Fitness Money Episode 11 - Traffic and Conversion Part 2


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In the second part of Traffic and Conversion episode, Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett will give you a couple of great ideas on SEO, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing and much more. If you are in online fitness business, you don't want to miss this one and even if you are not, you will get tips on how to get started!

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Fitness Money Episode 11 - Traffic and Conversion Part 2

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 11 Traffic and Conversion – Part 2Welcome to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you by Fitness In this podcast, LoganChristopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step by step ways to make more money in your FitnessBusiness. Let’s take it on a word for this episode of the Fitness Money Podcast.Tyler: Hey, guys! This is Logan and Tyler here from the Fitness Money Podcast and’re here today to share our Episode #2 about the Traffic and Conversion Summit. How’s it going,Logan?Logan: It is going good. I’m ready to dive into some details. Last week, we covered some of the big ideasthat we got from the Summit. This time, we want to give specific little ninja tips that people can use toreally help them with what they’re doing both offline and on.Tyler: Yeah. I’m not as detailed with my notes as Logan is so he’s going to be more ninja and I’m going tobe more ninja observer on this one but I’m sure I can come up with some fun stuff to kind of jump inCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. there with. Our whole goal is to get you guys making more money in your fitness business. We keepforgetting to say this in the beginning of the podcast but join our email list. Subscribe so that way youguys get all of our shows. Listen to the shows. Like us on Facebook. Help us spread the Fitness Moneymessage so we can get more high quality personal trainers out there who actually have a real solidbusiness to go off and you guys can get paid what you’re actually worth. All right, Logan, take it away.Logan: One of the first places to start, one of the places that I get a whole bunch of traffic from isthrough search engine optimization. I’ve done a lot of stuff over the years in order to increase this. I justlike the idea of free traffic coming to my site every single day so thats a really cool thing. If you’ve neverheard about search engine optimization, you still want to keep things in mind. Last year, Google cameout with what was called the Panda update and a lot of people saw their websites go down in rankings.So there’s the Panda followed by the Penguin. Those details don’t matter so much.What’s very important and what was driven into more detail on this was in order for your website torank really well, you have to understand that Google’s looking for great user experience. Thats whatthey want. Keep this in mind. If Google sends someone to your page and someone seeing your page justgoes right back to Google, Google knows that happens and they don’t like that. That means they didn’tdo a good job in linking to the right resource. What Google wants to happen is someone searches onGoogle, they find your page, and then they’re lost in your page. They click through on a whole bunch ofdifferent pages. They’re going to different links there but they’re not clicking that Back button to goright back to Google.One of the biggest things that is going to determine whether people do this is actually how fast yourwebsite loads. It’s a very important thing. You can just do a search in Google for something like how fastis my website. Google has a tool. There’s a whole bunch of other ones like, where allyou’ve got to do is enter in your URL and it will tell you how fast your page goes, how fast it’s loading up,because if your page is not loading within a few seconds, realize not everyone has the fastest internetconnections in the world, so if it’s not loading, a lot of times they’re gone before they even see yoursqueeze page, before they see your videos, before they see your offer. That’s a huge thing you’re goingto want to take into consideration.Through these web page testing things, they’ll give you a lot of ideas on what you can do to improve it. Ifyou’re not technical yourself, then get your web person to do it. It really shouldn’t take too much. Thekey thing to keep into account is that simple often times is best. If your website has too many thingsgoing on then it’s likely going to be a little slow so you want to be able to pare it down and just stick withthe basics. Just make sure that it’s optimized and it’s loading very quickly because your SEO rankings willactually determine on this. It’s not just about usability, which is huge, but SEO will actually bedowngraded basically because of the quality of your site from this factor.Tyler: I’m going to jump in and translate it. We’re going to have a fun little translation session. Googleputs you at the top of the list if you have good stuff and lots of SEO ninja tricks. Otherwise, you don’t getto the top of the list. Obviously, you want to be at the top of the list because if somebody types in ‘SanCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Francisco personal trainer’—do you remember the stats, Logan? There were some crazy stats like thefirst spot on Google gets like 80% of the clicks or something like that.Logan: I think about 70, somewhere—Tyler: Yeah, 77, and the second spot gets like 20, and then the third spot gets like 5, with the rest isspread between them. So you’re literally talking like triple the traffic if you’re ranking number 1 versusranking number 2, and then again triple if you’re ranking number 2 versus 3. While we’re on that, let’ssay somebody’s got a website and they want to get some ranking and some link back, do you have anyinstant YouTube ninja kind of things that they can do to rank pretty quickly?Logan: Okay. Talking about videos, here’s a cool thing about video: It’s way easier to get a video rankedon the first page of Google for whatever keyword you’re going for so if you’re going for ‘San Franciscopersonal trainer’ instead of trying to get your website ranked for that, which of course you should stilldo as well, if you create a video targeted toward those keywords and you actually did nothing elsebesides that except doing that right, having the keywords, the title, description, tags, all that stuff, it’smuch more likely to be highly ranked than your webpage or any article you put out. So that is a hugething.Then you can do SEO stuff like building links up that video. Here’s a cool thing about YouTube. SinceYouTube is such a high authority site, you can actually take basically crappy links that Google doesn’t liketo see pointing toward your site because you’re not such an authority site, but they will work if youpoint them toward your YouTube video. That is kind of technical but it works really, really well and it’s away you can easily outrank your competitors if you just know a little stuff here. So you just target theright keywords with your video then you blast some links to it. Boom! You can be on that first page ofGoogle for whatever keyword it is.It also shows that if it’s a video there, people are more likely to click on those videos. It will also be reallyhigh up on YouTube itself. A lot of people, especially the younger generations—even younger than us, Iguess—they actually use YouTube as their search engine so if they’re looking to do something or they’relooking for information, they’ll go to YouTube and type it in, not to Google.Tyler: So something like shooting a video where you maybe have like a couple of testimonials, a coupleof videos of your personal training service, and just really using a ton of keywords like maybe your townand then personal—Logan: Not a ton keywords. You want to choose one single keyword really to go after.Tyler: Oh, yeah. Obviously, I’m an SEO ninja. Yeah, so you want to choose that one keyword so it’d be alocale and then like a ‘personal trainer’, something like ‘San Francisco personal trainer’ and then youcould shoot a handful of videos like that and start to rank much better than at least your other peoplebecause you have those videos up, right?Logan: Those people don’t know this stuff. Especially when you compete at a local level, if you’re in SanFrancisco, there are going to be enough people there. Competition is high. If you’re in a smaller town,Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. it’s so easy to dominate. Here’s the thing. You can actually do more than just have a single listing on thefirst page of Google. What if your website is the number 1 result then another page in your website isnumber 2, then you have several different videos on that page and it’s all you so that no matter where aperson’s looking, basically it’s going to be you. That’s where you want to be at. That way, you’re going tobe getting tons of free online traffic.Tyler: Absolutely. That’s good information, you guys. That’s really good. Logan, when did you open thatfitness studio in Scott’s Valley for like a short period of time before you moved away?Logan: That was two years ago.Tyler: I’m going to do a little experiment real quick on Google here.Logan: What? See if I’m still ranked here?Tyler: See if you’re still ranking.Logan: That website’s not up anymore so I’d be surprised if I was.Tyler: You know I just remembered a couple of months ago typing in like ‘Scott’s Valley’ or ‘Santa Cruzpersonal trainer’ and your site popping up and me being, “That asshole. The gym’s not even open.” Butyou know thats how powerful this stuff can be. How the heck is somebody supposed to come and useyour service if they have no idea how to contact you? There’s no funnel whatsoever.Logan: Right. Instead of becoming an SEO expert because it does take a lot of work and like I said,Google is always changing things up, you can learn the basics. I do recommend for anyone thats tryingto do anything online, if you’re putting up content, understand the basics of keywords because thatmeans just by doing a few small tweaks to the keywords that may be in an article you put up, whetheryou’re just selling products to everyone or a local thing, just a few small tweaks will determine whetheryou’re actually going to get traffic from the search engines versus none at all.That is worth learning for everyone. The basics of keywords doesn’t take much to learn at all. Maybe wecan go through that in a future episode. Understand that. If you want to go further, thats fine, do it.Otherwise, just find someone. There are a lot of people who are pretty good with SEO out there. Justmake sure they’re not doing some black hat stuff that’s going to get your website de-listed so you’re notgetting traffic.Tyler: Yeah. You don’t want to cheat on the stuff. You do want to provide high quality content because,like Logan said, we have some friends who depended on their Google SEO skills to make money onlineand then the next day they woke up and their incomes went from $10,000 to a sharply declining $2,000or $3,000 a month because all the stuff they had learned just instantly became outdated. So you dowant to have good content on there. All right, Logan, what’s next? Have you got any other ninja stuffyou want to dig through?Logan: Okay. A little bit more on the YouTube. This one’s so good that I kind of don’t want to share italthough if anyone looks at my Legendary Strength YouTube channel, they’ll it all over the place.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Actually, I’m going to give them homework. If you want to learn this tactic, go just see what I’m doing onevery single one of my videos. You’ll see it there and it’s some cool stuff. I’ll give you some ideas. Thereare ways that you can make it within the video itself to have clickable links to your other videos, tosubscribe to your channel, even to your website, that sort of thing is possible with YouTube. It didn’t useto be.One of the things is in order to do this, you will have to monetize your channel. That means ads will berunning, which isn’t necessarily a good thing though you can actually make some money off that, too. Ihaven’t seen money coming in from that yet but I just optimized or enabled this setting a little whileago. The really cool thing is then you can put clickable things, you can get people to like your video muchbetter, to check out your other videos, to subscribe to your channel, and even send them to sites off ofYouTube where you can have your squeeze pages, your different offers, and sales pages.Tyler: Holy shit! How’d you get that little thing up there on the corner?Logan: Ninja tactics.Tyler: Okay. I’m sorry I had to interrupt Logan here for a second because I wanted to do this, too. I’mgoing to get his web guy and have them do it for me because I’m just not into that. I’m going to spoil it,Logan. Sorry, bro. He just has clickable links on there—he’s already talked about that—but imaginehaving basically an advertisement in all of your YouTube videos that cycle back to some sort of salesfunnel or offer.Logan: It doesn’t have it because it’s good practice to have a watermark. Have your URL throughout thevideo. That’s a good thing to have because it’s branding. If you have the logo, you can throw that on,too. But with these things, you can actually have a clickable link. There are ways to do images or a textlink that people can click and go to a website because people are much more likely to click somethingrather than type something out. Most people will not do that. Of course you can do this in yourdescription. You can have clickable links in there but I’ll tell you that most people don’t look at thedescription at all so if it’s in the video itself, that’s powerful.Tyler: Yeah. That is really powerful. There are some fitness guys who are doing that really well. They’rebuilding humongous YouTube pages. I’m not an SEO ninja or anything like that but I do plan to dominateYouTube in 2013, a) by paying an SEO ninja to do the stuff that they need to do, and b) by just posting aton of awesome, keyword-related information. Honestly, all I’m trying to do is answer the questions thatI get all the time. I can have a YouTube video for people to get and also just build that credibility bybeing able to answer tons of different questions related to my expertise. It’s fun for me, too. Honestly,I’ll sit in front of that dang camera for like an hour a week just talking about barefoot training,dehydration, and just fun stuff. I like that.Logan: Next, do you want to talk about some advertising?Tyler: We can talk about advertising. The only thing I wanted to touch on was that sales formula that wewent through there just because I feel that most people don’t even understand how to start writing aCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. sales letter. This is a really good formula that one of the guys at the event shared. It kind of gives you anexact sequence to go off of.Logan: Do you think we should save that for another episode because we don’t have—Tyler: Do you mean the whole thing?Logan: Yeah, I think talking about sales is kind of a big thing. That might be worth saving a whole episodefor.Tyler: Teaser for next week.Logan: I’m not trying to open the loop, you guys, so you tune in next week. Seriously, I think if we havemore time to devote to that would be very good.Tyler: Okay. I just cock-blocked so it’s next week on the sales system. You’re right. I’m looking at thething. I’ll probably end up talking for half an hour on that thing alone. We could build subjects on it.Logan: There are 21 things there so if we spend a minute on each, that’s 21 minutes right there. I think itwill take a little longer than that.Tyler: All right. Scratch that idea. Back to the SEO ninja shit. Let’s go!Logan: Let’s move away from SEO and talk about advertising. One very easy way to advertise isFacebook. We’ve talked very briefly about Facebook but the cool thing about Facebook is you can targetexactly who you want. One, you can target it geographically to people right in the area, city, country orthat sort of thing. You can also target people based on their likes so it’s huge just in that alone. I’m goingto be rolling out a whole lot more of this.This is what you want to think of: Before you really spend money on advertising, you want to have yourwhole funnel set up, preferably optimized, because if you’re spending money sending people tosomething that is untested—you might need to do that some time in order to text it out, that is one wayto do it if you don’t have traffic already available like having the email list we already talked about lastweek to be able to send to it till you test it out—if you do that and you basically have leaks in yourfunnel and things aren’t working well, then you may just be throwing that money away.You want to have the funnel set up from getting the email opt-in. It always is a great way. Basically,probably something you should always do if you’re buying advertising is the free offer, which issomething you’re trading for their information. From that, you can move on to something like the low-priced entry offer on the front end. From there, you have those upsell funnels. From there, you sellthem on more stuff at the back end. You have systems set up in place to do that.So you want to have this funnel set up before you begin to send advertising to it. If you’re just trying tosend advertising to your blog page or even if you have a personal training website, I wouldn’t even gothat route. You might be able to get it to work possibly but if you have a funnel set up, it’s going to workso much better.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Tyler: Let me put the brakes on Logan real quick just to say if you guys are on a personal training deal,what Logan is saying is if you guys really want to optimize the traffic coming to you through Facebookand Google AdWords, stuff like that, which is the step from being kind of like an amateur to aprofessional in a business world when your paid advertising is converting and making more money thanyou’re paying for the advertising, you’ve got to have your website up.The two things that you need to have for this are a website and an email autoresponder service likeAweber or MailChimp, like we talked about. If you want to dig deeper, I like InfusionSoft but that’sdefinitely a shiny nickel to get started. So if you’ve got shiny nickels, you should probably doInfusionSoft. I’ll put an affiliate link down below the video just in case.You’ve got to have the squeeze page. You’ve got to have the page where it says, “Hey! Sign up for myfive free bodyweight fat loss home workouts that you can do and 10-day nutrition program that will helpyou lose 20 pounds of fat in just 10 days. Put your email address here.” That’s where you want to drivetraffic to. You want to test that page out by driving cold traffic to it via print ads, via emails to bigger liststhat you can find, like if you’re partnering with a tanning salon or something and you want to send theirlist to this page and you want to see how well it does in converting.From there, that page should take them to a thank you video or a thank you page that basically frameswhat they’re about to do and then makes offers them an offer, something like $27 for two weeks ofyour boot camp. In the boot camp, you have your kind of more internal sales funnel where somebodycomes in, you meet them, they sign up some paperwork, and then you can sign them up immediately fora body diagnostic session and then upsell them to your boot camp program or your personal trainingprogram afterwards.This needs to be done first of all and ideally, you should spend some to optimizing it before you startdriving that cold traffic to it. Once that’s all set up, then it’s time to start playing with the big boys andstart looking into this advertising tactic that Logan’s about to share.Logan: Yeah. SEO and video, those stuff are great and you can get a lot of traffic that way but comparedto paid traffic, it just seems to send a lot more traffic a lot more quickly because it can be scaled somuch. If you’re targeting long tail keywords, you’re going to get trickles of traffic and hopefully you justput a whole bunch of content out there so these trickles of traffic add up. With advertising if you do itright, you can send in floods of traffic really fast. Of course if you’re doing floods of traffic, all the moreimportant it is to have that funnel optimized.Tyler: Absolutely. Yes. I don’t know if I’m going to steal Logan’s content here but talking off my brain,the first thing you can do before you start advertising, obviously after you have your sales funnel, is tojust go on Google and type in the keywords that you want to rank for. You want to pull up your ‘SanFrancisco personal trainer’ or ‘San Francisco boot camp’ and you’re going to see ads.You want to click on those ads. You want to look at those ads. You want to see what those people aredoing because likely, those people are going to be the ones doing the best in the industry. You mightwant to go all the way through their sequence and copy that sequence because it’s likely that thatCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. sequence is doing well for them. It may not be. You may just have somebody who’s opening a personaltraining studio and throwing cash at Google but it’s a great place to start to see who’s doing what.Also, there was a website., and it does cost money. I think Logan and I willprobably end up getting this service because you can type in any domain name and it will tell you whattheir ads are, where they’re advertising, every single bit of it. They described it as being almost unfair,almost should be illegal because you don’t have to do the market research. All you do is type in adomain name and it shows you exactly what this company is doing. You go look at the company, youlook at somebody who’s making money, then you’d better believe they’ve done the research tooptimize that sales funnel already and you can just pretty much clone it, borrow it, if you will, and use itin your business.Logan: Getting back to Facebook, they had some really cool stuff. I will say I have not tested this stuffout yet. I will be. The basic idea with Facebook if you’re buying advertising is there are two routes to go.One, you can send them to a fan page where you’re likely to get a lot of likes if you do that. Then ofcourse, you want to be putting content or having the offer. Even the start of funnels can be on aFacebook fan page so you want to be able to convert them from there. That can work. Generally, ifyou’re pointing people from Facebook to Facebook, you’re going to pay less for advertising becauseFacebook likes to keep them there. You can also point them to any other website. So this is where you’dwant to send them to the squeeze page for example.Those are the two basic models. There are some other ones here and I’ll try to describe this right frommy notes, just looking at it is actually kind of confusing me.Tyler: Hold on to your butts! Get out your pens.Logan: One of the ideas was to create a Facebook fan page not as your business fan page but you createa Facebook fan page just for whatever the offer happens to be. This one came from Jeff Usner. That Basically, what he did was labeled that Facebook fan page with a really greatheadline. From there, you are able to do a Facebook sponsored posts that will then promote—if I’mgetting this right—both your fan page and the URL to your website so you’re sort of getting double dutyaction going on right there. You are able to get sort of twice the advertising right there because you canpromote both the outside URL and your fan page. That’s a pretty big thing if you can pull it off. There aresome other kinds but like I said, I’m going to have to test these out, get them rolling, and report backwith the statistics later.Tyler: Absolutely. Facebook can be so powerful if you’re good at using it. We’ve got some friends whoare pretty good at using Facebook so if you’re already on there, you have your own page or whatever,and you’re just killing it. You’re getting friends, you’re getting your clients to sign up there, and you’reinteracting with people.There are so many different avenues that you can be good at. There’s Facebook. You can be great atTwitter. You can be great at YouTube. You can be great at blogging. You can be great at email marketing.Obviously, you want to do some amount of each one of those things. In an ideal world, you’re going toCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. optimize each one of these but if you guys are scraping up on Facebook, then by all means, take yourefforts and focus it on the tactics like Logan just shared on Facebook. Build your likes. Build yourcommunity.From there, down the road, you can always take all those people and say, “Hey, I have this free ebook.Click this link,” and then it goes to a squeeze page that you’ve optimized. That’s just another way tobuild your traffic, your media. If you’re already killing it and you love to be on Facebook then just dothat. Work on that stuff. Try to find ways to build more traffic through Facebook rather than going homeand trying to do all this YouTube stuff that pisses you off.I am the opposite. I love YouTube. I get YouTube and guess what? When I go online, I look at YouTube. Iget it. If I go on Facebook, I don’t know what the heck I’m even doing on there. What’s the Like button? Ido the best I can but I’m just not good at it. So try to stick to the things that you do best and then as youmaster each thing, each traffic source, then you can move on to those things that you maybe don’t gelwith as much. You guys don’t have to marry yourself to any one of these strategies and I don’t suggestyou marry yourself to all of them at the same time because then you’re going to do all of them prettypoorly. Try to pick the thing that you already do really well. Stick with that until you master it and thenadd some other components as you go through it.Logan: Ditto to all that. That’s very important. Go with where you’re good and you enjoy it more. You’reable to get that to a really high level then really sort of move on to the next thing. If you dabble ineverything, you’ll get little bits of results in everything. Sure, there are ways to automate between thesedifferent things. If you’re doing really well in YouTube, just make sure you have a fan page and you caneven set it up automatically or easily outsource where that video gets posted to Facebook and it mayjust grow a little bit at a time there.Facebook and the other social media are great on the fact that once you get to a certain point, thegrowth can take over for itself as long as you continually put content out there. It’s going to take over onits own and then you’re getting all those links back to your website. It’s a great way to coordinate withblogging, SEO, and all that stuff, but it can get out if hand so stick with one thing at a time.Tyler: If you had to guess, Logan, what number of YouTube subscribers and Facebook Likes do you thinkwill be that kind of critical mass, just from what you’ve observed?Logan: Once you get over like 1,000 likes, it will grow by itself as long as you put some content. It’s goingto grow slowly. If you’ve got over like 10,000 then I’d say you’re growing very quickly on Facebook,probably YouTube as well. That’s an important thing about YouTube. People just think the video playsbut YouTube also likes to think of itself as a social media place. You can have friends, subscribers, likes,and all that so that is something to take into consideration as well.Tyler: Absolutely. Any last minute ninja get-more-traffic tips that you want to share with these guysabout this stuff? We teased you earlier. Next time, we’ll dig through how to write a bitchin’ sales letter?Logan: Yeah. This was really interesting. They had a presentation on authority blogging and they sort ofmade me realize that this is not the route I’m going. That was just as important as learning some coolCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. tactics. I really liked this quote, at least I think it was a quote, “You don’t monetize blogs. You createmedia with blogs”—media being the email list we talked about—“You monetize that media.”So if you’re really going for building a huge blog, there are two different models you can take with ablog. One of them is to do it by yourself, in which case you can do a lot of short posts and do those everysingle day. That can work. You can go to for the model of one longer article or post every week and thatcan work. Still over time, you’re going to grow that to some level of authority.But the real idea behind authority blog is a one-stop resource on whatever that niche happens to be.There are going to be a whole bunch of different authors. You’re going to have to get tons of guests. Todo this and manage all that content becomes a full time job. That is a different model if you’re goingforward with it. It really depends on what your goals happen to be, what you enjoy doing, like we werejust talking about, and then you take some ideas from there and roll with them.Tyler: Absolutely. You know I just had another idea that we need to roll with, too. We need to do a get-your-website-up for dummies kind of podcast because I think that’s something that a lot of peoplewould find really useful if we just kind of walk them step by step.Logan: Are you one of those people, Tyler?Tyler: No, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been on the internet since 2001 in terms of mydomains and stuff like that, and these crappy site builders and stuff but I didn’t make a damn dollar untillast year so yes, I am one of those people that has no idea what the heck to do when it comes totechnology. You guys don’t even need to know how to do it. It’s really simple with things like WordPressthese days and one-click installs. You go to Go Daddy, you go to WordPress, you get a couple of goodplug-ins and you’re rolling already.Logan: Yeah. It’s really simple so I think that would be a good one to do. That might be worthy of doing avideo podcast.Tyler: I mean like a screen capture thing. I can just stand in the background and smile and you can see anoverlay of my pretty face or something like that while we’re on that.Logan: Yeah, we can talk you through it and actually it is really simple but it’s likely someone who hasn’tdone it will get lost through that process so I think that’s a good for the future, how to set up yourwebsite in 30 minutes.Tyler: There you go. Boom, baby. All right. So look out for both of those. We’re going to go through asales step formula next time so you guys can sit down and write your sales letter, which is basicallysomebody goes to your squeeze page and they give you their information. The next page they need togo to is going to be the sales letter that sells them on a low end offer. It’s not as hard to craft a goodsales letter for a low end offer but you need to know the steps that it takes to do a sales letter so thatyou guys can do it by yourself right now because copywriters, people who write sales letters for you,cost a lot of money.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Anyways, like us on Facebook and share us. Support the Fitness Money community just by sharing usaround with people so we can help more people make more money in their fitness business. Logan,anything else to say?Logan: No, that should wrap it up for this week.Tyler: All right, you guys. Look forward to the next episode where we’re going to be talking about thatsales formula. Until then, keep listening to the podcast and keep acting on the stuff that you’re hearing.Logan: And be sure to tell us the results you’re getting when you implement this information. Thatswhat we want to hear more than anything else. We want to hear, “Oh, this brought in hundreds andthousands of dollars,” then we’re like, “You can give us a cut.” That’d be sweet.Tyler: No, no. Give us your testimonial. That’s what we want more than anything. I just want to hear thatwhat we’re doing is actually making a difference. If you guys make ten bucks, a hundred bucks, athousand bucks, let us know. Thanks for listening, guys.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money Podcast. For more information on how youcan make more money in your fitness business today, go to or go Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved