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Event recap 2012

  1. 1. The EventPic Nic Urban Festival 2012 has Young and older people, families and Having a strong belief that friendsbecome a sweet summer memory children have gathered, socialized and synergies constitute an efficientbut at the same time also created a and consorted with each other, way towards the creation of ideasfertile ground for the next edition in respecting the space and proving and the realization of projects2013. Within the programme of the that archaeological monuments like especially during difficult times, we,Municipality of Thessaloniki ‘’Music the Ancient Roman Agora can be and firstly as friends and then asin the Monuments and Museums of should be open for the public and Parenthesis ( ) together with all ourThessaloniki’’ and with the able to host cultural events of high collaborators, developed the first Piccooperation of the 16th Prehistoric quality and aesthetics. Nic Urban Festival.and Classical Antiquities Authorities,we have realized a big urban Pic Nic The realization of such an ambitious We are waiting for your support andin the heart of the city, in the Ancient project, using for the first time a so participation in the second oneRoman Agora. For three days, more important and meaningful space like on 2013.than 3.000 participants accepted the Ancient Roman Agora , constituted a unique opportunity for See you there!Parenthesis’ invitation to participatein a unique Pic Nic. A Pic Nic that has the citizens to revive Agora and makebeen escorted by music concerts of use of this urban space according tonew talented local bands as well as its original purpose, able to hostby short and long film screening, in a cultural events of high quality andspecial constructed open air cinema. aesthetics .
  2. 2. Το Φεστιβάλ
  3. 3. ( ) Parenthesis - Experimental Lab for the Study and ParenthesisResearch on Politics, Economy and Culture Coming from different Barcelona, London, Athens Parenthesis is a meeting point backgrounds, we did often and Berlin are at the moment of innovative ideas and meet during the last few years the open windows of personalities. A positive and in parallel actions and paths, Parenthesis. open parentheses in parentheses ( )* Keeping as a basis of our between our activities. projects Thessaloniki, our The blending of our target is to make this formula experiences and of the become an open vehicle for various practices we come the promotion of fine across in the cities we live, practices and cooperation in inspires us with new ideas and areas like Culture, Youth, ways to creatively fill this Entrepreneurism, Sustainable parentheses. Development, Social Economy and Environment.*παρένθεση η [parénθesi]: an event, a short time frame, which interrupts a uniform continuous flow and is different fromwhat has proceeded and what is following.
  4. 4. MoviesSoul KitchenFatih Akin, writes and directs atragicomically story taking place inGermany having as basic ingredients Submarineclever humor and the love for food. Fatih Akin, writes and directs a tragicomical tragicomically story taking place in Germany having as basic ingredients clever humor and the Manhattan love for food. Human relations under Woody tragicomical Allen’s microscope. A black and white, very atmospheric movie, creating a multicoloured canvas of stories in the big city of New York
  5. 5. Short Films Casus Beli The award winning short film by Giorgos Zois. An abrasive comment and an inspired display of reality The Village Stelios Polyxronakis, with the award winning stop-motion animation is presenting the story of a doctor, who arrived in an empty village and decided to offer his service to the village itself.A Simple planAn interesting attempt of Girgos Iliopoulos, graduatestudent of the Department of Cinematography, atAristotle University of Thessaloniki Giorgos
  6. 6. Meanwhile in MexicoMeanwhile in Mexico is a rock n roll / surf trio Bandswho captures some of the beach freshness.The band has performed songs from their newalbum as well as remakes of old and belovedsongs Still Gramophone Still Gramophone has presented to the festival audience a complex Experimental, Jazz pop programme, based on sampling and on classic instruments, including tracks from their new album by Cliché Records . Kid Galax, Kid Galax with fresh melodies, being influenced by the neo-romanticism of the 80s’ and the performing delirium of Morrissey, presented his album called Lullabites (on the stores from Break even records) as well as new songs straight from the studio. .
  7. 7. BandsBroken tempoBroken tempo with smooth vocals, psychedelicguitars, funk base, ambient synth lines, violins, triphop but also rock rhythms, have closed this festival.With their experience in performing with big bandslike Hooverphonics and Pureessence have given adifferent style to the final day of Pic Nic UrbanFestival Swing Till You Drop Swing Till You Drop have kept the tradition of Gypsy Swing which was firstly introduced between the 1920-30 from Django & Grappelli introducing to the audience some sweet melodies and opening the full moon night with the best possible way.
  8. 8. WEBurbanpicnic.gr
  9. 9. More than 3.100 Unique Visitors Exposureon our webpage urbanpicnic.grfrom 15.Sept -02.AugMore than 3.100 Unique Visitorson our webpage urbanpicnic.grfrom 15.Sept -02.AugMore than 3’ average staying ofthe users in the webpage 1,540 “ Likes” Content interaction with more than 32.000 users Content exposure to more than 400.000 users
  10. 10. TV & MediaSpecial tribute on the TV Show‘’Take position’’ in the localchannel ΤV100 for the Pic NicUrban Festival 2012 Special tribute to the Pic Nic Urban Festival 2012 of the radio show ‘’Pic Nic’’ on the radio station 9,58 FM Special tribute to the Second Channel of ΕRΤ (National Broadcasting Company)
  11. 11. PressOnline Newspapers, Online Magazines, Portals, Blogs,Social Media Jumpingfish.gr Mic.gr World Music Expo Flix.gr Appeared in more than 100 online media
  12. 12. PressOnline Newwspapers, Online Magazines, Portals, Blogs,Social Media lifo.gr tovima.gr aggelioforos.gr elculture.gr Appeared in more than 100 online media
  13. 13. PressOnline Newspapers, Online Magazines, Portals, Blogs,Social Media Athens Voice Αγγελιοφόρος Greek reporter thestival newspolis Δημοκρατία Thesaloniki.gr Café Babel bloglines Lifo Πάμε Σινεμά United Reporters Ishow El Culture Nooz H Ροδιακή Art and Life Inews Dou My news Axortagos Fuctart Makthes Mixgrill Clickaro Ναυτεμπορική Beeper Το Βήμα United Reporters Μακεδονία Παλμός 965 Tralala Think free Jumpingfish Lifeedite Biscotto Cityportal.gr Outdoors.gr Τύπος της Θεσσαλονίκης Saloniki TV Mind radio Ιανός Ishow Thestival Pulse Glow Parallaxi Alterthess.gr Flix Kulturosupa Η πόλη στον κόσμο Lunch street party Palo info times Το σπίρτο thestival MiC Voria Womex … and many more Appeared in more than 100 online media
  14. 14. Supporters ΙΣΤ΄ ΕφορείαΠροϊστορικών και Κλασικών Αρχαιοτήτων A Big “ Thank You” to our Proud Supporters
  15. 15. Moments