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English -the_present_simple_and_continuous

  1. 1. Present Simple andPresent Continuous Mr. Jaramillo
  2. 2. Sports and Dailyactivities
  3. 3. Play Play volleyball FootballPlayAmerican Play tennisFootball
  4. 4. Go Running Go Walking Go Swimming GoFishing
  5. 5. Go Hunting Go Dancing Go ShoppingGoCycling
  6. 6. Watch TVtalk on the phonePlay TV games Read Read a book
  7. 7. Use a computerCook Clean
  8. 8. Email friendsTake a bath Studyexercise
  9. 9. collect ridethings bikes go for a lift weights walk
  10. 10. We use the simple present for things that happens sometimes or all the time. In this tense we need to add to the verbs the termination “s, es” in third person (he, she, it)• I exercise in the mornings. I go to the gym every day.• The stores open at 9:00 a.m. And close at 7:00 p.m.• He works very hard. He cooks in a restaurant.• The Earth goes around the sun.• She always reads interesting books.• My mother watches horror movies.To form the negative form, we use the auxiliar don’tand doesn’t• I don’t go cycling on weekends.• They don’t play video games in their house.• She doesn’t go fishing every summer.
  11. 11. Answer these questions and then practice with a classmate and takehis/her notes. Answers•What do you do in your free time? ___________________• Do you practice any sport? ___________________• Do you go dancing? ___________________• What do yo do on Sundays? ___________________• Do you like go shopping? ___________________• Who do you go with? ___________________• Where do you go on weekends? ___________________• Does your brother/sister collect something? ___________________• Do you go for a walk in the afternoons? ___________________• What do you usually do on vacations? ___________________• When do you go to the movies? ___________________
  12. 12. The Present Continuous is used to express the actions we are doingin this moment or what is happening right now.• I am playing tennis with my friend.• She is talking by phone with her mother.• Martha isn’t using the computer. She is taking a break.• Javier is doing exercise in the gym.Questions.-• Are you taking a bath? Yes, I am. / No I am not.• Is Luis studying for the exam? Yes, he is studying a lot. / No, he is watching T.V.• What are you doing? I am reading an interesting book.• Where are they going? They’re going hunting with their friends.
  13. 13. We can also use the Present Continuos to talk about our plans forthe future.• I’m working this Saturday. I’m finishing a report.• My mother is baking a cake tomorrow. It’s my birthday.• They aren’t going to the party tonight. They need to study.• James is playing soccer next week. Would you like to come?Questions.-• Are you going cycling tomorrow morging? Yes, I’m going.• Where are you staying in U. S. A? I’m staying at my mother’s house.• Is your father traveling next weekend? No, he’s working in the garden• When are you finishing classes? I’m finishing next week.• Are they going shopping tomorrow? No, they are going swimming.
  14. 14. What are your plans for next weekend? Find the person who isdoing the next activities. Ask the question: Are you . . .?Yes, I am / No, I am not. If she/he answers yes, write his/hername. You can not repeat names. Classmate’s name a. going to a party? ________________ b. staying out late? ________________ c. visiting some relatives? ________________ d. practicing Englihs? ________________ e. watching a movie? ________________ f. studying for a test? ________________ g. doing exercise? ________________ h. going shopping? ________________ i. reading a good book? ________________ j. baking a cake? ________________
  15. 15. Thanks for your attention!Now, practice in your book.