Trabajo de diseño 2 eso graphic design


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Patterns in everyday life.

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Trabajo de diseño 2 eso graphic design

  1. 1. Rectangles This is the floor of the Jaime I's church.
  2. 2. Cross We made the picture of a window of a house
  3. 3. Semi circles and triangles It's a picture of a window in the Mirador
  4. 4. Stars and rhomboids This picture of a fontain in the MIrador
  5. 5. Colored rectangles This is the floor of the promenade
  6. 6. Squares It's a picture made in the Mirador
  7. 7. Circles It's a tile of a stair of the Mirador
  8. 8. Circles,squares and rombos It's a tile of the street
  9. 9. Flowers and bends It's a tile of the wall of the MIrador
  10. 10. Squares It's the floor of a hotel
  11. 11. Bench It's a bench of the parck
  12. 12. A chair It's the chair ok the hotel
  13. 13. window It's the window of a house
  14. 14. Railings It's the window of the hotel
  15. 15. Flowers It's a bag of a shop
  16. 16. A bag It's another bag of the shop
  17. 17. Curtain It's the courtain of the shop
  18. 18. Colored squeres It's a pursce of the shop
  19. 19. Brick cicles It's a brick of a building
  20. 20. Wall figures It's the wall of the Mirador
  21. 21. By Raquel,Esther,Jeni and Marta