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  • Thank you to Mayor Leeser and all of the City Council representatives who have supported the community’s desire to keep Lincoln Center open as a community resource. This initiative is a testament to tenacity and the transformative power of education and art.
  • Lincoln Center was named after Abraham Lincoln. Our vision calls for a renewed Lincoln Center that remains a vital part of our community’s commitment to equality for all, and our region’s legacy and diversity.
  • Success will require three important elements:Collaboration of Senecu Fine Arts SocietyLincoln Park Conservation CommitteeCity of El PasoSenate District 29 Sustainable Energy Advisory CommitteeBusiness and philanthropic community All of Lincoln’s supporters, including the car clubs, veterans, and elected officials.YWCA has also pledged to be of assistance in developing wellness programs, and we’d like to add EPCC to the mix to academic enrichment programs.
  • Here are the roles of the various partners as we believe best work for renovating Lincoln Center.
  • Who will be served by Lincoln Center?
  • What is the unique benefit to El Paso—above and beyond vast delivery of services to our community?
  • This is how we propose to manage the project.
  • We also have a set of leaders and their networks who have collaborated on ten successful Lincoln Center events. These events have drawn up to 5,000 individuals to the park annually. Our management team has the capacity to carefully build on that success to achieve greater results for the community.
  • Here’s why the renovation of Lincoln Center will succeed.Many of you realize that, with Lincoln Center, El Paso has a jewel on its hands. Our plan unleashes the ARTE-preneurship and GENTE-based economic enterprises that can happen when a space is created for celebration on an ongoing basis.ARTE-preneurship describes the way we share our need for self-expression in the form of design, art, music, dance, and food—in a way that others can purchase and use to affirm their identity. We are uniquely artistic and are capable of producing an endless array of objects, images and multimedia experiences. GENTE-based economic development is the way that a vendor with a good product can support himself or herself by participating in festivals and fiestas. Helping them preserves traditions, supports families, and keeps people involved with our greater social networks in a way that is positive and healthy.
  • Lincoln Center and Park form a vital Chicana/o space not found anywhere else in the region. People in the outlying communities are hungry to connect with their roots and celebrate with us. And, there are many, many El Pasoans who want to explore their own histories.
  • We know this space can help support five revenue streams…
  • Our supporters will help Lincoln Center by becoming members, spreading the word, leasing offices, renting the venue for their family celebrations, and attending the cultural events. Our volunteer force is central to our success and we plan to rely on them intensely at every level.In Year 1, the first twelve months of operations, we anticipate that cleanup and renovation will take at least six months. Gearing up for operating will take two. This leaves four months of revenue generation, so that is why the totals for year 1 are so conservative—they describe a four-month period. Contracting with a Project Director would be the primary cost for most of year 1. Funding would come from award of the billboard lease.Our basic membership will be $10. We plan to sign up 200 members in year 1, and 900 in year 2. Benefits to members will include discounted entry to all official festivals and fiestas, and a discount on renting the venue for family celebrations. Other membership levels will be established for families, small businesses, NPOs, and sustaining members.Event Revenue refers to festivals like Lincoln Park Day. We will host two events our first year. By year 2, we’ll be having four events per year. We will break even on the events with some profit, but, these events achieve two powerful goals. They showcase the Center, the park, and the identity of the space. They also contribute to building the mailing lists and volunteer lists.Venue Rental is the most promising revenue stream. We believe that the plaza and gallery spaces are attractive, unique locations for families to use for their celebrations. We also believe our nonprofit partner organizations can benefit from the sheer originality of celebrating amidst the outstanding murals and artwork. In year one, we anticipate we can host 10 events, but, in year two, we project hosting up to 22 events per month. With average fees of $400, year two activities in this revenue stream will generate over $105,000. In year three, we’re hosting 30 events per month and this will represent over $140,000 in revenues.Leasing office space will give us another revenue stream, but, also generates foot traffic for the Center, spreads the word about our space, and creates more volunteers and potential bookings. Hosting organizations that provide social services also meets the mission of Lincoln Center to be a sanctuary and a place of learning.Finally, our Digital Billboard.
  • This source of funding is made possible by the prime location of Lincoln Center at the U.S. 54 and Interstate Ten exchange. Average daily traffic count at this location is approximately 94,000 vehicles (the lanes headed east only).  Both TXDOT and the City of El Paso have given preliminary approval for installation and operation of a digital billboard on the north wall of the building. For purposes of generating income for Lincoln Center, a Request for Proposals (RFP) would be developed and issued to advertising and other media firms interested in reaching this vast market of potential consumers. Preference would be extended to firms that could pay for three years of rental fees up-front, which would enable hiring of a Project Coordinator to begin implementing this plan.  In light of the unique nature of Lincoln Center as a community resource, the digital billboard would be used for Public Service Announcements for TXDOT and other entities, as well as for advertising nonprofit events, and for congratulatory notices for clients holding events at Lincoln Center, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, etc.
  • What steps do we take to reopen?We know the community is behind us. We have commitments from business people and elected officials who want to help. To re-open, we don’t need a state-of-the-art facility. We can make upgrades in years 2 or 3, as we reach fundraising goals or raise grant money. But, we do need to open those doors, address the mold issue, and get the basic infrastructure for business up and running.
  • With a Certificate of Occupancy, leasing of the space for events and offices can begin no later than June 2014.Installation of a powerful WIFI network will be needed as an enhancement for leasing the space, for managing the building, and applying for grants to establish a “Study at the Park” program for students who do not have Internet access at home.Other enhancements to the building and plaza could be undertaken in years two and three as more partners come online and other funding is identified.
  • Environmental conditions have certainly changed at the building. It makes good business sense to have a new mold study carried out to determine the precise actions and costs of remediation.
  • These are the basic renovations that have been identified for which we can provide estimated costs. Based on the 2006 mold report, these are the major changes for safely re-opening the building for public use
  • There are some costs we do not know. This list shows the tasks identified in the mold study. Please note that demolition of all interior walls is not an absolute requirement. All these activities would be necessitate a Texas Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor to draft a mold remediation plan and perform the mold remediation procedures. A Texas Licensed Mold Consulting company would perform final sampling at the conclusion of mold remediation procedures
  • Here we summarize what we know. Replacing the roof, putting in a new HVAC with refrigerated air, repairing the elevator, and carrying out an asbestos/environmental study would cost approximately $596,000.What we don’t know are the minimal renovations needed and estimated costs for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. We are pending those items from the City Manager’s office.
  • Lincoln center presentation 4.29.14

    1. 1. BUSINESS PLAN Lincoln Center for Chicana/o Cultural Arts, Wellness and Community Archive Prepared for Mayor Oscar Leeser and El Paso City Council by Lincoln Park Conservation Committee & The Senecu Fine Arts Society April 29, 2014
    2. 2. • Serve as a community resource for Chicana/o cultural arts, wellness, educational enrichment, and other social services • Include a Community Archive that all El Pasoans can access Vision
    3. 3. • A collaboration of strong partners seeking solutions together • Staging improve- ments over 2-3 yrs • Develop 5 revenue streams Success Gabriel Gaytan and Hector Gonzalez Photo: El Paso Times
    4. 4. • El Paso Community College • Lincoln Park Conservation Committee – extensive community relationships • Senecu Fine Arts Society – cultural programming and management capacity • City of El Paso – execute MUA, renovate facility, utilities, insurance, security • YMCA & Other partners – lease space, extend services to community Partner
    5. 5. • Underserved neighborhood children, students, families, veter ans and senior citizens • Cultural Arts community • Residents, students and researchers who access archives • Daily commuters, artists, persons from nearby institutions Serve
    6. 6. • A new and exciting cultural space with valuable resources • A place to document and present El Paso’s history and cultural arts via uniquely Chicano, Mexican- American and Mexican lenses • A regional draw for visitors who will spend time and money in El Paso Benefit$
    7. 7. • Senecu Fine Arts Society is led by Miguel Juárez, who will serve as Project Director • Mr. Juárez’ background is in curating, cultural arts programming, history, community outreach and library science and archives. • Has been a member of space planning initiatives at major universities • Will assemble an Advisory Council with expertise in construction, green building, property management, marketing, and other fields Management
    8. 8. • Lincoln Park Conservation Committee, and artist Gabriel Gaytan will be called upon for their leadership and experience • LPCC has staged over TEN successful Lincoln Center day events which have drawn up to 5,000 individuals to the area every year since 2005 Proven Leadership
    9. 9. Lincoln Park is an established Chicana/o space that comes together to affirm culture Identity
    10. 10. Distinct • A monument of cultural self- determination, education and the transformative power of art • A vital Chicana/o space not found anywhere else in the region
    11. 11. Five Revenue Streams Based on Lincoln’s role as a unique, treasu red space and community asset • Membership Fees • Revenue from Cultural Events • Event Venue • Office Leasing • Digital Billboard Revenue
    12. 12. REVENUE PROJECTIONS & NET INCOME Year 1 Year 2 1. Memberships $ 2,000 $ 9,000 2. Event Revenue 4,000 12,200 3. Venue Rental 4,000 105,600 4. Office Leasing 6,400 28,800 5. Digital Billboard 36,000 0 TOTAL SALES $52,400 $155,600 Cost of Goods Sold 12,250 40,450 Gross Profit 40,150 115,150 Donations & Grants 6,000 10,800 TOTAL INCOME $46,150 $125,590 Operating Expenses 40,400 73,180 Non-recurring Expenses 500 2,000 TOTAL EXPENSES 40,900 75,180 NET INCOME $ 5,250 $ 50,770
    13. 13. • Average daily traffic count at this location is approximately 94,000 vehicles (eastbound only) • TXDOT and City of El Paso have approved use of this wall • Award lease to a firm that makes best offer • Reserve space for NPOs, PSAs and Center events Billboard
    14. 14. • The structure reflects its 100+ years and remains in very sound condition • It had a Certificate of Occupancy on the day it was closed • Inspections indicate CO is possi- ble without gutting the building Re-open
    15. 15. • Leasing of building begins when CO is obtained (NLT June 2014) • Contributions from business and philanthropic community will help install Internet and implement a Study at the Park program • Enhancements to the building and plaza in years two and three Re-open
    16. 16. • After 8 eight years of sitting vacant and no major water incidents, i.e., floods, we believe it is prudent for a new mold study to be carried out Safety
    17. 17. Description Estimated Amount Source of Estimate Replace 22,000 SF roof $121,000 EPCC Install HVAC system (refrigerated) $440,000 EPCC Elevator repairs $30,000 EPCC Asbestos/Environmental Study $5,000 EPCC MAJOR ITEMS $596,000 Major Costs
    18. 18. ESTIMATED COST TO REMEDIATE Remove all ceiling tiles identified with microbial growth* and replace Decontaminate OR remove all areas with mold growth* (all walls, floors, ceilings, and surfaces need to be decontaminated) Decontaminate and treat concrete decks above the ceiling tiles on the 1st floor* Clean and disinfect the duct system in the building Repair exterior cracks on the plaster walls Re-caulk, repair or replace windows, as needed HEPA vacuum and sanitize all surfaces and items in the buildings* Remediation
    19. 19. Estimated Cost to Re-open* • “Essentials” Only for Year One Description EPCC Estimated Amounts Independent Contractor Estimate with Volunteers and Donations Replace 22,000 SF roof $121,000 Roof in good shape doesn’t need replacement, roof needs coating (work and materials can de donated) Install HVAC system (refrigerated) $440,000 Have city return evaporative coolers that they removed. Elevator repairs $30,000 $2,000 Asbestos/Environmental Study $5,000 Not needed. When City moved into Lincoln Center they removed asbestos. MAJOR ITEMS $596,000 $2,000 *PENDING INFORMATION We have requested information from City Manager on minimal renovations needed and attached costs to obtain Certificate of Occupancy
    20. 20. • A strong collaboration will create an enhanced venue for celebrating heritage, accessing services and academic enrichment. • The City’s investment will keep Lincoln Center alive for the next hundred years as a landmark for equality and the transformative power of education and art. • Lincoln Center qualifies for CDBG and Empowerment Zone funding. Summary
    21. 21. • In addition, the El Paso Community College has offered to assist LPCC and Senecu in developing a long- term capital campaign and to explore grant opportunities to raise funds to re-open the Center. Summary
    22. 22. Thank you! Questions?