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A regular day at Poderopedia (Knight News Challenge 2011 winner)


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Short presentation for the Knight News Challenge 2011 Awards Announcement in the Knight-MIT Future of Civic Media Conference, june 2011.

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A regular day at Poderopedia (Knight News Challenge 2011 winner)

  1. 1. A TY PICAL DAY AT(P)O DERO PEDIAThis project is made possible by an awsome grant by the Knight News Challenge 2 011 @poderopedia Chile 2011
  2. 2. Hey! Let`s check out President Piñera`s links?
  3. 3. OZOMMM!
  4. 4. Who`sthis guy?
  5. 5. Andrés Navarro owns a helicopter with Piñera President`s buddy businessman government tech provider campaign funding for this guy& studied with Polo Piñera(the President`s brother)
  6. 6. In Universidad Católica
  7. 7. like Piñeraand 16 of his 22 ministers
  8. 8. only4 went to Harvardnone to the MIT:(
  9. 9. Verbo Divino:Piñera`s school2 ministersmany congressman& businessman
  10. 10. like his cousinHerman Chadwick appointed by Piñera as chairman of the National Television Council
  11. 11. (by the way: over the last35 years there`s been aChadwick in every chileangovernment)right wing senator social democrat director The Clinic former government (chilean The Onion) official
  12. 12. 50% top execs & CEO`scome from 5 schoolsPiñera`s school is in 2 place3 of 15 richest families studied therealumni = Chile`s 18,5% GNPUS$ 30 billion*Forbes 2008
  13. 13. Half love this team!
  14. 14. So Piñera b ought it and named this guy undersecretary of sports (they were forced to sell by public opinion) they earned US$ 9 million
  15. 15. Same with LAN
  16. 16. and a TV channel
  17. 17. where the President`s buddywas a chairman
  18. 18. before Piñeradecided to sell theairline and tvstation because ofthe people`spressure
  19. 19. this is a tiny tiny taste of(P)ODEROPEDIAAn editorial and crowdsourced database that highlights the links among Chile’s eliteUsing data visualization, the site will dig deep to find and illustrate the connectionsbetween people, companies and institutions. Crowdsourced information will bevetted by professional journalists before it is posted. Entries willinclude an editorial overview, a relationship map and links to thesources of information
  20. 20. THANKS! let`s keep in touch @miguelpaz & @hvergara @poderopedia Chile 2011