Fitness Money Episode 17 - Fitness Business Summit Recap


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Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett just came back from the Fitness Business Summit and in this podcast you'll learn how to stay focused and avoid being sidetracked by new ideas, how to make lasting connections during events, details on a new project which you'll have to see to believe and much more.

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Fitness Money Episode 17 - Fitness Business Summit Recap

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 17 Fitness Business Summit Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money podcast, brought to you by In this podcast LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step-by-step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on over to this episode of the Fitness Money podcast.Tyler: Hey guys! It’s Tyler and Logan, and this is the Fitness Money podcast over at FitnessMoney.comand How’s it going Logan?Logan: It’s going good.Tyler: Yeah, it’s a beautiful day in Santa Cruz. It started a little foggy today but it’s looking pretty niceoutside. I’m looking forward to going out and spending some time with my family after we get thispodcast on.Logan: Yup, let’s do it then.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Tyler: Let’s do it, man. So last time we were talking about how we were going to go away for theweekend to a fitness business seminar, the biggest fitness seminar in the world, Fitness Business Summitand—Logan: Until we create a bigger one in the future.Tyler: Yeah, quite possibly. We’ll see what we can do. It was a great time. It was super fun . We’re goingto both kind of share our experiences about the Fitness Business Summit. We’ve spent a lot of time lastcall talking about networking and how important that was. Now we have taken that knowledge, put itinto play, networked our asses off, and had a great time. We’ll tell you about some special projectsLogan and I might be taking on here in the near future. So Logan, why don’t you lead off? How was yourexperience at Fitness Business Summit?Logan: Well, this was the first time for me going to the event, unlike you who had been to it the previousyears so it was a bit different than a lot of other events I’ve been to. One of the things with the speakersup on stage, I did sit in with a few of them though I have to say and we’ll talk about this, we spent moretime out in the halls where deals are being made and all that. There’s some good information. I wouldhighly recommend this event to anyone in the fitness profession because there’s a lot of good and greatideas you can get from it, whether you’re a personal trainer, whether you’re running boot camps, oronline. There are all sorts of information all across the board there.Tyler: Yeah. You know I’ve been to a Fitness Business Summit before and they keep doing things betterand better. It’s an entertaining event. It’s a great event to network with. I remember going for the firsttime and just having my mind blown hopefully like some of you guys are when you’re listening to thesecalls or not. Who knows, right?But I remember my mind blown like, “Holy shit! Each word these people say, each phrase these peoplesay is going to make me money.” Actually, I went to a Turbulence Training summit first. That’s where Ioriginally met Craig and Bedros, the godfathers of the fitness industry if you will, fitness marketingindustry. I learned a lot from them at those events. Then right after that, I’m still teaching classes at myboot camp, it’s a six-figure boot camp, everything is going good but I’m spending hours and hours andhours a week teaching classes and everything. Then I’m in a gymnastics class, I do a fairy twist, I land,“Boom!” knee blows to pieces. Within 24 hours, I’m on my laptop trying to figure out how I can keep myfitness business running from a couch, basically with just a laptop.I took that information I had learned from that Turbulence Training seminar and I applied it. Then I wentto Fitness Business Summit, I walked right up to Bedros and said “Hey, bro. You made me $5,000 off ofmy couch,” because he did. I took the information, I directly applied it, and it made me a lot of moneyand it’s built some really great relationships with those guys since then. I continue to make more andmore money off of things that I learn from those two gentlemen who run these big fitness events.So it’s absolutely changed the way I look at things. If you guys do decide to go—we’ll be plugging thisthing big time next year—if you guys do decide to go and come meet us next time around, it’s anCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. absolute great investment. You’re going to learn so much. You’re going to sit down, your mind is goingto be blown, and the notes that you take are going to worth their weight in gold.Logan: You just telling that story reminds me of something that we haven’t talked about too much. Iwould say for most people that get into business for themselves, maybe the word “control freak” is toostrong. I’d say a lot of people are there. I know I definitely was. Tyler, you have some of that going.Sometimes it takes those instances for you to let go. Then when you see that things can, “Oh my god,they can actually run without me being there every step of the way,” then it really does allow you tofocus on the things that can help grow your business and not working in it so much.What happened right before we flew out for the event? My hosting for every single website went down.Big problem. That means no one can access anything and obviously no money would be coming induring the entire event should that hosting stayed down. I don’t really know much about hosting. Theywere telling me to do these things that I don’t know at all. Luckily, recently in the past few months, I’vehired an assistant and I’m saying, “Hey, can you please help me out and try to figure this out?” because Iwouldn’t have any time during the traveling nor would I have really known what to do.Within a couple of hours, he completely solved the hosting issue and everything was back online. Thatwas a huge thing for me. Luckily, I had that person in place but just being willing to let go of morecontrol and have people work for you, when people can do things for you that you couldn’t even do foryourself, that’s an especially great feeling.Tyler: Yeah. That’s a great point, Logan. We’re going off a little tangent here. We’ll get back to theFitness Business Summit in a second but I was still teaching a lot of my classes and in my mind, myfeeling was no one could do this better than me, which maybe I believe is true, maybe I don’t. What I doknow is that that doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether or not I can teach a boot camp class better thanthe other trainers that I have working for me, it’s about leveraging my time.If I want to train boot camps for the rest of my life then sure, I could continue to do that. But if I want tomake $500,000, $1 million, $10 million, $100 million, or $1 billion dollars, you’re not going to do thattraining people in a group format like that. So Logan’s right. Sometimes, you’ve got to let go and youhave to realize that people are going to do a good job.You know what really gratifies me is when I get emails from people that say, “Oh by the way, this traineris amazing!”, “Oh by the way, this trainer is amazing!” I start to realize that the individuality of eachperson that’s working with me or for me is going to show and people are going to gravitate towards thatperson because of that and then they’re going to love it. I don’t have to sit there and be supercontrolling over exactly the way they train.As long as they’re not injuring people, as long as they’re helping people get good results, as long asthey’re preaching and showing the philosophy as I’ve outlined, that’s what I care about big time. Buthaving people know proper muscle activation sequences and this and that, it’s important. It’s good andit’d be great to have trainers who could do all that stuff but if you guys are listening to this call, you’re inthe top 1% already.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. You’re looking how to build your business even further and so it’s not the best thing to focus on thosethings. You have to free up your time so you can work on your business, not on your training. I knowthat’s kind of frustrating at first but you’re never going to build a strong business working just on yourtraining. It’s like back in the day when I used to play in a rock band and all we did was work on our musicover and over again but we never worked on the business. What happened? Nothing, all right? Nothing.So you have to work on that business. You have to prioritize it if you do want to become successful inthe fitness industry. Eventually once you get things systematized, then you can do whatever the heckyou want. You can play, you can work out all day. I’ve got friends in the fitness industry who do that.They work out two or three hours a day and have fun, whatever. It’s because they’ve set themselves upat a younger age to be successful. So off of that tangent, work on your business and not in your businessas much as you possibly can. All right.Logan: I think that would be a good topic for the future call, just on how to set up those systems andhiring the right people, definitely good important stuff.Tyler: I was just working on systematizing my system even further this last couple of hours.Logan: Systematizing your system?Tyler: I’m trying to systematize my system. I’m still programming workouts here and there. I startedtrying to figure out how to do more cyclic or cyclic-based workouts and so I’ve been working on that thismorning. I’m just trying to make it so that I don’t even have to spend that much time on this wholeentire business.All right, back to Fitness Business Summit. Why don’t you share with us some of the stuff you learned inthere? To be totally honest, I didn’t set foot in any of the seminars really at all. I was in a schmoozemode. We’ll talk about that big time here in just a second. So Logan, do you want to share with us whatyou kind of learned from maybe some of the guys? I know you went and checked out like the Facebookguy.Logan: Yeah. There’s just a whole bunch of things about Facebook. Facebook is kind of confusing with alltheir advertising. They have so many different types of ads you can do. If you want to go that route,which can be great for a local business or online business, you’re going to have to work with thesedifferent ones and find what works best. They have like these sponsored posts, the promoted pageposts, a whole bunch of things and it can all be very confusing. That would be a very good topic to coverin depth at a later time but I got some ideas right there.Actually, my favorite presentation was about getting in media, like magazines or even on websites, a lotof different things that you can use for making those connections with people. It goes along with thenetworking and of course doing it at events live is the best way, as we’ve covered in the previous call.But meeting those people online also works but how do you actually pitch what you’re doing?One idea I got from that was when you are contacting someone, this can be for like a guest article onlineor anything, is you can do this format that is called the two-two-one pitch. It’s like two sentences of sheCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. called it foreplay, where you are sort of just introducing the idea; then it’s two sentences of buildup,that’s where you put some of your credentials or your ideas and everything; then the finish is a singlesentence like, “Is this something that would be a value to your readers?”So within just a short frame, because people don’t want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs ofinformation, you just give them a little bit of stuff. Then from there, you can transition to giving themmore information about yourself, about what you can provide. It just is a way to introduce yourself tothem. So there are some other ideas in that but I thought that that was very helpful and I got some greatideas and ways that I can use that myself.Tyler: It’s good to have a template when you’re contacting people. If you’re online and you’re trying togenerate affiliates or if you’re like trying to build a relationship with a chiropractor, it’s good to have atemplate rather than just to just kind of shoot in the dark because ultimately if you just shoot in the darkevery single time, you’re going to be rewriting the same garbage over and over again. What you reallywant to have is something that’s super solid that you can use to basically contact anybody that’s goingto get good results. So you absolutely should do that. I completely agree with that, Logan. Anything elseyou want to share with us on that?Logan: I think that’s a pretty good overview. Let’s talk about the networking, because that was the mainthing accomplished at the event, I would say.Tyler: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. So I went into this event, like I told you guys last time, with a specific list ofpeople that I wanted to make contact with. Then I’m always open to meeting new people or makingcontact with them as well because ultimately my goal for 2013 is to become 100% online and not bedependent on my brick-and-mortar business, whether I choose to keep it or not, so just be 100% online.There was a bunch of guys there that I knew of or had met maybe once before in the past, guys like DanLong, who’s a real popular internet guy and has a great business in Tampa, Florida, Kill Mode Training.He’s one of the most high energy guys you could ever meet and he just launched his Suspension TrainingRevolution. I wanted to connect with Dan because he’s got a great product. I want to have him in mypodcast. I want to get a guest workout video from him and I want to promote his stuff. Then hopefully,someday it’ll come back to me and he’ll want to promote my stuff as well. I think Dan’s a great guy. He’sgot a great product so I want to connect with him and I did.The first thing we did is sat down in that hotel lobby on the night before the thing started and juststarted hanging out with people, collecting names, schmoozing, buying people drinks. You just had tostart small and just kind of get your eyes on people and then start moving forward from there. So it allstarts with just hanging out, right?I mean that’s all we did. We just hung out and then you just try to find the people that you’re going togel with and then magical things happen. I’ll talk about that more in a second. What’s your take on justkind of getting things started with the schmoozing, Logan?Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Logan: Yeah. Let’s see. Where to start with that? I think people do understand the importance of it butat the same time, you’ve got to figure out what really works to do it because it is a single connection atthat event could make a dramatic difference. For instance, there was one guy that we talked to. I don’tknow if we want to name names and all this but I was coming up with new ideas on how I couldpromote the supplement business I have,, and how it can grow, literally taking amodel of someone else that’s been very successful in the supplement space and using that as way toattract affiliates and grow that way.So just there were a few people there with monstrous lists so I was just talking up my product, not in anoverly pitchy way like we talked about, but on the topic then just offering them free samples of the stuffbecause if he likes it and really finds it useful, then he said, “That’s no problem. I’ll tell my list all aboutit.” So that thing could literally double that business overnight if not more than that.Tyler: Absolutely.Logan: So it’s huge. It’s huge.Tyler: Yeah. You’ve got to be prepared for anything when you go to an event like this and you havesome businesses or a business in mind. There’s just so many ways to spend it. You could meet a bootcamp owner who’s got a sales funnel that would just transform your business that he’d just willingly giveyou or an advertisement that they willingly give you. These people are open for answering questions.Then if you’re on online space, there are people there like crazy that are just so sharp when it comes toonline business. So the night one, we kind of just schmoozed a little bit. I did connect with that guy, DanLong, and he’s going to be on my podcast next week so—Logan: Other podcast.Tyler: Other podcast next week and—Logan: We will be lining up a lot of people for this podcast in the future that were at the event, differenttrainers, boot camp runners, and online people, and bringing a lot more guests on in the next fewweeks.Tyler: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I had an idea for getting a garage gym setup thing going on. So if you have agarage at home, we can teach you how to monetize that minute little space and build your businessstarting in just your own garage. We’ll talk more about that in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, wecan get some cool guys lined up for those calls.Anyways, so the first night was that then the next day we just kind of went downstairs. The seminarstarted, I went and sat down on a regular seat and I was just like listening. I was like, “I’m not supposedto be here.” I couldn’t help it. It was like a divine whisper in my ear telling me you need to go schmoozeright now. Part of it is because I understand that my main goal is to become 100% online, that Ishouldn’t tempt myself with more and more marketing on my offline business because I could take allCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. the hours I spent online—I probably spent 40 hours on my online business a week or more—and I candump them into my brick-and-mortar and probably make a ton of money.That’s great but it’s not where my passion lies. I really, really love the concept of being 100% online. Iactually want to help coach people just like you how to build their brick-and-mortar businesses becausethat to me, helping people do what I’ve already done, is way more fun and way more gratifying than justdoing more of the same old shit. I guess it’s the entrepreneur’s dilemma. We’re going to say—Logan: That was a very interesting thing that you know because even I was sitting in on some of those.People were talking about their successful boot camps and I’m thinking I could start a boot campprogram, I could do this. That can be good if you’re fishing for ideas but realize most people in business,you already have an idea that is working to some degree and your greatest leverage will not be instarting something new.Sure, there are times when you want to test things out and add something additional but a lot ofentrepreneurs as well are serial entrepreneurs, where they’re really excited about the new project, thenew thing and really in order to grow the business, the best thing they can do is devote the time theyhave to what is already working, to grow that rather than looking at these other avenues out there.So that is something you do need to be aware of. At seminars also you’re always being bombarded withads and advertising for different things. Really take stock of where you’re at and if buying a product orwhatever can help you specifically with what you’re currently doing to the leverage that, that’s a hugething because you can—and I’ve definitely done this—spread myself too thin to the point where thingsaren’t getting the attention they need and everything suffers because of that. It also can stress you thehell out as well.Tyler: Yeah, it can. You’re throwing like a bunch of turds out there rather than diamonds, some littlegems.Logan: Yeah, you want to go cultivate this little tiny flower that you’re just really excited about insteadof just taking care of the huge tree that you’ve got going, which can easily be doubled if you spent thetime on that.Tyler: As entrepreneurs we’re all like ADD, easily distracted in a lot of my ways. You just mentioned that.I was talking with Mark, my buddy Mark, who’s a really successful dentist. He has an online dentistcoaching business and he’s done millions of dollars in his online dentist coaching business. He wasscratching his head, “I think I’m going to start a boot camp.” Huh? Why the fuck are you going to start aboot camp? You don’t need that stress in your life right now, with the fucking hassle and hustle in a bootcamp. So you’re right, Logan. We’ve got to stay focused, which is obviously not our strength on this calltoday. Okay.Logan: Well, that’s a little bit of the ADD playing in right there.Tyler: Yeah, totally.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Logan: You and I both have this. I mean this whole Fitness Money podcast came up as an idea. It was likewe probably should be spending more time on the business but with this, we’re also looking at the longterm, which is another useful skill.Tyler: Yeah, and you know what? Sometimes, you’ve got to just say fuck it. I love to help people andthat’s what we’re doing with this podcast. If you guys have listened to all the episodes up until now, youknow what you have great information and we’re going to continue to share great information. That’swhat we want to do. We want to help the guys the most and spending a little bit of time each weekdoing that is a pleasure to both me and Logan.All right, so Day 2. Day 2, I’m in there. I’m not supposed to be in there so I bailed out. We schmooze,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We go out that night to the big event. We see some people there that weknow are good industry producers on the online market so we jump up and we start talking to them. Westart hanging out with them. We bounce back and forth between a few different people and ultimately,we just schmooze and like I said last time, our whole focus is to try and help them.One guy in particular that I’m not going to drop a name of, I’ve actually really enjoyed his informationfor a long time. I would like to help him optimize his business because I have a pretty good key foroptimizing sales funnels. So I’m going try and help him do that with his next program launch justbecause, like I said, I want to help as many people as I can. If I can get a bitching testimonial fromsomeone like that on a conversion rate that I’ve helped him increase then even better. So we just built arelationship with these people. By the way, he’s going to be on my other podcast now, too. It’s just allthese little things, right? You keep building forward.Logan: Like we mentioned in the previous calls, just inviting someone onto your podcast is one of theeasiest ways to just start up and establish that relationship.Tyler: It is. Yeah, because then you’re going to talk about them. What if I sat down across you, you didn’tknow who I was, and I was like, “Hang on one second. I want to tell you all about me”? That person willsit there and just be like, “Oh my god.” Vice versa, if somebody sits down on the airplane next to youand says, “Hey, my name is this. What’s your name? Tell me what you do,” and they ask questions overand over again, that person is going to feel so much more loved and taken care of. Then you’re going tobuild that better relationship and rapport with him as well.So we built some good relationships that night but I say we probably spent the last 10 minutes talkingabout our top secret project. I’ll lead in with a story about how this kind of came to be because this waspretty funny but we’re actually going to do it. We’re not going to say specifically how just yet. Once it’sall setup and everything’s rolling, then we’ll talk about our success with it because this is going to be astamp that we’ve placed on the marketing world that we were able to actually do this.So one of the guys we schmoozed up with, again, I don’t need to mention his name, is a world renownedsearch engine optimization expert.Logan: Well, he’s not really world renowned because he’s underground.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Tyler: Yeah, I guess he’s underground. You’re right.Logan: Yes. He is highly skilled at what he does.Tyler: Highly skilled, you’re right. Highly skilled—Logan: And works for some big names that you’d likely know if we told you.Tyler: Yeah, okay. We’re being all cutty right there because if we tell you we’d have to kill you, right?Logan: Right.Tyler: So basically we’re sitting around, we’re having lunch with this guy, we schmooze him up, and he’slike one of the coolest guys out there. He’s a total champion of dick and fart jokes. If anybody’s into that,then we’re going to be friends. So we’re hanging out and we’re at the restaurant. Logan’s got a little bitof a hangover. He’ll admit it, and he’s like—Logan: Yup. That’s because we were doing hardcore networking the night before.Tyler: And then he goes, “Can I get a side of ten pieces of bacon for an appetizer?” The waiter was like,“What? Yeah, I guess that’s cool” and so Logan gets a side of ten pieces of bacon.Logan: That wasn’t even the start. The reason why I asked for that side was the night before, like 3o’clock in the morning when we were wrapping up the schmoozing, a guy was talking about, “Oh, I’mgoing to go buy a pound of bacon for breakfast.” That set the wheels in motion so I was feeling likebacon. So that was the start. That was the beginning.Tyler: I got you. So he orders some bacon. Needless to say, our topic of conversation becomes bacon forthe next several hours. We went back to the seminar. We were out in the hall. We were schmoozing andtalking about it. One of us just goes, “Hey! You should optimize the keyword ‘bacon’” and then hahaha,we’d made some jokes about it. He’s looking down at the ground and I look up at him and say, “Whatare you thinking about, man?” He goes, “I think I’m going to do it. I think I’m going to optimize bacon.”We’re like, “Okay, whatever.” We kind of shoved it off.So we got up, we went over to Starbucks to get a coffee, and you can just tell that he’s deep in thought.He just pulls out his camera and he turns it at Logan. He says, “Logan, tell me what you love aboutbacon. We’re doing this right now.” So he shoots the video thing and Logan gives his bacon testimonial.Then he goes, “Guys, I need a 350-word press release article in the next half hour and then I’m going toshow you how we can optimize some bacon.” So if you guys are out there listening right now, go onGoogle and type in “bacon testimonial video.” You’re going to see a video of Logan talking about how heloves bacon.Logan: It is a very bad video, just be prepared for that. It’s horrible, whatever.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Tyler: So anyways point being this has all led up to the point of us going like hey, this is funny, ha ha butlet’s figure out a project how we can actually monetize bacon. So we went out to dinner that night untilquite late. I think we were up until 3 or 3:30 in the morning.Logan: Oh, we were up 3, both nights in a row there.Tyler: Yeah. We were talking about how we plan to monetize bacon. Like I said, I’m not going to let thecat out of the bag just yet because there’s some really cool things going to happen here in the nextprobably two months but I can almost guarantee on this podcast that that project is going to be worth aminimum of probably $20,000 dollars. But I’m likely going to try to see if I can get it closer to that 100Kmark because it would be very cool to stand up on a marketing stage and tell people that you were ableto monetize bacon to the tune of six figures.Logan: It’s something that started as a joke. Now it’s completely planned out with multiple peopleinvolved in different roles and it’s going to be a fun project to work on. We’re not actually selling bacon.That’s the thing. We’re going to be selling information about bacon.Tyler: Yeah. It’s going to be good. It’s going to be really good. Some of the people that we networkedwith will most likely be a good fit for promoting the bacon product.Logan: Yeah, that’s kind of the thing. In getting with this business because we have multiple peopleinvolved, we’re now working on a project together which just solidifies that relationship and then allowsfor much more in the future. That was kind of why we just got started with it. “Oh, he wants us to writea press release. Let’s go do this.” So now we’re rolling with it. Like you said, it should be rocking androlling in the future.Tyler: Oh, it could be rocking. All right? You know how bad I’m fighting, not to just be like, “Here’s whatwe’re going to do. Muahaha!”Logan: Right after we talked about don’t get sidetracked with side projects.Tyler: Yeah. Well, you know what’s the thing was? We say the side project thing and don’t getsidetracked with it but when an opportunity hits you in the face and you pause for a second and youthink it through—because I know you saw my face that night when we started talking aboutmonetization. That’s my whole gig. I love writing sales copy. I love looking at conversions. I love sellingshit, right? It makes me feel good to know that I’m able to do that and so when I’m looking at it I’m like“Holy cow! This could be huge!”Logan: Well, it’s actually a really good idea in a big market so it definitely can be.Tyler: Exactly. I know I mean I’m doing like movement progressions, functional training, and stuff thatI’m all totally passionate about but guess what? I’m also passionate about bacon. More importantly, I’mpassionate that people should know that bacon isn’t bad. That’s why this product actually kind of ringsnear to my heart. I’m like we’re going to put all that science in there, talking about how bacon isn’t badfor you and everything like that.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Then it’s all going to lead up to this really cool launch you guys should look forward to probably in—I’mcrossing my fingers—in May. I’m thinking May would be the time we can actually launch this wholehatch to this whole project and everything. But if you guys are on our list, you’ll probably see somesneak peeks of the bacon monetization project early. So make sure you guys opt in online. We’re goingto be giving you guys some cool freebies here in the next week or so that we’re going to be creating foryou. So there’s a lot of cool things happening in Fitness Money land.Logan: So on to a related note, the networking, something that we did with a few of the people was towork to help promote them with their upcoming launches or just as a fun thing. We shot videos withpeople, which is a great thing you can do at events when you’re live, you’re both there, and having somefun with it. That is a great way to just produce content but it can also be tied in to some sort of salespitch or just helping each other out. That was fun. I did a few of those with a few different guys andthose were great.Tyler: It’s really powerful. The more you can help people, the more they’re likely to come back and helpyou. That’s what we talked about with this networking thing. In the online world, it is literally one of themost powerful ways you can skyrocket your business in a short amount of time. It’s just building thosegood relationships with people who you know can really make a change in your business. So networkingis absolutely critical.The other thing is not being afraid to learn from the people who know what’s up. If you guys areshacked up in your house, you have a shitty personal training business, and you’re suffering and stufflike that, just know that sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices to learn what you need to learn inorder to build that successful business.I’m actually wearing the T-shirt right now but I remember I wanted to go train with Dennis Rogers yearsago. This wasn’t a business thing but I wanted it so freaking bad and I had no money to do it. What Iliterally did was I literally sold some of my gym equipment in order to afford the trip to go meet DennisRogers, the world famous strongman. People told me I was bad shit crazy at the time but I will neverregret that decision because that was one of the funnest events ever. I’ll never regret just what I learnedover that weekend working with that guy.So sometimes you guys have got to just rip the band aid off when there’s a big opportunity, a big event.Just sell your kettlebells or whatever, like I did, and just make it happen because it could be anopportunity that changes the course of your life.Logan: Yeah. That’s what we’re looking for to achieve. You’ve really got to put yourself out there. You’vegot to take big risks in order to get the big benefits at the end.Tyler: Yeah, it’s like my buddy, Rick Kaselj. Says. It’s like the terminator, right? That was a good thing,though. Let’s recap that just real quick and then we’ll finish it up. He was up onstage talking about whathe does in his business, how we visualizes himself. He’s like, “You’ve got to be like the Terminator.You’re running and you get shot a bunch of times then you fall over and you get back up. Then a minegoes off, next thing your arm blows off, and you pick it back up and you keep charging forward. ThenCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. your foot gets blown to pieces just like the Terminator. You just kept persisting and moving forwardtowards this goal no matter what happened.”That was a good visual. I actually have Rick coming up on my podcast on Monday, my other podcast, andI did ask him about the terminator question just to put him on the spot. I got him all embarrassed andstuff.Logan: That’s awesome. Some of the other key points because I really did like his speech not because itwas just completely entertaining. I wasn’t really expecting that from Rick but it had really good nuggetsin there, the idea to make a lot of noise. If you’re going out there and you don’t have the big dogspromoting you for an affiliate launch, for instance, but you have some people promoting for you and it’sdoing well, if you just keep plugging away and doing that, you make noise and people take notice.You’ve actually had this happen to you also this past year so that’s a huge thing. Make a lot of noise thenpeople will take notice.Tyler: Absolutely. Awesome, man. Well, if you guys dig this, leave us a review on iTunes. Be sure tocome back to the Fitness Money page. Very soon we’re going to be having that special opt in. We’regoing to give you 9 Ways to Make 1K in 30 Days, so nine ways to make an extra thousand dollars in yourfitness business in just 30 days. Go to and join us, like us, and leavesome comments. Let us know if you guys have any questions about things you want to know about yourfitness business. Otherwise, we’ll be blowing it up in 2013 on Fitness Money podcast.Logan: All right.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to or go toFacebook.Com/FitnessMoneyPodcast. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved