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  1. 1. Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative for CEREC® The Ultimate Milling Material Fast, easy and no firing
  2. 2. A unique Resin Nano Ceramic for durability and function 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative is a new classification of material called a Resin Nano Ceramic (RNC). Utilising 3M’s revolutionary nanoceramic technology, the material is a mixture of composite and ceramic. Like a composite, the material is not brittle and is fracture resistant. Like a glass ceramic the material has excellent polish retention for lasting aesthetics1. This new material is highly heat cured during its manufacture, which eliminates the need for a firing step after milling. The material can easily be milled at the chairside or in a dental lab, polishes quickly to a high gloss finish and if necessary can be further adapted using light-cure restoratives. Advantages at a glance • ast no-firing process for true chairside workflow F • Easy to mill and polish • ife-like aesthetics with a high polish and a variety of shades L • igh strength and fracture toughness for a long lasting restoration1 H • Intra-oral adjustability with light-cure composites • 10 Year Limited Warranty against fracturing 0-Year 1 it e d an Li m ty Full terms and conditions associated with the 10-Year Limited Warranty can be found at W ar r Delivers the edge you need In comparison with a typical glass ceramic, the less brittle nature of Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM restorative results in effortless milling, ease of adjustment and cutting, and suggests less fragility at try-in1. Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative Typical glass ceramic Lithium disilicate SEM images MOD Tooth #3 inlays milled on a CAD/CAM system. Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative exhibits less chipping at restoration margins than glass ceramics including lithium disilicate. Source: 3M ESPE internal data1
  3. 3. Fracture Toughness K1C (MPa m ^1/2) Strong and tough Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM restorative features a flexural strength of 200MPa – higher than any other CAD/CAM material that does not require post firing. Previously the maximum strength that true chairside CAD/CAM material could achieve was approx. 150 MPa. As a result of this extraordinary strength combined with high resilience, we can now offer monolithic posterior crowns, even over implants. MZ100 Natural-looking and tough. Before In fact it’s so strong that 3M ESPE has you covered with an industry leading 10 Year Limited Warranty. After Fracture toughness vs. flexural strength. Source 3M ESPE Internal data1 Brilliant aesthetics with a long-lasting polish Nanotechnology on the inside means a beautiful, longlasting polish on the outside. In fact it only takes minutes to give your milled Lava Ultimate restorations an amazing enamel like lustre. Patients will appreciate their beautiful, natural-looking and completed restoration... in just one visit. Easy to mill... and work with Natural-looking and tough. Before After A fractured partial crown made with glass ceramic material was replaced with a crown milled from Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative. 1. Try-In 2. Finish Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM restorative can be milled with all CEREC® milling equipment. Further information on software integration can be found on our website After milling, your Lava Ultimate restoration can be finished in just a few easy steps... 3. Sandblast 4. Silanate 1. Try-In • Less brittle for fracture resistance at try-in • Very easy to adjust without • Very easy to adjust without weakening the material material 5. Cement • Less brittle for fracture resistance at try-in • Very easy to adjust without weakening material 3. Sandblast 4. Silanate 5. Cement 2. Finish • High-speed polish without any post-firing 6. Seat • High-speed polish without any post-firing 6. Seat • Sandblasting with aluminum oxide ≤50 µm is recommended. Clean with alcohol and dry with air • Easy pretreatment with Silane only - no hydrofluoric acid etching required • Works well with self-adhesive and adhesive resin cements. 3M™ ESPE™ Relyx™ Unicem Self- Adhesive Resin Cement is ideal • or individual characterisation light owned composites (e.g. 3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Supreme XTE Restorative) and stains can be F bonded directly to the restoration, both intra and extra-orally
  4. 4. Available in eight shades and two translucencies 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative is available in eight shades and two translucencies, which are based on the VITAPAN Classical Shade Guide. Item No 3314-IK Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Introductory Trial Kit for CEREC® Kit includes: 5 blocks, size 14L: Shades A1-LT, A2-HT, A2-LT, A3-HT, A3-LT; 5 blocks, size 12: Shades A1-LT, A2-HT, A2-LT, A3-HT, A3-LT 3314-TK Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative Trial Kit for CEREC® Kit includes: 3 blocks, size 14L: Shades A2-LT, A3-LT, A3.5-LT 2 blocks, size 12: Shades A2-LT, A3-HT 3314-IK Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative—Introductory Kit for CEREC ® 3314-IK Lava™ Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative—Introductory Kit for CEREC Each refill box contains 5 blocks of a single shade in size 12 or 14L. ® Each refill box contains 5 blocks of a single shade in size 12 or 14L. 3M ESPE Dental Products Morley Street Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 1EP Tel: 0845 602 5094 Fax: 0150 961 3253 3M Ireland Ltd The Iveagh Building The Park Carrickmines Dublin 18 Tel: 00 353 (01) 280 3555 Fax: 00 353 (01) 280 3509 Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative Technical Product Profile 2011. 1 3 M, ESPE, Filtek, Lava, Paradigm and Relyx are trademarks of 3M Company. CEREC is a trademark of Sirona VITAPAN is a tradmark of VITA © 3M 2012. All rights reserved.