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Embed pdf to wordpress


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This article introduces effective methods to embed PDF into your own WordPress blog post and other article website post by generated Html, embed code, or Text txt files.

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Embed pdf to wordpress

  1. 1. to Embed PDF into Your WordPress Post ?Title:embed PDF to WordPress post, view PDF in WordPressKeywords: embed PDF to WordPress, embed PDF to WordPress post, embed PDF to Post, insertPDF to WordPress, insert PDF to blog post.Description:This article introduces effective methods to embed PDF into your own WordPressblog post and other article website post by generated Html, embed code, or Text txt files.Nowadays, blog has been becoming a more and more popular communication medium to shareinteresting idea and funning things with friends and other visitors. Most of the blogger would liketo embed PDF files into their WordPress post.Current WordPress blog allow you to add PDF toyour post through "add media" tab. And it is easy for you to load PDF files from your computer.However, at times you meet with trouble when load your PDF files from computer to post. Theloading speed is so slowly that you really get feed up with it. Whats more, after publish the post,when you preview it, you notice that the caption and description of the PDF file come up withouthyperlink to open the PDF files.This article will tell you another three methods to insert the PDF files to WordPress post.Method One: Use URLAs it is mentioned above, you need to upload your PDF files to a third-party website like Scribd,Zoho Docs, Google Docs, ect and then get a url from them. This PDF URL need to be embeded toyour post.Step 1: Find out the third-party ftp client and upload your PDF files to the site server.Step 2: Login to your blog admin panal, and select the new page or new post you prepare to insertPDF files.Step 3: From the admin editor, select the option to Upload/ Insert--- add media---addmedia from URL, type the previous URL, you are also required to title your PDFURL.Step 4: Click insert. Then the PDF files are embed to your post by hyperlink. Visitors will see the PDFfiles only when they click the hyperlink.
  2. 2. Step 5: Save and review your post.Method Two: Use Embed CodeSometime, the URL provided by Scribd, Zoho Docs, Google Docs does not work, then whatyou supposed to do next is to embed certain PDF covering code to your post. Actually, you areable to get the embed code after upload your PDF files to above third-party website. Also, youhave another way to get code.You can do like that.Step 1: Convert original PDF files to Html with a PDF to Html converter.You should pay attention to the selection of this kind of converter, because some of theseconverter do convert PDF to Html code, yet the code can not be acceptable by WordPress.Step 2: Login to your WordPress admin panal, select the edit page you want to embed PDF files,then choose the "HTML" tab, copy and paste all the converted Html code to the "HTML" editpage.Step 3: Go back to your visual page and click publish to release you PDF files into your blog.Method Three: Use Text.Word is the most secured method to post in a WordPress post. Word here i mean Text txt file, butnot Word doc file. Blogger with rich experience will never copy content from Word doc to theypost edit area, because if do like that the published post content will run away from the view page,it is impossible for visiters to read the whole post clearly on view page. However, in comparisonwith doc file, Text file is more standard in this aspect.Have you ever registered in others website which allow you publish your post in WordPress? Weknow that usually this kind of dashboard edit page do not allow you to insert media and other filesincluding PDF. What should we do then?This solution tell you to add the PDF words to the visual edit page, i mean the text version PDFcontent file. Yes, it will be a tried job to type out all the words on PDF files. So, this time PDF toText Converter is essential and it will save you much time and labor, it will help you convert PDFfiles to Text txt files.Step 1: Convert PDF files to txt files with PDF to Text Converter.Step 2: Copy and paste the converted Text files to your edit page.Step 3: Save and publish your post.