Reg1000 eng franco japanese and chilian maritime samu project


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two maritime prone disasters countries are implementing their maritime SAMU network for planing the maritime agencies integration for Medico Sanitary disasters taking the SAMU of Le Havre organization in the Chanel Sea

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  • This Advanced Medical Post Van can be installed on Ship Board
  • Reg1000 eng franco japanese and chilian maritime samu project

    1. 1. Medico Sanitary Disaster Plans using the Maritime SAMU network for a Franco Japanese and Chilian project Suggestions on french experience for Mass Medical Care Critical White Plans for Public Halth Authorities and Maritime Civil and Navy Agencies Miguel Martinez Almoyna SAMU de Paris Christian Drieu SAMU de Le Havre Francia Npaoto Morimura SAMU of Yokohama 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 1
    2. 2. Countries with maritime seashores potential medico sanitary disasters • Natural disasters Earthquakes Volcan Erruptions and Typhoons , Tsunamis • Man made disasters in the coast like Harbours and Industrial Hazards • International traffic of Cruise Ships medico sanitary Emergencies • Archipelago Islands 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 2
    3. 3. Medical Emergencies Prehospital Care Principles 1 •Sanitary Prehospital Emergency Medecine is a part of Public Health and Physicians exclusive domain of competence •Are based Medical on ethic rules •The system must apply the democratic and autonomic and equitable justice principles 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 3
    4. 4. Medical Emergencies Prehospital Care Ideal Principles 2 • An EMS must be Integrated with all other levels of Care in a network under autority of Public Health (IEMS) and under (SAMU) Physician direct Regulation of mobile and fixed resources 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 4
    5. 5. The Network of Maritime SAMU in sea and coastal Medical and Sanitary Emergencies 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 5 • French maritime SAMU organization • Portugal , Spanish Sea Medical Emergencies organization • Japan , Chile , Brazil, Mexico present projects
    6. 6. The Maritime project of SAMU of Japan Chilian and French SAMU joint venture • The SAMU is the Emergency Center of Medical Regulation of all Medical Sanitary Emergencies on maritime area (high sea, costal, harbours, ferries , remote islands etc ) • This physician permanent regulation , can be called by anyone through a national or emergency wire ou radioed hot lines . • The aim is to optimize access not only in rescue conditions but of all levels the medical emergency of care from primary to specialized critical care and even for only for telemedecinal assistance 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 6
    7. 7. The SAMU Medical Regulation • The regional maritime SAMU is the regulation center off all the Public Health Integrated Emergency System (IEMS) • It Regulates the Demand and the Response of Sanitary Emergencies • It Regulates and monitors all mobil ground , aerial, and maritime mobile emergency care resources (First aid, Ambulances and MICU) coordinate , orient them and for the last , the MICU, towards the best for the patient hospital intensive or specialzed care unities. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 7
    8. 8. SAMU and IEMS fromthe seashore cities of Japan? A.- Maritime SAMU coordinated with Japanese Self Defense Force and Japanese Coast Guard ? B.- Mobile Resources ships , helicopter ambulances , MICU and SAMU on board Advanced Medical Posts C.- Common Training centers with Maritime agencies D.- National Surge Public Health disaster National Reserve resources 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 8
    9. 9. SAMU Medical Regulation in Maritime emergency medical cases 1.- Reception of the Medical Call emited from the ship by the captain Analize the Demand/ Medical Emergency Care Need 2.- Regulation of the resources and solutions of the case with the implicated maritime autorities 3.- Dispatching or Mobilizacion of Mobile and/or Fixed Resources with coastal implicated authorities 4.- Public Health continuous information and teleassistance 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 9
    10. 10. SAMU Medical Regulator • Is responsables all emergency operational medical care decisions • Has the permanent Public Heath authority delegation of power for medical emergency decisiosn in front of Maritime Agency operations commanding Officer for emerhency tactical decisions 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 10
    11. 11. Maritime SAMU Regulator and Maritime Authorities bilateral protocols and Standing orders • Helicopter = EVAC Hoist ? or Ship Deck Landing? Towards where? Bed to bed Bed to an Ambulance? • Maritime EVAC towards what Harbour = By the same diverted ship/other intervening ship? 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 11
    12. 12. Protocols of Training and Cooperation SAMU of Yokohama (Japan)SAMU of 5ª Region (Chile) and SAMU of Le Havre (France) • 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 12
    13. 13. Projects of Maritime SAMU in Chile and Japan • Jornada de Emergencias Marítimas y Portuarias 2013 como plataforma para el desarrollo del marco teórico conceptual y relanzar Cooperación Franco Chilena • Preparacion de los Planos Blancos de Desastres sanitarios entre Salud Publica y Defensa Naval 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 13
    14. 14. What should be the future in Japan? • Installing a Center of reception of maritime medical emergency alerts for ships in coastal and high sea navigation and derricks • First Medical Regulation in a national marítime SAMU in Yokohama based on Prefecture and Municipality Medical Regulation Team • Training centers and White Plan Disaster exercices • Intervention teams for maritime sites : Sea shore, Lakes , Harbours , coastal and high sea , Isolated Islands • Joint maritime agencies and samu intervention teams for mass disasters , rescue and individual medical emergencies • National Surge Reserves of equipment and personals 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 14
    15. 15. Typology of Medical Sanitary Maritime Emergencies • Costal , Seashore and Ofshore installations accidents and pathologies • Traveller Harbours accidents and pathologies • Civil and Military Ships accidents and pathologies • Individual and Collective Ambulance and Buses coastal evacuations • White Plans in case of Maritime response needs 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 15
    16. 16. Typology of Ships Emergency Telemedical Assistance • Emergency Telemedical asssitance is yet organized from many years in several countries like France Portugal Spain • France as a public health integrated syteme bases on SAMU medical regulation of emergencies call centers on the metropilitan and french islands coasts for dispatching the medical care givers if needed on booard or in the coast • The ship captain is reseponsible of medical security and must call for assistance if needed on board 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 16
    17. 17. Medical Regulacion for SAMU operators training Slides N° 55 • Are also at your dispsition 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 17
    18. 18. Explorer Cruize Ship in Antartic seas 2007 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 18
    19. 19. Chilian Navy ,Defense, Customs and Police maritime resources for Public Health Disasters Hospitals of Army and Campaign Hospitals and Mobile resources Rescue , Intervention and Transport Ships Ambulances and Aircrafts Military Reserves 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 19
    20. 20. Mega Hospitals Ships • US Confort 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 20
    21. 21. Japanese Navy future resources for SAMU Advanced Medical Post, Embarqued hospitalization 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 21
    22. 22. Japanese Helicopter carrier Hyūga 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 22
    23. 23. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 23 French Navy Mistral class amphibious assault , command (BPC) ships like BPC Tonnerre
    24. 24. Public Health Ressources Surge through Sea Shore amphibous access 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 24
    25. 25. Seashore access of Public Health Resources 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 25
    26. 26. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 26 Amphibious warfare ships for coastal accesses
    27. 27. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 27
    28. 28. Spanish Medical Assistance and Hospital for High seaFisher Ships, 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 28
    29. 29. Juan Carlos Spanish Ship • Juan Carlos Posee un dique inundable con capacidad para alojar hasta cuatro transportes de desembarco anfibio LCM-1E y cuatro supercat o un "hovercraft" LCAC (landing craft, air cushion). • Asimismo cuenta con un hospital con dos quirófanos, sala de odontología, enfermería, UCI, rayos X, laboratorio, farmacia. El garaje y el hangar están construidos en dos niveles de 6000 m² y son espacios versátiles, con capacidad para 6000 t de carga cada uno:  Garaje de vehículos pesados con 1410 metros cuadrados.  Garaje de vehículos ligeros de 1880 metros cuadrados.  Hangar: 990 m² 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 29
    30. 30. RORO Ferry Ships and Medico Sanitary disasters • These ships can be the source and the resource of Medico Sanitary Disasters 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 30
    31. 31. Ferries PMA + Triage + Hospitalizacion + Centro de Evacuacion Heliportado + PRA SAMU embarcados + Transporte de Vehiculos y Recursos Sanitarios Ferry Amadeo 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 31
    32. 32. Japanese Ferries Resources are important for Public Health 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 32
    33. 33. (Japanese) Ferries Hospitalization Resources… 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 33
    34. 34. Air and Maritime Resources are dangerous 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 34
    35. 35. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 35 Ship Embarqued , Harbour , Seashore or Aiport MEDEVAC Advanced SAMU Medical Advanced Post is always the same
    36. 36. Japanese ,Chilian , French , Spanish remote Islands or Archipelago SAMUs have to plan , train, and integrate the naval resources for Medico Sanitary disasters 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 36
    37. 37. Mega Hospital Ships for Medico Sanitary disasters? • WORLD WIDE HOSPITAL SHIPS /hospital-ships.htm 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 37
    38. 38. Medico Sanitary surge national equipment and Disaster Planning • French Postes Sanitaires Mobiles, Plans Blancs, SAMU network 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 38
    39. 39. French AMP and ARP in a Truck and Disaster Communication national Chests 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 39
    40. 40. AMP as a Van or under tent on the Coast , on the Harbour or On board (on the Shipdesk or on the Hold) 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 40
    41. 41. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 41
    42. 42. Cruize ships passengers mass traffic medico sanitary disasters is growing in highsea, coasts and harbours without sufficient medical security and disaster planning 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 42
    43. 43. War front wounded soldiers evacuation towards Paris in fluvial boats en 1914/1918 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 43
    44. 44. French Army Ambulance/ Hospital Barges in 1915 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 44
    45. 45. Passengers Transport Ships Medical Organization is poor • content/files_flutter/1368084313Evacuaci %C3%B3nHelic%C3%B3ptero.pdf 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 45
    46. 46. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 46
    47. 47. Tsunami threats in the world 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 47
    48. 48. 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 48 Coastal Ferries and Passenger Maritime Transport hazards in the world have to improove their security organization and their hability to surge of on board care capabilities in case of contingency
    49. 49. Harbour Passengers Terminals of Yokohama , Valparaiso or Le Havre could be used as a Public health Resource in case of disaster and SAMU AMP installation 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 49
    50. 50. Mass Passenger Ships traffic is growing up without sufficient security norms and medico sanitary emergency plans Passenger Ships can be solution for public health and medical care in certain occasions 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 50 PassengerSh
    51. 51. • See other SAMU Disaster Medical Regulation curses in Slideshare 08/10/13 REG55ENGJAPAN 51