Fitness Money Episode 15 - Setting Yourself Up for Success


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This episode of Fitness Money podcast is focused on many aspects of a successful business person. Some of the main points include: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic and Towards vs. Away From Motivators, How those around you Influence your likelihood of success, Saturation with videos, books and audios, Speeding up learning time for faster results, The power of coaching and masterminds, Setting up your environment for success and much more.

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Fitness Money Episode 15 - Setting Yourself Up for Success

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 15 Setting Yourself Up with Success Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money podcast, brought to you by FitnessMoney.Com. In this podcast LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step-by-step ways to make more money in your fitnessbusiness. Let’s take it on over to this episode of the Fitness Money podcast.Tyler: Hey, guys! Tyler and Logan here. This is the Fitness Money Podcast and Logan,what’s going on today, brother?Logan: I’m very excited here. Here’s a big training goal of mine so I’m very excited about that.Tyler: Yeah, Logan just showed me a really cool video of him nailing an awesome exercise called thetiger bend. Why don’t you just tell them about that real quick and then we’ll talk about how you setyourself up for success with this?Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Logan: Okay. So the tiger bend, if you’re not familiar with that exercise, which most people won’t be, isyou start in a forearm stand, which is basically a handstand except it’s across the length of the forearms,and from there you push up into a handstand. It is a lot harder than just a freestanding handstandpushup. It’s a really cool-looking exercise and I’ve just imagined being able to do it at some point in thefuture for a long time and just in my training, I started getting closer and closer so I know I’d have itsoon. I just went out there and got it.Tyler: Yeah, Logan nailed a goal today and that kind of brings us to the topic that we said we would talkabout, which is Influence and Setting Yourself Up for Success. We always talk about fitness business stuffbut the stuff we’re going to share with you today is going to be able to apply to your training goals, yournutrition, your body composition, your family life, your finances, pretty much anything because it is allabout surrounding yourself with a positive influence and setting yourself up for success. When you dothat, you will get to where you want to go. Logan, talking about that, what did you do to set yourself upfor success in completing this goal that probably one out of a million people can do?Logan: Well, one bog principle that you have to realize is that success begets success. The moresuccessful you are, the easier it is to become successful. There are a few things I could go into as far aswhat helped me to achieve this goal. One, I had a written goal in order to do it, a very important thing.Secondly, I worked towards the goal. Thats the disconnect some people have. They may have thewritten goal but if you’re not actually taking action in order to achieve it, then you’re not going to getthere unless you just happen to stumble across some things, which occasionally happens, but usuallynot.So I was working towards it, and I wasn’t even really focused on this goal. I just was working on a goalthat helped towards this goal, that had some carryover to it, and then one day, I just started working onthis, seeing as it was something that I could hit in the near future. Based on the feedback of not beingable to do it right away, not immediately, I work on it, tweaked a few things, tried a few things, andfound what worked really well. Eventually by knowing I would be successful in the short term, I was ableto hit it.Tyler: Did you do anything special to get yourself motivated, Logan? Do you watch videos of peoplesucceeding in that activity or visualize that activity done over and over again in your head?Logan: I’ve done that in the past and that definitely does work. For me, the motivation comes fromwithin to the point where just the idea of achieving the goal is going to be enough for me as motivation.If I was studying videos of other people, it would be more to see what they’re doing, to see what I couldlearn from it rather than just to get that motivation from it. As far as visualizing, I have done that in thepast and it definitely does work. I don’t do that so much now. This is a big topic but I have some veryadvanced mental techniques that really set myself up for success in training as well as other areas of life.Tyler: Yeah. I’m glad you brought something up there that we should talk about. Today, we’re talkingabout influence. We’re talking about setting yourself up for success and you mentioned that you’re aperson that is very intrinsically motivated.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Logan: Yeah.Tyler: Right. So there are two different types of motivation that we should talk about. One is intrinsicmotivation and the other is extrinsic motivation. So intrinsic means you’re motivated by yourself. Youdon’t need external things to motivate you. Some people—Logan: So internal versus external?Tyler: Exactly. For some people, this is their main modality of motivation. They’re just super-motivatedby themselves whereas other people are very externally motivated. They want to see some sort ofoutcome from it coming from the outside in. They want to achieve it because of recognition from otherpeople or an end goal in sight. “I’m going to go to Hawaii when I lose X amount of pounds” or whateverit is.So you’re got to understand this intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation because I happen to be someonewho’s a little bit more extrinsically motivated. I like to see the fruits of my labor coming to me from anextrinsic platform. The way Logan approaches a goal and the way I approach a goal probably wouldn’twork out together. If I was going to tell Logan, hey, I’ll pay you $1000 if you get the tiger bend, it’s notgoing to be as motivating for him as if he just—maybe it would be—was just focusing on that goal.The point is somebody, a good client of yours or if you want to make more money or whatever, if youset yourself up, “I’m going to feel so good when I make that $1000 because I’m going to feel goodinternally” versus “I’m going to buy a car when I achieve that X amount of dollars,” those are going to betwo different motivations that play on two different emotions in you.First of all, acknowledge which kind you are. That way when we set your environment up for success,you’re going to be playing on those things that you are actually are the most motivated about.Logan: Yes, I agree with that and I think theres something that’s even more important. First, realizethat while a person is going to be dominantly internally or externally motivated, everyone had somedegree of both. So you were saying that $1000 tiger bend, I probably would have achieved it faster hadthat been on the line.Tyler: Maybe a day or two, right?Logan: That being said, we do have some training goals where we put some money on the line to be afurther motivator for us both to get them.Tyler: You know what the problem with those goals are, man?Logan: What’s that? It’s not enough money.Tyler: It’s not enough fucking money. That’s the problem. We were putting like twenties and hundredsdown. I was like if I put ten grand on a goal that Logan got if I didn’t get it, that would have scared theshit out of me. That would have been extrinsic enough for me to work my butt off on my goalCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Logan: And that brings me to my next point that an even more important factor in motivation istowards versus away from. Are you motivated toward or to get to something? Are you motivated tobuild a business so that you have a lot more money coming in and you have time and freedom, or areyou motivated to build a business because you hate your job and you don’t want to work thereanymore?Statistics say that 70% of people are more away from motivated. People will move away from pain a lotmore than they will move towards success. Even if I say 70%, I’d say you’d really want to encompass thatinto your motivation and it’s going to make whatever you’re trying to do a lot stronger.Tyler: Yeah, that’s a fantastic way to accelerate your overall results. We kind of went on a side trackthere off of motivation because of the whole tiger bend thing. Let’s talk about influence and then we’lltalk about some of the ways you and I maybe set ourselves up for success in our days. Logan, howimportant do you think influence is on someone’s overall success?Logan: Very much so.Tyler: Come on, bounce off of that for a second. Tell me what you think.Logan: What do you mean specifically by influence? The people around you, how they influence you?Tyler: Yeah, let’s start with one topic at a time. We might as well start with people because I know howimportant that is and you know how important that it. What do you think about the people yoursurround yourself with?Logan: Well, that saying, from what I’ve seen, is true that for instance your net worth is going to beabout an average of the seven people you spend the most amount of time with. Whatever the averageof their net worth is, you’re going to fit in right there. Basically, everything in your life is going to be theaverage of the people that you spend the most amount of time with.That being said, that shows right there just whoever you spend your time with has a huge impact onyour life and it carries over into every area of your life. If you want to become more successful, starthanging around more successful people, whatever range of success you’re looking for specifically.Tyler: Absolutely. You know something that’s real interesting that I’ve noticed, too, is that you have torealize whether you’re the cream or you’re the milk. The reason why I say this is because if you’re thecream, whatever group you’re in, you’re always going to rise to the top. Then the next step for you is toput yourself out of your comfort zone and take the next step into that next group upward. If you’re themilk, you might want to get into a group where you are way below them because you’re whole goal isjust to get to the bottom of that group. Then you might accentuate that group up.That’s just something I’ve really noticed in myself and in other people. Whether or not you’re going tobe the leader of the group or the follower of the group, it doesn’t really matter. It’s important toacknowledge that so you know where your goal is but the most important thing you could do is takeCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. that information and then throw yourself into a group of people or into a set of influence that allowsyou to bring yourself up to the level that you know you consistently will bring yourself up to.Because even if you’re somebody who’s the cream, if all you ever do is hang out with just dumb shits,you’re going to rise to the top of the dumb shits, as much as you want to be the king of the dumb shitpile, it’s not going to be really that beneficial for you. You’re going to want to step outside of thatcomfort zone and go to the next group. If you’re the milk, you want to really, really look for those peoplethat are going to push you, that are going to really take you outside of your comfort zone, that are goingto bring you from way down below them to one of the people who are right underneath them.I think that’s an important concept to think about with influence but I will completely agree with Loganin saying that you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Both Logan and I have had to painfullyditch some friends or have had to put up some walls, basically like a mental wall that says when I hangout with this person, I’m going to enjoy my time with them based on a relationship we had and I will notlet them influence me in terms of my money, my beliefs, so on and so forth, while I hang out with them.You have to think about the people you’re surrounding yourself with. Find out how much they’remaking. Find out what they’re doing in their lives, if they’re succeeding with all their stuff. If they’re not,you have to do one of two things: One, limit your time and be very wise about the things they sayaround you that you let into your mind or two, just kind of slowly shift them out of your life. As painfulas that may be, it’s what a lot of successful people eventually end up having to do.Logan: The truth is if you just start to become more successful, even without trying, those people seemto drift away.Tyler: It’s true.Logan: I’ve noticed that over and over again. What you want to do, because you don’t want to justbecome anti-social because all your old friends used to suck, you want to find some new people tospend time with. Sometimes, some of those people may come up with you, though I’d say that’s a rarething, but even if you don’t find people locally, you can only get this sort of influence at a moreextended range by joining things like coaching groups, Masterminds, getting a coach for yourself, justgetting around those people. The more you can spend time with them, the more you will be influencedby them, and the more it’s going to help to bring you up, especially if they are coaching you I specificstuff that you need to do in order to achieve whatever success you’re looking for in life.Tyler: Absolutely, man. I completely agree. I think that joining a group, a Mastermind group, wasprobably the biggest thing I’ve ever done in terms of my overall success because I’m the cream, I’m usedto always rising to the top. What I did as I joined a group that cost a lot of money to join into and I wasthe fucking bottom of the milk, I was like the pus sitting at the bottom of the cup, just the nasty shit, andI’m working my way up through the ladders right now. I’m going to work my butt off until I get to thetop of that group. Then I’m going to move on to the next one. The top of this group is pretty freakinghuge already so I’m not too worried about it. But I just want to keep going up that ladder as much as Ican.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. So you guys, a coaching program or even a good meet up, a good marketing meet up because you’re gotto realize in the Fitness Money Podcast, we’re talking about business principle and life successprinciples. We’re not talking about how to train someone how to do a dumbbell push press better. Youhave to think in terms of that, not in terms of specifically just fitness.Logan: Yeah. Another way you can get influenced is through things like books, videos, audios. For me,back when I worked a day job at a grocery store, I had the privilege, and I think this was actually a bigpart of what really set me up for success later in life, was I would listen to CDs. I don’t think even MP3players were even out at that time early on.Tyler: Don’t tape yourself.Logan: I think they were at some point but through most of my shift, I was able to work with myheadphones on and I would listen to things like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, I had some programs by them, theaudio version of Think and Grow Rich. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to those differentprograms. I also listened to music once in a while because I enjoyed it but I really saturated myself with all thatstuff because I wasn’t getting that success from anywhere in my life at that time. I wasn’t even an adultat the time I was doing this. I wasn’t getting that anywhere else. I had to find that elsewhere and youcan still find it. That will really build your beliefs. That will set up your mind for that success that youwant, just by really going into that saturation mode, getting it over and over again from some of thegreat figures and all their products, books, and everything that’s out there.Tyler: Yeah. You know, Logan, I’m super glad you mentioned that. I was going to save that till later aslike my biggest tip and turning point. Some of you guys might have known that before I was assuccessful in the fitness industry, I was a construction worker. I was slapping nails and doing all thelaboring work that you might have done if you guys have done the same thing as me, which is just toughass work for not a very good wage.The biggest blessing that ever happened to me was getting laid off. I remember coming home andlooking at my wife and just being like, how the fuck are we going to do this? I got laid off and I’m kind ofcrumpling and even tearing up and all. I’ll admit it. I cried. All right. I’ll admit it. I cried. I was like, whatthe fuck am I going to do with my life?So I just said, screw this! I’m a hard ass worker. I’m going to find a way. So I started taking on my ownkind of handyman jobs. I hooked up with some people who need a lot of different work and they startedreferring me to their friends. Before you knew it, I’m like a successful handyman and I was actuallymaking twice as much as a handyman as I was doing construction for somebody else.The whole time, though, I’m sitting there thinking to myself, God, this can’t be it. This is ridiculous. So Istarted listening to books on tape. I had been listening to books on tape for years but more so than everbefore. There was a guy who was pretty sharp who told me to listen to this stuff at two or three timesthe speed. He’s the guy on the other side of this phone call right now.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Anyways, I started listening to this stuff like Logan does, at two to three times the speed, and just likehim I went through it probably over a hundred. Like if I open my iPhone right now—let me see—I havesome nutrition books, some other stuff but I really enjoy the success and everything. I have 62 books onmotivation and business success on my iPhone right now, every single one of which I’ve listened to for aminimum a two times and several that I’ve listened to more than a dozen times on there.We’re talking about influence and influence has to do with the amount of time you spend saturatingyour mind with information. If you’re sitting there all day with a bunch of worthless people but you havesome Jim Rohn in your ears, some Zig Ziglar in your ears, you have somebody really powerful in yourears frequently and more often than them, guess what? That audio book is going to influence you waymore than the people you surround yourself with.To me, the people I was into, I was like, hey, I’m coming home from work and although I was inconstruction, I hung out with T. Harv Eker all day long or I hung out with Bob Proctor all day long, or TimFerriss, anyone of those people. So those people because my influence even thought at the time Icouldn’t fucking afford a Mastermind group or it would have been really hard for me to go to even oneof their seminars.If you guys have $20, put it to use and start it with Think and Grow Rich, like a classic. From there, go toThe 4-Hour Work Week. That’s another one of my favorite books of all time. Bob Proctor, It’s Not Aboutthe Money, those are books that really influenced me, that made me think and go, holy crap! If I coulduse my mind, I will become more successful than everybody else around me.You know one of the biggest things I remember from, I think, one of Bob Proctor’s books was somebodywas asking one of his mentors, “What do you think is the biggest reason why people aren’t succeedingthese days?” He said, “People simply don’t think.” So you guys have got to get outside of your box.You’ve got to think and influencing yourself with audio books is my number one recommendation gotanybody.So if you get off this call and you don’t go buy one audio book and start listening to it right away, youmight as well just fucking not listen to the Fitness Money podcast ever again, because you’re not goingto take the steps you need to succeed. But if you’re somebody who takes action, leaves us a review, andthen buys a book, then goes and listens to it over and over again, then you absolutely need to keepgoing forward, buying more books and influencing yourself that way.It’s so powerful. You’ll start talking like those people even when you’re not conversing with everybodyelse around you like that. Then you’re going to start to see, like what Logan talks about, is that peoplethat aren’t going to help you go up are going to become more distant and people that are going to helpyou come up become more friendly. That’s a powerful tip, Logan.Logan: Yeah. Something that not a lot of people know about me before I started selling that first handbalancing book online, I was involved in a network marketing company and I failed miserably at that butthat was one of the best things that happened to me because that was what really set me upon the pathCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. of reading all these books. I was reading some before and listening to all this stuff. That really helped tobuild the foundation.Then when I saw this opportunity come later to me because with the internet, living in a first worldcountry, there are so many opportunities out there, you just can’t see them if your mind is not set up inorder to see the opportunities. On some level, it seems to take a saturation of the success message toreally push out that old crap that most of us have because we weren’t brought up around othersuccessful people.There’s a reason that poor people usually end up with poor people as their children, unless that poorperson is really away from motivated and hates all that stuff living poor and that they use as a driver fortheir success by getting around and surrounded by this positive influence. Rich people, if they don’t justgive all their money to their children and never teach them anything, those people always see there’s alot of money and money is easy to come by so they’re always going to continue to have it because theyalso build the skills along with the mindset and take action on it.Tyler: Yeah. So we talked about the audio books. We talked about choosing your friends wisely. Whydon’t we talk about reading a little bit, because I really think that this is a powerful topic right now? I’llstart by saying one simple thing. I’ve heard this from tons of success gurus out there and that is readersare leaders. So you guys absolutely have to read. It’s just one of the most important things you can do.If you’re not really a huge reader and you can get a lot out of audio books, then I completely wouldconsider those things one and the same. If you’re somebody how takes information much betterthrough audio, that’s totally fine. The point is you have to study a subject. I think it was Zig Ziglar whotalked about, I don’t know if it was a study or not, but he talked about if you spend five years listeningon one topic in your automobile as you drive to and from work, it’s often times the equivalent of acollege education on that topic, in your spare time. Even if business and marketing isn’t at the front ofyour mind, say you want to learn about nutrition then you can learn about nutrition just in thirtyminutes a day to and from work as you’re preparing yourself to make that transition from some cubiclebullshit job to maybe becoming a trainer or an online coach.Reading is so crucial. If you guys aren’t willing to invest in your education via simple things like books,then you’ll never be willing to invest in your education when it really counts. That’s when you’re goingto be seeing those gigantic gains in your businesses, when you invest when it really, really counts. Logan,what do you think about reading?Logan: Reading is excellent. You brought up one point I want to address, the different learning stylesthat people have. Some people are visual. Some people are auditory. Some people are kinesthetic, andthere’s also digital. I don’t want to get into too many details but realize that one or more of these thingsmay be best for you. If reading works really well for you, read more. If listening to audios works reallywell for you, do that. If watching videos works, do that. If you need to get hands on experience or be ledthrough, then go and do workshops, do whatever where you can get that.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Truthfully, in all those you’re going to be able to pick up stuff so I would encourage you to do all ofthose. I do listen to audios even though audio is not my best form of processing information, reallykinesthetic is but books work, too. They hit your brain in a different way and really to reach thatsaturation, you do want to be hitting it in all different ways.As far as reading is concerned, one skill well worth learning and well worth having is speed reading. Takea basic course on it. There are books on speed reading. Go and do that. Then you’ll be able to processfaster. It’s the same as listening to audios at double speed. You’re able to process the information fasterand actually end up having better comprehension if you do it right. You’re able to retain it more. You’reable to take action.Tyler: That’s good. So ready your asses off. Well, Logan, we only got a little bit of time left that we’regoing to probably spend on this call so why don’t we bounce back and forth and just give everybody kindof our useful tips for setting yourself up for success, things that you do in your work environment, thingsthat people can do throughout their day to basically set themselves up for success?Logan: Right. Well, I think we talked a lot about this in our last call on getting shit done. It’s really findout what works for you and what allows you to be the most productive. That’s going to be a big thing,setting up your environment in order for you to have great ability to be productive and have the greatwork flow.I’ll just give a couple of ideas here. I have whiteboards in my office here where I’m able to write things,to keep track of different goals and stats that I have going on. I’m also able to outline, to mind mapdifferent projects, and all that. I have two monitors for my computer because I spend a lot of time onthe computer. By having two windows open, that may save seconds at a time when I’m doing differentactions. You’re talking about the whole doggie bag thing last time but this compounded over and over ishuge. I’m actually thinking about getting a third monitor just so it can be even better. So set up yourenvironment so that you can be successful.I don’t do this so much now, I guess because I don’t need it as much but in the past, I would put upsuccess quotes and have different things like that all around my office. I still have success things like mywhole library here and everything so I still have that ambient feel but that was a huge thing for reallysaturating the mind once again.Tyler: Yeah, absolutely. I can bounce some stuff off of that, too. We did talk a lot about this in the lastpodcast if you guys didn’t listen to the Getting Shit Done podcast.Logan: That was a good one.Tyler: Yeah, that was a good one. There’s a lot of gold in them hills. Some of the things I think you guysneed to do is you always need to know what it is that you should be working on. If you come in to youroffice each day and you say, “Well, I’m just going to fucking wing it,” you may get stuff done but you’reprobably going to be half as productive. You’re not going to set yourself up for success which was whatwe’ve been talking about.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Like I told you guys last week, I have two lists almost always going. One is the shit I want to get doneover the next week. Actually, when I write that document on my computer, I’m going to have everysingle week for the next twelve weeks after that. If I don’t get stuff done, I can file it away. If I haveideas, I can file it away in one of those weeks, including promotions for other people and things like that.That was I always kind of have a good idea of kind of what I’m doing in the future as well.So always know what you’re going to do next. It doesn’t have to be as strict as “I’m going to do this firstthen this second.” It probably should be for maximum results but it doesn’t have to be. Just know what itis that you’re going to do so you can keep yourself successful all day long. That includes your audiobooks or your audio programs.One of the things that I do is I always make sure I have one to three different things in my roster. If I’mgoing to be really into nutrition or something like that, I’m going to have maybe a few different podcastsI know I want to listen to, maybe a book I want to listen to, a bunch of different stuff that I know I’mgoing to listen to that week and that particular day so that I never waste any time trying to figure outwhat the heck it is I’m going to listen to this time around.Or a book on success. I always have at least one book of success on my iPhone and I’m usually just kindof listening to it and seeing if I jell with it. If I do, I’ll listen to it two, three, four, five, six, or seven times,until it really hammers into my skull. If I don’t, don’t be afraid to ditch a book that you don’t feel like isreally giving you a lot of information. So I might just ditch a book if I feel like it’s repeat information or tobe honest with audio books, sometimes the narrators just suck and it’s boring. I’m like, oh barf! So I’llget rid of those.So to me, one of the most important things you can do so you can set yourself up for success is toalways know what you’re doing next.Logan: Speaking of studying and throwing away books, one good thing about speed reading is you canthen adapt your speed based on what you’re reading. If it’s really light and easy material, you can justblaze through that and find those sections that might be very useful to you. There might just be onething out of a book but that one thing for you could be huge. But sometimes, you do just need to throwaway a book. There are so many people who, if they start a book, are going to finish of it and I was guiltyof that in the past and definitely getting away from doing that. So adapt your speed.Also with book and all this information we’re talking about saturation yourself with, realize that unusedknowledge is a sin. I believe that comes from Edgar Cayce. If you’ve just learned or are just studying, allof this just goes into your brain but you never apply any of it, you’re wasting your time with all that. Yes,you do need to build that foundation and saturate yourself in order to really get there. I believe that is ahuge thing but you need to, at some point, apply that information. Without taking action on it, you arewasting your time.Tyler: Thats great. So I got another great idea. Here’s how we can finish this up, Logan. I got a greatidea for an exercise that will highlight exactly what you just said. If you guys are on the call right now,Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. you need to do this exercise. I’m going to make it super simple. I was thinking about how I could makethis more complex and I was like, fuck that. Let’s make it as simple as hell.This is the Fitness Money Podcast. We’re trying to teach you how to make money or more money in thefitness industry. Here’s what you’re going to do right now. Pull out a pen and a piece of paper. I wantyou to write down your number on fitness money goal. If you’re trying to make money online, thenwrite down how much it is. If you haven’t made a damn dollar online, do not right $10,000. Write $1online. If you guys are making $10,000 then write something appropriate for you. Write your numberone fitness money goal down right now.Underneath it, I want you to draw a big line and I want you guys to list the reasons why you want toachieve this. You can say three reasons up to five or ten reasons. Make sure they’re the most powerfulreasons why. I don’t care what they are.Logan: Incorporate both towards and away from. What does it mean for you to succeed with this goal?What does it mean if you were to fail, should you fail in achieving this goal?Tyler: Absolutely. Now take that piece of paper and either carry it on you at all times or put it in front ofyour computer where you’re working at in the day time. I want you guys to make a goal of reading thatpaper three times a day. Set it in your iPhone: read that piece of paper three times a day.For me, I want to make $10,000 net income online with my online fitness business so I would list thereasons why that is so important to me and why if I fail, that that’s going to damage me. I’m going toread that over and over again and then take action towards that goal. We’ll go into talking action orsetting up a plan maybe next week. We can come up with something like that next week but right now,do that one exercise. That way you guys know that you didn’t waste the last half hour just hearing someinformation but you actually took that information and you applied it right now to benefit your lifeLogan: When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night, the first and last thing onyour mind is your goal. What do you think that’s going to do in increasing your chances to hit it?Tyler: Done. It’s done. Cool, you guys. If you guys dig this one, leave us your review on iTunes. We reallyappreciate you guys doing that. Like us on Facebook, Go to thewebsite and listen to some of our episodes. We’re going to blow this thing up. Rightnow, Logan and I are just literally getting warmed up so this thing is going to be huge this year, if youguys dig being a part of a community, send us some emails with your questions and we just reallyappreciate you guys listening.Logan: Yeah. One other thing to be sure to do because we’re going to start sending out emails from thewebsite, be sure to go to and sign up on the email list. We’re going to have somecool stuff that you’re only going to be able to get if you sign up on that list. So be sure to do that, as well.Tyler: Absolutely. Cool, you guys. See you next week.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to FitnessMoney.Com or go toFacebook.Com/FitnessMoneyPodcast. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved