January, 1st 2012   Caciulata, Romania   To whom it may concern,    I have the pleasure to endorse Mihai Vilcu, the curren...
Endorsement letters mihai vilcu
Endorsement letters mihai vilcu
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Endorsement letters mihai vilcu


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Endorsement letters mihai vilcu

  1. 1. January, 1st 2012 Caciulata, Romania To whom it may concern, I have the pleasure to endorse Mihai Vilcu, the current Vice PresidentCommunication in the term 2011-2012 in AIESEC Craiova, for the position of MC VPCommunication in AIESEC Romania. I worked with Mihai during the last year, as partof the Executive Board that I was coordinating. Also, before his term as VicePresident, I’ve worked with Mihai as Coach for the Regional Motivational Seminarthat he was coordinating. During the last term, Mihai showed skills and competencies that are hard to findin a team member. Mihai is a creative person, and this was demonstrated in all thevisual identities that he created. An important example is creating the brand for thenew project of AIESEC Craiova named Career Days. Moreover, during his term,AIESEC Craiova reached new limits in promoting its projects, having more than 200media appearances on one single project. I can truly say that his creativity andinnovation were the qualities that contributed a lot to the positioning of AIESECCraiova in the local environment. During his term, Mihai proved that he is a person who is opened to the nationalnetwork, and this was shown, both in his participation in the National Support Teamon Communications and in his initiative to align the local campaigns to the nationalones. This has brought a much more visible image for AIESEC Craiova and a muchmore credible one. Due to this fact, AIESEC Craiova managed one of the bestRecruitments in terms of engaging the students. Mihai was not only one of the EB people that contributed at a strategic level toAIESEC Craiova’s growth, but also a responsible Vice President and leader of hisdepartment. The preparation that he invested in members, his openness towardsfeedback and improvement and his dedication to make the Communicationdepartment function better than in the past, stand proof that Mihai is not only agood EB person, but he is also very good in his own area. Taking everything into account, the work that Mihai did in the past year, hisinvolvement in national teams and at local level as well, are the reasons why Istrongly recommend him for the MC of AIESEC Romania and especially as MC VPCommunications. Should you need more details, please contact me at: till.eduard@gmail.com or0764 776 115. Sincerely, Eduard Till President of AIESEC Craiova 2011-2012