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IoT Internet of Things - Content for Beacons - #CCN16


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IoT Internet of Things - Content for Beacons - #CCN16 - presentation for Craft Content Nashville conference, April 2016 - Nossi College of Art, Nashville, Tennessee

Demonstration BLE Bluetooth Low Energy beacons provided by BKON Connect - Thanks!

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IoT Internet of Things - Content for Beacons - #CCN16

  1. 1. IoT Internet of Things Content for Beacons #CCN16iot
  2. 2. Disclaimer Not representing any company. No financial interest in any products. All opinions are my own.
  3. 3. Blind Men and the Elephant
  4. 4. Beacons Bluetooth signal: - URI - UID - sensor Eddystone technology Chrome - IOS & Android
  5. 5. Eddystone Compatible Beacons
  6. 6. Beacon Containers
  7. 7. Inside Beacons
  8. 8. Symbol Look for the signs!
  9. 9. Why IoT Beacons? A cat collar can let you call to find the owner. A bus can tell you its next stop. An airport can help guide you to your gate and baggage. A museum can take you on a tour. A parking meter can let you pay using your phone and the cloud. A restaurant can offer its menu and promotions when you walk in or walk by. A house for-sale can link to a 360-degree video tour.
  10. 10. Why IoT Beacons? A store can show you what’s on sale, and different items in each aisle. A car for-sale can provide the CarFax report. A piece of art can show a video about its creation. A car can show a police officer proof-of-insurance. A person with a beacon can link to a business card, resume, mobile website, webinar or your podcast!
  11. 11. Download Chrome With Bluetooth turned on, download the updated Chrome for Android in the Google Play Store. Your device must be running Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean).
  12. 12. Enable Settings Enable Physical Web Settings by opening Chrome > Settings > Privacy > Physical Web. If you don’t see Physical Web under Privacy, open Chrome and in the address bar enter chrome://flags/#enable-physical-web. It will be set to “Default.” Tap “Enabled.” Re-launch the browser as prompted and repeat this step.
  13. 13. Tap Notification Swipe down on your screen. You should see a notification that says, “Physical Web pages are near.” Tap the notification.
  14. 14. Enable the Physical Web A message will ask if you want to enable Chrome + Physical Web. Tap “Enable,” in the lower right corner.
  15. 15. Searching Chrome will search for Physical Web pages.
  16. 16. Results If there are any Physical Web pages nearby, Chrome will display them as a list.
  17. 17. Beacon Content Recommendations MOBILE: Optimized for the mobile user experience IMMEDIATE: Appropriate for consumption in environment RELEVANT: Useful to the content consumer at the moment ___________ LANDING PAGES!
  18. 18. QUESTIONS? Bayard Saunders @miiacom