Blusens Networks IPTV 2013


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Blusens Networks IPTV 2013

  1. 1. IPTV2013 Product Catalogue
  2. 2. 2 the company the company 3Blusens started its commercial activity Blusens has far exceeded these Plan objectives by becoming the MP3 sales leading the horizontal integration by developingin 2002 with a firm and determined manufacturer within the Spanish market in a time span of only four years, achieving up HDTV distribution systems via IP andstep in a field traditionally controlled to 300% annual exponential growths and showing no hints of decrease. coaxial multinational brands. The targets at Blusens, with its range of products, can be found in more than 6,000 points of sale Having a fare presence in the GCC areathat moment were ambitious but they comprehended in the largest distribution chains in the country and it is now starting an our systems are installed in a wide varietywere perfectly reflected in the 2002-2005 unprecedented internationalization stage. of projects and developments. FromStrategy Plan. The Plan was thoroughly Our distinguishing features -constant innovation, good value for money, guaranteed Luxurious hotels like the Vision Hoteldesigned for us to be different and profitability, creative marketing and after-sales service- have been exceptionally in Abu Dhabi, Diva Hotel in Bahrain andinnovative, to grow at an unforeseen pace received by our customers. Blusens compromise to continuously improve the product Lamborghini Hotel in Syria to universitiesand provide the consumer electronics quality and the customer service is mirrored in the creation of our own Support Centre like Princess Noura in Saudi Arabia andsector, so in need of a change, with new located in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with a Call Centre where all the customers’blood. We have created a quality brand calls are directly received and dealt with in order to provide a better and faster responsefrom scratch, from the Spanish region of to Blusens product users.Galicia and for everybody, a quality brand In line with our young, vibrant and restless image, we are sponsors of Miss Spainguided by its excellence on every single Pageant, which has associated our brand with the world of Fashion, we also sponsoroperative aspect with the objective of the Blusens MotoGP Team, a promising endeavour that supports young and brightbeing the best at what we do. new pilots who are already making a dent in their championships, and the Spanish Professional Blusens Basketball Team. Further to these efforts, we have thrown ourselves into the virtual world of social networking with our BlusensTV one2one community, Blusens Music Digital music label and many other initiatives that keep us in the forefront of technology, communication mega projects like the Reemram project and marketing while closing the gap between the user and the brand. in Dubailand, Dubai. Our next step was the implementation of our young and forward looking mindset on Our commitment to QC and continuous the export markets. Starting in Dubai (2007), we have embarked in a very aggressive R&D, along with a focused customer globalization campaign under the same motto that made Blusens successful in Spain. service philosophy guarantee the performance and reliability of our That is being young, fresh, reliable, systems. Capable now, as we are, of innovative and, most of all, closing the gap designing and implementing HDTV between the brand and the user. Today we systems that range from the small singleINNOVATION: R&D are present in China (2007), Middle East apartment to the most luxurious hotelConstant innovation is one of the pillars of Blusens’ success. That is the reason why we have increased the investments in Research, (2007), Mexico (2008), Uruguay (2008) and complex or cable TV operator...Development and Innovation up to exceed 10% of the estimated annual turnover. These investments have culminated in the creation Brazil (2012). We will stretch ever more to becomeof our own research team made up by over 35 people. Such a commitment with innovation has fostered the creation of groundbreaking We continue to strive and develop the reference in innovation, technology,new products such us the G01, the first European GPS navigator that uses pictometry, the web:tv, a powerful internetTV server and ever more technological products by marketing and customer service.home entertainment controller, the integration of IPTV protocols over power line... launching our new communications line We can afford to be unique, different.These advanced products provide a powerful statement that says that technological breakthroughs can be born, developed in which we have taken a new step in To be Blusens.and implemented in Spain. Innovation is the aspect that more clearly defines our Marketing strategy. Blusens has always beencharacterized by a creative and aggressive Marketing, with actions often associated with large conglomerates. Blusens innovativeand creative strategies have made a deep impression in the field, revealing the firm as a company always on the look-out for differentmediums and strategies with the aim of providing freshness to our Marketing.
  3. 3. Table of Contents 5IPTV 7 ·· What is IPTV? 9 ·· What can IPTV do for you? 11 ·· What can Blusens do for you? 16 ·· IPTV Concepts 17 ·· IPTV Components 19 ·· System Architecture 20 Middleware23 ·· Middleware Nodes 24 ·· Management Interface 27 ·· Software Licenses 31 Set Top Box 35 ·· High definition STB 36 VoD Streaming Cluster 41 ·· Storage nodes 42 ·· Streaming nodes 45 ·· Optional Features 47 IP Contribution Head-end 49 ·· Digital Contribution 50 ·· Analog Contribution 54 Net PVR 57 ·· Net PVR 58DIGITAL SIGNAGE 61 ·· What is Digital Signage? 62 ·· What can Digital Signage do for you? 63 DS Servers 71 ·· Playout Server 72 ·· Signage Server 73 Channel Generators 77 ·· High Connectivity 78 ·· Low Connectivity 79FACIAL RECOGNITION 81 ·· What´s Facial Recognition? 83 ·· Technical Specifications 84TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 87 ·· MPEG-2 Profiles and Levels 88 ·· Glossary of Measurements 88 ·· Network Technologies 89 ·· H.264 Profiles and Levels 90 ·· Wiring92 ·· Cable Recommendations 93
  4. 4. IPTV
  5. 5. 8 IPTV IPTV 9 What is IPTV? The cooperation between Interoud and Blusens, as software and hardware developers, has resulted in the birth of a true NEXTGEN IPTV system that is able to fulfil every requirement the Operator may need. From standard TV channels distribution, to HDTV, Video-on-Demand, Time-shift, personalized advertisement schemes and sponsorships, direct purchase from the TV, Digital Signage and more. IPTV Standard Platform The development of new technologies over IP Networks continues to contribute to the integration of a variety of Such solutions play a very important role in the services. These expand from the basic Ethernet network for computer interconnection, to DSL lines for internet hospitality sector as they provide the tools to increase access, IP telephony or the most advanced automation and control systems. the comfort level of their guests/patients, as well as the overall revenue. With this IPTV system, the hotel can The advantage of a standard communication technology over a single network allows the simplification of the cabling offer enhanced entertainment services at a Premium, network, enables the integration of varied services, which guarantees the compatibility with future technological increase the availability of other hotel services (Room developments, and facilitates the monitoring, security and control of any installation. Service, Laundry, Restaurant Reservations, Spa, Sports activities, Gift Shops, etc.) while getting valuable data Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is one of the services that now can also integrate with the structured cable as to what their guests are watching, what channels are network of a building. Such revolutionary change in the way TV signal is distributed significantly improves the signal popular, what content type gets the most income, what quality, interactivity and control, giving the operators a plethora of options to monitor, add services, maximize hotel services have more demand, etc. audience and improve the return on the investment. Thus, IPTV by Blusens provides a true added-value tool to the operator that will, unobtrusively and reliably, increase the revenue on a system that otherwise only represents an added cost.
  6. 6. 10 IPTV IPTV 11 What can IPTV do for you? Cable TV Operators IPTV by Blusens full-fledged solution enhances the services the operator can provide as it is fully interactive in every possible way. Direct TV purchase becomes a true reality for varied forms of products and services. Also, it allows the creation of Portals for different On-Demand content, Pay-per-View, and Live events. Our system enhances the data gathering of user consumption, enabling the use of complex statistics that will serve as a tool for continuous improvement and detection of overlooked niche markets. Hotels, Resorts, Compounds, Restaurants The complete solution offers a centralized point to control and monitor the guest’s consumption and usage of the entertainment system, providing useful statistics that can be used to tailor make the packages offered based on their origin, age group, income, occupation, etc. The On-Demand content and some LiveTV chan- nels can be offered in various languages and with captions to provide the closest sensation to a Home Cinema that a hotel can offer, while giving the Operator a variety of tools to insert various types of advertising formulas. All fully linked to the central Building Management System. Billing is, thus, seamlessly integrated. Hospitals Added to the general Hospitality functionality, IPTV can record, and make available to the user network, any workshop, lecture, seminar or procedure carried out in the facility, thus enhancing the practise and resources available to the Hospital. The offer to the patient can even include the meal selection from his physician’s approved menu. Corporate or Government Networks The integration of the video streams in an existing IP infrastructure makes possible the reception of any content on any facility, even on mobile devices. With an IPTV platform all the multimedia content generated in courses, seminars or master lectures can be recorded and redistributed live during the event or later, to feed STB, PCs inside the complex, Digital Signage panels or via an internet web portal. Educational Facilities Using the Corporate services as a base, an education institution may be interested in adding notes to the video or a real time messaging feature to allow the users watching a live event like a surgery to share opinions and comments with other users.
  7. 7. 12 IPTV IPTV 13MAIN MENU WATCHING LIVE TV PVR WATCHING ON DEMAND TV APPS Sponsorship TELETEXT•  All the menus and descriptions in •  Complete EPG to help the user to •  Time Shifting support enables the •  Browse through content categories, •  Increases the capacity of the STB via •  Sponsor logos on the Menu System. the mother tongue of the guest. find the desired program. user to pause live contents and subcategories, individual content external applications. •  Banners on different sections and•  Main services easily accessible from •  Both Live TV and playout channels. resume it later. titles and their synopsis. •  Third party API available to develop areas of the screen. the main menu. •  Program search. •  CatchUP TV allows the guest to •  Suggestions, popular contents, etc. specific applications for the •  Static and dynamic text and•  Help. •  Check metadata information. watch a content from the beginning. •  Browse the active rentals and rental platform. graphical banner options. •  Multitasking support. •  Channel view and calendar view. •  NetPVR makes possible to watch history. •  To be defined based on customerWELCOME SCREEN •  Navigate channels through the mini- on demand contents that were •  Full control: play, pause, stop, fast •  The A/V content is not interrupted by needs.•  Welcomes the guest when he arrives guide. broadcasted in the past. forward rewind at several speeds. using an app. to his room for the first time. •  Advertising capabilities (static •  Manual recording schedule managed •  Parental control available.•  Name of the guest. banners, dynamic banners, RSS from the STB.•  Check in and out dates. feeds…) •  Complete integration with EPG.•  Welcome TV channel in the language •  Channel change under one second. •  Possibility of recording in external of the guest. •  Miniguide allowing a fast, smart usb key or netPVR server.•  The channel can be a live TV or a zapping. playout channel.
  8. 8. 14 IPTV IPTV 15INFORMATION PAGES CITY INFORMATION HOTEL INFORMATION EMERGENCY GAMES AND SERVICES ROOM SERVICE e-SHOPPING•  Suitable for displaying local •  Shopping malls list. •  Emergency telephones. •  Alarm message on every screen. •  World Time clock. •  Food ordering direct to the kitchen information about the hotel, the city •  Tourism points of interest. •  Hotel telephone extensions. •  Centralized control. •  Shows the different GMT zones. printer. and its surroundings. •  Recommended Restaurants. •  Evacuation map. •  Daylight saving control. •  Laundry request with specification•  Predefined library of styles and •  Pharmacies. •  Once the alarm has been triggered, •  Currency exchange helper. of the clothes rent. layouts. •  Unlimited possibilities... the middleware locks the STB •  High quality games. •  Housekeeping.•  Easy edition of the content, no HTML interactivity, the guest can not needed. override the message.•  Easy addition of pictures used to •  Automatic volume rise. illustrate the page.•  Easy sorting of pages according to assigned categories into menus and submenus.BILLING NEWS INTERNET MESSAGING WAKE UP CALL PIN CODE•  Shows the bill with real-time •  Integration of real time RSS news •  Internet Browsing. •  Text messaging from hotel desk to •  Selection of TV or Radio Channel •  Possibility of protecting the access information coming from the hotel feeds. •  Advanced Java Script Support. the guest room. used as Wake Up channel. to certain services via pin code. PMS. •  Chronological sorting of the latest •  Full featured Web Browser. •  Text messaging from the guest room•  The platform has its own minimal news. to the hotel desk. PMS system for hotels without a •  Optional text messaging between third-party PMS. rooms.•  Possibility of accepting the bill for express check-out.
  9. 9. 16 IPTV IPTV 17 What can Blusens do for you? IPTV Concepts Blusens is your One-Stop Shop for any IPTV requirements, providing a wide and scalable range of products, Playout Channel solutions and content that will fit every sized project: IPTV Contribution System Live channel generated from local stored contents. Equipment responsible of tuning live TV or radio For example advertising videos of the hotel or a •  Latest generation technology for hospitality and cable TV environments based on Blusens Technologies recent movie in a continuous loop. Both live and streams and its injection into the IP network. devices and Interoud platforms that provide a full end-2-end solution. playout channels will be treated the same way by •  Immediate consultancy and maintenance services throughout the life cycle of the project from inception to the middleware. Playout channels are also Multicast Middleware traffic. execution and operation. Core of the system. Orchestrates interactions with •  Wide international experience to help define appropriate requirements and commercial services. every other part of the IPTV platform. It manages the access rights to LiveTV channels, movies or Unicast Traffic sections for specific users. It also manages the Communication between one origin and one interaction with the hotel PMS system for pay per destination. Used when one stream per user is view purposes. required, for example in VoD streams. Multicast TrafficCommunication between one origin and several destinations. sed when the same stream Video on Demand. VoD can be delivered simultaneously to several users, Interactive video delivery technology which allows for example in LiveTV streams. each user to be provided with its own video stream, as if it were coming from a local DVD player. The user can pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. the movie Multicast Traffic at several speeds without interfering with the video Communication between one origin and several beign watched by other users. VoD is unicast traffic. destinations. Used when the same stream can be delivered simultaneously to several users, for example in LiveTV streams. Set Top Box. STB Device used to decode IP video streams delivered through the network in a format suitable for being Number of on Demand Media watched in a standard TV Set. Is also responsible Number of demand contents (i.e. movies or of displaying the menus used to browse all the videoclips) stored in the VoD storage node server. contents of both VoD and LiveTV media library as Each content can be watched simultaneously by an well as the interactive info pages. undefined number of users with a single copy of the content on the server. Live Channel Stream coming from the satellite dish or any On Demand Media Bitrate broadcast technology like DTT. Usually a TV or radio Bandwidth consumed by each stream transferred channel. A channel coming from a CCTV IP camera through the network. 5Mbps is the same quality is also considered a Live Channel. Live channels are as the live television channels coming from the Multicast traffic. satellite. 8 to 12Mbps are required for HD content. IP RF Expandable in number of services Yes Limited Expandable in number of users Yes Limited Number of Users Maximum Concurrency HD capabilities Yes No It refers to the number of STB to consider. Each STB Represents the maximum number of users expected Interaction with other systems (telephony, internet…) Yes No will be capable of playing one content independently to be consuming VoD contents at the same time with Availability of VoD Yes No from the others. One STB per TV screen is required. a percentage (notice that there’s no limitation on Interaction with PMS Yes Limited concurrent users for Live or Playout channels as concurrency applies only for VoD) Recording and time shifting Yes No Network Monitoring Yes No Access restrictions and parental control Yes No Hotel interface personalization Yes Limited Multi-language capabilities both on the interface and on contents Yes No Flexible pricing for different contents Yes No Contents categorization Yes Limited Remote centralized control of the STBs Yes No In-line editing of local information pages Yes Limited Messaging capabilities Yes Limited Dynamic banner facilities Yes Limited Emergency alerts and warnings Yes Limited Several services over the same cabling network Yes No Easy integration with several required services Yes No
  10. 10. 18 IPTV IPTV 19 IPTV Components IP CONTRIBUTION PLAYOUT SERVER Performs the tuning of Live satellite video streams Generates multicast Live channels with local contents and its conversion into IP streams. according to a time schedule. One DVB-S module can tune all the channels in a Suitable for advertising channels, local promotion or transponder simultaneously pay per view movies Responsible of channel descrambling when necessary Seamless splicing allows to smooth the transition between two videos to avoid video noise Each CAS module can descramble several channels VoD CLUSTER NET PVR Serves individual and independent video streams to Stores cyclic recordings for several days of Live TV each user. Channels or CCTV Cameras. Each stream is unique for each user The recordings can be accessed later so one user can watch what Fast Forward Live Archive Manages behavior of VCR was on certain channel on certain Rewind moment in the past controls Pause The user is not tied to the broadcast scheduling VCR operations performed at several speeds anymore Stores contents to be streamed Stores metadata for this contents Controls the bandwidth for each stream STRUCTURED NETWORK CABLING Performs the connections between servers, routers, MIDDLEWARE switches and STBs. Core of the IPTV system. Manages interactions Maximum length of each connection: 100 mt. between each part of the system. The network is divided in a hierarchical way Menu generation The switches can be cascaded Content authorization The network has star shape, not bus shape Billing and PMS integration Statistics collection Media cataloging SET TOP BOX EPG generation Decodes the IP audio/video streams for playing it in a standard TV set. Generation of the GUI ROUTERS AND SWITCHES Manages interaction with Keyboard Carries IPTV info packets to the correct destinations. the user Remote control Each one acts as a repeater so there is no attenuation Can be remotely controlled via the middleware of signal Responsible of broadcast and multicast replication of streams
  11. 11. 20 IPTV IPTV 21 System Architecture 1. The VoDKAST Middleware server creates the STB menus by accessing the metadata information of the videos from the VoD cluster (movie name, actors, director, etc.) and the EPG information from the live and playout channels while considering the user access rights and credit information obtained from the PMS. Thus, the menu is customized for each guest. 2. The hotel operator can fine tune the platform through the management console. The Middleware Server also monitors the current state of each part of the system and triggers the proper alerts to the management consoles in case of any problem. 3. The VoD Streaming Cluster stores all the videos in its storage nodes and streams it to the network through the streaming nodes. The platform allows an unlimited number of streamer and storage nodes to increase the storage or streaming capacity independently from each other according to the operator needs. 4. The IP Contribution System obtains the live DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T MPEG-2 streams from satellite, cable or terrestrial feeds and injects them into the IP network as IP multicast streams. 5. The Playout Server generates continuous loop streams of stored contents as IP multicast streams. 6. The NetPVR server stores local recordings of live TV channels to provide time-shifting features to the platform. 7. The Digital Signage server controls the digital signage screens and split its layout in several regions that can be filled with any multimedia content, even Adobe Flash. 8. The Ethernet Switches aggregate the outputs of all the servers and carry the video streams to the screens through the IP network. 9. The integrated solution allows several types of STB and screens working together: Standalone STB screen, Standard PCs screens and Low or High Connectivity Digital signage screen. Any IPTV content (live, playout, VoD, etc.) can be displayed in any of the STB types. IPTV Architecture Graphic
  12. 12. Middleware
  13. 13. 24 Middleware Middleware 25 2000 User Clustered Middleware Node The middleware server is the core of the Blusens IPTV solution. It controls the interaction between This node is aimed to provide a solution for larger deployments such as cable each part of the system and the interaction of the system itself with the rest of the hotel services. It is operators, universities, etc. Due to its clustering approach this nodes allow also the entry point for the hotel operator, where he can check the status of the network, the connected unlimited growing capacity via clustering. This servers are capable of working STB, trigger alerts to pop up in one or a group of STB etc. together to provide one middleware controlling an unlimited number of users. With its cluster approach, a system created with this nodes can integrate spare VoDKAST will generate menu screens for browsing all the media library in an integrated way. The servers that are automatically hot swapped when an anomaly occurs without interface is coherent among all the applications of the system (i.e. TV, VoD, NetPVR, services). It’s service interruption. also able of providing screens with local information of the hotel and surroundings. This information screens are very simple to create and edit via collection of templates that the operator can modify online through the management interface. All the modules of this middleware are multilingual and can IM.12000 IPT V Clustered Middleware for 2000 users support any language with any font, for example, Arabic. The VoDKAST middleware provides mechanisms to interact with several hotel services (room service, •  Up to 2000 middleware users per node. laundry, housekeeping, etc…) providing direct communication with the departments where this services •  Intel Xeon Quad core processors. are stored and being able also to print text messages with the service required. •  4GB 800Mhz FB-DIMMs RAM. •  Up to 4 RAID 1+0 mirrored 250Gb Hard disks. VoDKAST has the ability of overimpressing banners over the video of all or only some of the Set Top •  4 x Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces. Boxes. It’s also able of blocking the ability of override the message by locking remotely the IR control •  Optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface. of the STB. IM.1500 Processor One or Two Quad-Core Intel Xeon L5420 Processor, 2.50 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB, 50W. Middleware Nodes Cache Quad Core Processors: 12 MB L2 cache per core Architecture DIMM Slots Memory Type Up to 32 GB of 800 MHz ECC FB-DIMM or 667 MHz ECC FB-DIMM Main memory Memory Configuration 4 GB total memory. System configurations from 1 GB up to 32 GB The middleware nodes are the servers that conform the middleware cluster. Depending on the number Graphics Controller ASPEED AST2000 of users the middleware can be a single server or a cluster of multiple machines working together to System architecture Intel Quad Core technology provide unlimited growing capabilities to the platform. Network: Four Integrated 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports Management: Service processor with embedded Lights Out Manager (LOM) standard In hospitality environments a cluster of nodes is rarely required, but, in other case scenarios, like telco Serial: RJ-45 Standard/integrated interfaces operators for example, this requirement becomes more common. Please ask your sales representative SATA: Up to two hot-pluggable SATA bays, 2 TB max. to give you more information about the telco approach for larger installations. USB: Five USB 2.0 ports (two front, two rear, one internal) Expansion bus: One PCIe slot (x16 electrical/x16 mechanical), half-length, half-height The middleware nodes are built with the lastest and highest quality components sharing the group of Solaris OS 10 or GNU/Linux Software Operating systems IPMI 2.0 compliant Service Processor with embedded. Lights Out Management offering remote power, KVM features that configure them as high reliability “state-of-the-art” ones. (keyboard, video, mouse) and media capability Internal disk option Two hot-pluggable 250-750 GB 7200 rpm 3.5” SATA II HD Mass storage Removable Media Up to one EIDE DVD-ROM or DVD+/-RW DL drive 500 User Standalone Middleware Node and media RAID RAID 1 hardware mirroring to provide fault tolerance Operating temperature: 5° to 35° C (41° to 95° F) at sea level Non operating temperature: -40° to 68° C (-40° to 154° F), up to 93% relative humidity, non condensing, 38° C This node is focused in providing the middleware for small/medium sized max. wet bulb installations. With its two dual core processors, this server is able of managing Environment Operating altitude: Up to 3,000m (9,000 ft.), max. ambient temperature is derated by 1° C per 300m above 900m up to 500 users concurrently. Non operating altitude: up to 12,000m (=~36,000 ft.) The RAID1 mirroring between the two 7200rpm SATA hard disks guarantees the Acoustic noise: 70 dBA operating, 69 dBA idle (declared noise emissions in accordance with ISO 9296 lowest cost per GB of storage space and reveals this unit as a high reliability one. A-weighted, sound power) The 1RU form factor highlights this server as one of the most dense ones in what Single PSU Power AC power: 100–240 V AC (47–63 Hz) is referred to number of users per RU. Safety IEC 60950, UL/CSA 60950, EN 60950, CB Scheme with all country differences Regulations RFI/EMI FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Class A, EN 300 386 v1.3.3, EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 Immunity EN 55024, EN 300 386 v1.3.3 IM.1500 IPT V Standalone Middleware for 500 users Safety CE, CB Scheme, UL, CSA, CCC, BSMI, AR-S, GOST-R Certifications EMC CE, FCC, VCCI, ICES, BSMI, CCC, MIC, C-Tick, AR-S, GOST-R Other RoHS-compliant labeled, per WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment) Directive (2002/95/EC) •  Up to 500 middleware users. Height 44 mm (1.7”) •  Intel Xeon Dual core processors. Dimensions Width 425.5 mm (16.8”) •  2GB 800Mhz FB-DIMMs RAM. and weight Depth 633.7 mm (25”) •  2 RAID 1 mirrored 250Gb Hard disks. Weight 13.3 kg (27.2 lbs.) •  4 x Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces. Warranty One year, next business day •  Optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface. Hardware Specifications may change without prior notice.
  14. 14. 26 Middleware Middleware 27 Management Interface The LiveTV and playout channels IM.12000 IM.12000 can be shown or hidden to certain Processor Two Intel Xeon processors 5500 series Operating temperature: 5° C to 35° C (41° to 95° F) at sea level STB or rooms. It’s numbering can Level 1: 32 KB instruction and 32 KB data L1 cache per core Non operating temperature: -40° C to 68° C (-40° be easily resorted and, if provided Level 2: 256 KB unified (data and instruction) L2 to 154° F) by the operator, teletext and Cache cache per core Operating relative humidity: up to 93%, non subtitles are fully supported. Architecture Level 3: 4 MB or 8 MB shared inclusive L3 cache per condensing, 38° C max. wet bulb processor Non operating relative humidity: Up to 93%, non 12 DDR3 DIMM slots (six DIMM slots per CPU socket); condensing Main Environment system supports from 2 GB (1x 2 GB to 96 GB (12x 8 Operating altitude: Up to 3,000m (9,000 ft.), max. memory GB) of memory ambient temperature is derated by 1° C per 300m Based on Intel Xeon processor 5500 series and Intel above 900m System architecture 5500 Chipset Non operating altitude: 10,000m (35,000 ft.) Network: Two 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports Acoustic noise: 7.5 B operating, 7 B idling / 70 dBA Serial: One RJ-45 port operating, 60 dBA idle (declared noise emissions in accordance with ISO 9296 A-weighted, sound Standard/integrated USB: Five USB 2.0 ports (two front, two rear, one power) interfaces internal) Single non redundant power supply; max. power Expansion bus: One PCIe 2.0 slot (x16 electrical/x16 supply rating 600 W at 80% efficiency Power mechanical, low-profile) AC power: 100–240 V AC (47–63 Hz) Solaris 10 OS IEC 60950, UL/CSA 60950, EN 60950, CB Scheme OpenSolaris™ OS Safety with all country differences Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Regulations FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Class A, EN 300 386 v1.3.3, EN The contents can be marked RFI/EMI Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 with any tag defined by the Operating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Immunity EN 55024, EN 300 386 v1.3.3 administrator, like action, Software systems VMware ESX 3.5 CE, CB Scheme, UL, CSA, CCC, BSMI, AR-S, Safety High Definition, Music Video, Windows Server 2003 Standard/Enterprise Editions GOST-R Documentary, advertisement, Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise Editions CE, FCC, VCCI, ICES, BSMI, CCC, MIC, C-Tick, EMC Black and White movie etc. Certifications AR-S, GOST-R Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise/ Datacenter Editions RoHS-compliant labeled, per WEEE (Waste The middleware allows the Other Electrical and Electronics Equipment) Directive administrator to sort this tags in Networking Two GbE ports integrated on motherboard (2002/95/EC) Optional Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Height 43mm (1.7 in.) any menu/submenu configuration, service processor module so browsing thousands of contents Width 436mm (17.2 in.) – VGA 8 MB: 1,024x768 at 60 Hz Dimensions Depth 650mm (25.6 in.) is very comfortable. – Management port: One 10/100 RJ-45 port and weight MIN 9.8 kg (21.7 lbs.) Enables remote power control; remote keyboard, Weight video, mouse (KVM) graphical MAX 13.9 kg (30.6 lbs.) Management access; and remote media (DVD, CD, floppy) Rackmounting slide rail kit Secure remote access using Web interface over SSL, Mounting option Toolless rackmounting slide rail kit or CLI over SSH Cable management arm Sun™ xVM Ops Center software support Warranty One year, next business day IPMI 2.0, SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 In-band, out-of-band, and side-band remote management Up to four hot-pluggable 3.5 in. SATA disk drives, 4 TB max.: 1 TB, 500 GB (7,200 rpm) Mass storage Internal Up to four hot-pluggable solid-state drives (SSDs), and media disk option The price ruling system is very 128 GB max.: 32 GB3 Up to two Sun Flash Modules, 48 GB max.: 24 GB3 flexible, allowing the hotel to provide different prices accordingHardware Specifications may change without prior notice. to categories like movie genre, director, length, etc. The system provides a price simulator to check the price charged for the movie to the guest for a particular situation.
  15. 15. 28 Middleware Middleware 29 The administrator is capable of monitoring what is being played in any room at each STB for any given moment. It’s also capable of rebooting a group or a single STB or even forcing it to tune a specific channel or content and locking the IR control of the STB. The administrator can check the current billing for any given STB or room at any moment. The logging system is continuously monitoring the status of the system an can provide alerts when a STB is disconnected from the network or a live TV channel is not The price of the media contents are receiving content. This prevents determined by a very flexible price any unauthorized access to the rule mechanism. This provides the distribution network. operator the flexibility of grouping some channels into one pack and The middleware is also capable of price it. gathering use statistics for both The price rules are also defined VoD and live contents. according to a calendar, so creating an “action weekend offer“ is very simple.
  16. 16. 30 Middleware Middleware 31 Software Licenses PMS integration The system can be integrated with the PMS that is part of the IT infrastructure of The system supports any the hotel. This way the hospitality system is able to generate per-user contents language in every part of the with the information acquired from the PMS. system: The interface in the STB, This service will be used for automatic charging the costs of the film rental or the management interface, and whatever pay service that the hotel must decide to implement on the billing of even the names of the tags can the customer. be internationalized. This way If the connection with the PMS system is not available for whatever reason, the system recognizes that the VoDKAST includes a minimal PMS for this purpose. “Action movies” will we shown The system also includes applications for viewing the billing of the user from the as “Peliculas de accion” for an comfort of the room. Spanish speaker. User Interface Modification The graphical interface of the IPTV system for the rooms can be completely It’s possible to select an specific customized to the needs of the customer. Custom logos, colors and even menu welcome TV channel according to elements can be integrated in the user interface to provide a coherent, tailor made the nationality of the guest. If the visual language with the rest of the systems in the hotel, hospital, university, etc. nationality is not registered in the system the welcome channel will be the default one. It’s also possible Development of specific application to run a specific advertisement as welcome video in the mother language of the guest. As the system proposed is a 100% end2end solution, any added value application designed specifically to fit the customer needs can be integrated in the menus of the STB. The flexibility is almost unlimited. Contact with a sales manager to evaluate the viability of a custom development for your needs. The edition of the local information pages is very easily done via the web interface. The administrator does not need any programming or web developing knowledge to create high quality local information pages.
  17. 17. 32 Middleware Middleware 33 VoDKAST Middleware VTL-FUL-1.0 VoDKAST Lite Base license Full VoDKAST middleware license for a maximum of 15 users. VTV-MID-1.0 VoDK AST Middleware Base License VTL-DEM-1.0 VoDKAST Lite Demonstrator Middleware base license. Provides basic services as STB monitoring Full middleware HW+SW bundle limited to 10 users. VTV-LTV-1.0 VoDKAST Middleware LiveTV option Pulsar Digital Signage Upgrades the middleware with live TV channel management capabilities. VTV-STB-1.0 25 STB Base license PDS-BAS-1.0 Pulsar server license Base license for a package of 25 STB Standalone Digital signage server base license. Not required if a Vodkast VTV-SAP-1.0 25 STB Simple applications license Middleware (VTV-BAS-1.0) with digital signage module upgrade (VTV-DSM-1.0) is present. Upgrades the STB basic license with capabilities required for TV zapping, EPG browsing or decoding of a Digital Signage channel. Not required if a VTV-AAP-1.0 PDS-MUL-1.0 Pulsar server multi organization option advanced applications license is present. Upgrades the Pulsar Digital Signage server with multi-role, multi organization VTV-AAP-1.0 25 STB Advanced applications license capabilities. Allows the management of several Digiltal Signage networks with the same server. Allows the management of certain elements of the digital signage Upgrades the STB basic license with hospitality capabilities, wake-up alarm, schedule/templates to third party subsidaries. billing check, etc. Includes the VTV-SAP-1.0 basic applications license. PDS-LCX-1.0 Pulsar low connectivity channel generator license ( 10) VTV-IAP-1.0 25 STB Internet Applications license Low connectivity channel generator license, price per unit if less than 10 units. Upgrades the STB basic license with internet browsing capabilities, RSS feeds, weather, etc. PDS-LCL-1.0 Pulsar low connectivity channel generator license ( 50) VTV-VOD-1.0 25 STB Video on Demand support license Low connectivity channel generator license, price per unit if less than 50 units. Upgrades the STB basic license with Video on Demand capabilities for videoclub PDS-LCC-1.0 Pulsar low connectivity channel generator license ( 100) purposes. Low connectivity channel generator license, price per unit if less than 100 units. VTV-PVR-1.0 25 STB netPVR license PDS-LCM-1.0 Pulsar low connectivity channel generator license ( 100) Upgrades the STB basic license with network PVR capabilities for recording purposes. Low connectivity channel generator license, price per unit if more than 100 units. VTV-DSM-1.0 VoDKAST Digital Signage Module Upgrade PLT-BAS-1.0 Pulsar Lite Digital signage system Upgrades the middleware with both high and low connnectivity Digital Signage Low connectivity digital signage server and channel genrator for small deployments. management capabilities Up to 10 low connectivity lite channel generators (PLT-EXT-1.0) are suported VTV-DSC-1.0 VoDKAST Digital Signage Channel Upgrade PLT-EXT-1.0 Pulsar Digital Signage Lite extended channel generator Adds one Digital Signage High Connectivity Channel to the middleware. Requires a Upgrades a Pulsar Lite Digital signage system (PLT-BAS-1.0) with an extra low middleware with digital signage module (VTV-DSM-1.0) installed. connectivity channel generator. Up to 10 channel generators are supported. VTV-PMS-1.0 IPTV Middleware PMS integration Option Upgrades the middleware with integration with a third party PMS system such as Micros Opera.
  18. 18. Set Top Box