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Created in 1999, Solar Trap - architecture is an office pioneer in the intersection between architecture / energy / ecology. Our pursuit of eco-sustainability at various scales of architecture is based on an holistic and systemic approach to the creation of human ecosystems. From urban spaces, new buildings, or refurbishing, passing through the search of more adjusted construction solutions, we always seek the highest levels of performance, quality of life and cost efficiency for the minimum environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the built environments we create

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Miguel Veríssimo_Solar Trap_portfolio 2009 2013

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO 1999/2013solar trap - architecturearmadilha solar - arquitecturaRua do Conde de Ferreira nº2454000-223 Porto, Portugalmail: a.solar@armadilhasolar.comweb: www.armadilhasolar.com
  2. 2. Our missionCreated in 1999, Solar Trap - architecture isan office pioneer in the intersection betweenarchitecture / energy / ecology.Our pursuit of eco-sustainability at variousscales of architecture is based on an holisticand systemic approach to the creation ofhuman ecosystems. From urban spaces, newbuildings, or refurbishing, passing through thesearch of more adjusted constructionsolutions, we always seek the highest levelsof performance, quality of life and costefficiency for the minimum environmentalimpacts throughout the life cycle of the builtenvironments we create.Vision, Innovation and creativity is our core.If doesnt exist we design and invent it, joiningcompanies and promoters with the best R&Dcentres, making projects in partnership tolaunch new products in the market, takingadvantage of our awarded knowledge andexperience.Our servicesOnce we are pioneers and in control of theknowledge and know-how, Solar Trap activityis spread to a wide range of challenges. Fromarchitecture and design, to consultancy, vision& strategy, green building, ecological thinking,sustainability certification,energyperformance in buildings, we´ve alreadyplanned, alone or in partnership: urbandevelopments, hotels and rural tourism, multiand uni familiar buildings, modular houses,new technologies and products.Among others, we´ve won the NationalInnovation Prize - BES with Jee – EcoEfficient Window. Jee is a patented buildingfaçades technology that functions to increasethe heat exchange and air fluxes takingadvantage from passive solar radiation toreduce in 30% the energy costs in servicebuildings or dwellings.solar trap - architecturearmadilha solar - arquitectura
  3. 3. Our processWe dream with reality.Our human character is modern, informed,inventive and concerned with anenvironmental heritage. Our time span iscircular to built environments serving not onlyas an artificial circumstance, but also as anaugmented ecosystem, flexible andregenerable, low impact, extending nature´sfunctioning to inside spaces.For us architecture will always be an humancreation projecting his performance and rulemodels with an ever changing idea of nature,shaping spaces to an optimized functioning,improving energy efficiency, thermal comfortand behaviour, natural light and air quality,but also giving users the chance to discoverand question, without loosing their references.Every project is therefore a stimulus to aninteraction with the promoters understanding,aspirations, the program, the site, thegreen/blue/grey networks functioning, legalframes, business model and financial project.With a world wide network of contacts, welook for the best partnerships to meet thechallenges posed to us, increasing the scaleof the team or empowering technical skills inareas like engineering, science andtechnology or nature functioning.solar trap - architecturearmadilha solar - arquitectura
  4. 4. Miguel Veríssimoowner and head architectBiographyBorn in ex-Portuguese Guinea in 1965Between 1988/94 obtains the graduation in Architecture and Urbanismat FAUT Lisbon. Was a student and apprentice of Carrilho da Graça andassistant coordinator of Manuel Vicente. Was also a student of EnricMiralles at ETSAB, Barcelona.In 1994 attended the workshop Daylight in Architecture guided by J.Owen Louis and Marc Fontoynont, realizing the environmental impactsand energy performance of built environments. Works ever since in theintersection between architecture/energy/ecology.In 1999 creates the Solar Trap – architecture, an office located at Portoresponsible for architecture and consultancy projects at different scales.2006/07 - Was with Prof. Paulo Mendonça, representing the PortugueseOrder of Architects, in the creation of the Portuguese System for EnergyCertification in Buildings (EPBD - Dir nº 2002/97/EC, RCCTE).In 2007 - Was a winner of the National Innovation Prize with JEE, apatented façade system developed with LFTC/U.Minho to be applied inrefurbishing or new building. JEE uses the sun to optimize eco-efficiency.2009/10 - Was author with Prof. Luís Bragança (et al.) of the StrategicVision to Eco-Efficiency of Mota-Engil Engineering and Construction.(among Top 50 World Construction Companies)Is now working in ECOSmartUrbanism and architecture studying builtenvironments in the intermediation between green, blue & grey networks.Was recently invited as the Scientific Coordinator of "The House of theFuture", Porto.Is often invited as speaker, trainer and teacher, highlighting:2005/06 – “Architecture and Energy”, as the Scientific Coordinator ofPorto and Lisbon Seminars;2007 - International Congress, Sustainable Construction Materials andPractices, SB07, Lisbon;2008 - National Congress, Sustainable Architecture: “Future with Past”,as Workshop trainer, Aveiro;2009 - Cycle : Research Projects, with JEE – Eco Efficient Window,National Order of Architects, Lisbon;2010 - TEDxOporto talking about : L M S XS Nano – “Going down onarchitectural scale”;2011 - ENEGI Congress of Industrial Engineering and Management with:“Green Management of Construction Companies”, U.Minho;2011 – Systems & Technologies for Sustainable Construction :“Research in Action”, IteCons, Coimbra;2012 - Net Zero Energy for Buildings & Smart Cities, InternationalCongress, LNEG, Lisbon;2012 - Smart Cities World Congress and Expo, presenting ; “TwoTechnologies for Smarter Cities - MUSCLE and JEE”, Barcelona, Spain2012 - Talking Global (TV broadcast), 30 experts talking about the future.2013 - MIECF2013 Macau, Forum for Sustainable Cities - presentation2009/11 – Was an Invited teacher and a researcher at University ofMinho, Guimarães.solar trap - architecturearmadilha solar - arquitectura
  5. 5. TrainingHas qualified and certified training in various tools and techniques linkedto environmental and energy performance of Buildings, highlighting:2012 – Advanced Training in Sustainability Reporting, supervised byFrancisco Neves. APEA Portuguese Environmental EngineersAssociation and BSD Consulting Portugal, Porto2009/2011 – Was Invited teacher and researcher at University of Minho.2011 – Diploma of Qualified Expert in Sustainability Certification ofBuildings using SBTool.PT, supervised by Prof. Luís Bragança and Prof.Ricardo Mateus. University of Minho Guimarães2010 – Diploma of Assessor LiderA - Sustainability Certification ofBuildings , supervised by Prof. Manuel Duarte Pinheiro. Porto2009/2010 – Advanced studies on Innovation and Research Methods,PHD Program School of Engineering of University of Minho. Guimarães2006 – Diploma of Qualified Expert to the Portuguese System for EnergyCertification of Buildings (EPBD, EU Directive 32/2001).2006 – Physics of Buildings – EnergyPlus,and DesignBuilder, supervisedby Prof. Guilherme Carrilho da Graça - Natural Works. FEUP, Faculty ofEngeniering of Porto,1994 – Daylight Workshop,supervised by Prof. J.Owen Louis and MarcFontoynont, at Institute Calouste Gulbenkian of Science, LNEC, LisbonOperates also at user level the following tools to assess energy anddaylight, ECOsustainability and LCA in buildings:DOE2; Radiance; Ecotect, LEED and Breeam, Sima PROSolar Trap-architecture - List of Projects- House of the Future, Porto PT. with P.Santiago. 2th Prize, 2012- Quinta Marques Gomes, Project Proposal Competition. With aNC,Menos é Mais, A400 Engineers, SA. Vila Nova de Gaia 2012- Modular houses, Charlotte NC USA. client: OutdoorEnvirons. 2010/11- Apartment rehabilitation, Porto PT. client: C. Plácido. built 2011.- Ecoefficiency study to JEE´s application in the Headquarters of GrupoLENA, Leiria PT. client: EcoChoice/Grupo LENA. proj. Set/Dez 2008.- Quinta da Pacheca Hotel, Lamego Douro PT. client: Pacheca HotelsEvents & Gourmet .1200m2 (800m2 wood struct.) proj./built 2004/09- Lawyer ´s Office, Porto PT. Dr. Campos Carlos. built 2008- Palliative Care Clinic, Portimão,Algarve PT. client: Stª Casa deMisericordia da Mexilhoeira Grande & Paliaticare. total 6200m2. proj.2008 (waiting for construction)- Eco-Efficient Condominium.,Bougado, Trofa PT. cliente: Dr. CamposCarlos. 25 bonded houses (1st phase) proj. 2005/ 07.- Housing and Commerce, S. Martinho de Mouros, Resende PT. cient :A. Pinto Machado, lda. 2600m2. proj./built 2005. Obra 2006.- Rural Tourism, Baraçal do Côa, Sabugal PT. client: Dra. Ivone Nabais.2006/08. 345,0m2. starting construction.- Lawyer ´s Office, Porto PT. C.Carlos & A.Vilaça. Porto. built 2005- “Casa da Calçada”, Rural Tourism, Oliveira do Douro Cinfães. client:Manuel do Carmo Ruas. 900m2. proj./built 2004/08.- JEE Janela Eco-Eficiente. Consortium:Solar Trap,TEC. Minho, SapaBuilding Systems. National Patent - nº103 579. EU Model Registration.- Urban Arrangment of Arda River Margins, Pedurido, Castelo de PaivaPT. client: Institute of Douro River. built 2005/07- Quinta de Abol de Baixo, Rural Tourism, Eja, Entre-os-Rios PT. client:Sarmento e Castro. 630m2. Proj./built 2003/06.- “House of St Jerónimo Chappel. Rural Tourism, Guimarães PT. client:Alcino Machado. proj. 2003/05.- House Rehabilitation, Abragão PT. client: Manuel Peixoto 2002/05- “Hengelhart House”. Dwelling. Arcozelo, V.N.Gaia PT. client: CarlaHengelhardt. Proj./built 1999/ 01- House Rehabilitation, Porto PT. Proj./built 1996/99 .- Allotment and Multifunctional Building, Penafiel PT. Proj. 1995/01
  6. 6. Achievements in Offices and School period1999/2000 - Telecel /Vodafone Headquarters, Parque das Nações,Lisbon . team: A.Burmester Ass.– competition winner. Part of the leadingteam - followed the process from competition to execution.1997/1999 – São João, Porto National Theater . Production Assistant.Worked in the production of several pieces created by known directors:Ricardo Pais, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti , António Feio.Worked in the prodution of P.O.N.T.I. Porto–Natal–Teatro -Internacional1997 edition.1994/ 1996 – Manuel Vicente´s office (Lisbon – Macau)Work between Sept.1994 and Sept. 2006, as team coordinator with RuiLeão and Francisco T. Bastos in the project of the Maritime IndustriesPavillion,latter European Community Pavilion , commissioned byEXPO´98 in the World Exhibition, Lisbon.Intervened in other projects :- Competition to the New Headquarters Building of UAO-University ofMacau.- Coloane Island – Macau, General Urban Plan (with Prof. GorgeGaspar, Landscaper Cristina Castello Branco, Rui Leão)- Competition to the New Court of Justice, Macau1993 – was a trainee of Carlos Miguel Gracio Dias1991/1992 – was a trainee of João Luís Carrilho da GraçaOther achievements:- Between 1992 and 1994, was team leader with Arch. Jorge Carvalho,to the Publication of a Modern Architecture Catalog. Comissioned byEdictorial Electa and Prof. António Pizza (ETSAB)- New Public Library Almeida Garrett Competition at Palácio de Cristal -Porto, Portugal with Arch. Claudia Bordalo. Lisbon 1993-1º Competition Cricursa Critales Curvados – Sponsored by E.T.S.A.B.and Colégio de Arquitectos de Barcelona and “Quaderns d´Arquitectura”-with Arch. Miguel Figueira, Arch. Nuria Garcia. Barcelona 1992Exhibited and Published-“The Theatre and The City“ Competition - Promoted by ÉvoraMunicipality, with Inês Lobo, Arch. Nuno Matos, Arch. Claudia Bordalo,Arch. Nuno Silva, Bruno Parrinha. Lisbon 1992. Exhibited and Published- EASA 92 (European Architecture Student Assembly) SchoolCompetition – 2th Prize. Lisbon 1992. Exhibited and Published.- Europan 2 Competition 1990 - "Bornholmer Strabe" - East Berlin, comArq. With Arch. Cristina Veríssimo and Arch. Diogo Burnay, London 1990- EASA 88 (European Architecture Student Assembly) SchoolCompetition – Mention. Lisbon 1988. Exhibited and Published.- Dulwich Picture Gallery Extension, Competition – With Arq. CristinaVeríssimo e Arq. Diogo Burnay. London 1989 . ExibitedBetween 1988/1991 was team coordinator with Arch. Pedro Domingosof the Weeks of Science and Technology. Commissioned by FCT –Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, with Prof. Dr. JorgeDias de Deus, Prof. Dr. Carrondo, Eng. Pedro Figueiral and Rui Avelar.List of Exhibitions undertaken:- S.C.T. Évora; S.C.T. Vila Real; S.C.T Aveiro; S.C.T BragaAwards2007 – National Innovation Prize. Sponsored by BES - Espírito SantoBank . €50.000,01992 – 2th Prize EASA (European Architecture Students Association)Jury Chaired by Arch. Manuel Graça Dias1989 – Mention EASA (European Architecture Students Association)Jury Chaired by Arch. Gonçalo Byrne-1th Comics Competition Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 3º prémiowith João Paulo Martins
  7. 7. Urban PlanningEco-Efficient Housing DevelopmentCondomínio Eco-EficienteSite - Bougado - TrofaCliente / Client : Dr. Eduardo Campos CarlosÁrea / Area : 15.730m2 habitações / 18 dweillings (stage1)Custo / Cost : € 5.350.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão / Conclusion : projectAutoria / Authors : Miguel VeríssimoThis project reflects our methodological and creative approach to a medium/large urban eco-efficient system. We have projected a 5 steps life cycle approach (project-construction-operation-maintenance-deconstruction). Already licensed, this condominium to be sited atTrofa (Portugal) meets state-of-the-art levels on crossing architecture/energy/ecology. Theimplantation uses a concrete hardcore structure (access ramps and infrastructural features)assuring not only the necessary the necessary structural stability but also the most correctthermal functioning inside the house. The side-by-side concrete structures also organizesthe urban disposition, the infrastructural efficiency and a continuous green coverer. Theother building systems to create the dwelling spaces are light steel, aluminum and wood.
  8. 8. Eco-Efficient Housing DevelopmentCondomínio Eco-EficienteSite - Bougado - TrofaThe exterior spaces are open and exclusively for the trees, playing and leisure. The construction environmental impact, once the concretestructures put the house flying over the soil, its only 10%. The dwelling program is flexible and grows over time with the family spaceneeds. The 3R´s approach and eco-efficiency is almost perfect. The energy efficiency achieves the highest level possible Net ZeroEnergy Building. With few more active and “smart strategies” (domotics+PV+E_Mob) this urban system can accomplish E+ levels (creatingenergy instead of spending it).
  9. 9. Urban PlanningUrbanization and housing schemeUrbanização e conjunto habitacionalSite - BarcelosCliente / Client : GoldinvestÁrea / Area : 14 860m2 ( superfície/surface) 9860m2 (construção/construction)Habitações / Dweillings : 48Custo / Cost : € 5.000.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusion / Conclusion : under constructionAutoria / Authors : Miguel Dias, Miguel Veríssimo
  10. 10. Cliente / Client : Santa Casa de Misericórdia, PaliaticareLDAÁrea / Area : 5000 m2Custo /Cost : € 2 700 000,00 (aprox.)Equipments / HealthcarePaliative Care ClinicSite – Monte Judeu, Portimão
  11. 11. Equipments / TourismQuinta da Pacheca HotelSite - Cambres, LamegoCliente / Client : Pacheca Hotels Events & GourmetÁrea / Area : 1.570m2Custo / Cost : € 1.250.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão / Conclusion : 2009 (em construção)Autoria / Authors : Miguel Veríssimo
  12. 12. Quinta da Pacheca HotelSite - Cambres, Lamego
  13. 13. Equipments / TourismQuinta da Calçada, Bed&BreakfastSite - Cinfães do DouroCliente / Client : Dr. Manuel do Carmo RuasÁrea / Area : 1.150m2Custo / Cost : € 1.500.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão / Conclusion : 2006Autoria / Authors : Miguel Veríssimo
  14. 14. March (thermal analysis ) Dez (thermal analysis)Equipments / TourismQuinta de Abol de Baixo, Eco-Tourism(rehabilitation of four house sets)Site - Entre-os-Rios, PenafielCliente / Client : Familia Sarmento e CastroÁrea / Area : 800m2Custo /Cost : € 700 000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão/ Conclusion : 2007Autoria / Authors : Miguel Veríssimo
  15. 15. HousingCasa HengelHardtHengelhardt HouseSite - Quinta do Corvo, Vila Nova de GaiaCliente / Client : Carla HengelHardtÁrea / Area : 400m2Custo / Cost : € 300.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão / Conclusion : 2001Autoria / Authors : Miguel VeríssimoPiso 1Piso 2
  16. 16. HousingCasa DuarteDuarte HouseSite - BragaCliente / Client : Nuno DuarteÁrea / Area : 500m2Custo / cost : € 600 000,00 (aprox.)Conclusão / Conclusion : 2006Autoria / Authors : Miguel Dias, Miguel Veríssimo Veríssimo
  17. 17. Outdoor Environs are a new vision in architecture. OE units arecarefully-designed prefabricated living structures designed toadapt with you. They tread lightly on our planet, and utilizenatural resources effectively. Outdoor Environs combine theflexibility you desire to extend your life beyond the boundaries ofyour home, and a construction philosophy of eco-friendlyprinciples designed not to break the bank. Each OE unit is a 251sq. ft. combination of aesthetic, quality, flexibility, and value.Industrial modeloptimization - 12 pieces
  18. 18. R&D + innovationFonte, Compacto Energético para Reabilitação de FachadasFountain, Compact Energy System to Facades RefurbishingConclusão / Conclusion : 2005 (patented)Desenvolvimento: Solar Trap architectureAutoria / Authors : Miguel Veríssimo, Eduardo Melo
  19. 19. Jee - EcoEfficient Window is a patented and awarded eco-efficient façade system to be applied both in refurbishingor in new buildings. JEE´s design uses simple thermodynamics phenomenon to take advantage from sun and heatexchange at façade level in order to improve the building thermal, daylight and ventilation performances. Prototypedand tested during an annual climate cycle, the lab tests proved that JEE increases energy efficiency and reducesCO2 emissions more than 30% of dwellings or service buildings life cycles. JEE´s playback time for an average2012 energy costs, was valued in 7 to 9 years. JEE is ready to be produced and commercialised.winter/mid season – green house effect during the dayheat radiation and thermal convection during the nightNational Innovation Award - BES 2007
  20. 20. R&D + innovationATOM 1, Aquecimento Solar Passivo PortátilATOM 1, Portable Passive Solar Heating SystemConclusão / Conclusion : 2005 (patente)Autoria / authors : Miguel Veríssimo, Eduardo MeloDesenvolvimento / Development : Solar : Trap - architectureportable solar accumulator (PCM based)
  21. 21. MUSCLE is an integrated system for urban regeneration. The basic concept is to create a methodological approach capable tofulfil different scale requirements – from urban scale passing by dwellings to rooms. The basic idea is to maximize Green,&Blueinfrastructures to reduce soil artificialization to minimum. So, ecological footprint and biocapacity are important indicators to befound. Next, a five steps strategy takesplace:1 – Increasing biocapacity, boosting green&blue infrastructures to reduce soilartificialization 2 – Existing façades and interior walls demolition (if needed) 3 – (Re)structure adding strength, newinfrastructures, roof spaces 4 – Room capsules hang-up. More area, green energies 5 – Parking, street cycle lane, up pathways1 2 3 4 5
  22. 22. CompetitionsNova Camara Municipal de OeirasNew Oeiras Town-Hall Competition, 2008Cliente / Client : Oeiras Town HallÁrea / Area : 17.000m2Custo / Cost : € 3.000.000Conclusão / Conclusion :Autoria / Authors : Miguel Veríssimo, Miguel Dias
  23. 23. CompetitionsEquipamientos Diseño Urbano Y Reestructuración Mercado Barceló - MadridBarceló Market Architecture and Urban Planning - MadridCliente / Client : Ayuntamiento de MadridÁrea / Area : 20.000m2Custo / Cost : € 2.500.000Conclusão / Conclusion : 2007Autoria / Authors : Miguel Dias, Miguel Veríssimo
  24. 24. Urban PlanningMarques Gomes Farmurbanization and housing schemeQuinta Marques Gomes Urbanização e Conjunto Habitacional(concurso/competition)Site – Vila Nova de GaiaCliente / Client : IMO-Gestão, Selecta Real Estate InvestmentsÁrea / Area : 30 000m2 ( superfície/surface) 9860m2 (construção/construction)Habitações, Hotel&Spa, Saúde,Serviços / Dweillings, Hotel&Spa, Health ,Offices.Custo / Cost : € 125.000.000,00 (aprox.)Conclusion / Conclusion :Autoria / Authors : Solar Trap – architecture, aNC, Menos é MaisAt the south bank of the Douro River mouth, QuintaMarques Gomes requires a sensitive response tobalance correctly - economics culture & environment.SYMBIOSIS MARGIN TRANSFORMATION, were ourstructural metaphors to safeguard an amazingLandscape extended on a hillside facing north, thenatural elements. open air and communitarian living.Our aim was to create an innovative real stateproduct underlining the relationship citizen/naturemaking use of state-of-the-art techniques andtechnologies to minimize the construction costs, thefuture maintenance, and the environmental impacts,thinking in life cycles. We´ve also intensified theurban eco-efficiency concept, by creating a structuralelement that will characterize the futuredevelopment. The Pergola is an infrastructuralelement that floats and embraces the built elements.It separates public from private, roads from gardens,green and blue from grey infrastructure. Its efficientdesign and functioning can also make a difference onthe construction costs and future maintenance. ThePergola is also a community metaphor – It links theenergy, communication, water and drainage systems,allowing a covered pathway trough the condominiumpublic spaces serving thus to conduct all buildings -villas, apartments, commerce and services, buildingsallowing a surprising reading to the architecture. Ourproject gives simple solutions and flexible spacesdesigned to endure in time. Our spaces are preparedto different occupations and programs. Green roofs inall buildings, state-of-art energy-efficientarchitecture, clean energies, clean water saving,home automation and smart metering and electricalmobility, and social responsibility, thinking thecondominium as an ecosystem. We´ve look for thecorrect articulation between privacy and sharing, toensure the highest quality of life.SYMBIOSIS MARGIN TRANSFORMATION
  25. 25. Urban PlanningMarques Gomes Farmurbanization and housing scheme
  26. 26. Clipping