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P Cabanelas Hades Telescope


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P Cabanelas Hades Telescope

  1. 1. The HADES RPC Cosmic Ray Telescope: Preliminary Analysis Pablo Cabanelas Laboratorio Carmen Fernández, USC Proyecto 2nd Workshop, Compostela, February 2010
  2. 2. OUTLINE: ● Overview of the HADES RPC ToF Wall ● The Cosmic Ray Commissioning ● Close to the first TRASGO ● Preliminary Analysis Results
  3. 3. RPC
  4. 4. The HADES RPC ToF Wall Consist on 1122 shielded 4-gap timing RPC cells (0.280mm/gap), covering about 8m2, distributed like this: ● 6 almost-identical sectors ● 2 RPC layers per sector ● 3 columns of RPC cells per layer ● 31 RPC cells per column
  5. 5. The RPC Commissioning From April 2009 to nowadays 1. The 6 sectors were instrumented by pairs at the GSI and placed at horizontal position. 2. Cosmic Ray test was performed with such a setup. 3. At the end, they were mounted on their nominal position in HADES. 4. Currently, they are just there, a bit bored, waiting for a beam to take data.
  6. 6. Hit distribution of cosmic rays over the 6 RPC sectors
  7. 7. Cosmic ray commissioning summary: ● 6 RPC sectors fully instrumented, tested, validated and mounted in HADES ● About 50 days of data taken at a rate of 200 Hz over a pair of sectors ● 895 Gb of data stored ● 1122 RPC cells operative as well as 2243 channels (all but one!)
  8. 8. Preliminary Cosmic Ray Analysis with TimTrack Proyecto timtrack timtrack timtrack timtrack timtrack A Tracking Algorithm for timtrack TRASGOS timtrack Already introduced timtrack timtrack To be presented by timtrack J.Garzón ttrack tim imtrack
  9. 9. TimTrack: L x z X’ V X0 T0 Vz z=0 Y’ Y0 y
  10. 10. Preliminary Cosmic Ray Analysis with TimTrack Analyzed events crossing one set of four RPC cells ~42cm ~5cm 33cm Ref Plane Z X
  11. 11. Preliminary Cosmic Ray Analysis with TimTrack Some Ultra-Preliminary Results!!! Reconstructed X at the reference plane Reconstructed X vs X' (slope): acceptance
  12. 12. Preliminary Cosmic Ray Analysis with TimTrack Some Ultra-Preliminary Results!!! ~6-8 ns Two-Peak structure Reconstructed T0 (Time at the reference plane) in ps [Not calibrated]
  13. 13. Close to the first TRASGO ?? 2 HADES RPC sectors: TRASGO: Four planes of shielded 4- Several planes (4 at least) gap RPCs of ?-gap RPC strips Different Geometry -- Same FEE, DAQ and Analysis