Embed pdf files into your wesite


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With this software,it is very easy and convenient for you to upload the converted SWF files from local server to your website server host and embed certain generated html code into your webpage or edit your own html code for your website.

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Embed pdf files into your wesite

  1. 1. http://www.iorgsoft.com/ PDF/embed-pdf-files-into-your-website.htmlEmbed PDF files into your websiteTitle: How to embed PDF files to your websiteKeywords: convert pdf to flash swf for mac, convert pdf to digital flip books, convert pdf to flashflip page, convert pdf to digital magazine, convert pdf to electronic publication,Description: Mac PDF to Fash converter help you convert PDF to flash flip book, insert convertedpdf files as flash swf files to website for mac OS X.How can you embed PDF files to your website?We always desire to make our website vivid and colorful with various videos, beautiful picturesand meaningful text, etc. But what should we do if we have a lot of PDF files in hand and also feellike inserting them to our website?Maybe you would select a third-party website such as Zoho Docs, Google Docs which can hoststhe PDF files in their viewer and generates a embed code/url for you. Then you copy the url toyour web or use their embed code. The final result is unsatisfied because quality and layout of textcan’t meet your need.Therefore, I would like to introduce another method for you to upload the PDF files from the localserver.PDF to Flash converter for Mac is just what you need. This software is powerful enough toconvert PDF files to flash format and generate SWF files and an example html file for you. It isvery easy and convenient for you to upload the converted SWF files from local server to yourwebsite server host and embed certain generated html code into your webpage or edit your ownhtml code for your website.What’s more, PDF to Flash Converter for Mac enables you to edit your original PDF files inadvance. If you just want to upload certain pages of whole PDF files to your website, no problem,partial conversion and even batch conversion are supported by the software. You can chose eitherto embed the PDF files in SWF files or to play the created external PDF files progressively. It alsocan generate thumbnail, embed codebase and embed slide in your SWF files. And you are allowedto select a favorite flash player and preloader template from multi-options for your SWFflash.Step by Step on using PDF to Flash converter for Mac to upload PDF files to your website.To star up, please download PDF to Flash converter for Mac on Mac, install and run this program.STEP 1. Import PDF filesHit the “add file” option to import your PDF files, remember that not only batch conversion but
  2. 2. also partial conversion are supported.STEP 2. Set destination for flash files.STEP 3. Start conversionClick “start” to start the amazing conversion.Step 4. Embed SWF files.Upload the output SWF documents to your server host and open html file with Dashcode ofyour website and copy the generated html code to your website or edit your own websiteby you will if you could.STEP Optional. Customize your flash filesSelect one from the two main output format options: Embed the pdf in SWF and play in timelineor Play the created external PDF file progressively.You are also allowed to select your prefer background player and preloader template.