PROSE: Empowering FLOSS in European Projects


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This presentation shares the goals of the EU funded PROSE project, who's objective is to accelerate the adoption of open source software on EU ICT projects. The presentation highlights the projects plans to increase the lifetime of the software developed inside European projects and thus maximizing projects’ impacts. The presentation will show the creation and management of a platform for FLOSS project management, the development of a training program on legal and business aspects pertaining to FLOSS adoption and shall provide insight on a dissemination program to promote the adoption of a FLOSS-driven model in EU ICT projects.

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PROSE: Empowering FLOSS in European Projects

  1. 1. Miguel Ponce de Leon (TSSG)EU FP7 PROSEOpen Forges Summit 20122012/10/11
  2. 2. FLOSS in EU FP7 ICT● Open Source (FLOSS) is an important part of the EU FP7 ICT programme ● Projects produce Open Source results. ● FLOSS projects are (re)used by FP7 ICT projects. ● Part of demonstrators, testbeds, pilot programs, etc.● Collaboration model has several advantages ● One project can provide inputs for many. ● Produce reusable technology for the European Zone.
  3. 3. Fractured Ecosystem ● Unclear Work-flows ● Unclear Business Processes ● Unclear Legal constraints ● Hard to measure (EC) investments in FLOSS ● FLOSS Projects do not maximize input/output possibilities
  4. 4. Structure through Coordination ●
  5. 5. EC Information Feed-back Loop● Measurable Metrics ● Monitor FLOSS activities, contributions and projects. ● Estimate relevant impact metrics from the centralized platform.● Adequate Tools ● Explore platform metrics for key decisions (e.g. Funding). ● Allow long term exploitation of open source results. ●
  6. 6. Structured Solution● Platform ● Aggregating platform for managing Open Source Projects.● Training ● Training material and decision information: Business and legal Information. ● Supporting for European projects (and other potential targets).● Promotion ● Events coordinated with the EC to reach European Projects as means to promote Open Source, the provided platform and the knowledge created for training. ●
  7. 7. PlatformPlatform for hosting and supporting (ICT)FLOSS Projects● Software Repositories ● Infrastructure for ICT projects software development support. ● Common location for all ICT projects.● Community and Project Management ● Facilitated community and inter-project interactions. ● Methodology, business and legal information support. ●
  8. 8. PlatformThe platform forge will be Allura● Issue Tracking● Threaded Discussion Forums● Code Repository (git, Mercurial (hg), or Subversion (svn) )● Documentation (wiki)● Create and Manage Neighbourhoods● Project Metrics/Statistics ● Downloads, Code Commits ● Active Committers, Community Feedback Ratings, Average Issue Resolution Time, Open/Resolved Issue Counts ●
  9. 9. Training and Support InformationTraining material and support documentation for the platformtargets● Platform Information ● Provide information on FLOSS development best-practices and methodologies. ● Rely on the platform as the starting point for developers and projects.● Legal Information ● Provide legal information support on different subjects: Licensing and IPR.● Business Information ● Provide business model information for successful FLOSS exploitation. ●
  10. 10. Promotion and DisseminationPromote the platform and an overall FLOSSapproach in ICT● Platform Promotion ● Promote the platform to reach a wide ICT audience.● Promote Training and Educational Events ● Focus on the platform, business and legal aspects.● Generalized Open Source Promotion ● Raise awareness towards FLOSS advantages in ICT ● Promotion of the ideas stemming from the material developed in PROSE. ●
  11. 11. Project FactsPROSE – EU FP7 ICT Coordination Action ● 6 Partners from 4 Countries ● Duration : 2012 – 2014 ● ● ● Partners ● Caixa Mágica Software (Project Coordinator, Portugal) ● Instituto de Telecomunicações, Aveiro (Portugal) ● TSSG - Wateford Institute of Technology (Ireland) ● MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media (Germany) ● Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP (UK) ● Geeknet Media (UK) ●
  12. 12. Miguel Ponce de LeonChief TechnologistTSSGEmail: miguelpdl@tssg.orgPhone: +353 51 302952LinkedIn: miguelpdl