Why businesses in Bali should get online?


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This is why we think businesses in Bali should be digitally activated.

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Why businesses in Bali should get online?

  1. 1. HI! we are... these are our little thoughts about...Growing & Expanding your BUSINESS go visit for more info...
  2. 2. GOOD NEWS! Drum roll please…
  3. 3. Your business is YOUniqueUnique characteristic based on target market: Mostly international tourists Domestic tourists Let’s not forget.. The local market!
  4. 4. 2012 GROWTH INDUSTRY TREND PROJECTION (Tourism Multiple Effect) (by Bank Indonesia)
  5. 5. But there’s always the downside... Theseunique conditions have resulted in unique needs for businessesin Bali
  6. 6. What’s happening?Increasing competition pushed businesses to attract walk-in guests and customers
  7. 7. Results…CHALLENGES:SPREADINGAWARENESSWHY? Because most of the target markets do not reside in this island!
  8. 8. What they’ve done so far…creating tons of marketing campaigns & tactics to attract customers Sounds like your BUSINESS? Sounds like YOU?
  9. 9. Your business is YOU Your business is UNIQUEJust because of that, here’s a tip...
  10. 10. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSTo grow something, simply start by spread the seeds SPREADING AWARENESS
  11. 11. WHY DIGITAL MEDIA? UNIQUENESS MARKETStart spreading awareness even before they come to Bali What you should have… A representative who doesn’t sleep (consumers can access your information anytime anywhere) Customer relation management (CRM) (who can reach your customer wherever they are)
  12. 12. The SEEDS! Your Digital Properties Website Web design – User experience & Interface design • We’ll find the sweet spot between the users should experience and your business goals • We’ll design a website that is easy to navigate, attractive and informative at the same time Web development • Working with qualified programmers, we will ensure that the website can be accessed and viewed as its supposed to be • We will make sure that your website will be launched on time – on budget Social Media • Facebook page • Twitter • Foursquare • Google + • Blogs … lots of social media are created as you read this. We will pick which ones are best for your business.
  13. 13. The WATER! Content Management Content Management System (CMS) We provide easy content management system (CMS), the option is yours whether to post on-line content yourself or let us help you to do it regularly for you. Blog We provide blogging service, let us write for you and post it regularly, giving useful information to your customers which leads to raised awareness
  14. 14. The WATER! Social Media Management Social Media Branding Let’s use those spaces for your brand and do it beautifully. Loud or subtle branding, we’ll discuss it depends on the effect you want to achieve Social Media Monitoring & Tracking Promote, announce, and let the world know information about your business. Special deals? This is the right way to communicate them! Activity & performance report will be sent regularly. Social Media Buzzer Let’s go viral! Why not let (popular) social media users, bloggers (who writes article related to your industry) or even celebrities to promote your business via their private accounts? Social Media Campaign No you don’t need to do them all! Lets sit down together, discuss, and brainstorm on how we can do effective campaigns tailor-made for your business
  15. 15. The FERTILIZER Online Advertisement On-line advertisement will ignite the fire when done in proper time and targeted to the right people, via the right media: • Facebook ads • Search Engine Marketing (Google) • Search Engine Optimization (Google)The GROWTH BOOSTER Application Creative applications to boost awareness: sometimes your customer needs everything that comes in handy, or simply have some fun • Facebook application • Mobile application
  16. 16. The GROWTH BOOSTER Application Creative applications to boost awareness: sometimes your customer needs everything that comes in handy, or simply have some fun • Facebook application • Mobile application
  17. 17. HOW DIGITAL MEDIA WORKS? start planting your seeds… Planting the seed Watering the sprout Fertilize the sprout Tend the plant Boost your growth Wait for your fruits It’s harvesting season(Build digital properties) (Start digital campaign) (Adding online ads’) (Manage you digital (Mobile Presence) (Don’t STOP just yet!) (Maintain your digital properties) presence) The first step of Manage your Advertise in the Let the users more We believe in property’s content right media at the Effectively aware of you in a organic growth Awareness is readyyour presence in to create right time to boost integrate your capturing way instead of to pick and used digital media digital resources while maintaining it engagement from awareness overnight success users to keep harvesting
  18. 18. CASE STUDY Started with a small outlet in Radio Dalam – Jakarta, Holycow Steak founded in March 2010 by presenter Lucy Wiryono (@lucywiryono) and her husband Afit (@aafit) has now expanded into 3 outlets, 1 of them located in Singapore’s prime location – Orchard road. HolycowSteak is often mentioned as the best success story of how small business utilizes social media to grow. @holycowsteak Twitter account now has more than 28,000 followers, outnumbering Kentucky Friend Chicken’s Twitter account follower (27,000 followers) with more than 350 outlets all across Indonesia.
  19. 19. CASE STUDYSince the beginning, Holycow Steak focused on using Twitter as their mainplatform to attract, communicate, and maintain relationship with theirpatrons.WHAT THEY DID RIGHT: • Regular & personal status updates & comments • Integrated on-line & on-site marketing campaigns • example: discount for every mention in user’s personal Twitter/Facebook account. • Communications performed in a fun & engaging way using unique jargons: • “Carnivores” referring to their costumers • “TKP” referring to their restaurant • “Merapat” used as a call to action to come (to the outlets) • The use of “(wag)You” word… and many more.
  20. 20. CASE STUDY According to Postling.com, small businesses use Twitter & Facebook the most to engage with their customers where most of users engagement are found in both platforms with Twitter as the leader. Holycow Steak has only been using 1 of these platforms. Imagine how the impact will multiply if they engaged to their costumers in more than 1 platforms. Now imagine your business…
  21. 21. CASE STUDY Although statistically, engagement is the highest found in Twitter, small businesses still hesitant to use this platform. Facebook page contains treasure of resources which can be used to engage customers, only when done in the right composition. We will help you formulate the best and most suitable social media platform and strategy for you, to make the campaign effective & fruitful.
  22. 22. WHO WE ARE?MIKE (Michael Liem)After living in Singapore for four years, Mike joined Thames Business College and studied in Business IT major. Mikestarted the career in digital industry at Digital Barkent Solution (now Definite Studio) in 2004 as a web consultant. Hemanaged a couple of important clients such as Ministry of Health. He then moved to Batam at 2007 where he starteddoing Business Development Consulting and founded a couple of business (Grand Service Station & eGORO). In 2011,he is back to the digital industry and joined Definite Studio – Jakarta where he continues building a list of satisfiedclients in business development. He is now based in Jakarta & Bali to expand the network of clients in digital activation& business development consulting.NIKKI (Niken Widia)During her last year of uni, Nikki took a part-time job as an English teacher. From that job, she explored her Englishwriting, and her copywriting skill. Nikki started her career in marketing communication at a small advertising agency inSouth Jakarta as an intern copywriter. She then joined Centric Communication in 2008, a local advertising agency ascopywriter serving clients such as Johnson&Johnson’s, Sinemart, Michelin, and many more. Her creative skill broughther to McCann Worldgroup in 2009, where she joined a creative team creating advertisements for Coca-Cola, Frestea,Powerade, Nescafe, and many more. After decided to make leap in her education by studying MarketingCommunication for her master degree at London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, she joined Definite StudioJakarta in 2011 and focused on Digital Marketing as an Account Manager and Social Media Specialist. Her adventuresoul and love for life brought her to Bali, where she works as a digital activation consultant with several small tomedium business as her clients.