Dutch festivals


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Dutch festivals

  1. 1. Festivals Made by:Floor van Son and Nicolette Oostendorp
  2. 2. What are we going to talk about?• Imported - Sugarfestival• Typical Dutch - Queen’s day - Sinterklaas - Prinsjesdag - Remembrance day - Liberation day - Elfstedentocht
  3. 3. Sugarfestival• What do they celebrate? After one month of fasting, called Ramadan, the Muslims end it with a special three-day- celebration. They eat lots of food and the children get lots of clothes so they are spoilt at the Sugarfestival. The men are going to the mosque to pray. The children are enjoying the festival most because they are getting lots of stuff.
  4. 4. Queen’s day• When is Queen’s day? Queen’s day is on the 30th April.• What does the queen do on Queen’s day? She visits a village or a city in the Netherlands.• Is it really the birthday of the queen? It is not the birthday of queen Beatrix but of her mother princess Juliana. So we still celebrate Queen’s day on the birthday of princess Juliana. Queen Beatrix’s birthday is on the 31st of January
  5. 5. Sinterklaas• When do we celebrate Sinterklaas? We celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December.• What does Sinterklaas do? He brings presents to children in the Netherlands and the zwarte pieten help him because he can’t do it all by himself. He also checks whether the children are behaving and if they don’t the zwarte pieten will take the children with them to Spain.
  6. 6. • Where does Sinterklaas come from? Most people say he’s from Spain but actually he comes from Turkey• What does Sinterklaas look like? He is an old man so he has got a long white beard. He wears a red cape, a red mitre. He also has got a big staff. He has got a white horse and with that horse he is riding over the rooftops.
  7. 7. Prinsjesdag• When is Prinsjesdag? The third Tuesday of September.• What is Prinsjesdag? The festive opening of the new year of the Staten-Generaal (government)• What does the queen do at Prinsjesdag? She is driven in the Golden Coach through The Hague (from the palace to the Binnenhof) She reads a speech about the plans of the government for the next year. And when the speech is over the guests all say ‘’Long live the queen!’’
  8. 8. Remembrance day• When is Remembrance day? Remembrance day is at the 4th of May• What do we do at Remembrance day? We grieve over the soldiers and citizen that didn’t survive the World War II. And nowadays we grieve over soldiers that have fallen in later wars as well.
  9. 9. Liberation day• When is liberation day? Liberation day is on the 5th of May. It is the day after Remembrance day.• What do we do at liberation day? We celebrate the end of World War ll.
  10. 10. Elfstedentocht• What is the Elfstedentocht? The Elfstedentocht is a 199-kilometre-long ice skating contest. During this trip the ice skaters pass eleven cities in Friesland. The last Elfstedentocht was in 1997 and the winner was Henk Angenent The hardest Elfstedentocht was in 1963, it was minus 19 degrees.
  11. 11. The End