A Vision for Creating a Connected State Subra Sripada


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  • “ Find Dr. Waldo” and find out where does Dr. Waldo want information sent & how Additional Use Cases Giant address book for HIT applications Identity & role-based access support Mechanism to advertise services for referral or any information routing Core data for other provider centric tracking (program participation like ACO affiliation, workforce, credentialing, etc.)
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  • A Vision for Creating a Connected State Subra Sripada

    1. 1. A Vision for Connected Healthcare Connecting Michigan for Health 2013 June 5th 2013 Lansing Michigan  Becoming a “Connected State” Michigan’s Connected Dots  Going Forward
    2. 2. Keeping Patients in the Center
    3. 3. Vision for a “Connected State” • Healthcare data integrated across all stakeholders in the care delivery continuum • Critical clinical data available anywhere anytime for any Michigander traversing the state or beyond • Effective population health management thru data transparency & analytics Do not compete on data
    4. 4. Where are we today.. • 7 state HIE’s at multiple levels of maturity – Significant number of Healthcare Providers represented • Escalating use of EMR’s both in Acute care facilities as well as Physician offices – 11 Health major systems have the same EMR – MU driving adoption • Key stakeholders positioned to drive integration
    5. 5. Connected Health Vision 5
    6. 6. Automation Opportunities 6
    7. 7. Clinician Access • Ability to quickly find out what is already known about a patient’s condition • Ensure that other’s do not need to repeat or start over again 7
    8. 8. Alerting Clinicians! • Automatically notify doctors and their clinical support teams when significant health care events happen to their active patients • Ensure the data integrates to into the workflow vs. creating additional work 8
    9. 9. Reducing the Provider Burden • Automate as much as possible • Reuse the same infrastructure for multiple purposes • Leverage common standards • Take advantage of functionality in certified EHR‘s 9
    10. 10. Consumer Engagement • Encouraging patients to access their own medical information • Enable patients to capture, share, and take action on their data 10
    11. 11. Keeping Patient’s Trust • Maintain patient confidentially • Comply with privacy and consent management laws and expectations • Proactively implement security mechanisms 11
    12. 12. Existing Connectivity In Michigan 12 State of Michigan Health Plans More to Come…
    13. 13. MDCH Data Hub Medicaid MSSS State LABS State LABS Doctors & Community Providers HIEs (QOs, VQOs or sub- state HIEs) Basic Data Flow Data Warehouse 13 State-wide Shared Services Virtual Qualified Organizations Health Plans
    14. 14. Statewide Types of Data Sharing 14 Push Alerts & Notification Pull/Query Care Summaries Health Provider Directory Public Health Reporting
    15. 15. Vaccination Reporting 15 HIE (QOs, VQOs or sub-state HIEs) Public Health Reporting State-wide Shared Services
    16. 16. Health Provider Directory • Source of trusted provider information for secure routing and HIE information • State-wide provider address book • Direct • Referrals • Sets the stage for provider relationship management 16 HPD Direct Address Book Directory Services Provider Relationship Management Routing Preferences
    17. 17. Qualified Sub-state HIE or VQO Qualified Sub-state HIE or VQO Qualified Sub-state HIE or VQO Qualified Sub-state HIE or VQO Transition of Care Notification Patient to Provider Attribution Delivery Preference Lookup 1) Patient goes to the hospital, hospital sends a registration message 2) MiHIN checks for Patient to Provider Attribution and identifies three providers 3) Using the HPD, MiHIN identifies a Delivery Preference for each provider 4) Notification is routed to the providers based on their preference Primary Care Specialist Care Coordinator Alerts & Notification 17 Animation
    18. 18. State-wide Record Locator Service Query for Patient History 18 HIE HIE HIE 1) Doctor see’s a new patient in the Emergency Department (ED) 2) ED sends out a “patient discovery” request for information about the patient DoctorPatient 3) Sources that know the patient respond 4) ED queries for patient clinical information 5) Sources respond with clinical document(s), typically CCDs Care Summary Patient Found Patient Found Patient Not Found Animation
    19. 19. How Does Michigan Become a “Connected State”? 1. Healthcare organizations can get connected to one of Michigan’s sub-state HIEs 2. Health plans can help incentivize care coordination and cross organizational data sharing 3. Government can work with organizations to ensure that “meaningful use” reporting requirements meet the multiple needs such as public health and quality reporting 19
    20. 20. Thank You & Questions?