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Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)


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Media {nme} boo ya ( improved)

  1. 1. Media {NME}<br />By Richard Maguire<br />And Shawn Gordon<br />
  2. 2. Mag Logo/Brand name <br />Mag price <br />Inside info<br />Language “informal”<br />Break up of “oasis”<br />Name of main guy’s the issue focuses on.<br />Red coat symbolising “HATE”<br />The eye clash each other showing a mental battle.<br />
  3. 3. Front cover <br />The image attracts people since its target audience is of “rockers” which like famous rockers such as “Liam and noel "who are the classic image of “rock”.(11 September 2010 edition)<br />We know the information inside the magazine such from the front cover relating to certain pages and subject’s (such as “inside LA’S new stone scene).<br />Its been arranged like this to push the main points and attract readers without boring them.<br />Red/white/black since they go great together and are attractive. ( especially since they all colours aimed at “rock” such as “red = Anger/hate//danger” and white “peace” and black “death,rebeling”<br />A iconic Image i found was “Liam” as he symbolises “New –rock”<br />A symbolic sign i found was “liams red coat” which symbolises ‘hate’.<br />All these signs appeal their audience by relating with them. ( young rockers = Appeal to teens//bands in the making).<br />
  4. 4. Front cover details<br />Symbolises Hate Sans serif/Bold font<br />There is a magazine website referring to this such as “Nme’s actual website” found at<br /> since its majority viewers are “internet” users. At over 5 million.<br />
  5. 5. Magazine cost/audience/launch date <br />The magazine is only £2.30 and its found at the top left corner.<br />Has 16 Pages advertisement and all pages have pictures insinuating the readers would rather get there information from a picture then giant paragraphs of text.<br />Also Nme was launched date year was 1952 <br />It does self promotion (self advertises own products in its own magazine) <br />Also does cross media promotion ( it owns different media types where they promote each other such as the radio promotes the magazine and magazine TV channel etc.)<br />Its published By (IPC) <br />
  6. 6. Target Market And Distribution<br />Its targeted at the male gender aged 23 as median. (Abc 1 social status)<br />Its representational issues are it represents “ the classic young rockers and teens” (as the front cover is of two rockers) also there is a repeating of rock sensations /rockers in the making found inside the magazine.<br />But with its “In-formal” language id say its targeting obviously “teens” and “c2/d” social status males.( with a tiny audience of “girls” as in girlfriends of the readers or at places such as universities).<br />It would be focused on supplying the magazine towards areas such as “London” in chain stores as “Sainsbury's and newsagent” <br />
  7. 7. Contents Page placements <br />Images followed by brief paragraphs of info on the event or subject. Also followed by the page its on.<br />The images inform me that's the magazine issue is about hate such as what the information / Facial descriptions of the people being looked at.<br />Many fonts such as “A sans serif”( without tail ) font and looks like a Arial black font.<br />All the content page images are from “photo banks” or agencies. And are old.<br />The language targets the audience using “informal” and Excessive capital letters in short writing to just shout what's happening which teens and rock people will immediately understand.<br />
  8. 8. Change (<br />Liam and noel represent the stage of “NEW-ROCK” and the Beatles who represent “OLD-ROCK”<br />Such as “ I F*** AROUND SHOOTING GUNS” exactly like that . And “ F***,F***YOU CANNOT ASK ME THAT. THIS IS TORTURE!!!” ( signs of anger and in-formal language)<br />Its denotation colour scheme is dull black and white and slowly is going into light and colourful.<br />Its connotation colour means is “black and white as old” to “colourful” now as the new. <br /> (((Old rock to new rock.))<br /> Its showing the era of “classic rock” going out of season and new rock coming in season this will attract the young as its their time now!!<br />
  9. 9. Double page (article etc)<br /> It focuses Most of it on a famous “Music author” Bret Easton Who‘s<br />interviewed like a upper class tycoon.<br />Then some agency photos followed by quick snapshots of information.<br /> His inspirations the “Beatles” and many other famous rock stars. <br />The double page “article” is basically all about how old rock inspires people to change and evolve rock to the new generation.<br />
  10. 10. Tell me what you thought ^_^ all criticism will not be frowned upon so come on <br />For more information<br />Click here <br />