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Portuguese gastronomy - Testimonies


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Portuguese gastronomy - Testimonies

  1. 1. Testimonies from different countries Portuguese Gastronomy
  2. 2. Our colleague from São Tomé and Príncipe said: “ For me and my brother it is very easy to find the ingredients for the typical meals of our country. We usually go to a supermarket and there we can find almost everything. However, now, cooking our traditional dishes becomes increasingly rare, because we got used to Portuguese gastronomy, and we like it very much. It's delicious! But sometimes, it is good to relive the memories of the tastes from our country.”
  3. 3. Our colleague from Ukraine said: “ For me, it is more difficult to find some of the ingredients from my country. I am from Ukraine and I think that the difficulty in finding some of the spices from there has to do with the distance and the differences between Portuguese gastronomy and the gastronomy of the east countries. After all they are very, very different! I must say that in the beginning, when I came to Portugal, it was very hard to get used to this type of food... But now, after so much time, I really love it! I just needed courage to try new, different and delicious things!”
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  5. 5. Work done by: Diana Miranda and Joana Pimentel