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Fitness Money Episode 16 - Event Networking


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In this episode of Fitness Money Podcast you will find out how to make the most out of going to business events, what to do before you go there, how to approach properly, the introvert's method of networking and much more.

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Fitness Money Episode 16 - Event Networking

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 16 Your Network Is Your Net Worth Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you by In this podcast, LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step-by-step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on a word to this episode of the Fitness Money Podcast.Tyler: Hey, guys! This is Tyler and Logan and this is the Fitness Money podcast at HeyLogan, what’s going on, brother?Logan: Doing good. I’m just working through, plowing through a whole bunch of shit I’ve got to get donethis week.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Tyler: Yeah, we’re trying to get a bunch of stuff down because both Logan and I are about to fly outtomorrow to the Fitness Business Summit run by my good friend and mentor Bedros Keuilian and it’sgoing to be a hell of an event. It’s going to be some of the top dogs in the fitness industry in terms ofrunning profitable gyms, boot camps, and profitable personal training programs, some of the bestinternet marketers out there as well so it’s going to be a total blast. Are you stoked for the upcomingweekend, Logan?Logan: Yeah, very much so. I have not been to this event, though you have in the past. It will be great toget around so many like-minded people, people in the fitness business that are looking to make moremoney in the fitness business, everything that we’re doing here at Fitness Money so it’s kind of ourpeople.Tyler: Yeah, it’s totally our people and I’m looking forward to making some new contacts, getting somenew people on the podcast. We’re going to get a bunch of bitchin’ videos I’m sure that we’ll be drippingto you guys over the next few weeks. So stay tuned for that.Before we get started with anything else, you guys, make sure you subscribe to our podcast. Get on ouremail list. That way you can be sure of all the episodes we send your way and all the cool stuff thatwe’re going to have coming in 2013. Leave us a review if you dig it. Like us think today, Logan and I, we were saying this is the “Fuck It” episode. We’re going wing it and we’regoing to talk about how you guys can network with people because we’re going to this Fitness BusinessSummit conference. We’re going to talk about that and we’re going to talk about a bunch of differentstuff. So Logan, why don’t you lead us off with something valuable?Logan: Just to be topical and talk about what’s going on lately in our business, this sort of leads intowhat we were talking about last week, where we were talking about getting around the right people andreally, there is no better way to do that than to go to events where those people are going to be at. Thisevent, like we said, is just exactly that.If you are looking to make connections, the internet is great and you can do that. But ask anyone andthey will tell you that if you can meet people live at events, that’s where you can really begin and formthose relationships that will then allow you to grow your business in one way or another. We’ll talkabout some of the different ways that you can really leverage the people that you meet there.Tyler: Yeah, it’s great to go and surround yourself with all these people. I wish we would haverecommend it earlier for you guys to get out there and shake our hands and everything. But the biggestthing you’ve got to realize is that if you’re trying to go this thing alone, if you’re sitting in there in yourbasement and you’re like, “Oh crap, I need to make more money in my fitness business,” and you’re notlistening to all the episodes in this podcast, you’re not out there networking with people, checking outpeople’s blogs and websites, reading, and then going out there and putting that into action, you guysCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. are going to be really bummed out because doing stuff alone is freaking challenging. Now Logan, whenyou started your internet business, it was pretty challenging because you were just going at it byyourself, right?Logan: Yeah, for the most part.Tyler: The same thing when I started my first boot camp business. I was still whacking nails for a livingbecause I had no idea what to do and now I have the ability to coach anybody into getting tens if nothundreds of thousands of dollars a year in their fitness business. It’s really powerful to take this routeand not go it alone. I really think it’s one of the best ways to do things. Just get out there and networkwith people, bounce some ideas.The coolest thing that Logan’s going to find out and all these people that I have met before at theFitness Business Summit, you can ask them for their best performing print ad and they’ll just give it toyou. They’ll tell you everything. They’ll tell you everything about their business. Nobody is here trying tohold things back. They’re all giving it away because we realize there’s enough out there for everybody soI don’t have that scarcity mindset. Get out there and network with people. It’s one of the best things youcan do to get your business rolling strong.Logan: I’m going to make a damaging admission. Networking is not my strong suit.Tyler: No, Logan! Say it ain’t so!Logan: Yes, I am actually heavily an introvert. It’s just not something that comes natural to me like someother things regarding business do so it is something I’ve had to work at. I will give you one thing thatreally helps as far as the networking. It’s if you can grow your business and grow yourself as apersonality to some degree, then people will come up to you. That makes meeting people a lot easier.I’ve had that happen at some events recently. Since I’ve been growing, people do recognize me from myvideos online and all that. That makes finding those people a lot easier because the truth is if you’regoing to these big conferences where there are thousands of people, unless you do your homeworkbeforehand, you don’t really know who’s going to be there all the time so you don’t know who is reallygoing to be in a good position for you to help them and you to be helped by them. But if you can growyourself to a point where people come up to you and they’re asking for your help and whatnot, thenthat is a good way to open up the door.Tyler: Yeah, I agree with Logan at that point. I think the part of the reason why I don’t really see eye toeye with him a hundred percent is because I’m the opposite. I’m definitely not an introvert. I have noproblem walking up and talking to people. I want to share with you guys a couple of simple stories thathave kind of affected me and made me realize I should have taken more action or should have donemore research before interacting with people like this.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Last year at the Fitness Business Summit, I saw one of the guys speak. He had a great speech, he wastalking about how to get people behind you, and how to get affiliates and everything. I thought it wasfantastic so as soon as I watched him leave the room, I walked right up to him and we started chatting.He was telling me about this new supplement business he’s creating. He was telling me about all thisstuff and I honestly didn’t have any idea who he was but I knew he knew a lot more than I did and it wassomebody I wanted to learn from.We chatted for a while and then I saw him again in Miami and you know what? I realized this guy isliterally one of the top fitness info producers out there and his brand-new supplement company that hetold me about just one year ago has already done more than ten million dollars. I just kind of stumbledupon talking to this guy.That seems to happen fairly often if all you do is forget about the pressures of anything and just go talkto somebody like they’re a person. You don’t have to use any fancy things or get all excited and stuff likethat. Literally, just go up to somebody and just start talking to him like a person. If you want to build arapport with somebody who you know can help you, don’t ask for their help. Ask them how you canhelp them, really, really get that good foot forward, help them out and it’ll come back around you at theend.Now the second story, this is one I really shoot myself on the foot over and Logan was actually there,too. We were helping out one of the RKC, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge certifications that DragonDoor puts on. I’m sitting at the table with this guy and he was talking about going to Ireland and doinghurling, going to South America and winning like dance competitions and stuff, and I’m just chatting itup with him. This guy named Tim Ferriss—if you guys haven’t heard of him, you’re probably livingunderneath a rock—was one of the coolest guys out there I have ever met but I had no idea he was TimFerriss.He is a multiple New York Times bestseller. He’s a world famous marketer. He’s brilliant when it comesto web stuff, social media, and building a crowd around you. I mean I could have taken much betteradvantage of that situation but the whole point of me sharing these two stories is don’t be afraid to talkto people. They’re just people. They take a shit. You take a shit. You guys both wipe with one or theother hand, right? You’re people, right?So don’t worry so much about what other people think about you. To me, these are the things that youcan take small steps forward. That way, you can build these relationships with big people just by sayinghello, just so that they know you. Because you know what? When I saw Joel again at the TrafficConversion Summit a few weeks ago, he came up to me and said, “Hey man, I got your email,” and I waslike, “Oh shit, now one of the biggest fitness info marketers knows me.” It’s just getting on that radarbecause one of these days, it’s going to come back around and it’s going to be a good thing for me.Logan: There’s so much that can be done. Like you said, it’s really important that you don’t comeforward and say, “Hey, can you promote my product?” That is not what you want to do at all. You reallyCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. don’t want to be sleazy in any regards. I remember at one event I was at long ago, before I was reallygetting into the business side of things but I was starting to learn, I was actually at Dan Kennedy, the freeconference they had, a real pitch fest. Still at the same time, some cool stuff. There was a guy that wasliterally just going around, handing his business card to everyone. That is not effective networking.Understand this principle, it is way more important if you can develop one solid, lasting relationship togrow out of an event than for you to pass your business card to a thousand people because the truth isunless there’s something additional written on the business card, most people just throw them away orthey store them in something, never to look at them again.Tyler: I completely agree with you, Logan. If you go to an event, you always learn a lot of information.What we talked about after the Traffic Conversion Summit is one of the best things you can do is gohome and apply one thing. Just start digging through your list like that so that way you don’t go to anevent or you don’t meet somebody and it’s a completely worthless experience.Way too many people get inundated, like you said, with this idea that they’re going to bring thesebusiness cards and everything like that. You know what? I don’t even fucking bring a business card tothese things anymore. You know why? Because nobody cares.I was at the Traffic and a bunch of people gave me their business cards. “Hey, maybe we can network?”There were a couple of people that gave me business cards that I want to network with and I still threwtheir business cards away. That’s because if I want to contact somebody, I’m going to get their phonenumber, their email address, and their mailing address. I’m going to try to get some contact info that’srelevant to me actually helping them out or me actually building a contact or a relationship with them.If I get a business card, or better yet, if somebody has just walked up to you and just gave you a businesscard and you never really knew who they were, it wouldn’t really matter. But if they came up to you andthey say, “Hey man, I really love your stuff. This is super cool. I would love to learn more from you. I thinkl have a couple of different ways I could help you. Is there any way I can get your email address? Thatway I can send you an email with a few ideas. I promise you I won’t bother you more than that.”So you’re kind of like just building that small relationship or you just get a mailing address from themand send them something in the mail. “Hey bro, it was nice talking with you when I met you at theFitness Business Summit,” or at the gas station, or wherever you see anybody who could help you. “Heyhere’s a $50 Starbucks gift card,” or a $5 Starbucks Gift card, “on me. Hope you enjoy the coffee.” Right?It’s crazy how much you can build rapport with people just by collecting their data, talking to them alittle bit, showing them that you know who they are, that you have an interest in them, and then justgiving back to them as much as you possibly can.Logan: Yeah. Let’s talk about some of the things you can hope and aspire to accomplish. We’ll start atsome really basic stuff and lead up further. I guess for the most part, this is going to have to do with theCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. internet marketing realm, just because when you’re going to events, usually, unless they’re local eventsand that would be a whole different subject like doing a Chamber of Commerce thing, which if you do itright, there are some benefits that you can get from them, but like we were flying out for this event andpeople are coming from all over the world really, not just really from all over the country, one of themost basic things you can do that’s really easy is a lot of people have blogs.You probably should have a blog. There are some models where you don’t really need to do that but oneof the simplest, easiest, foot-in-the-door things to do that you can do for someone or ask for them is tohave a guest article. It’s one of the most basic, easy things to do but it can be a good way if you do itwith an overall strategy to bring in lots of traffic, especially if you end up doing this with a lot of people.It really is one of the best, foot-in-the-door, after you’ve introduced to another person, for you to justsay, “Hey, can we swap guest articles?”Tyler: Yeah, it is a good way to do things. That brings a point, like Logan said, talking about blogs. I thinkit’s something that everybody should have, or a good Facebook page or something like that, whereyou’re starting to build those people coming to your website. Ultimately, whether you’re a personaltrainer, you open a boot camp, you’re trying to open a gym, or you want to sell products online,everybody is going to have a good webpage that has some good content. What just happened there?Logan: I’m drinking some bitter water.Tyler: Sorry, we’re on a video chat. I just saw Logan look like he just ate a shit. Sorry, I just lost my trainof thought. Damn it! This is the best podcast ever.You’ve got to have a blog, you guys. You’ve got to have some sort of—I don’t like to say online businesscard anymore just because that’s so overdone—but if you just go on WordPress and create blog and likeone, three, or four times a week, write down your thoughts and stuff and start building a followingaround there, it doesn’t matter what business you have, you should share your ideas and thoughts withthe world. If you share it with the world, that’s when they start to follow behind you and you build notjust a business but you build like a community around your ideas.You guys have got to have a blog and everything. Also, like what Logan said, that will help you use yournetwork that you’re going to build through visiting events, through online, through Facebook, that’sgoing to help you guys network with them more because, like what Logan, said you can do blog trades.You can write posts for them and just ask them the link back to your blog. That way you get more trafficcoming to your website for everything.Logan: There are going to be a lot of people with websites so like I said, it’s one of the easiest things todo. Another step above that of course is if you have products to promote or they have products topromote, after meeting them at the event, structure and do some sort of affiliate deal. This is a greatway to get on people’s radar even without meeting them at events. But when you’re at that event, youcould say, “Hey, I really like you. You’re a cool guy. What do you have to offer? Can we do any sort ofCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. special deal for my people?” Of course, it’s much easier once again to promote them first rather thansaying like, “Hey, would you…” promote your stuff. You don’t want to ever launch with that because it’snot very good, not very effective.Tyler: One of the most important things you guys want to do when you’re just building that network isreally pick out the right people that you want to make contact with. That’s what I was going to talkabout. Like I said before, I’ve winged it several times and I’ve tried to come through there and say “Hey”to the people I’m interested in and that’s fine.But going to this Fitness Business Summit, I have a very specific idea of who I want to talk to, who I wantto connect with, who I want to ask to get on my podcast, who I want to do guest posts for, who I’mtrying to get to promote my programs, and who I want to talk to about boosting my boot camp sales. Iknow exactly who it is I want to go to.If you guys are going out to an event like this, try to do your research in advance. Know who is going tobe there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seminar on fitness, like you’re learning how to do some kettlebells oryou’re learning how to do some superhuman training. You’ve got to know who’s going to be there. Thatway when you show up, you know exactly what your objective is.It’s just like when we talked about productivity. Imagine going in front of your desk every day withoutany plan and just winging it. You’re not going to be as productive as if you know exactly who’s going tobe somewhere and you start planning out what you’re going to do, what you’re going to say, and whatyou’re intention is for each person. That way you don’t waste your time when you go into an event likethis. There are way too many people. There’s going to be like 500 people at Fitness Business Summit. Ibet you that probably, maybe 10% of them are going to go home with some useful networking. The restof them, they’re going to go home and have some notes and stuff. Maybe they’ll apply it. The sad fact isprobably 80% of those people aren’t going to change anything when they go home.So know who you’re going to talk to. Have a plan when you go into a situation like this. Obviously just asnecessary, you have got to have some sort of idea of why you’re going somewhere and what you’regoing to benefit from it. I guarantee, for example, out of going to this Fitness Business Summit, it’s goingto be worth at least $10,000 to me. I promise you that, at least $10,000 to me. Probably more like$20,000, $30,000, $40,000 or $50,000 if I play my cards right, which I intend to do.Just a side note, some of the best deals aren’t made seeing people face-to-face at the seminar, going upand talking to them after the thing, and kind of bothering them. Some of the best deals are made at thebar at night time.Logan: A lot of the best deals.Tyler: A lot of the best deals. Don’t be afraid to bring some extra cash, buy some people drinks, be cool,be cool, be cool, help them, help them, help them, and it’s going to come back to you. You’d beCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. surprised once you get somebody a little bit liquored up how likely they are to tell you everything thatthey know about the things that you’re interested in. Right, Logan?Logan: Yeah. The information you can get in the bar often times is at least as good as the informationthey’re presenting on, sometimes a lot better. You’ll definitely want to carry a notepad there as well.So you mentioned the podcast and a couple of other things. Podcasts, like the guest articles, if you havethat, people like to be interviewed. It’s free promotion for them, always a good thing. Going into anevent with specific goals in mind, you really should do that. Do your homework beforehand but havespecific goals. For instance, one of the specific goals that you and I have for that is to line up a number ofgreat people to interview on future episodes of the Fitness Money Podcast. It’s a really simple thing todo but by putting it in motion, by having that concrete goal, it becomes a hundred times as likely tohappen.Tyler: Yeah, I completely agree. It totally does become a hundred times likely to happen. Your network isyour net worth. Have you ever heard that, Logan, I’m sure you have? That’s so powerful to me. To me,when I got to the online world, which isn’t even that long ago, I chose to go on a much different routethan Logan started out. Logan was running it alone and everything like that. I joined a group that helpscoach me through it and I decided that the number one thing that I know I’m good at is to network soI’m going to fucking network with everybody out there.This wasn’t even through events initially. It was through online. You could send people emails. You couldsend them gifts. That network I’ve built really strong and really fast. It’s something that’s so powerful.You have to have a network. I cannot even impart enough. You cannot go it alone in any business. Ifsomebody’s concerned like you’re going to compete with them, like you have a good idea about anutrition product and they have a good idea about a nutrition product, guess what? That means youguys have the perfect list to match each other. It doesn’t mean that somebody is super concerned withcompetition. If they are, they’re probably never going to really make that much money because it takesa network of people around you to build that strong net worth, to build a really solid business, whetherit’s online or offline.I think we should expand on networking a little bit, Logan, and just kind of talk about maybe people whoare trainers and stuff they can use their networking in our local community in order to build up theirbusiness as well?Logan: Okay. Do you want to go into that right now or save that for another time?Tyler: Well, let me just touch on it just real quick, just so people they don’t think, “Oh, I’ve got to go toFitness Business Summit and spend $1,200 and this and that and travel across the world.” Just real quick.We’ll talk about that in another time, too.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. A few some things to create a network of people that are going to help you in your personal trainingbusiness is one, you’ve got to have your clients as your friends. You’ve got to have them as your friendson Facebook. You’ve got to have them in your phone for text messages. You’ve got to give them specialdeals they can give their friends because every single person who you are personally training ispotentially a walking billboard for your services. So that’s first and foremost. Your clients need to beconstantly pitching their friends about your services and that’s part of your network.Another way to do things is go to local businesses like tanning salons, massage therapy places,chiropractic clinics, and just ask them to do a list swap. Say you have 20 people that you’re training orsay you have access to even more, like maybe 50 emails or 100 emails. Say, “I have a hundred reallysolid people that might want to use your service and I’m wondering if I give you an email to send to yourlist, you give me an email to send to my list. Would you like to do an email list trade?” It’s that simple.If you get a chiropractor with 100 clients, and you send them a no-brainer offer, like we talked about inpast episodes, you send them that basic no-brainer offer, you’re going to get some people coming thatway. They may or may not sign up for your full programs, depending on how good at sales you are, butthey’re going to get a lot of traffic.So that’s another way to use that network on a local level in order to build your personal training andyour group training business. So I’ll leave it at that for now but just know that networking is critical,whether it’s online and you’re trying to get people to affiliate and promote your programs, whether it’soffline and you’re trying to get people to talk about your systems more, you’re trying to get otherbusinesses to promote your systems. The more you build that network, the easier everything is going tobe because you have a support team around you, who believes in you, who trust you, and whoadvocates the use of your programs and products.Logan: Yeah. I will say that the network can be the biggest difference maker in your business that canreally accelerate you superfast and that can just open huge new doors. I’ll give a couple of examplesfrom my life.Tyler and I—this is back in ‘08 I believe—we flew out to learn from the best professional strongman inthe world, Dennis Rogers. A great seminar, fantastic seminar and all that, but having met Dennis, he gotto know what I was doing. He introduced me to a man named Bud Jeffries. He saw that I was online andcreating my own products and all that, and Bud was looking for someone to partner with in order tohelp grow that. So it was actually really from that event that this big partnership I have now with BudJeffries at has grown to the place that it is right now.Fast forward a few years, and an attendee at one of our Superhuman training events just gifted Bud andI with a book of his that he had written, just as kind of a thing he did for himself. Bud read it and he waslike, “We need to publish this.” From that, we now have four different products by him. It’s making agood decent income that is helping him and helping us and everything. He became, and came under ourpublishing wing, from an attendee in one year to be actually presenting at the same seminar the nextCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. year so really huge things can happen. You can’t really force these things but if you set the goals right,you take action, and you work your butt off, it can really grow into some huge things.Tyler: Yeah, I completely agree. You never know when you’re going to meet. Like I’m at the RKC and TimFerriss is there. I’m at Fitness Business Summit, sure Joel should be there but I didn’t know I was going tomeet him and now he’s one of the people I really want to build a relationship with. How am I going to dothat? Well, I’m going to help him grow his business as best as I can.Logan: And buy him some beers at the bar.Tyler: I’m going to buy him the goddam bar if I have to. I don’t want to be egocentric here. Let’s just saysomething really simple, Logan. Let’s say somebody on the call has a great program and they’re going tosend us an email that says, “Hey, I’ve got a great program. I can break it up into three components. Itwould be great for an online business.”If Logan and I were a part of your network and we believed in you, we could probably sell severalhundred units of your program in a day or two. It really wouldn’t be that complicated for us to instantlylaunch you online, give you a fairly solid list, and give you a ton of sales into your program. That’s justbecause we’re these middlemen in the info publishing world.Now just imagine that scale. I said several hundred sales. Imagine that scale to somebody who’s got 10times or 100 times the email list that we have. Now we’re talking somebody being able to make severalthousand or several tens of thousands of sales for you—Logan: At a push of a button.Tyler: At a push of a button. That’s how powerful networking can be if you have good ideas and youbuild the right system of people around you. It’s so powerful. You have to build it. You absolutely haveto build it.Logan: Yeah. At the top levels, it could be something of an Old Boys Club. It really is like that where theyhelp each other out. That’s how it always is going to be. That’s kind of the social nature of people. Youneed to crack into that the right way and like we were saying, events are really the best way to do that.You may not be able to jump right in to the top levels right away but think of it as a ladder.You work yourself up. You work your way up rung by rung and that’s what’s going to allow you to get tothe big dogs that are out there. Understand really even like a smaller person helping you out whenyou’re first starting, the person that helps bring in hundreds, thousands of dollars of sales, that can be alife changer right there so it is important to just get started with this information.Tyler: I feel like I’m just repeating the same thing over and over again but that’s because I really, reallyfeel passionate about how powerful it is for you guys to get out there and build your network, whetherit’s local, whether it’s online, it doesn’t matter. Just communicate with people like they’re people. That’sCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. one of the biggest things I learned from this guy, Joel, when he was giving his speech last year in theFitness Business Summit. Everybody is just a person. Be cool. Help them out.Then if there are any other tips I can give you guys. Let me just give a couple more good tips. One,communicate by email but get them on the phone. Get them on the phone so you’re talking person-to-person. Because if somebody writes me an email and they pitch me something, I’m just really not asinterested as if they send me an email saying, “I want to help you out. Do you want to be on my show ormy podcast? Can I do an interview with you for 30 minutes on one of these three dates?” I pick that and Iget on the phone with them. They interview me, I feel like we build good rapport in the interview, andthen after the call, “Yeah you know, send me an email of some of your stuff. Let me know what you’vegot going on.”That’s powerful. That’s totally powerful. It’s the same if you’re a trainer and you don’t even want toopen a business but you want to get a good job? Let’s say you want to get a job at the local Cross Fitthat’s kicking ass and taking names but they don’t want trainers to work there? Those people should bea part of your network. Jump in there and sell yourself like we’ve taught you this entire time. Say tothem, “I want to help you guys grow your business.” Use our tactics that we’ve shared with you to helpthem grow their business. Then you can get like a place to train people that might be a great place foryou to train.There’s a million ways to do this. It’s all about building these relationships with people. Build thoserelationships. It is one of the biggest ways for you guys to instantly accelerate your business, especially ifyou’re online. Those relationships are so dang important.Logan: Yup. Just a little more on what else you can do. Of course, when you’re meeting people, you canalso use events as a way to promote yourself. If you’re going to an event, you don’t want to do this insome overt way that is obnoxious, like we already said. If you have good products and you’re in aconversation and it comes up, it’s like a good time to let people know. From events, I’ve found newcustomers that have become really good customers of mine because they really liked the information orthe products I had available. On top that also, if you’re trying to meet this people, give them your stufffor free.Everyone that is successful is really busy so you just can’t overload them with information. It is really amatter of less is actually more in this case. If you can really do it in a short, easy manner rather thansending them a thousand-page manual that no one is going to read so that is something. I will also give abook recommendation. If you really want to learn how to network really well, lots of really cool tips, thebook is Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. I think that’s how you pronounce the guy’s name. It is a classicbook in the networking field. I’ve read a couple on that subject. That is the best one that I’ve seen.Tyler: Who is the other networking guy? I can’t remember the guy’s name off the top of my head. If Iremember it at all, I’ll post it in the show notes. There’s another guy. I listened to a bunch of interviewsCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. with him but I haven’t read any of his books. I’ll see if I can remember and we can post in the shownotes below.All right, Logan, now that we’re done ranting about what we’re going to do at the Fitness BusinessSummit, anything else we should tell people about? How to network better and build more money intheir fitness business?Logan: I think we gave them enough actionable steps. Okay, here’s one thing. Choose the events you goto wisely. Like we were saying, the people you meet at the events could be a huge thing so if you are inthe fitness business, this summit is built around that crowd, it’s specifically information tailored to them.You’re going to find people in the same situation so you can talk to them and get more information.You’re going to be able to build the relationships with those people that will help you specifically in thatarea.If you’re in the Fitness Business, this is a great event to go to. It’s a much better event to go to than oneabout basket weaving. That may not help you so much. So you want to choose which events you go tosince you can’t travel all the time and probably don’t have all the money in the world in order to do it.Choose what you go to wisely and that’s going to allow you to devote the proper time and intention youneed to do it but also then leverage that for the greatest gains in your business.Tyler: That’s great tip, Logan, choosing those things wisely. As much as we want to go to everything inthe world, none of us have the time or probably the dollars to do everything that we absolutely want todo.I’ve got a good one to just kind of leave everybody with. Like Logan said, we went off on the Fuck Itepisode. We just kind of rambled a little bit here and there but ultimately what we’re trying to do is getyou guys to understand how important it is to build your network.I’ve said this before at the end of some calls but whatever you guys learned today, take that one thing.Take that one thing that you learned, that rung with you, that you said, “Shit, I need to do that,” and dothat one thing. Ignore everything else. Just do that one thing.It doesn’t matter if it’s email some people in your local community because you’re trying to build anetwork with chiropractors and massage therapists and stuff, or if you’re online and you want to get outthere and you want to email people more. Email them and ask them what you can do for them. Sendthem some content that’s useful to them and don’t ask them to promote anything. So pick one thingthat we’ve said and apply it. That way you’re not somebody who talks the talk and doesn’t walk thewalk.Logan: All right. Thank you very much for listening. This has been a fun episode. I imagine next week,we’ll probably do a recap of what happened at the event and after that, we’ll have a whole bunch ofinterviews lined up for you to learn from other smart guys on top of Tyler and myself.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Tyler: All right. Speak for yourself. You’re kind of bringing property values down here. So it sounds good.We’ll see you guys next time. Like our Facebook page,, Leave us a review on iTunes. Subscribe to the podcast and send us your questions,you guys. We want to get some questions so we can help you guys get and make more money out ofyour fitness business.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money Podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money for your fitness money business today, go to or go Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved