The Secret Life of Möllevången


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Part of the course City as Biotope at Bergen School of Architecture

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The Secret Life of Möllevången

  1. 1. the secret life of Möllevången...
  2. 2. Point of departure Möllevången is a part of Malmö calling for much debate and engagement. Until recently a neglected area, the city of Malmö and real estate investors have now started to direct their attention here. This awakes both positive and negative thought in the inhabitants. The threatening or delightful gentrification is the point of departure for this project.
  3. 3. The new subtleties This project sets out for cherising the sub-cultural Möllevången. It seeks to preserve, nurture and expand the qualities making the district unique. It strenghtens the underlying social and spatial structures, challenging their capacity and the limits of common.
  4. 4. The courtyard spaces Defining the field of operation The surface of Möllevången bears layers of spatial meaning. The flat ground is divided in The courtyard surface quarters of vertical building masses and the spaces in-between them, thus composing the urban landscape at hand. The dense, surprising courtyards inside the quarters are the hidden layer of the landscape. The building mass They are the starting point of the project. The spaces are not visible or accessible for the random person walking by, but their existence is well known amongst those inhabiting the area. The streetscape The surface
  5. 5. Defining social qualities The consisting components Common for inhabitants of the space have social qualities. The streetscape is open and public. The building mass is in many quarters public or otherwise accessible at the streetlevel. This is due to cafés, restaurants, shops, offices or public services. Private Several buildings are, however, inhabited at the streetlevel and therefore private. Most of the building mass is private above Partly public the streetlevel. This forms a barrier between the streets and the courtyards. The courtyards are accessible for the Public inhabitants or users of the buildings only.
  6. 6. Mapping the streetscape The raster shows the amount of streetscape with closed or Mapping the courtyards The red courtyards are surrounded with private streetlevel. walls in every direction. The green lines show the streetlevel with commercial or public programs. The orange courtyards have an opening in one or more directions (on streetlevel). The yellow courtyards are situated on other than streetlevel, mostly on the roof of the first floor.
  7. 7. Imagine a new structure emerging inside the city,a well kept secret of Möllevången. Common, public, for voluntary organizations, random meetings, small businesses, collectives, underground movements, neighbourhoods collaborations. For everyone in Möllevången. Not that it is inaccessible, quite the contrary, but this you will not find in the tourist map of Malmö. You might just stumble across it, out of curiosity, when peeping in one of the backyard gateways.
  8. 8. Taking action The courtyards are recharged step by step. The structure is not rigid, but it is united by its functionality - meeting primarily the needs of the local inhabitants - and by it’s architectural qualities - each space brings out its uniqueness. This ends up in varied, intense urbanity, almost a labyrinth of unexpected experiences for a random visitor, and an ever changing cityscape and social network for those traversing through or acting in the spaces every day.
  9. 9. Private Re-defining social qualities Facilities for the inhabitants of Möllevången The programming follows a simple two-directional strategy: These spaces are programmed for various social services, meeting rooms, day-care help 1. The streetlevel of the courtyards centers, non-profit cafees for elderly, is made accessible for everyone. homework support for the young, a new library etc. The barriers are removed and relocated for allowing walk-through. The spaces are accessible from the courtyard side of the quarters. 2. Through public funding or public-private- and voluntary collaboration, estates are purchased inside the living quarters and turned into facilities for Möllevångens inhabitants. Public and common for the inhabitants The spaces are suitable for installations, gardens, small plazas, ice skating rinks, temporary bazaars, public meetins, flea markets and outdoor theatre etc. Public
  10. 10. 0 1 2 Over an undefined span of time, the new structure emerges and grows stronger. It eventually becomes a parallel streetscape in its own terms, inside Möllevången. 3 4 5
  11. 11. 1 In the first phase some of the courtyards are made available. New programs are introduced. 3 In the following phases spaces inside, on top and under the building masses are reworked. Gradually, connections between the houses arise, supporting and generating the new social realm in Möllevången. 5
  12. 12. The Poolhouse The Birdcage Courtyard The Greenery The Courtyard of Greenhouses The Hanging Bridge The Mirror Garden The Labyrinth of Reading Rooms The Pit The Little Scene The Fill-Inn Dormitory The Climbing Garden The Passage of Shadows The Silent Dome The Corridor of Colours The Botanic Injection The Dancing Passage The Urban Forest of Streetlamps