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Basic first aid


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Basic first aid

  1. 1. Basic first aid
  2. 2. Basic carries
  3. 3. Lovers carry
  4. 4. Help them to walk if they can.,
  5. 5. Fireman’s carry
  6. 6. Back strap carry
  7. 7. Moving an unconcious person
  8. 8. By crawling while the victim holds onto your shoulders/neck (conscious victim).
  9. 9. By grabbing their shoulders/shirt, cradling their head in your arms and pulling.
  10. 10. By rolling them onto a blanket or sleeping bag and pulling
  11. 11. By grabbing their feet and pulling
  12. 12. Moving a victim with a helper
  13. 13. Help them walk by surrounding them and holding up their arms (conscious victim
  14. 14. Improvise a stretcher from blankets and poles.
  15. 15. Improvise a stretcher from shirts/jackets and poles.
  16. 16. Seat the victim in a chair and carry the chair.
  17. 17. Use a hammock carry to hold the person horizontal (with two or more helpers).
  18. 18. Use a two-handed seat carry.
  19. 19. Thank you for listening!!!