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Longform friendly gadgets


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Longform friendly gadgets

  1. 1. Longform to Go Gadgets & AppsPresenter: Michelle Johnson, Boston University @mijohn
  2. 2. What Do You Mean?Longform (as in length) or “save and read later.”Devices and apps optimized for these purposes.
  3. 3. No, It’s Not Just About:• Kindle• Nook But, let’s start with them…
  4. 4. Kindle, Nook E-readersWhich is it?• It’s a device!• It’s an app! (Cloud reader, smart phone, computer, tablet)Why they’re long-form friendly?Optimized for reading text, viewing multimediaEasy to snag contentPortable
  5. 5. Yes, There Are More…• Pandigital• Kobo• Sony• And more …They look and work more like full-fledged tablets,but they’re mainly e-readers.
  6. 6. TabletsLong-form and “save for later” friendly,but not specifically built for readingiOS (iPad)Android (Too many to list)
  7. 7. Smart Phones• iPhone• Android• Windows
  8. 8. Trend: Phones Getting BiggerExample:Samsung Galaxy NoteIs it a phone?Is it a tablet?Why we care?New format for“to go” content review
  9. 9. Apps: Reading Experience is Changing Coliloquy “Active fiction” on Kindle Readers choose “pathways.” Readers customize the narrative.Coliloquy: “Just as in life, readers cannot go back and change theirminds once a decision is made. Every choice leads to repercussions, Video gameensuring that every reading experience is completely different.” experience?
  10. 10. Cool, But…As Losowsky notes:It’s a Two-way Experience1. You shape the narrative, follow a character, etc.2. Your choices gets transmitted back to Amazon (anonymously). Why? Next slide…
  11. 11. How They Use the Data?Authors write serial narratives based on readerchoices that the device has collected.
  12. 12. Where Might this All Lead?Lowsowsky predicts:• Stories that you can only read once.• Books whose words disappear as you read them.• Books whose covers change as the narrative progresses
  13. 13. I Hope it Leads To…Cool new ways of storytelling for journalists.
  14. 14. Apps: Download/Save ‘n Read Later••• Atavist• Readability• Instapaper• Kindle• Nook
  15. 15. Example: Readability App: iPhone, Android Web browser plugin Saves stories stripped of pesky ads ‘n such. Read now, or later
  16. 16. Look Ma, no ads!
  17. 17. Store, Sync Across Devices
  18. 18. Trend: Save on the Sitebostonglobe.comUses “ResponsiveWeb Design” thatlooks good on alldevices.Save for later.
  19. 19. Bottom Line…No shortage of options for content “to go.”We’ve finally hit the truly mobile age.Use it wisely.