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Upload pdf to facebook

  1. 1. http://www.iorgsoft.com/PDF/upload-pdf-to-facebook.htmlTitle: How to upload PDF files to Facebook for share?Keywords: upload PDF to Facebook, save PDF photo in Facebook, add PDF toFacebook, scan PDF in Facebook, PDF to image for Facebook.Description: This article introduces two effective methods to upload picture fileswith .pdf extension to your Facebook for your friends to share and downloading.If you have ever try to upload photos with PDF scanning format to Facebook, youwill notice that they dont work. That is because Facebook support the uploading of.jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png files, in stead of PDF files.Then, what should you do with the unacceptable PDF files in hand for Facebook?Well, there are two methods for your reference.Method One: Choose a third party website to serve the original PDF files.Since PDF photos can not be directly accepted by Facebook, you should find otherPDF compatible websites say FreePDFHosting, KeepandShare, Zoho Docs, GoogleDocs, etc to to host your PDF pictures in their web server. And then copy and pastethe URL address provided by the third party website to your Faceshop post. Yourvisitor will view your PDF pictures when they click the .pdf extension URL.Steps are as follows.1.Upload your PDF image to FreePDFHosting, KeepandShare, Zoho Docs, GoogleDocs, etc. Then you will get a URL address likehttp://www.......com/documents/file.pdf.2.Log in to your Facebook account3.Choose the area, such as "News Feed" or "Wall," to post your PDF picture URL. Click the "Link " icon underneath the text field and enter the .pdf extension URLaddress. Next click the "Attach" button.4. You are also able to describe your PDF photos in the text filed, after that just click"Share" to post your description and your PDF files.Note: In this method, PDF files are in link format, visitors can scan the PDF files onlywhen they click the URL and in the case that .pdf extensionURL works. It is said byFacebook group that editing the photo using third party software may cause it toupload incorrectly or fail to upload entirely.Method Two: Use a software to deal with PDF to Facebook image conversion.There are plenty of programs super enough to convert PDF to Facebook acceptableJPG, BMP, PNG image. You can firstly get such as JPG format pictures from PDFfiles by certain converter.
  2. 2. Take iOrgsoft PDF to Image Converter for Mac for example.1.Download and run iOrgsoft PDF to Image Converter for Mac on your Mac system.2. Import PDF files to this software---- Select image format as JPG---- Set adestination to save output image files---- Start conversion.3. Log in to your Facebook account, go to your profile.4. Click the Photos tab.5. Click the "Create a Photo Album" button to build a album to save your output JPGimage files.Follow the on-screen directions. If you have not yet done so, you may be prompted tofirst install the Facebook Plug In, which allows easy uploading of your photos. Pleaseclick "Install" and "Allow" to any prompts that appear while the application isuploading.6. If you are having any trouble installing or using the photo upload application, youcan try the simple version located at the bottom of the "Add More Photos" tab toupload the output JPG files.
  3. 3. Note: iOrgsoft PDF converter for Mac also act excellent in such PDF to Facebookimage conversion, whats more, it can convert PDF to webpage for your websitedesign;convert PDF to ePub for your iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony Reader, Nook;convert PDF to Word and Text doc. for editing the content.