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MobileReader at Startup Weekend Cracow Jan 2012


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Published in: Education, Business
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MobileReader at Startup Weekend Cracow Jan 2012

  1. 1. MobileReader - better way of reading -
  2. 2. If your problem is:- too much content at work, study, school- too many news & books you are interested in- unused gap time during the day
  3. 3. Solution: MobileReader- read on your phone which is always in your pocket- read during gap time more often and everywhere- read faster and measure your results
  4. 4. Benefits:shorter reading listimproved productivity and efficiencyimproved reading speed
  5. 5. Target:studentsspecialists (Managers and Directors, Lawyers, Redactors, etc.)ambitious people and reading fans
  6. 6. Business model:freemium (upload up to 5 documents)commission from books sellinglicense for publishers (integration)speed reading training on the website
  7. 7. Mobile ReaderBeginning: Startup Weekend Warsaw, Nov. 2011Product: already in App StoreTeam: Mark - 15 years experience in software development Michal - PM at Space Research Center PAS Search for „MobileReader” in App Store