July 2010 | Vol. 1, Issue 1

                                             Helping club and district officers achieve su...
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                       ThE yEAR AhEAD

Bigger, Better, and Bolder!                     ...

Council on Legislation decisions affect officer duties
2010 Council creates the office of immediate past   ...
By ThE NuMBERS                       ToP PRIoRITy

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Rotary Leader

  1. 1. July 2010 | Vol. 1, Issue 1 Helping club and district officers achieve success the year ahead meeting place club clinic the future is now Incoming district governors, How 2010 Council decisions Ideas for keeping new Ways all districts can team up like those shown above, affect your duties members active and involved under Future Vision will lead boldly
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ThE yEAR AhEAD Bigger, Better, and Bolder! RI president: Think big, seek best practices, innovate Rotary is the premier service club organization in the world, As you embark on the 2010-11 year to continue the work and all Rotarians should be of Building Communities — Bridging Continents, look to proud of our achievements. RI President Ray Klinginsmith for support to make Rotary Rotary is now on the world stage more effective and enjoyable for all due to PolioPlus, and our public image is better than ever. Yet, Klinginsmith is encouraging Rotary leaders at all levels Ray Klinginsmith we should not be spoiled by to think big. “Think about major projects, because that’s our success at the international what gives Rotarians pride in their club,” he says. “And if level, because the real test of success for Rotary is those projects also are visible in the community, people the strength and vitality of our clubs! become interested in Rotary and join, if asked. If you get The Board adopted a revised RI Strategic Plan at its that cycle going, clubs will be bigger, better, and bolder.” coordinators to assist their zone’s RI director and help November 2009 meeting that clearly recognizes the All Rotarians should seek out best practices to build keep Rotary running smoothly. (See “Ask the Expert.”) importance of our clubs, and the first priority of the upon what works, Klinginsmith adds. “What I’m trying to Innovation also comes from the local level, new plan is to support and strengthen clubs. I agree do is create a culture of innovation where we can take a Klinginsmith insists. “Clubs and districts can innovate on wholeheartedly, and I have appointed 41 new Rotary fresh look at everything we do, to see whether or not it’s a their own by looking at their own practices and sending coordinators to provide assistance to our clubs best practice or just a traditional practice. If we are already word up the line about what is working well for them. It’s and districts. Simply stated, their job is to help the doing it in the best way, I don’t very much a two-way street between Rotary International district governors to help the clubs. “Clubs and districts want to disturb it. But if we can and the clubs — you cannot have one without the other.” Rotary lives and breathes in our 33,000 clubs, can innovate find a better way to do it, then we To Klinginsmith, success depends on all Rotary leaders and it is the clubs that improve lives by Building need to start some new traditions.” knowing their role and how to work together, beginning at on their own by Communities — Bridging Continents. If we succeed One new initiative the club level. in helping our clubs to become Bigger, Better, and looking at their Klinginsmith already has in place “It’s the club presidents who really run Rotary. I want Bolder in the next year, then it is clear that the best own practices is the Rotary coordinator program. to help them do what they want to do and facilitate their days of Rotary are still ahead. We are fortunate to With a mission aligned with the service as they see it,” he says. “I also want to thank them be Rotarians! Together, we can make the world a and sending word three priorities of the RI Strategic for their work and give them whatever suggestions I can better place! up the line.” Plan, RCs will work closely with from my experience to make their job a little easier and Ray Klinginsmith regional Rotary Foundation more effective.”
  3. 3. MEETING PLACE Council on Legislation decisions affect officer duties 2010 Council creates the office of immediate past  Enable successors to fill vacancies of a governor- of Directors that do not affect RI constitutional club president, widens the time period for district elect or governor-nominee who becomes unwilling documents. or unable to serve. The Council’s official Report of Action is being sent assemblies and PETS, and sets a minimum age in the  Empower the RI Board to act when a district to club secretaries and district governors and is also ‘Rule of 85’ has repeated election complaints within a five- available for download. One copy of the 2010 edition Rotary’s legislative body, the Council on Legislation, year period. of the Manual of Procedure (035) will be sent to all clubs adopted several new enactments and resolutions Enactments are Council decisions that as soon as it is available. during its April meeting in Chicago. Measures that immediately affect the RI Constitution, the RI received little publicity but may be of particular Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. interest to club and district officers are cited here. Resolutions are recommendations to the RI Board The Council passed enactments to  Create the office of immediate past president for all clubs. CATCh uP oN ThE  Change the provisions for excused absences by CouNCIL setting a minimum age for eligibility of 65. This News articles on the RI website alters the so-called Rule of 85, which refers to the detailed major decisions and daily aggregate of a member’s age and years of Rotary highlights of the COL’s April meeting, club membership. including:  Allow district assemblies to be held in March, • he US$1 annual per capita t April, or May, and presidents-elect training dues increase seminars (PETS) in February or March. • he new fifth Avenue of Service: t  Require transferring or former members to provide New Generations a certificate from the board of their previous club • he approval of e-clubs t confirming prior membership. • he electronic subscription option t  Specify time frames in which clubs must be for North Americans receiving Council representatives listen to debate notified of district governors-nominee and The Rotarian magazine on a proposed item of legislation. challengers. July 2010 | www.rotary.org/rotaryleader | rotary.leader@rotary.org
  4. 4. CLuB DEADLINES CLuB CLINIC 1 July Turn new members into lifelong Rotarians For clubs to submit semiannual reports and club dues … For clubs and districts to begin submitting Improve your member retention rates by finding ways to keep invites them, along with potential members, to a monthly Matching Grant applications new members active and involved R2R (Rotarian-to-Rotarian) event, an informal reception 31 August that allows for conversation and the exchange of Rotary For 2011 New Orleans convention attendees to Keeping new members coming back week after week begins information. submit group housing requests to the official with an informative and inspiring orientation program. But it When Mary Fislar, of the Rotary Club of Rock Island, housing agent, Experient Inc. Requests after doesn’t end there. Illinois, USA, noticed that too many new members were 31 August accepted on a space-available basis. “Retention is a big issue for many clubs. It’s important to leaving within the first three months, she suggested Other nOtices make new members feel welcome, engaged, and fully aware mentoring. In the two years since the program’s launch, the 2010-11 Fund Development Club Goal Report forms of the club’s operation,” says John Fortney, a member of the club has recruited and retained 14 members. are still being accepted. Rotary Club of Toronto. A key element of the curriculum is the completion Rotary Basics (595) appears in the August issue In addition to hosting a welcome dinner, Fortney’s club of 11 tasks within six months, including attending an of The Rotarian and in Rotary regional magazines, asks new members to serve as sergeants-at-arms and orientation session, serving on a committee, and visiting with a multimedia version available online. another Rotary club. Secretaries of clubs with outstanding financial “Whatever activities you choose to offer, make sure they obligations over US$250 will receive reminders on say involvement, and keep them current,” says Fislar. 30 September to remit payment by 30 December to The Rock Island club uses the Inventory of Interests, avoid termination. available in New Member Orientation: A How-to Guide for Clubs Club presidents and secretaries should register (414, US$1 or a free download), to ensure that new members for Member Access to update member and club are engaged in areas they enjoy. Other available Rotary information, pay dues online, view club reports, resources include the ABCs of Rotary (363, $3.50), Membership and register their club treasurer and Rotary Video Set (427, $10), New Member Information Kit (426, $5.50), Foundation committee chair. and the print or online version of Rotary Basics (595, $0.75 or See the Awards page and the Rotary calendar free online). online for more upcoming deadlines. See "Top Priority" to learn how one club put new members to work on a World Polio Day event. July 2010 | www.rotary.org/rotaryleader | rotary.leader@rotary.org
  5. 5. DISTRICT DEADLINES DISTRICT CoRNER 1 July Put words into action For districts to submit endorsed 2011-13 Rotary Peace Fellowships applications … For districts to Governor receives RI Vocational Service Leadership Award for begin submitting District Simplified Grant requests his efforts to develop an ethics seminar in his district … For clubs and districts to begin submitting An Introduction to Find more information in the new Matching Grant applications If you have a passion for vocational service, share it with Vocational Service publication An Introduction to Vocational Service (255, US$2 or a free download). 15 July other Rotarians — and your community — by developing a For districts to submit 2010-11 PR grant related event or ethics seminar. applications “Our first job is to serve the community, and ethics is 31 July a major concern in the community,” says 2009-10 District For 2009-10 district governors to submit governor Governor Suraj “Raj” Bhatia, who organized an ethics seminar States Military Academy at West Point, New allocation expense reports for high school students that also helped boost Rotary’s York, who discussed the military’s code of public image in District 7490 (New Jersey, USA). ethics and facilitated discussion groups. More 31 August For 2011 New Orleans convention attendees to Because of his initiative, Bhatia was one of several than 150 youth, including many Interactors submit group housing requests to the official district governors recognized with the RI Vocational Service and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards housing agent, Experient Inc. Requests after Leadership Award, launched in 2009-10. participants, took part in the daylong event. 31 August accepted on a space-available basis. The seminar featured Rotarian speakers as well as a During breakout discussions, students Suraj Bhatia 1 september retired lieutenant colonel and young cadets from the United worked through role-playing exercises to For district governors, immediate past district explore how to apply The Four-Way Test to their daily lives. governors, RI directors, and past RI directors to PLAN youR EVENT “We talk about situations such as cheating on an exam, or if nominate Rotarians for the RI Service Above Self Here are some tips to organize • iscuss The Four-Way Test D they heard a friend was doing something wrong,” says Bhatia. Award an ethics seminar: and Rotary’s contribution to “We ask them what their reaction would be and stress the ethics. Other nOtices • nvite the public to attend. I importance of [their] own values.” District governors: Consider nominations for RI and • nclude prominent community • ffer breakout sessions in I O To help plan the event, Bhatia drew upon his professional Rotary Foundation service awards. leaders and dynamic guest which participants discuss experience as a former business executive, and a related speakers. difficult ethical situations. annual Rotary tradition in his region: a five-district Governors and governors-elect should log on to Member Access to update committee • ecognize Rotarians who are • evelop a coinciding youth R D leadership and ethics conference that’s held each October for appointments, share ideas, and view reports. leading by example in their program to include the entire Vocational Service Month. professions. family of Rotary. Rotary Basics (595) appears in the August issue of The Rotarian and in Rotary regional magazines, with a multimedia version available online. July 2010 | www.rotary.org/rotaryleader | rotary.leader@rotary.org
  6. 6. By ThE NuMBERS ToP PRIoRITy 1,224,384 RoTARIANS WoRLDWIDE* New members help lead club’s fight against polio Putting new Rotarians to work can improve retention and 33,855 Photo courtesy of Bill Orndorff inspire community support for Rotary’s top priority RoTARy CLuBS* To Aaron Garber, carrying out a service project seemed like a 530 natural way for new members to learn about Rotary. As 2009-10 president of the Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia, USA, Garber asked RoTARy DISTRICTS** six new Rotarians, along with a member who had transferred from another club, to form a Red Badge team and develop a project to 8,126 RoTARACT CLuBS support World Polio Day on 24 October. The results included:  A media blitz leading up to World Polio Day that boosted A billboard in Salem, Virginia, community awareness of the disease through newspaper articles 186,898 USA, promotes polio eradication and a 30-second TV public service announcement as part of a World Polio Day RoTARACT MEMBERS  An End Polio Now display ad that ran on three electronic project carried out by new billboards on World Polio Day members of the Rotary Club of 12,559 INTERACT CLuBS  Three iron lung exhibits run by Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors, set up at shopping centers, a chamber of commerce Salem. event, and a high school football game 288,857 INTERACT MEMBERS  A mailing of World Polio Day awareness letters to 300 area physicians, describing Rotary’s role in global polio eradication PLAN youR END PoLIo NoW PRojECT and inviting donations to PolioPlus World Polio Day, 24 October, provides clubs and districts with an 6,942 RoTARy CoMMuNITy CoRPS  Raising more than $1,400 for Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge ideal opportunity to hold their major project of the year in support of polio eradication. Strategies include involving new members, new clubs, the family of Rotary, and the general public. Now is the time to “The Red Badge project challenged people to understand 159,666 RCC MEMBERS how our community extends beyond the city limit signs,” says team member Barney Horrell. “The project was the perfect start planning. For ideas, see what clubs did on World Polio Day in 2009 and learn about possible fundraisers. introduction of Rotary’s principles being put into action.” * As of 30 April. ** As of 1 July. All other figures as of 31 March.
  7. 7. NEWS you NEED ThE FuTuRE IS NoW Rotary’s investments recovered 2009 losses, and contributions to The Rotary Foundation are up for 2010 as the organization’s financial picture Working together a pilot,” says Foundation Trustee Chair Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar. The committee has suggested several ways continues to improve. Contrary to popular belief, Future Vision pilot and nonpilot pilot and nonpilot districts can work together: Bill Gates congratulated Rotarians for passing the halfway point in Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge. districts can partner on projects  Humanitarian projects A nonpilot district can use a The cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation District Simplified Grant to fund a project carried out in recorded this video message encouraging Rotarians Two districts from opposite sides of the globe develop a a pilot district. A pilot district may use a district grant to to keep up the fight against polio. decade-long relationship, reciprocating visits from Group support a nonpilot district’s project. To help promote the growth of Interact, the RI Study Exchange (GSE) teams and partnering on a variety  Vocational exchanges A nonpilot district can use a GSE Board of Directors lowered the age of eligibility of projects, from increasing literacy to improving access award to send a GSE team to a pilot district. A pilot district from 14 to 12. to health care. One district participates in the three- can use a district grant to send a vocational training team Rotary’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund has raised year Rotary Foundation Future Vision pilot starting this to a nonpilot district. over US$1.3 million. Rotarians in Haiti are laying month; the other does not. the groundwork for sustainable restoration  Scholarships A nonpilot district can send a scholar to a Because pilot districts no longer take part in the projects that will enable long-term rehabilitation. pilot district using an Ambassadorial Scholarship. A pilot Foundation’s Matching Grants, Ambassadorial Scholarships, district can send a scholar to a nonpilot district using a Four members of the U.S. Congress and one or GSE programs, instead using global and district grants to government official received Rotary’s Polio district grant. fund their activities, club presidents and district governors Eradication Champion Award on 5 May in may mistakenly believe that they will not be permitted to Pilot and nonpilot districts may also make a donation Washington, D.C. continue collaborating with nonpilot districts. from their District Designated Fund (DDF) to one another. Former Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar “The Rotary Foundation Future Vision Committee Whether they partner with a pilot district or not, Roxana Saberi, who left the United States for understood that nonpilot districts are encouraged to learn about the pilot. Tehran in 2003 as a foreign correspondent, has FIND ouT MoRE districts that have “One day, the nonpilots will be part of the Future Vision become an international celebrity and a face for cooperated for Plan,” stresses Stenhammar. human rights in Iran. Learn more about pilot and nonpilot several years would The Future Vision pilot runs from July 2010 to June 2013. The 2010 RI Convention is now history. Learn about district partnerships. Send questions have difficulty what happened at the event. to futurevision@rotary.org. if one became Get free articles for your club or district newsletter or website from Rotary International. Use the RSS news feed for delivery to your personal news reader or club home page. Sign up for Weekly Update to receive stories in your e-mail inbox every Friday. July 2010 | www.rotary.org/rotaryleader | rotary.leader@rotary.org
  8. 8. DID you KNoW? ASK ThE EXPERT Your new Rotary coordinator (RC) takes office 1 July. The 41 RCs provide expertise on Rotary Who are the “key three,” and what do they do? International and its programs, including the Tom Thorfinnson, RI vice president, are available through both the RRFC and the RC. The first RI Strategic Plan. responds: call for assistance might be to a director, and the director Shop.rotary.org is now powered by Amazon, giving The three players involved in the “key should determine who might best assist them. If it’s a purely you the option of using an existing Amazon.com account to place and track orders, manage order three” are the RI director, the regional Rotary administrative matter, the director might step in. If it’s a club history, and maintain a wish list. Rotarians will Foundation coordinator (RRFC), and the or Foundation development issue, we’ll direct them to one of also have access to product recommendations and Rotary coordinator (RC), who is new to the the other key three. reviews, along with promotional offers throughout mix. It should be a team effort. Collectively, It is a tremendous asset to Rotary to have Rotarian the year. New products now available for purchase the three players will be available to meet all of the clubs’ and volunteers such as RRFCs and RCs with regional knowledge include: districts’ needs and inquiries within their zone. and the proper cultural background so they can tailor their • 2010 Montréal Convention Speeches DVD The RRFC has two purposes: One is to promote the training to the needs of the clubs in their regions. (SPEECHES7, US$25) programs of The Rotary Foundation, and the other is to • 010-11 End Polio Now Calendar (961, $15) 2 assist with fund development. The Rotary coordinator Jamie Berg • Rotary Video Magazine collections 1-4 position is intended to be very similar to the role of regional ($30 each) Rotary Foundation coordinator, but instead deal with the You can save time and money by using webinars Rotary International side of things. Rotary coordinators to meet with people around the world. Visit the will help with promoting the programs of RI and with club Training section of the RI website to find tips and development. guidelines for planning an effective online meeting This is what I would classify as developing a good or conference. product — the Rotary club — and membership will just A repository of best practices written by Rotarians follow naturally from that. The only way to do this is to on topics such as service projects and club elevate the RC to the same level as the RRFC and create this administration is available on the RI website. trio of players. Having difficulties printing a Rotary Leader article? One of the jobs of the Try downloading the page as a PDF first, and then GoT A QuESTIoN? print the PDF document. See page 9 for more director in this whole You ask the question, we find the package is to communicate information about using the Rotary Leader reader. expert. Submit your question to to Rotary leaders in our Tom Thorfinnson, 2010-11 RI vice president, addresses incoming Rotary rotary.leader@rotary.org. zones the resources that coordinators at a March institute. July 2010 | www.rotary.org/rotaryleader | rotary.leader@rotary.org
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