that differentiates it because the ease of getting online is so little. Itreally takes no money. Anyone can do it and that means there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s awhole lot of competition so in order to stand out, thats where the big idea comes in. That’s where howyou position what you’re doing is crucial in order for you to be successful with it.Tyler: Absolutely. So I was actually kind of being sarcastic when I was talking to Logan there for asecond because after you have your big idea, you have your concept, you know who you’re talking to.We talked about avatars. That’s the same online. You want to have that customer avatar online. Youwant to talk to that person like they’re one person, not a thousand people. Once you have all that stuff,obviously the next step is you need a website. So you need a website, you need a blog, you need someway to communicate with the people, that they can come back to your website and feel good about it.Logan, why don’t you give us a little snippet on how people can have a blog up in ten minutes even ifthey don’t have any money or whatever?Logan: Okay, well there are ways you can make money without having a website. That being said, Iwould recommend having a website. I think that’s the best way because with the website, that’s reallyyour hub of what you’re doing regardless of where else you’re doing different sort of promotions anddoing social media. You can point people back to this website and you own and control the website.Thus you’re able to do whatever you want with it and make it do what you’re trying to do, squeezepages, blog, sales pages, and all sorts of things.If you have zero money, zero money at all, there are places where you can get a free website set up. Forinstance, you can do free blogs on or Blogger or Weebly. You can set up websites withCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. that. I don’t recommend this because they control the website and I’ve heard people, just for somereason all of a sudden their site gets taken down.What you need in order to set up a website is to buy a domain name. Spend some time—this is a bigtopic itself—if you can tie it into your big idea and to what’s your niche. There are different ways ofgoing about this but you buy that domain name, something that’s available. Then you need hosting forthe site. Hosting is basically when people type in your website to go to, the files need to be somewhere.Thats where the hosting comes in. They’re able to then serve them up. So you need to buy a domainname, which you can get for less than $10 a year. You can buy hosting. I like HostGator right now, whichyou can get a plan under $5 per month, which is quite cheap. There are all sorts of different hosting butyou get that you set it up, and then you have a website.Then what you do from there is figure out what sort of website you want and how to build it, eitherdoing something simple yourself. You can quite easily, if you want to, learn how to just set up aWordPress site. It takes a couple of clicks of a button and it can be fully customized, depending on yourtheme and what you’re trying to do or you can outsource it and pay for someone else to do that. That isa tricky thing. Just realize if you’re going with website designers, 1) they can be expensive. You don’tneed a flashy site. In fact, I recommend going outside of the US for it. You can find your designers if youare looking in the right places that are working pretty cheap that are able to do things. Just get a site upand running. It shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars whenyou’re first starting out, if you’re just trying to create like a simple info product, you’re doing somethingwrong.Tyler: Absolutely. So check this out, guys. You go buy a domain,—n,o I’m justkidding. So you go buy a domain thats tied into your stuff,, it doesn’t matter.Thats fine. If it’s better, great. You go install a little theme on WordPress, you put WordPress on there.Now you’re up and you’ve got your HostGator and stuff, and you’re paying $5 or $6 a month for hosting.Now that’s your total cost, $6 a month. Not a huge cost to have your own website, and like Logan said,have control over your blog.Now what do you need on your blog? That’s one of the things, like Logan just said, you don’t need afancy pants site where you go to and then there are fish swimming in the oceanand they’re blowing gold out of their mouths, then somebody jumps up and their chest is all bare. It’slike, boom! This is John. Click on the golden fish to get into the website. You don’t need that shit. It’sinsane.Logan: That’s stuff is actually going to drop your conversion because people aren’t click away. You’vegot one chance and you want simple.Tyler: Yeah, they’re going to show up and they’re going to be like, “This is bullshit. Why the hell is thegolden fish?”Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Logan: If I saw some gold fish and this man screams out, “Click on the gold fish,” curiosity, I’d have toclick it.Tyler: Okay, there are times when it can be effective but you’re getting started so ignore the gold fish.Don’t chase the shiny objects. Go with what works. So what you guys need is simple. A blog is anawesome homepage for your website because it’s continuously new content and you’re going to wantto put content on a blog, probably a minimum of three days per week so articles, videos that you create,things like that. The more the better, for the most part. There’s a lot of controversy about—Logan: Different models, different—Tyler: Yeah, there are a lot of different ways to do it. If you’re putting really high quality multi-pagearticles, you can get by with less articles. If you’re doing more just kind of like, “Here’s Fat Loss with John– My Daily Life. Come join me. Here are some studies I read today,” thats more of like a daily or multipletimes per week kind of thing. All you need really is a blog page, an About Page that has a compelling bioabout you, and a Contact Page. You really don’t need more than that when you’re getting startedbecause you want them to go to your blog.Now when you start putting content on there, you want to send people to that website. Then what youwant to do is you want to be able to build a following. That’s kind of the next step. So how do we build afollowing, Logan?Logan: The almighty email list. An email list is still the best way there is to contact people online. It’sway better than a YouTube following, a Facebook following, or a bunch of Twitter followers. The emaillist a way to get into their email inbox. It’s still what the majority of people do. Thats how I made all mymoney. That’s how you make your money online. Of course, there are offline ways like having a directmails list but then there’s cost and you’ve got to be much better about it. Email is free and it’s easy. It’sbasically free, essentially free.You will have to get an email service provider. When you sign up for a website, you’re going to be ableto get an address at your website, which is something you want to do. We I’ve got You’re not going to be just blastingout once you get a whole bunch of subscribers from your Gmail account, for instance. You’re going toneed an email service provider and there are a whole bunch of different ones of those.If you’re going the free route, then you can go with a service called They allow you tosend out up to 500 emails for free. I’ve played around with them a little bit. They are a really goodservice if you’re quite technical in some regards because you can play around with it a lot. One of thesimpler ones that I’m currently using is Aweber, which works really good. I think you can do a feel trialmonth then it’s like $20 a month after that, which works pretty good. Tyler uses InfusionSoft, which is aCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. lot more than an email service provider. It also costs a whole lot more. It’s definitely a great solution,probably the best out there but there are some costs to get started with that one.Tyler: Yeah, I only do crystal, baby. Thats the way I roll. No, actually I honestly got a really good deal onit. That’s why I went with it. So yes, like Logan said, MailChimp is a great place to get started if you’re ona major started but I think both of us will probably really recommend you go the Aweber route. It’s alittle bit easier to use. Even I could use it when I first started digging through it, which is saying a lot foran internet service, and you can do multiple opt in forms and stuff like that. But ultimately, what you’regoing to want to do is you’re going to want to use this email service and in your side bar, on your homepage, at the top of your header, on all those places, at the bottom of all the blog posts, or in a pop-upbox. You know what? I don’t have fucking pop-up box on my site. I need to put that in there. You love,you learn, right?Anyway, you have it in all those places and all it says is email. Now these things used to say, “Put yourname and email in here and you’ll get this free fat-loss report” or “Join my weekly newsletter.” We’ll talkabout how to frame it in a second to capture more people’s contacts. Nowadays, almost everybody isjust doing email and the reason for that is twofold. 1) You used to get those emails that say, “Hey, Tyler!I just want to let you know about my 28-day fat loss solution.” At first, we thought they were so coolbecause it said our first name. Then we started realizing that this is bullshit and so people started notreally being as into that. So a) there’s that side of it and then b) if you ask people for two pieces ofinformation rather than one, they’re much less likely to submit that web form.So Logan, if I went to your website, why the heck would I want to join your email list, brother?Logan: Okay. No one is going to just join an email list. In the beginning of the internet, 20 years ago, thewhole email thing was novel. If you remember, AmericaOnline “You’ve got mail,” people loved to hearthat sound so if you had an email list, wow. I can get free emails from this guy and he’s going to teachme this stuff. No one’s going to sign up or that anymore. You won’t get 0.01% conversion rate if you justhave “Join my email list” because everyone gets too many emails these days in order to get people toopt in.Let me say there are certain ways where you can make that list. It’s always going to be more effective ifyou incentivize the person to opt in. In order to do this, you are going to give away something. On mysite,, I give away five different reports on different topics. The idea of giving fiveinstead of one is okay, I’m covering some different topics on this site so if they’re only interested in oneof these things, they’re still going to opt in for it. It’s also quantity. Quantity, in general, is a good thingto have. So there’s a whole bunch of stuff that they can get just for signing up. They may only beinterested in some of it but they’re going to do that and by doing that over one thing, I think that helpedto increase my opt-ins.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Really what you’re trying to do with this is lead with your best foot forward. If you give away somethingand it’s a piece of crap, are they going to trust any products you sell them in the future? Are they goingto want to stick around and read your emails regularly? Not so much. You want to give them somethingthat is worth selling on the front end. If you create something, the first thing you create, your firstproduct should be your special bonus that you give away as an opt in and it should be worth selling. Itdoesn’t need to be a $300 course or master thing. You really don’t want to go with too much stuff thatthey’re never going to look at it but if you can give them a great solution like a 20-page report withphenomenal information that’s worth selling, then that is a great thing to have and to get them to opt inwhen they come to your website.Tyler: Absolutely. I’m going to be a little selfish here and I’m going to show you guys a squeeze page ofmy own that’s been converting really well. That’s the Check that out. That’s just asimple page to get people to sign up to the email list and what I offer is five free workouts. It’s not ascomplex as Logan’s but Logan’s dealing with people who are trying to get a little bit more intellectualthan some of my people.Some of my people are just looking for workouts and so what I did is I did 5 workouts. The reason why Idid that was the first email you get when you opt in to that list talks about what it’s like to join theGarage Warrior community, how you can utilize this the best, how you can get the most information outof this, and then it gives you your first free workout. Then each day, for 6 days, you get a free workout.That free workout video is going to be above the sales letter of the product associated with that style ofworkout. If it’s a warm up workout, it’s above a warm up product. If it’s an upper body workout, it’sabove an upper body product. That tends to convert okay as well.I don’t expect people to buy from me during that funnel but if they do, fantastic! I plan on kind ofredoing here as time comes as well but the whole idea is I want people to get used to getting emailsfrom me because I email almost every single day, pretty much every single day. I want people to getused to that because think about if you had a friend—I heard this on the I Love Marketing podcastseminar—that you didn’t like and they emailed you every day. You’d get sick of that shit, you’d changeyour email address, and get the hell away from them, right?But if you had a friend that you liked, you really enjoyed their content, and they’d sent you an email,you’d open your inbox and be, “Ooh, Tyler’s email!” or “Logan’s email!” You get excited. Think aboutthose emails that you get excited for. That’s what I want to create from the start. People going “I got afree workout,” “I got a cool lesson,” “I got this guy talking about this.” Then every time they openedtheir inbox, they should be excited about what it is that you have to offer, not just like, “Hey, thanks forsigning up for this special report. By the way, I’ve got some other products you should buy.”That’s not going to work. Let them kind of get some stuff first. That’s why I offer five free videoworkouts. I like the video stuff. I think it’s quicker for me personally than writing. It doesn’t really matterCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. what you do. Just get a free offer and see how it works. My first free offer sucked. It was like how tostart a garage gym and it was like all this stuff about equipment and nobody fucking cared.Logan: But something is better than nothing.Tyler: Something is better than nothing.Logan: Like you were saying in the beginning of this, you learn by going forward with it. You realizedyour first offer sucked. Now you have something that’s working a lot better. If you’re going to work thata little more, I want to talk a little bit about your model there because that’s an important thing. We’vetalked about the blog. We’ve talked about emails. Really those go hand in hand. The model that bothTyler and I follow for the most part is a lot of content. You’re emailing out every day. I’m emailing outalmost every day, although I have a couple of different email lists so sometimes it’s multiple differentemails that have content for different people.In these emails, what are you doing? You’re going to provide content. I also do a whole lot of video soI’m pointing them to the new article, the video on my blog where they can check it out. In these videos,sometimes more than others or sometimes just straight from the email, I’m pointing the content. I’malso pitching them because this is how we make money. You offer great advice in the form of content,video or article, but then you also say, “Hey, if you want more information on this specific topic, checkout my product here” or “Check out this affiliate offer over here.” You always want to be giving greatcontent and always want to be pitching at the same time.More or less, that’s the model that both you and I follow and it works really well. The idea with that isthe more you do it, emailing every single day, putting a new blog post up every single day, the morepeople are going to see more offers you make, the more money you make.Tyler: Absolutely. Well, we’re almost up on time here. I say we round up with the basics today and thenwe do how to build your email list next time. Then maybe we’ll do how to get your product online,recruit affiliates, start a launch, how you really make that shit happen. We’ll do a good sequence. Maybewe’ll backlog a couple of these. That way if I have a little infant coming around, we’ll have a couple ofepisodes for you guys to listen to.So we’ve covered how to come up with a big idea or just kind of the fact that you should come up withsomething that’s unique. So if you type in your idea into Google and there’s already somebody doing itor in the case of 28-day fat loss, probably like a hundred people doing it, you don’t want t do that. Soyou want to change it up. You want to make sure that you have something that’s unique and worthgiving.Is there feedback on your side? Okay, never mind. I’m like a Japanese warrior things where they’ll putthe things in your ear that loop your voice after you and it’s like a torture chamber. Okay, sorry.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Back to what I was saying, you want to make sure you get that first then you build your website. You’vegot your domain. You’ve got your hosting. Then you start your blog and you start creating great contentand you have a free offer and an email list. That is like the hallmark today. If you guys want to get online,you can literally do that probably within a few hours. Get that thing started and even if you have zeropeople in your email list, get started today. Write on that blog three days a week. Start writing youremails on a Word document. If you have zero people, you can start dripping those to the people oncethey sign up for you. Next time, we’ll talk about building your email list. Logan, anything to add aboutthat?Logan: There are thousands of things that could be added to that because this really is a framework andwe could go into a whole bunch more detail on the exact steps but this is the model that Tyler uses. Thisis the model that I use. If I was starting fresh over, this is exactly what I would be doing. The futureepisodes will give you some case studies, things that we’re currently doing and have done in the past togenerate that traffic, product creation, everything that goes into getting an online business up andrunning because there is a lot going on.There are many different ways to do it. That is an important point to realize. If you spend some timefiguring out what your model is, like the model we’re giving you, if this sounds good to you and youwant to do it, then go forward with it. Don’t necessarily try to mix this and match with other modelsbecause sometimes they don’t match up. That was a big lesson for myself early on. Sometimes they do ifyou tweak things but it is best if you just follow someone that you have learned a lot from, you enjoylearning from, you like their model, you like what they’re doing and then go with that, use that as yourmodel. Really follow that model as much as you can.Tyler: Some people overcomplicate things and they think like, “Oh, I have to think of the next newthing.” That’s what happened with me and this kettlebell product. Initially it was like, “We’ve got tocreate the next big thing.” If we had a million dollars in marketing budget, I do believe we could havetaken that and gone mainstream, done infomercials, a sales page without a blog, driven traffic to it, andmade a ton of money. But we didn’t so we just had to hustle and flow for a great product that had noaudience yet. I don’t even remember what my point there was, Logan. What was I saying?Logan: I don’t know what it was either.Tyler: Oh, the next big thing. So you don’t have to create the next big thing. You have to create a goodidea, if it’s a great idea, even better. Then you have to start building that community around it. Then thecontent when you get started doesn’t have to be super gnarly. I set a goal of writing a minimum of3,000-word articles on my blog. Then I started shifting things to video. I was like video is so much morefun and so much more time efficient for me. If you guys have a smartphone, you can take a video with afriend, upload it to YouTube from your smartphone, then you can just take that, embed it on your blog,and there you go. It’s already done.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. If you want to get all crazy, you can start doing what Logan does and you can take that content, havethat transcribed and post it below the video. Now you have words below the video of what they said inthe video and have Google search your site more to give you more Google juice.Logan: Well, in the next episode, we’ll talk about how using video with a blog post can be used as atraffic generation strategy that is free and also will really build over time. It’s a long term strategy but italso works in the short term as well if you do it right.Tyler: Absolutely. Cool, man. I think that’s a good place for you guys to get started. Get your domainname. Get your big idea. Get your hosting account set up and get your opt in. Those are those fourthings and then start posting on that blog, three days a week minimum, the more the better. If you guyscan make it a habit of getting on that blog or getting on that email list seven days a week, you’re goingto be much more successful than if you do it just three days a week, provided that you have goodcontent and you have a good idea. Don’t put shit out there seven days a week because then you’re justgoing to turn people away.Logan: I would say that the quantity thing is definitely good and it works really well. If you don’t havethe time or just when you’re getting started, a minimum of one post, one article a week, if you go forquality over quantity, if you can’t make it quantity and quality but you do one good thing a week, thenthat is enough and really you can grow from there. If you’re working full time in another job, that maybe the place to start. Don’t think I have to do it seven times a week. You don’t need to do that. It worksbut it’s not necessary. It’s much better to do one quality thing a week if that’s all you can handle at thispoint.Tyler: Absolutely. I agree with that statement. I just like to email every day so I tell everybody else to dothat. All right, you guys. Hopefully, that was a helpful episode. If you dig it, leave us your review oniTunes. Share us with your friends. Go to FitnessMoney or, Send us your questions. Send us your replies. We’ll talk next time.Logan: Alrighty.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved