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Social Media Trumps


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Published in: Education
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Social Media Trumps

  1. 1. Blogs Wikis Cost 3 Cost 3 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 7 Knowledge Sharing 5 Technical 4 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 3 Encourages Participation 7 Blog (also known as a web log) is an Wikis are web pages which anyone can online journal reflecting the thoughts and edit. This means that any visitor to the wiki activities of a community member on a web can change, update and add to its content page. This form of web publishing has if they desire. Wikis are good for using become an established communications other people's knowledge and experience tool, and is simple to create and use. to help develop an idea or a piece of work. Forums Social Bookmarking Cost 2 Learning Curve 2 Cost 1 Knowledge Sharing 8 Learning Curve 2 Technical 2 Knowledge Sharing 6 Encourages Participation 7 Technical 3 Encourages Participation 3 Forums - are great for having discussions with other members of your community. Social bookmarking is a method for They are probably the easiest way for new Internet users to organize, store, manage members to get involved too. An example and search for bookmarks of resources of a forum post might be to draw online. Unlike file sharing, the resources community members to a certain document themselves aren't shared, merely or news item, and ask for everyone's views bookmarks that reference them. on the subject.
  2. 2. Wikis Blogs + Allows you to post content in a variety of media + Websites which anyone can edit + Single user or group blogs + Great for collaboration + Conversation through Comments - Corporate messages - Monitor for vandalism - Reputational risk - Needs clear instructions for participation Social Boomarking Forums + Quick way to share knowledge and + Threaded conversations resources + Easy to understand + Find other related information and people through tagging - Needs managing - Need moderation and facilitation - Some compromise on privacy - Responses maybe taken as FACT
  3. 3. Video Sharing Social Networks Cost 2 Cost 2 Learning Curve 3 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 5 Knowledge Sharing 5 Technical 5 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 6 Encourages Participation 7 Video-sharing website allow users to Social Networks are websites that upload, share, and view videos provides a virtual community for people interested in a particular subject or just to The technology display a wide variety of "hang out" together. Members create their user-generated video content, including own online "profile" with biographical data, movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as pictures, likes, dislikes and any other well as amateur content such as video information they choose to post. They blogging and short original videos. communicate with each other by voice, chat, instant message, videoconference and blogs. Photo Sharing Customised Search Cost 3 Learning Curve 4 Cost 1 Knowledge Sharing 5 Learning Curve 4 Technical 5 Knowledge Sharing 5 Encourages Participation 6 Technical 8 Encourages Participation 4 Photo Sharing websites allow the publishing or transfer of a user's digital Customised Search allows users to photos online, thus enabling the user to customize the search engine that is built share them with others (whether publicly or using core search technology. In creating privately). This functionality is provided your own Custom Search Engine you can through both websites and applications that prioritise or restrict search results based on facilitate the upload and display of images. specific Web sites and pages you specify.
  4. 4. Social Networks Video + Connect people to people through + Great way to get a message across common interests + Managers may prefer talking to camera + Can be cheap to set up than other mediums - Encroaching into personal spaces? - Access and accessibility - Needs to be managed - Cost and technical skills Customised Search Photo Sharing + Makes it easier to find material + Pictures tell a thousand words + Instantly useful + Records events in a real way + Connect with others through photos - Some web design experience may be - Some compromise on privacy needed - Reputational risk - Requires management and maintenance
  5. 5. RSS Aggregation Podcasts Cost 1 Cost 7 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 7 Knowledge Sharing 6 Knowledge Sharing 6 Technical 5 Technical 7 Encourages Participation 5 Encourages Participation 5 Podcasts are a pre-recorded audio RSS (most commonly expanded as Really program that's posted to a website and is Simple Syndication) is a family of web made available for download so people can feed formats used to publish frequently listen to them on personal computers or updated works—such as blog entries, mobile devices. news headlines, audio, and video—in a . standardized format. RSS feeds can be read using software called an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator", which can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-based. Life Streaming Online Office Cost 4 Learning Curve 5 Cost 1 Knowledge Sharing 7 Learning Curve 5 Technical 7 Knowledge Sharing 7 Encourages Participation 8 Technical 7 Encourages Participation 7 Online Office is a type of office suite e.g. similar to word , Excel, PowerPoint etc, Lifestreaming, is "an online record of a offered by websites in the form of software person's daily activities, either via direct as a service. They can be accessed online video feed or via aggregating the person's from any Internet-enabled device running online content such as blog posts, social any operating system. This allows people network updates, and online photos. to work together and at any time, thereby leading to web-based collaboration and virtual teamwork.
  6. 6. Podcasts RSS Aggregation + Easy and cheap to produce + Saves time, bringing information and people together + Portable (MP3 players) + Great knowledge sharing +Similar concept to radio - Needs broadband to download? - Not all websites have RSS feeds - Requires some skill and confidence - Need to manage RSS feeds Online Office Life Streaming + No version control problems +Quickly access your network + Common software platform +Ask questions, share Information + No need for maintenance + All your ‘stuff’ in one place - Need to be online - Some compromise on privacy - Requires broadband
  7. 7. Slide Hosting Internet Petitions Cost 2 Cost 2 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 2 Knowledge Sharing 8 Technical 5 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 8 Encourages Participation 6 An Internet petition is a form of petition A slide hosting service is a website that posted on a website. Visitors to the website allows users to upload, view, comment, in question can add their email addresses and share slideshows created with or names, and after enough "signatures" presentation programs. have been collected, the resulting letter may be delivered to the subject of the petition, usually via e-mail. Web-Based Project Management VOIP & Video Calls Cost 6 Learning Curve 5 Cost 2 Knowledge Sharing 7 Learning Curve 3 Technical 5 Knowledge Sharing 4 Encourages Participation 6 Technical 4 Encourages Participation 8 Web based project management software is the collection of programs, VoIP is a technology that allows telephone processes and information that is used to calls to be made over computer networks manage various phases of a project and like the Internet. VoIP converts analog that is accessible on the Internet. Project voice signals into digital data packets and management entails processes such as supports real-time, two-way transmission of scheduling, calculating a critical path, building timelines, creating task lists, conversations using Internet Protocol (IP). managing resources, controlling documents and providing audit trails.
  8. 8. Internet Petitions Slide Hosting + Quickly spread the word + Easy way to share stories + Easy for others to use +Embeddable in blogs, etc - Tricky to get set up - Understanding the technology - Can be unrepresentative - Access and accessibility VOIP & Video Calls Web-based Project Management + Collaborate on projects regardless of + Cheap way of holding long distance calls geography + Conference calls made easy + To-do lists, discussion areas and document sharing + Can record for pod / video cast - Access and accessibility - Access and accessibility - Requires a change in the way project teams work
  9. 9. Training Surveys Cost 9 Cost 8 Learning Curve 4 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 8 Knowledge Sharing 5 Technical 3 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 7 Encourages Participation 8 Surveys are used to identify the level of Training is an organised activity aimed at satisfaction with an existing product, event imparting information and/or instructions to or group and to discover their express and improve the recipient's performance or to hidden needs and expectations help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. Facilitated Workshops Events Cost 9 Cost 9 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 8 Knowledge Sharing 8 Technical 5 Technical 4 Encourages Participation 4 Encourages Participation 7 Events are a gathering of individuals or A facilitated workshop is a structured members of one or several organisations, approach to ensure that a group of people for discussing matters of common interest. can reach a predetermined objective in a compressed timeframe, supported by an impartial facilitator
  10. 10. Surveys Training + Stakeholders feel engaged + Training can help to bring people up-to- speed with Web 2.0 + On or offline surveys to identify people’s views and concerns + Worldview, roles and platforms can be explained - Time, effort and cost - Need to ensure representative sample - Rapidly changing environment - Results can be skewed Events Facilitated Workshops + Great way to get large numbers of + Face to face meetings to demonstrate or people together discuss + Good to build relationships - Expensive and time consuming - Need to publicise well - Time, effort and cost
  11. 11. Newsletter Open Co-design Cost 3 Cost 2 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 3 Knowledge Sharing 3 Knowledge Sharing 4 Technical 5 Technical 3 Encourages Participation 6 Encourages Participation 8 Open Co-Design is a form of Newsletters are a regularly distributed Crowdsourcing, whereby companies publication generally about one main topic appeal to outside experts and Lead Users that is of interest to its member. in order to co-design products. Find Existing Groups Project Management Cost 8 Cost 9 Learning Curve 6 Learning Curve 3 Knowledge Sharing 7 Knowledge Sharing 6 Technical 7 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 6 Encourages Participation 6 Finding Exisiting Groups can be of great Project management is the discipline of benefit. Rather than starting from scratch planning, organising, securing and you maybe able to tap into the group’s managing resources to bring about the skills and experiences. Or they maybe successful completion of specific project already maybe be working or have solved goals and objectives the problem that needs resolving.
  12. 12. Open Co-Design Newsletter + Interested parties can shape strategy + Email, or through the post which can benefit more than just your organisation + Keeps everyone updated + New ideas, fresh insights - Overhead in getting group together - Duplicated effort if using RSS -Easy to get sidetracked - If printed – bad for the environment Project Management Find Existing Groups + Manage new initiatives in a consistent + Discover who else is operating in a way similar space + Develop processes to be shared and + Promote cooperation and idea sharing improved - Commitment of time and effort - Different agenda’s - Lack of flexibility - Hard to find
  13. 13. Email Groups Microblogging Cost 2 Cost 2 Learning Curve 5 Learning Curve 6 Knowledge Sharing 6 Knowledge Sharing 6 Technical 5 Technical 6 Encourages Participation 5 Encourages Participation 5 Email groups are a web-based discussion Microblogging is a passive broadcast group that lets people create a group medium in the form of blogging. A discussion with their own group e-mail microblog differs from a traditional blog in address. that its content is typically much smaller, in both actual size and aggregate file size. A microblog entry could consist of nothing but a short sentence fragment, an image or embedded video. Your Idea Your Idea Cost Cost Learning Curve Learning Curve Knowledge Sharing Knowledge Sharing Technical Technical Encourages Participation Encourages Participation With Web 2.0 and Social Media, anything With Web 2.0 and Social Media, anything is possible! is possible! Remember to assign realistic points value Remember to assign realistic points value
  14. 14. Microblogging Email Lists + Quick and easy messaging + Quick and easy way to have discussions + Quick status updates + People get messages straight to them - Limited amount of text - Email is ‘work’ - Lots of noise! - Conversations can quickly fill your email inbox Your Idea Your Idea
  15. 15. Mindmapping Diagramming Cost 3 Cost 5 Learning Curve 6 Learning Curve 5 Knowledge Sharing 5 Knowledge Sharing 6 Technical 5 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 5 Encourages Participation 6 Online Diagramming are visual Mind maps are brainstorming diagrams collaboration platform used by project based on a central idea or image, typically teams to communicate more effectively. used to aid in organisation, problem solving With easy to use interface and Shared and decision making. Mind maps use a Projects, everyone on your design, non-linear graphical form that allows the development and business teams can user to build an intuitive framework around collaborate on software designs, the central idea. wireframes, business & strategy diagrams easily. Your Idea Whiteboarding Cost 3 Learning Curve 5 Cost Knowledge Sharing 5 Learning Curve Geek Factor 6 Knowledge Sharing Encourages Participation 6 Geek Factor Encourages Participation Online whiteboards mirror physical whiteboards used for presentations. They With Web 2.0 and Social Media, anything facilitate different users to communicate is possible! and interact with each other about any subject using flexible tools of draw, write, Remember to assign realistic points value paint, erase and delete These online interactive whiteboards are used by a number of people at the same time situated in different locations..
  16. 16. Diagramming Mindmapping + Easy to create flow charts, organisation + Easy to use charts and diagram drawings, + Simple to complex maps in very little time - Can become very complex quickly - Not suited to progress tracking - Difficult to expalin what the tools is until they have tried it. Whiteboarding Your Idea + enables you to converse with others online and illustrate complex concepts in real time, rather than having to scan, email or fax drawings. +can save time and eliminate confusion. - "writing" on a whiteboard requires a bit of practice.
  17. 17. Event Scheduling Screen Sharing Cost 7 Learning Curve 6 Cost 5 Knowledge Sharing 5 Learning Curve 5 Technical 6 Knowledge Sharing 2 Encourages Participation 6 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 7 Screen sharing allows you to show PowerPoint presentations, Word Event Schedules are internet calendars documents, images and any other software that lets you keep track of your own events running on your computer while remotely and share your calendars with others. It's connected users see in real-time what you the ideal tool for managing personal and see on your screen. professional schedules Web Conference File Sharing Cost 6 Cost 3 Learning Curve 6 Learning Curve 3 Knowledge Sharing 7 Knowledge Sharing 6 Technical 5 Technical 5 Encourages Participation 4 Encourages Participation 3 File sharing is the public or private sharing Web conferencing is used to conduct live of computer data or space in a network meetings, training, or presentations via the with various levels of access privilege. Internet. In a web conference, each While files can easily be shared outside a participant sits at his or her own computer network (for example, simply by handing or and is connected to other participants via mailing someone your file on a diskette), the internet. the term file sharing almost always means sharing files in a network, even if in a small local area network.
  18. 18. Screen Sharing Event Scheduling + The ability to work remotely and allow + Allows you to share your schedule with others to view what is on your screen other +Access your calendar on the go +Send invitations and track RSVPs -Can have issues when syncing with your - May be block in your organisation due to outlook calandar IT protocols File Sharing Web Conference + Fully webbased and can retirive + Cost Effective documents from any where with a web connection + Online Conferences can be recorded for later use. +Allow versioning - Can have limited storage - Sometime chosen as a the simple option - IT may block these sites - Persons who participate in the call should be disciplined and able to concentrate intently on the discussion.
  19. 19. Inspired and adapted from the work of Beth Kanter and David Wilcox Social Media Game