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Fitnes Money Episode 3 - Know Who You're Selling To


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In this third episode of Fitness Money Podcast, you have a chance to learn a lot about importance of targeting specific clients in both online and offline worlds, how to find your ideal customer avatar, common mistakes to avoid in your fitness business and much more.

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Fitnes Money Episode 3 - Know Who You're Selling To

  1. 1. Fitness Money Podcast Episode 3 Know Who You’re Selling to Get this podcast on iTunes at: to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you by Fitness In this podcast,Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step by step ways to make more money inyour Fitness Business. Let’s take it on a word for this episode of the Fitness Money Podcast.Tyler: All right, you guys. It’s Tyler and Logan here from the Fitness Money podcast We’re going to share with you today all about who you’re selling to andhow that drives your marketing and everything. How’s it going, Logan?Logan: It’s going good.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Tyler: Awesome, brother. It’s a cold, wet day in the Bay area and we’re here and ready to showyou some awesome stuff to get you guys moving forward to making more money in your fitnessbusiness.Logan: It’s funny. Back when I started, when I was originally going to be a personal trainer,some people, I think a couple of different people, were like, “Okay. Who’s your target client?”and my answer was, “Everybody.” Basically, whoever would pay me money I would take on.That’s where a lot of people start. There’s nothing wrong with starting there because logically,it makes some sense that if you can work with everybody in whatever manner, then you’re notgoing to stop anyone from coming. You’re going to be able to get more customers that way.That’s what it seems at first glance. However, that’s actually wrong.Tyler: Right. You’re so right. People think, “If I niche myself or if I pigeonhole myself then I’mgoing to make less money because there are less people.” The difference is you have toconsider the marketing message that you’re giving. If you’re trying to go for everybody, you’regiving a broad marketing message.When somebody reads that message, they don’t feel like you’re talking to them, right? You kindof hit people here and there. You get some feedback but you’re not directing your marketingtowards a person to the point where they hear you, where they’re like, “Oh my God! Logan orTyler is talking to me and I need to respond to this mailer,” or email or whatever the heckyou’re sending them. So you’re totally right, Logan. That’s the biggest mistake people makeinstantly in their business, saying, “I’m selling to everybody. I have the best product foreveryone.”Logan: Yeah. Just take a moment and think of it from your potential customer’s point of view. Ifthey were to, like you said, receive something in the mail and it was just generic like personaltrainer and then you made it all about you, of course, and not about them, which is what iscommonly seen, it is just a generic message likely, “Lose weight” or, “Get in shape” or whateverthe offer is, people are going to just immediately throw it away.But let’s say your potential customer was the older population, you’re working with seniors andhelping them get in shape, and then you had something there that was targeted specifically,you showed pictures of older people, you had testimonials from people and even putting theirage saying specifically, “I wasn’t able to get around the house after working with so and so.Now, I’m much more mobile. I feel a lot better. I have more energy,” that sort of thing, if youcan target the message to the right person then you’re going to increase your responsedramatically.This doesn‘t mean you would only have to go for this one population. You could, but a big partof this is targeting the right message to the right people. Maybe you do like to work withCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. seniors but you also like to work with kids. In a different message altogether, you can do thatsame thing. You can work with multiple populations but the key thing is to be targeted. Whenyou’re trying to target everybody, you’re basically targeting no one.Tyler: Right. Thats absolutely true. In my fitness business—and you know a lot of peopleprobably market like this—let’s take it all the way back to the most basic marketing method.Let’s say you work at a big box gym, you’re a personal trainer, and we’re talking about how youcan get more clients to make more money. Probably the only effective way you have right now,unless you’re building your email list, which is step number one, always build your email list, isyou put up a little print ad on the wall.Nine times out of ten I see this print ad on the wall and it says, “Personal training,” “Fat loss,”“Muscle building,” “Athletic performance,” “Come train with me for three sessions for just$99.” There are some things in there that kind of can be effective like the low end offer andstuff like that but like you’re saying, targeting your message towards somebody is the mostimportant part.Think about the advertising from big media. It doesn’t catch your attention because it’s justscreaming. That brings me to a thought that one of my business mentors talks about. He says,“Are you screaming or are you whispering in your marketing?” I’d rather whisper to somebodywho’s willing to listen than scream at a crowd where nobody will listen.So target your message even if you just have a printed piece of paper on the wall. Instead ofsaying, “Come train with me for fat loss, muscle building, athletic performance,” that piece ofpaper says, “Are you frustrated because you aren’t able to lose those last ten pounds? Let meshow you how to lose those last ten pounds the easy way. Come contact me for a free bodydiagnostic session or free one-on-one session where I can show you the easy way to lose thoselast ten pounds.” That person only hears that one thing over and over again. Guess what?You’re going to get a bunch of people who have ten pounds to lose responding to that adbecause you’re speaking to them. We can dig in a little more to make sure this is even moreeffective.Logan: Yeah. With that ad, you’re going to get those people that are looking for that. Actually, alarge portion of the population is just looking to lose something like that. What you’re not goingto get with that ad is people looking to lose 50 to 100 pounds. It would take a different ad you’dwant to target at them. Some of those people might see that ad and still decide it’s a good idea.There’s also other people that aren’t looking to lose weight and just want to build muscle orsomething like that. Once again, the ad’s not going to target them but by having that exact,specific message to an exact specific population you’re going after, you’re going to get so muchbetter in the way of results than just having a general message.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Tyler: Sure. You already kind of mentioned this, Logan, when you gave your example oftargeting the elderly population. Something to keep in mind as you guys market to people, evenif it’s just through posters and whatever is trying to find the people who you know will be ableto pay you for your services.One of the common mistakes I see with so many trainers is this. I’m sure you’ve heard this, too,Logan. “I want to train athletes. All I want to do is train athletes.” I was the same way when Ifirst started. I was, “I want to train athletes.” Athletes don’t have any money. The only athletesthat have money are professional athletes. When’s the last time you met a personal trainerwho landed a pro athlete on their first gig? It doesn’t happen, right? So people want to trainathletes but they’re focusing on people with no money and they’re training them. That’s justnot a good idea from the start.So trying to find affluent people to market to from the start is something you want to thinkabout when delivering your targeted message, not going for people who don’t have money.Some great ideas that you guys can market to are the elderly community. Logan just mentionedthat. There is a ton of money in training elderly people.To be honest, I have a friend who runs a seven-figure gym in some tiny little town inPennsylvania and it’s with just elderly people. Those are the only clients he takes on. To him it’sgratifying to take an elderly person and hear, “Hey, you know what? I couldn’t tie my shoe sixweeks ago and now I can because I have more strength and range of motion,” and whatnot, or,“I could sit in my chair and stand up all by myself again.” That’s just one community that youcan think about marketing to. Say, “Hey, I’m going to specialize in the elderly population,” andthen all you do is getting them stronger and keeping them fit into their old age. Any otherthoughts, Logan?Logan: Let’s just go into some detail on what some good communities to go into are. I alsomentioned the kids and of course the kids themselves don’t have the money but they’re notgoing to be the one paying you. There are ways where you can segment that population and ofcourse, living in a city where there are a lot of rich people really helps. In any town orcommunity, there’s going to be different segments of the population.Let’s face it: a lot of kids are overweight these days. Actually, kids’ programs are a really big andgrowing thing because theres such a need for it. A large part of this you could use just theeducation in your marketing, saying if you’re kids are overweight now you’re really just settingthemselves up for so many things in the future like lack of health, having health problems,disease, that sort of thing, diabetes, and all that—Tyler: Bad self image.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Logan: Yeah. So many different things and you’d need time to really learn these things and setthem up as habits as a kid. So there’s so much you can do in that population as well.Tyler: Yeah. Children, the elderly communities, and like Logan said, trying to tap into thecommunities that you know are making more money. So if you get bold and you want to sendout a mailer to try and get more personal clients, don’t just send out a mailer to everybody. Infact, I would recommend driving around your neighborhood, in your communities, and trying totake note of the houses that have nicer cars, that are nicer neighborhoods. If you’re looking tojust do this dirt cheap, you can print out your own little door hangers at like Staples orwhatever. You can drive around and look for the Mercedes Benz’s in the driveway and you canjust go and door hanger their doors.Another friend of mine does post-it notes on nice cars. They have these post-it notes made upthat say, “Hey, want to lose 10 pounds? Let me show you how with this free one-on-onesession.” She just goes up, walks, and puts on post-it notes on car windows because it’s moreinviting. It’s different than when you just see something slipped underneath your windshield.When was the last time you read something slipped underneath your windshield? You don’t,right?There are a few ways that you guys can think about, kind of dirt cheap-wise, doing this withinyour community and targeting the right person. Because if you target cheap people, you’regoing to cheap people coming in there and it’s not going to be fun.Logan: This is important, Tyler. How many clients of yours are women compared to men?Tyler: Oh, man. If you’re looking at my boot camp community, it’s roughly 80/20. That’s huge.In my private training, it’s actually 60/40 right now which is different. It didn’t use to be likethat. It used to be 100% women but I managed to get some really cool guy clients that I reallylike to train so I keep training with them as much as I can.Logan brought up a great point. Targeting men is not the best way to go. It’s the same as whenyou’re driving down the street and you think of asking for directions. No guy wants to ask fordirections. They want to figure it out themselves. Even if they see an ad that says, “Lose yourlast 10 pounds,” they’re just going to be like, “I’ll find my own way to lose my last ten pounds.”That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get 20% or 30% of gentlemen taking you up on youroffers even if you are targeting for females, but realize that no matter when you are and whoyou’re marketing to that you’re probably going to see the majority of population come in as afemale.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Logan: Yeah. That’s not saying though that if you did it right, you couldn’t just target men andwork along those lines.Tyler: Sure.Logan: It can be done. We’re just saying the population that’s looking for a personal trainer ismostly women, usually middle-aged. I’d say that’s the vast majority of clients out there but youand I both know Guy in San Diego who actually kind of dominated the gay market as far aspersonal trainers. There you have guys who really care about how they look. A lot of them aredoing well enough money-wise so that would actually be a great community to go with.It’s not for everyone but if you could do that in a place where there’s obviously a decentenough sized population, then that would be a very good community. We’re just trying to giveyou some ideas of what you can do as far as where you want to do it.A good place to start of course is who you enjoy working with most. You shouldn’t only look atthe money because while you can be successful, you’re not going to be fulfilled. What we do inour business is we’re looking for the lifestyle and to have fun with everything that we do. Thatis a big and important part.You want to see where what you enjoy doing matches with where the money is to be madebecause it’s not that much fun either if you try doing something you love to do without findingone you can sell to or make some money off and then having to scrape by, do other things, orwork at a MacDonald’s to make ends meet.Tyler: Sure. That kind of brings me to when I started the personal training thing and I was inthat same community where I wanted to train athletes. I thought that was what was fulfillingbut I realized now since I’d taken on several different clients with several different goals thatwhat makes me happy is seeing people progress.So if you guys are afraid to try training an elderly person, just give it a shot and start slowbecause you’ll be shocked at how fulfilling it is to see somebody go from not being able to squatto being able to squat, then being able to squat on one leg, things like that where it justbecomes really powerful when you help somebody make a significant change in their life.If you’re married to the concept of athletes, that’s great and that’s fine. I really do encourageyou to seek out the right people who are interested in that but don’t sell yourself short and nottry something else to see if it as fulfilling because it can be really fun to train people who arehaving a hard time with their bodies and can really use the help of people who reallyunderstand how to train people well. I’m hoping that’s you guys.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Logan: You can choose to go my route as well because if Tyler asks me the same question aboutwhat percentage of my clients are male versus female, I’d say about 80% of my customers aremale, probably even more than that, maybe closer to 90%. Where I’m operating mostly is in theonline world. I don’t do anything regarding fat loss. That’s not where I wanted to go at all. Ireally am going more for the athletes or people who want to build those athletic skills.The people who want to learn how to do a handstand is not a huge population. If you were tolook at the local area, you’re probably not going to be able to find enough clients in most placesto be able to do that but with the internet, you can really find that population of people whoare interested in that topic and target them exactly. All the other crazy stuff I do like feats ofstrength, the average person coming to the gym has no desire to learn how to bend horseshoesbut there are enough people out there that you can make a profit on doing a product on a topiclike that.When you figure out who your people are, the people that you want to target specifically andyou understand a little bit about them, we could talk a little bit about the demographics andalso the psychographics of the people. When you have these things in mind then actuallybuilding your marketing message and figuring out how you can target them becomes that mucheasier to do.Tyler: Absolutely. We’re talking about the way we talk to each one of our people so I figured Iwas going to bring up a promotional offer that went really well. This was an email offer I sentout to my prospects list right before we ran a 30-day challenge. Here I’m speaking more to thefat loss people. Take a moment to kind of get an idea of what I’m trying to get people to dowith this entire email here.It basically says, “Hey, Tyler,” or whoever the heck the name of the person was, “I wanted tomake sure you were the first to know about a special program that will be starting very sooncalled the 30-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge. Unlike the 60-Day and the Six-Week Body Makeoverchallenges, you will not be required to turn in your before and after information unless youchoose to.” I included that because we had a lot of people objecting to shooting before andafter photos and being required to turn them in, “This 30-day challenge is a straightforwardway for you to jumpstart your nutrition and turn the last quarter of 2012 into the mostproductive. As always, we’ll be following a real food philosophy of nutrition but in order tomake this 30 days as powerful as possible, I’ve broken down the program into three phases.This three-phase approach of Preparation, Engage, and Overdrive will ensure you get the bestresults in only 30 days. Here’s what you’ll get with the program.”It goes on to explain the program. This is being sent to people who have already come andlooked at the program so they understand what I have to offer. Then I have a call to action atCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. the bottom. “Theres one catch. Since I know the grueling amount of work it takes to puttogether a challenge like this, I’ve decided to limit total participation to just 60 people. This wayI can be sure that I get to all emails and can effectively help each person maximize their 30-daychallenge. That’s why I’m emailing you first. So you can get a jumpstart on the other membersand sign up while there’s still space available. You see tomorrow morning, I’ll be offering thispromotion at an increased rate to over 2,000 members and I expect the reaction to be strong.That’s why I want to make sure you reserve your spot ASAP. So if you want to reserve your spotfor the 30-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, just click this link.”It goes on to say if you aren’t sure, there are some kind of extra promos and stuff like that. Thewhole time I’m kind of outlining this program, letting them know about what they’re going tobe receive, and I keep repeating the words 30-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge. In the sales letter,it talks about making Q4 the best and most productive of 2012. That’s obviously targetedtowards my boot camp list.Now let me show you something just a little bit different. Let me bring up this email I just sentout today. It’s a free workout I’m sending out for my online list. Logan kind of mentioned this.“Hey, I‘m totally psyched today about a free video of an actual workout from the upcomingWarrior Lower Body System. I named this workout the Enter the Dragon workout because Ithink Bruce Lee would dig it. Without further ado, check out this free Warrior workout. Clickhere to watch.” Then there’s my sign off line, “PS. Don’t watch the video if you’re a pussy.”I know the first one was long but just take a second to think about who I’m communicating withfor both. One is kind of more professional. One is kind of more like, “Hey, come join thischallenge,” “Join the community,” “There’s limited space available.” This one is like, “Bro, checkout this workout and if you don’t, you’re a pussy.”Logan: Very different messages.Tyler: Very different message but both of them have had good responses. That just kind ofhighlights the different types of marketing you can do for different people. I’m just one person.I’m targeting one towards fat loss clients and boot camp member that are members of a gym.I’ve already inquired to my boot camp program. The other is towards a bunch of people whowant to do hardcore workouts in their garages.Logan: Very different clients. When you understand your client, when you have this informationlike if you know that the vast of your clients are going to be women, then you’re advertisingshould be targeted at women. One great tool online you can use regardless of whether youhave an online business or offline is Facebook and their advertising program. Facebook isbrilliant in that it really allows you to target whoever, wherever, whatever they’re interested in.You’re able to target that.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. For instance, I have an upcoming workshop located in Tallahassee, Florida. With this workshopwhere you have some people who are different than who I’ve worked with before and who arereally big in the powerlifting and strongman areas. These have some carryover to the peoplewho are currently my clients but if you were to niche it down even more, it is quite a bitdifferent. I haven’t done much in the powerlifting area myself.Facebook has just started running an ad for this that’s targeting powerlifting. I talk aboutDonnie Thompson who is basically the best powerlifter ever to live and I’m targeting justpeople, just men—sure, some women miss out on this—that live in Alabama, Florida andGeorgia. Why? Because they’re in that close location and if people don’t have to travel very farthen they’re more likely to buy rather than targeting the entire US.Once again, that could work but with this I’m able to narrow it down—this is the greatest thingabout Facebook—to people who are into powerlifting. I can just list powerlifting and peoplewho like that topic, looking at some different magazine, exercise or different categories, thatsort of thing, and I’m able to find exactly the people I’m looking for using a tool like FacebookTyler: Yeah. That’s an amazing resource, Logan. I haven’t actually delved that far into Facebookads just yet but being able to target so specifically like female, 50-years old, wants to lose fat,she reads all this stuff, and then understanding that that’s your customer avatar, the clientyou’re trying to sell to, and then writing an ad based on that, writing an ad super specificallybecause even the one I read first, it was to my list of people, now that I was reading it, I couldhave made it even more specific. I could have said lose this amount of weight in this many days.Being specific is key. The first thing I wanted to kind of go over with you guys real quick, whatyou should be doing at home, kind of a homework lesson, is creating a customer avatar foryourself. Now a customer avatar is basically a person that is a model of exactly who you’retrying to sell to. You really want to go into as much depth as possible as to what your idealclient is and you want to write it all down.I want to tell you guys my personal customer avatar for my boot camp business. Her name isDenise Smith. I’m going to read to you guys what I have on my personal customer avatar so Iknow who I’m looking for.Denise Smith is a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. She has 2.5 young children, a dognamed Fido, and a husband named Jim Smith who is also a potential client. She attends churchand works for a corporation or government employed as a technician, which means she justdoes regular work. She likes outdoor activities and had some high school sports experience. Herhouse is worth $350,000 and her average yearly income is $80,000 plus. She reads O magazineand Women’s Health, and watches the contemporary primetime TV shows associated with herCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. demographic. She listens to popular radio stations and is aware is such fitness trends as yoga,pilates, the Biggest Loser, outdoor adventure activities, and gym aerobics classes.She decided to use my service because she felt she needed a change from her unproductivecurrent daily routine. She wanted to improve the way she feels, her body, and her overallquality of life. The first thing that came to her mind when she became aware of my program byweb, mailers, TV spot, or friends word of mouth was, “What is a kettlebell?” However, shebelieves that my program is the fastest way to get lean, get tones, lose stress, and have fun. Shereceives results almost instantly and becomes an instant cult follower, telling everyone aboutthe results she has received.Denise is the perfect customer. Now before I go any further, I know it sounds kind of goofy buthaving this on my wall has helped guide me as to who I’m trying to sell to. I had a client in myoffice one day, she looked up at this, read it, and she said, “You just described me to the tee.” Itwas insane.Logan: That seems to happen a lot when people do that. Every time someone goes through thisprocess, they seem to actually find that exact person. Maybe one or two details are off but theyhave the exact person. Sometimes even the name is the same.Tyler: Absolutely. My brother had somebody with the first name come down there, Denise, andit was just like the same person. So the first thing you guys want to do as an action item is tocreate your ideal customer in as much detail as possible. The more detail the better becausethat will guide the direction you’re going in with your business, the age, sex, whether they’remarried or not, their kids, their income, what kind of qualities of life they’re seeking, what theydo for work, what they’re thinking when they’re getting off of work, everything.Logan: We talked about, I mentioned, demographics and psychographics. Demographics arethings like age, income, sex, where they live, that sort of thing. Psychographics are really whenyou start to get into the mind and you can tell things like what magazines they read, what TVshows they watch, that sort of thing, is going to indicate.You’d be surprised when you have a large population at the correlations between these things.I’ve heard so many marketers talk about finding out that their best customers, 40% of theircustomers read these magazines. That means that’s a good place for them to advertise theirproducts and that’s absolutely sure.The more detail you can get into this, the better. That doesn’t mean you’re literally excludinganyone. How many people do you have that don’t exactly fit? It’s not an all or nothing. It’s not,“Oh no, you don’t have the right name. I’m not going to bring you on as a client.” It’s not likethat. The more clear you get on this, that guides your marketing message to, that guides reallyCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. how you build and structure your business, and how you go out there and put out thisinformation. At the same time, it’s helping to attract those clients to you.Tyler: Sure. That’s the first step. Identify your ideal customer. Now the next thing you have todo in order to not just be a listener and to actually be a follower, to do something and make adifference in your fitness business, is to try writing some sort of ad to that exact customer. Idon’t care if it’s an 8 1/2 by 11 thing that you’re going to post in front of the water fountain atyour local gym, if it’s a door hanger you’re going to print out and drive around yourneighborhood to hang it on all the houses with Mercedes, BMWs, and luxury vehicles, or you’regoing to go online, you’re going to look at Facebook tools, and target that exact customerthrough a Facebook ad and do a small expense run on that, try writing ads.Logan: Guys, the thing is I’ll go with like five bucks on there. You don’t need a whole lot ofmoney in order to do this. Granted, you’re probably going to screw things up when you do thatfirst but you can learn from that and continue to tweak and change things to make it better.You don’t learn anything if you don’t get started with one of these things, any of the thingsTyler just listed.Tyler: Absolutely. You guys have got to take action on the stuff we’re talking about. Otherwise,you’re going to wake up a year from now in the same fitness business and not making any morefitness money. You’ve got to take action on each thing that we say. Thats why we want to startwith talking about the ideal customer after we kind of shared our back stories, because thisreally builds a foundation for your business.It doesn’t matter if you guys want to sell online, if you’re trying to get more clients, either wayidentify your ideal customer. If you feel like you really, really want to have two different groupsof people, create two separate customer avatars. Don’t try to combine it.Logan: Don’t try to blend two and two. When you’re creating the customer, really think of it interms of one specific person. Don’t say he is 40 to 50 years old. You want to narrow it down.Once again, by getting more specific in these details, it doesn’t exclude people who are notexactly there. You want to really think of this in terms of a single person not a mass of people,an ideal that you’re reaching for, one single person.Tyler: Right. In that way when you write your marketing message, think about talking to thatone person, like if Logan were to write me an email right now and he wanted to talk to meabout some great book he read and he wanted to give me the information about that bookthen give me a link to the book. Think about it like that. You’re going to write an email to thesepeople that you have on your email list. You’re going to write a paper ad that you’re going toput out in front of the water fountain at the gym. It’s going to be a letter to that person. It’sCopyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. going to be so specific that the person who reads it, who eventually is your customer avatar, isnot only going to call you; they’re going to beg you for your services.Logan: We should also mention a good sort of quick start route. If you already have an idealcustomer for you, you already have a person, that can really act as your avatar. You might wantto tweak a couple of details but start with them as a base. That way you’re not coming up withthings from scratch. If you’re already working with clients and you know what you want, one ofyour people, you can have that person in mind and you already got those details so it’s a littleshortcut through this process.Tyler: That’s a great comment, Logan, just thinking about your perfect customer, the one thatyou love to train, the one that doesn’t give you any grief. You could even have her fill out asurvey for you. You could even write up a small survey and ask her all the questions that I justwanted to cover and just have her write your customer avatar for you. Then put that down andsay this is my perfect client. You would just do the same thing. You’d write that marketingmessage to that client.Logan: That also reminds me. You could be off on certain details. If you have some sort of a list,whether that’s offline or online, put them through a survey. You could use a simple service There are free options that you can use. They also have a paid one if youwant to go into a whole bunch but ask this basic demographic information. What age are you?What’s your income? You can ask all these questions. If you’re doing it online where you don’thave as much interaction with people, that’s going to give you the foundation of informationyou need that can build from. Because if they’re just an email address, you don’t really knowmuch about them. That will give you that information.Tyler: Absolutely. Well, I think we’ve covered a lot with this ideal customer thing today. Whatdo you think, Logan?Logan: Yeah. I think a related topic we should talk about next time is yourself, really whatyou’re doing to make yourself unique that really helps to attract the customers, how you’repositioning yourself, and all that. That really does play a big part in this because if you’re notmatched to who you’re trying to target, it’s not going to work so well. It’s incongruent.Tyler: Absolutely. Yeah, we’ll definitely go into that next week. That’s a good message, makingsure you’re the unique person.Logan: What you can bring to the table that differentiates you from all the competition that’sout there. There’s a lot of competition these days.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Tyler: Absolutely. Become that business of one. All right, you guys. Thank you so much forlistening to this episode of the Fitness Money podcast. Next week, we’re going to be talkingabout what Logan just said right there. We’re going to be talking about making you a businessof one rather than having to compete with everybody around you. This week, remember yourhomework. Write your ideal customer avatar and then go ahead and experiment with trying towrite a marketing message to that person. The more marketing messages you write the betteryou will get at it so start today. Even if it sucks, at least you’ll have your first one out there.Logan: Absolutely. Guys, do us all a favor. If you enjoyed this episode, just getting a kick start oniTunes right now, obviously. This is only Episode 3. We’ve still got a ways to go but by going onto iTunes and giving us a 5-star rating, it’ll help spread the word and get more people thismessage that they really need to hear in order to take their fitness business to the next leveland earn more money from them.Tyler: Awesome. All right, you guys. Thanks for listening.Thank you guys so much for listening to the Fitness Money podcast. For more information onhow you can make more money in your fitness business today, go to or goto Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved