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FotoRomanzo: Dracula in Sardinia


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This fotoromanzo was created during the project CLICK in Sardinia, in October 2013.

Published in: Art & Photos, Travel
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FotoRomanzo: Dracula in Sardinia

  1. 1. I am a participant of CLICK project! And I hope Sardinia is as good as they said for the vegetarian vampires!
  2. 2. Such a nice weather! I just hope tha... WOW!!
  3. 3. How can this be? This girl... She is... Perfect!! I have to... NO! I will not kill her... But if she kills herself... THAT’S IT!
  4. 4. Meanwhile, she went to the bar… and he followed her.
  5. 5. Look, I will keep this simple. Kill yourself until 8 p.m. or I will kill everybody, every minute! Wha... Do IT!
  6. 6. 8:01 p.m. Look at what you DID! Please… STOP!
  7. 7. I will do it! I will DO IT! I will… Cut… slowly.
  8. 8. Yes… fresh meat for the ever lasting growing army of the undead…