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Cyber crime


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the evolving of cyber crime how the crime is committed, how can we keep ourselves safe. know how to understand. various techniques of cyber attacks

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Cyber crime

  1. 1. c ybercrime, also called  Computer Crime/Electronic Crime. Cybercrime is any crime that is either prepared or completed using electronic devices (electronic/computer system) New technologies create new criminal opportunities, but few new types of crime are, 1. Child Pornography 2.Digital Piracy 3. Malware 4. Stealing Identities 5. Cyber Stalking 6. Committing Fraud 7. Counterfeiting 8. Cyber Terrorism
  2. 2. The Department of Justice categorizes computer crime in three ways: “Targets” - attacking the computers of others (spreading Viruses is an example). “Weapon” - using a computer to commit “Traditional Crime" (such as fraud or illegal gambling). “Accessory” – using as a “Fancy Filing Cabinet" (storing illegal or stolen information).
  3. 3. Survey Results of Symantec-Norton for September 2012
  4. 4. Remote Access Phishing For Educational purpose only
  5. 5. India has a single law on cyber crimes. The cyber law of India is named as “Information Technology act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000)” and it is the sole cyber law of India.
  6. 6. TOP #3 CYBER CRIMINALS Reports by FBI(Federal Bureau Of
  7. 7. Re co g nize that yo ur sm artphone is re ally a po cke tsize co mpute r B wary o f pro viding personal inform e ation via a we bsite M sure yo u have ade q uate anti-virus software ake Use yo ur co mpute r's firewall protection fe ature Ke e p yo ur personal inform ation to yo urse lf Use credit cards, rathe r than de bit cards Do n't click o n links in suspicious em ails Purchase o nly fro m reputable websites Kno w ho w to  re co g nize phishing Kno w the pitfalls o f public W i-Fi B ware o f public com e puters to o Turn o n yo ur spamblocker